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Death Tyrant 5E Monster [Battle The Undead Beholder Of DnD]

death tyrant 5e monster
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Updated On: 01/13/2024
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In the vast world of Dungeons and Dragons, horror and adventure blend seamlessly, unveiling unique creatures that often leave you mesmerized.

The Death Tyrant 5e, a formidable monster in this notorious game, encapsulates this perfectly.

This aberrant creature symbolizes impending doom and represents the very essence of fear among dedicated D&D players.

The Death Tyrant 5e has carved out a distinct place for itself due to its riveting characteristics and abilities that capably enhance any campaign with a thrilling touch.

It is an ethereal entity, fully equipped to transform your gameplay into an exhilarating experience filled with uncertainty.

So brace yourself and prepare your wits as we navigate through the eerie domain of this formidable monstrosity.

Attributes of Death Tyrant

The Death Tyrant 5e is no ordinary monster in the Dungeons and Dragons game; its attributes set it apart from the rest.

Attributes of Death Tyrant

A fascinating mixture of eerie charm, uncanny abilities, spell immunities, and more truly define this creature’s persona.

Its striking appearance forms an important part of these attributes a huge, floating spheroid with numerous magical eyes casting deadly beams.

With levitating powers negating the need for ground mobility, it carries its sinister aura wherever it floats.

AC19 (natural armor)
Hit Points187 (25d10 + 50)
Speed0 ft., fly 20 ft. (hover)
STR10 (+0)
DEX14 (+2)
CON14 (+2)
INT19 (+4)
WIS15 (+2)
CHA19 (+4)
Saving ThrowsStr +5, Con +7, Int +9, Wis +7, Cha +9
SkillsPerception +12
Damage ImmunitiesPoison
SensesDarkvision 120 ft., Passive Perception 22
LanguagesDeep Speech, Undercommon
CR14 (11,500 XP)

What is Death Tyrant 5e?

The Death Tyrant 5e is an intriguing creature found in the renowned role-playing game, Dungeons and Dragons.

What is Death Tyrant 5e

This despicable monster is essentially an undead variant of the beholder, one of the most iconic monsters in the game.

Comparable to the reanimated corpses known as zombies, it frighteningly retains several magical capabilities, despite its undead status.

Unlike zombies, the Death Tyrant isn’t simply a mindless walking corpse; it possesses intelligence and cruel intent.

Animated by dark magic and harboring spite against life itself, this creature radiates a surreal aura of destruction.

Imagining them as ‘eye-covered floating orbs of doom’ won’t be far off from reality. Their prominent eyes aren’t for show each magical eye has its unique devastating ability that can be unleashed upon unsuspecting adventurers.

Persisting beyond their mortal form, they constantly challenge players with their deadly energies and relentless pursuit of domination over life.

They encapsulate terror and set an ominous ambiance in every encounter. Truly epitomizing ‘death’, the tyranny they wield isn’t bound to physical constrictions but extends into magical realms as well.

Their presence can reverberate in regions around their lair causing dread among creatures nearby.

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Condition Immunities of Death Tyrant

When attempting to understand the formidable beast known as the Death Tyrant, it’s valuable to consider its distinct condition immunities.

Condition Immunities of Death Tyrant

This gigantic floating eyeball behemoth possesses some potent defenses. It remains unaffected regardless of how dire the circumstances may become in battle.

These immunities provide a strong defense and assure its persistent fortitude during confrontations.


The Death Tyrant’s inherent resilience is unflinching, impervious even to manipulative charm attacks that would otherwise alter an opponent’s attitudes or actions.

Being immune to charm equips it with an ability to stay focused on its objective without succumbing to powerful illusions or mind control tactics.

This makes it a daunting foe, requiring creative strategies from would-be attackers.


Exhaustion can cripple even the toughest creatures in Dungeons and Dragons 5E. The Death Tyrant is undeterred by such states of fatigue, making it relentlessly persistent during combat scenarios.

Its immunity to exhaustion ensures that physical strain or intense battles won’t affect its performance or abilities, thereby maintaining a constant threat level throughout any encounter.


Immunity against paralysis gives this behemoth perpetual agility and quickness in terms of response and action.

It renders null any attempts by adversaries to immobilize it, ensuring that the Death Tyrant 5e remains active and undeterred during all manner of engagements.


For many creatures in Dungeons & Dragons 5E, turning into a lifeless statue at the hands of an adversary could be a devastating outcome.

The Petrified condition effectively means removal from battle scenario due to solidification into stone; however, the Death Tyrant is immune.

It negates such magic-wielding enemies’ efforts who would try using this as a last resort tactic for subduing this dreadful entity.


Poisons and toxins that could incapacitate or weaken most adversaries have no power over the Death Tyrant.

It’s indeed immune to the poisoned condition, rendering it unaffected by harmful substances that would otherwise impair its capabilities.

This makes it largely invincible against poison-based attacks and strategies.


Given its ability to float via anti-gravitational means, the Death Tyrant is exempt from the ‘Prone’ condition.

It cannot be knocked down or adversely affected as land-bound creatures might be in battle scenarios.

The usual tactics of rendering an enemy helpless by pushing them into such positions won’t work against this levitating menace.

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Traits of Death Tyrant

Exploring the traits of Death Tyrant 5e leads to a better understanding and appreciation for this unique creature.

Traits of Death Tyrant

Its attributes are an amalgamation of several terrifying abilities, each more mysterious than the previous one.

From resisting several conditions to unleashing magical chaos, this creature holds to its name, creating dread wherever it floats.

Negative Energy Cone

One of the most bone-chilling features that separate the Death Tyrant from other magical creatures is its Negative Energy Cone.

Picture this an invisible beam emanating from its central eye, far-reaching and laden with an eerie kind of negative energy. This is what the Negative Energy Cone is all about.

The cone extends to 150 feet, silently engulfing a considerable swath in its ambit. It’s not just an invisible beam; it’s a powerful force that drains any life form it touches, akin to a spectral Grim Reaper.

The locale doesn’t matter here; whether within the depths of a dungeon or out in the open battlefield, the Negative Energy Cone can spawn without resistance.

The power it extends isn’t something that can be avoided easily. Healing is inefficient while in close quarters with this deadly reaches of magic.

Any form of rejuvenation rebounds as horrifying necrotic energies instead of under its influence! Yes, within this field even raising allies from death fails; showcasing how truly formidable this entity can be.

Beware if you encounter a beholder-like spherical entity ominously floating your way; it might just be a Death Tyrant and its insidious Negative Energy Cone waiting to descend upon you without notice.

Be prepared and tread cautiously as you enter what may potentially become your character’s ultimate nightmare zone.


When it comes to combat, the Death Tyrant is far from being a pushover. Its abilities are terrifying; two standout actions help it lock horns with the adventurers, leaving them gasping for survival.


A monstrous creature like the death tyrant invariably has a deadly bite, and this terror of the abyss is no exception.

The Death Tyrant has a potent biting attack that has +5 to hit and targets within 5 feet of its reach. It’s capable of causing substantial damage, 14 (4d6) piercing damage, to be exact.

This makes it not only intimidating but extremely dangerous up close. Hence while strategizing against this beast, maintaining distance should be your priority.

Eye Rays

The one thing scarier than its biting attack is its Eye Rays. This action truly puts the ‘death’ in Death Tyrant a single gaze can spell doom for those caught unprepared or unaware.

This terrifying creature can shoot three eye rays reaching up to 120 feet.

That’s right; it has longer-range attacks that make evading its line of sight vital for players who prioritize their safety during encounters with such monsters.

Individually tailored to bring down the proud and mighty adventurers that dare to stand against it, each eye ray possesses unique properties that deal with different types of damage turning living beings into stone or even bringing them under this creature’s control!

Whether you’re playing as a folk hero braving against insurmountable odds or merely navigating through this intriguing world as a curious wanderer.

Understanding these actions makes encounters with the Death Tyrant 5e both challenging and rewarding at the same time.

As it’ll undoubtedly give you invaluable insights into how to tackle and hopefully prevail against this formidable monster in the mystical world of Dungeons and Dragons.

And most importantly, remember that courage and strategy are your best weapons while dealing with such a beast.

Lair Actions of the Death Tyrant

The Death Tyrant 5e flaunts its power and sinister aura not just through its abilities but also through its lair actions.

These actions supplement the character of this monstrous entity, adding a layer of complexity and danger that keeps players on their toes.

On every round’s initiative count of 20, the Death Tyrant can take a lair action. One such action involves filling a cube, spanning up to 50 feet within a 120-foot radius, with spectral eyes and tentacles.

This engulfs the area in an obscurity that makes it a challenging terrain for fellow adventurers.

These spectral appendages that extend from the walls continue growing until the next round’s same initiative count arrives.

Any hostile creatures within this proximity of 10 feet face a grim saving throw with a difficulty class of 17, or else they risk getting entrapped in this grapple.

In an eerie twist, these actions also give birth to a spectral eye that suddenly opens within 50 feet.

This disembodied eye then releases a random eye ray targeted at any chosen object according to the tyrant’s command.

Before you breathe out in relief, note that while it can’t repeat an effect until it uses all three or uses one consecutively, it bolsters one crucial point–unpredictability.

Regional Effects

The Death Tyrant 5e casts a conspicuous influence on its surrounding region. This monster’s lair can often emit a sensation of being observed, affecting all creatures within a one-mile radius.

This uncanny feeling flourishes under the tyrant’s dominating presence, significantly influencing the emotions and behaviors of other creatures in its vicinity.

Any hostile creature that rests too close to the tyrant’s lair may find itself under imminent attack.

If said creature takes rest within one mile of the tyrant, it may be forced to face an unexpected onslaught upon awakening.

With the roll of a 20-sided die (d20), if the value comes out to be 10 or lower, the rested creature must confront one random eye ray from this fearsome monster.

It seems as though escaping a direct brawl with this intimidating beast is next to impossible if you choose its neighborhood for a peaceful slumber.

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FAQs About death tyrant 5e

What are some key characteristics of a Death Tyrant 5e?

Notable characteristics of a Death Tyrant 5e include numerous magical eyes, levitating abilities, and an innate knack for creating dread in others. This monster possesses fearsome power that’s quite rare in the D&D universe.

How powerful is a Death Tyrant 5e?

As an undead form of beholder, the Death Tyrant 5e is one of the most formidable creatures in the Dungeons and Dragons universe. It can cast negative energy cone and dangerous eye rays making it extraordinarily powerful.

What makes playing against a Death Tyrant 5e challenging?

The combination of high damage potential through its eye rays, control over negative energy, and ability to influence its surrounding environment make the Death Tyrant 5e particularly challenging for players.

What kind of regional effects does Death Tyrant 5e have on its lair?

The presence of a Death Tyrant can imbue creatures nearby with a sensation of being watched within a mile radius. Also, there’s a risk for creatures resting near its lair to fall victim to an unexpected attack by it.

Can you escape from the sight of a Death Tyrant’s eye rays?

Escaping from the direct attack of a Death Tyrant’s eye ray is hardly possible if you are within proximity, especially if you rest too close to its lair.


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