Monthly Bills Spreadsheet Template

May 27, 2020
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Organizing your monthly bills into a spreadsheet requires just a few columns. It’s easy to set up a template that you can save, then re-use each month as you pay your bills. Doing so can help you keep a close eye on your spending and track your finances.

Do you have a template for tracking monthly bills in a spreadsheet?

Monthly Bills Spreadsheet Download

Download the Monthly Bills Spreadsheet Template for Microsoft Excel

Spreadsheet Description

This template features the following columns:

Description A description of the bill, for example “Cable Television”.

Date Recvd. The date you received the bill. Date Due The date payment is due.

Amt. Due The amount that is due.

Amt. Paid The amount of payment you sent.

Date Paid The date on which you sent payment.

Balance The amount of the account’s balance, if any.

The following totals appear at the bottom of the spreadsheet, and automatically update themselves as you enter amounts in their respective columns.

Total Due The total amount due for all bills.

Total Paid The total amount of payments you have made.

Total Balance The total balance remaining on your accounts.

Sample Monthly Bills Data

Here’s a screenshot of the spreadsheet filled out with some sample data. As you can see everything is neatly arranged to fit one page, and the totals appear at the bottom.

Preview of the spreadsheet
Screenshot of a sample monthly bills spreadsheet, filled out with some data.

And here’s that download link once more:

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