How to Fix Discord Screen Share No Audio (2020)

How to Fix Discord Screen Share No Audio (2020)

September 6, 2020
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Are you a Discord user? And found some difficulties as the discord screen share audio not working, then you are not the only one, who faces this Discord screen share no Audio problem, there are many others as well. But you don't need to worry, as I am going to fix your error by providing you some simple steps. Now, before going to the steps let's take a dig towards the basic information.

What is Discord?

A game development studio Hammer and Chiesel, developed a VOIP application, Videoconferencing, and instant messaging software and named it Discord and released it on May 13, 2015. Discord is available for Windows, Mac OS, Linux, IOS, Android, Web Browsers. After the discord release, it gains very much popularity and in the year 2019 Discord recorded 250 million monthly active users.

Nowadays, Discord is considered to be the best social gaming platform for mobiles and PC but from the last few days, discord users find some difficulties as discord screen share audio not working properly, and for those users, I made this article. After reading the full article you can easily fix it.

What is Discord Screen Share No Audio Error?

What is Discord Screen Share No Audio Error?

There s no doubt that discord is considered to be best for screen sharing but from the last few days, when users share their screen with their friends then the person or the sound coming from his or her device is not coming properly. If you are also facing this error, then there are many reasons for that which are discussed in the next section.

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Why Discord Screen Share No Audio?

After I got queries about this problem, I researched for the reasons and I found a total of 7 reasons due to which your discord screen share audio not working properly and all of those are discussed below:

Why Discord Screen Share No Audio?

1. Administration Entry

If you haven’t grant administrative permissions to Discord, then grant it because discord needs administrative permission to function properly as discord allows the full screen to share with others.

2. Inappropriate Application

There are many applications, which Discord can’t operate, as they don’t match with its algorithm. In order to use those applications for screen sharing, you should use some other alternatives.

3. Audio Feature Problem

If you are using an outdated version of discord, then it becomes the reason for discord screen share no audio. That’s why I always recommend you to keep your application up to date.

4. Faulty Audio Drivers

Ensure that your PC doesn’t have faulty or corrupted audio drivers as this will become the main reason for this issue. Because as other applications, discord also uses audio drivers installed in your system.

5. Antivirus Problems

Antivirus is used to protect your PC from unwanted threats and sometimes to do it antivirus blocks some application functions and maybe discord is one of them. To resolve this make discord as an exemption and try to start screen sharing again.

6. Discord Voice No Router Error

Sometimes, the problem is with your system audio setting, so you should check your settings and correct them. As sometimes there is no route available for transferring voice, so discord screen share no audio issue arises.

7. Stream Incompatibility

Discord stream is not compatible with all other software such as Youtube, as if you want to share your Youtube screen with your friends, then you should use other alternatives because discord is not the best application for sharing Youtube screen.

Now, all the reasons are clear to you and to fix those reasons you should follow the methods given in the next section.

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How to Fix Discord Screen Share No Audio?

Dealing with this issue is not a difficult task as you can easily and quickly resolve the issue if you follow my suggested methods.

Note: Before going to methods, please save your work as you also need to restart your system to resolve it.

How to Fix Discord Screen Share No Audio?

For discord screen share no audio fix, follow the simple methods given below:

1. Restart Your Computer

As, Discord screen share no audio is not a big issue, and many times, this issue is fixed by a simple restarting of your system. The restart will help you to close all the background applications, due to which your screen share has no audio.

Before going to restart your PC, be sure to save your work.

2. Grant Administrative Access

As, in the last section, discord use administrative permissions to function properly and if you can’t grant it to discord then you will surely face issue and discord screen share not working is one from them. Now, if you didn’t grant permission then follow the steps given below to grant it:

  • First of all, open File Explorer by pressing the “Win + E” shortcut key.
  • Now, go to Discord and right-click on the discord.exe file.
  • Choose the “Run as Administrative” option.
  • After that, press OK to save changes.

3. Avoid Full Windowed Screen

If you are using full screen while screen sharing then sometimes, you will get an audio problem. So, prefer not to use the full screen.

4. Slow Internet Connection

Sometimes, the problems with your Internet connection can cause this issue. So to resolve it you should change to a fast internet connection and try to launch discord again.

To check your connection speed, check it on chrome by typing “Speedtest”. If the internet speed is fine and you get the issue again, then try some other methods given below.

5. Add Discord Activity

If you are going to share your game screen, then add discord activity first. As if you don’t do that then it will lead to conflicts between the game and discord and it will lead to discord screen share no audio issue.

Now, to add Discord activity follow the steps given below:

  • Go to discord application and go to settings.
  • Now, click on games option present in the left navigation bar.
  • After, that go to Game activity tab to add discord activity.
  • Now, turn the toggle button on.

6. Update Audio Drivers

As earlier discussed, like other apps Discord also use an Audio driver installed in your system, so you should regularly update your audio drivers otherwise you will face issues.

Now, to Update Audio Drivers follow the steps given below:

  • Go to your keyboard and use the shortcut key “Win + R” to open the Run Dialog box.
  • Now, type devmgmt.msc and hit the enter.
  • After that, expand the audio inputs and output category and click on the sound and hardware option.
  • Now, select update driver
  • After a successful update, restart your pc.

7. Reset Voice Settings on Discord

Many times, the problem is with the audio settings and to check this you can change it anytime.

To change or reset voice settings on discord, follow the simple steps given below:

  • Go to discord and open settings.
  • After that, click on the voice and video option.
  • Now, click on reset voice settings and click on OK to confirm.

8. Update Discord

I always recommend you to keep your apps up to date because if you are using some outdated apps, then it will lead to the errors and discord screen share no audio is one of them. So, update Discord to the latest version by following the simple steps given below:

  • Use the shortcut key “Win + R” to open the run dialog box.
  • After that, type %localappdata% and hit enter.
  • Now, double click discord and double click on update.exe.
  • After the update process completes, re-launch the discord app and try screen share again and check whether the issue gets fixed or not.

If your issue gets fixed then its okay, if the issue still arises, then don’t worry as there are many other methods also.

9. Check Computer Audio Settings

Sometimes, the problem is within your PC settings. So, we ensure you to correct them.

To change computer audio settings follow the steps given below:

  • Go to the start menu and type “Microphone privacy settings” and open it.
  • Now, find “Allow apps to access microphone” and turn the toggle on.

10. Clear Cache

If you deal with any issue with your application then clearing cache is the best solution for that.

To clear the cache, close the discord app and other apps and then follow the steps given below:

  • Go to the start menu and type “Run” and open it.
  • Type %appdata% in run command box.
  • After that go to the roaming folder.
  • Now, go to the discord folder and delete it by right-clicking on it.

11. Re-install Discord

If you don’t have the latest version of discord and you can’t update it by following the 8th step, then you can re-install it.

Now, go to the discord folder and uninstall it and after that go to Discord official website and download it.

Now, install discord and launch it after restarting the PC.

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Discord is a very good application but you also know that nothing is perfect in this world as sometimes discord also has some issues. I hope that you read the full article with concentration and your issue of Discord screen share no audio also got fixed.

Always keep smiling!

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