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Convert WordPerfect (.WPD) to MS Word (.DOC)

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Updated On: 05/27/2020
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To convert a WordPerfect document to MS Word, I’m going to once again fall back on my favorite software for reading almost any document generated by office productivity software: OpenOffice.org. Why is it my favorite? Because it’s free, available for Windows, Mac and Linux, and is capable of reading a great many file formats. That includes WordPerfect .WPD files.

Convert from WordPerfect to Word with OpenOffice.org

If you don’t already have OpenOffice.org installed, please do so. It’s free and works on many different operating systems. I’ve got NeoOffice installed on all my Macs.

  1. Start up OpenOffice.org Writer or NeoOffice, whichever flavor of OO.org you chose.
  2. Click File → Open…
  3. Change File Type to All Files (*.*).
  4. Find your WordPerfect file and open it.
  5. Click File → Save As…
  6. Change File Type to a version of MS Word (.doc)
    1. Pick the option that matches the version of MS Office you’re using. Recent versions used the .docx format, while older versions will work best with the 97/2000/XP file type.
  7. Click Save to save your WordPerfect WPD file as an MS Word document.

Note: although OpenOffice.org is perfectly capable of reading WordPerfect files it cannot save them. That means you can open a .WPD file and save it as any other file type, but you cannot save to the .WPD WordPerfect format.


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