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May 28, 2020
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A daily agenda is an excellent tool to use in order to get things done. This download-able daily agenda template comes in two flavors: simple and complex. The simple daily agenda template is just a full page schedule of appointments. The complex daily agenda template has 3 features: a schedule of appointments, a to-do list and an area for writing notes.

Each agenda has two downloads: an MS Word file which you can edit on your computer, and a PDF file which you can print and fill out by hand.

Simple Daily Agenda Template

This template is for those of you who want a simple worksheet to keep track of your daily appointments. It’s a one-page template with a table for filling in appointment details. The times are filled in for you, with plenty of room to make your notes.

Here’s a screenshot:

Simple daily agenda template
Screenshot of the simple daily agenda template.

Complex Daily Agenda

This version of the daily agenda has a few more features in addition to the schedule of appointments: a to-do list and an area to write notes. If you are a student, the notes area is a good place to write down homework assignments.

Here’s a screenshot:

Complex daily agenda template
Screenshot of the complex daily agenda template.

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