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Dispel Magic 5E 2024 [Can Dispel Magic Turn Off Magic Items?]

Dispel Magic 5E
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 10/12/2023
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Imagine you’re in the heat of a thrilling Dungeons and Dragons encounter. Your party is surrounded by lurking shadow creatures, and your Wizard calls upon Dispel Magic 5E, turning the tide of battle.

What’s that, you ask? Well, it’s an incredible third-level spell that has the potential to be a real game-changer during your adventurous D&D escapades.

Now, don’t worry if this sounds alien or if you’ve never heard about it before. In this article, we’re going to take a stroll through the world of Dispel Magic 5E, how it works, when to use it, and, more importantly – why it’s such an invaluable weapon in your D&D arsenal! Stick around as we unravel the magic behind ‘Dispel Magic 5E’. It’s certainly not all smoke and mirrors!

Dispel Magic 5E attributes

Dispel Magic 5E is a crucial spell in the Dungeons and Dragons game, allowing players to counteract the magic-based abilities of their enemies. This powerful tool enables the character to end one spell on a creature, object, or magical effect within range.

The attributes of Dispel Magic 5E provide detailed insights into its application in gameplay. See the following table for detailed attributes and properties.

Casting Time1 Action
Range/Area120 ft
ComponentsV, S

What is Dispel Magic 5E in the D&D game?

Dispel Magic 5E is a powerful spell in the Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) game, utilized to neutralize ongoing spells or magical effects on a creature, object, or area.

What is Dispel Magic 5E in the D&D game?

The caster can end one spell of 3rd level or lower without any ability check. For higher-level spells, the caster must make an ability check using their spellcasting ability to dispel the magic successfully.

Who can use Dispel Magic in D&D 5E?

As you step into this multiverse of mind-boggling spells and enchantments, knowing which class has access to certain spells becomes a crucial strategy.

Whether you’re in the murky catacombs of an old castle or the rugged landscapes of a mystical world, one question often springs up among D&D enthusiasts: “Who can utilize the power-packed potential of the Dispel Magic spell?”

Well, here’s your answer – it’s pretty diversified! From mystical wizards to artful bards, even mighty paladins to enigmatic warlocks, several classes in D&D have access to this game-changing spell. This write-up endeavors to brief you about who can wield the mystic power of Dispel Magic:

  • Bard: As a master of magic and music, Bards cast spells as arcane magic; therefore, they have Dispel Magic in their spell list.
  • Cleric: Now, Clerics serve deities, so naturally, they have some wild cards up their sleeves. They can use Dispel Magic, too!
  • Druid: In touch with nature and its elements, Druids can also call upon Dispel Magic when things get tricky.
  • Paladin: Serving as knights under oaths of divinity, Paladins too can bring out the big guns with Dispel Magic.
  • Sorcerer: Born with inherent magical abilities that often burst forth in unpredictable ways, Sorcerers sure know how to dispel magic!
  • Warlock: Warlocks make pacts for their powers. This includes having access to arguably one of D&D’s most useful spells – yes, you guessed it right. It’s our very own – Dispel Magic!
  • Wizard: For these book-smart magic users who acquire power by studying arcane texts and practicing complicated rituals? It goes without saying that they can also cast Dispel Magic.
  • Artificer (TCoE 12): The tech-savvies of D&D, Artificers blend magic with technology and can add Dispel Magic to their spell list.

But wait, there’s more! Certain subclasses have access to this spell for free:

  • Cleric (Trickery Domain)
  • Cleric (Arcana Domain)
  • Paladin (Oath of Devotion)
  • Ranger (Fey Wanderer) from Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything’ page 58
  • Sorcerer (Clockwork Soul) from ‘Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything’ page 68

So, as you delve deeper into the intriguing game that is D&D, remember that knowing your class abilities and their respective spells can mean the difference between a story-making victory and a heartbreaking defeat.

With this comprehensive guide about everyone who can cast Dispel Magic in their back pocket, your campaign is sure to take an exciting turn.

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Is Dispel Magic in 5E considered a useful spell?

Yes, Dispel Magic in 5E is considered a highly useful spell in the Dungeons & Dragons game.

Is Dispel Magic in 5E considered a useful spell?

It allows players to negate the effects of potentially harmful or hindering spells cast by opponents, making it a strategic tool in battles. It’s particularly valuable when facing powerful magic-using enemies or when needing to counteract a magic trap or ward.

Who can be the target of Dispel Magic in 5E?

In Dungeons & Dragons 5E, the Dispel Magic spell can target a wide range of entities. This includes creatures, objects or even specific magical effects.

When targeting creatures, this spell eliminates one ongoing spell affecting them, potentially neutralizing a threat or combat advantage. For objects, any active spells on the object are ended – this is particularly useful for handling magic traps or enchanted items.

The spell can also target magical effects themselves, such as a wall of fire or an illusion; by directly dispelling these effects, the caster can dismiss barriers or reveal hidden truths. This broad range makes Dispel Magic highly flexible in its application during gameplay.

Instructions for Using Dispel Magic in 5E

Ready to step into the intriguing world of Dungeons and Dragons and add a little magical ammunition to your battle? You’re in luck!

Knowing how to harness the power of Dispel Magic 5E can open up new avenues of problem-solving and playmaking during your gaming sessions. Let’s get you equipped with the essential steps and instructions for using this powerful spell.

Prioritize Persistent Spell Effects That Are Not Tied To Concentration

Targeting spells that have a long-lasting impact but don’t drain your concentration power is an effective way to strategize with Dispel Magic.

Consider aiming at persistent charms or curses on allies. Remember, if a spell has been causing continuous damage or controlling characters without demanding its caster’s focus, it’s worth trying to dispel it first.

Getting Past Magical Locks And Puzzles

Dispel Magic isn’t just about combat. It can also be an invaluable investigative tool in D&D. Ever run into a magically secured lock or a mystifying magical puzzle obstructing your path?

Here’s when Dispel magic comes into play to unfasten those locks or simplify perplexed puzzles, allowing you and your party to progress further into the mystery.

Reveal Invisible (But Not Hidden) Creatures

Do invisibility spells cloak your opponents? You don’t need a stealth detector; all you need is Dispel Magic at hand! This spell can reveal the unseen, making elusive creatures visible again. Unveiling such opponents can turn the tables in the arena by giving you an unforeseen advantage.

Reveal/Dispel Illusions

Imagine tackling illusions that are causing confusion across your party or misleading you towards false paths. Think no more! Cast Dispel Magic to shatter those illusionary tactics like glass fragments on the floor.

Now, every illusion will crumble before its creator’s eyes without any counterplot, leaving you with a clear path and a clearer head.

Prioritize Targets With Multiple Spell Effects

When a creature or area is subject to multiple spell effects, using Dispel Magic can declutter the combat field efficiently. Think about it as sifting through the magic chaos, singling out notable persistent magical effects threatening or hampering your party. Being methodical in picking these layered spells to dispel can drastically turn the game in your favor.

Identify Spells Before Casting Dispel Magic

It sounds simple, but many often forget this crucial part. Knowing what you’re going into battle against makes a huge difference. Identify spells before casting Dispel Magic to ensure that you use it precisely when and where effective most. This preparation step can make your Dispel Magic use efficient, strategic, and that much more potent.

Through the right combination of intuition and systematic use, Dispel Magic 5E serves as an admirable defensive and counteractive tool in your D&D games. Step out on the battlefield with strategic subtlety, shattering illusions and dispelling chaos around you.

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What does Dispel Magic do in the 5E rules?

One of the most compelling spells in a D&D player’s toolkit, Dispel Magic offers numerous strategic advantages. It can snuff out elements of magic, providing an equalizing force on the battlefield. This potency does not confine itself to living beings alone but extends to magical objects and magical effects as well.

Targeting an object

In your adventurous quests, there might be situations when disenchanting or disrupting an object’s magical aura would prove beneficial. You might encounter traps laden with enchantments or doors locked by mystical charms. This is where Dispel Magic steps in, as it allows you to quell any active spell of your choice that’s placed on an object.

Picture the scene: an enchanted chest holding vast treasures guarded by an immensely potent spell. With Dispel Magic, you can extinguish this protective shield and reach the bounty without a scratch.

Targeting a creature

When battling against or alongside enchanted creatures, having control of their magical state offers a strategic edge. An opponent imbued with magical protection can become invincible, which is where Dispel Magic yet again becomes your reliable ally.

By casting this spell on such foes, you eliminate their protective fields and magic-induced enhancements, leveling the playing ground for a fair fight. But remember – it’s not just about battling opponents! If allies are under malevolent enchantments or curses, Dispel Magic can free them from these confinements.

Targeting a magical effect

Then comes its application to abstract elements – casting a spell on generalized areas of magic influence or particular outcomes caused by spellcasting.

Have you ever been caught in an illusion that disorients and perplexes you? Or stumbled upon unexplainable phenomena caused by residual magic in an area?

With Dispel Magic 5E at your disposal, your character can seamlessly extinguish such effects from within a limited radius, clearing the path for your party’s advance.

How can you get Dispel Magic 5E?

Role-playing games like Dungeons and Dragons, known as D&D, invite players into a world of adventure and magic. One such magical aspect is ‘Dispel Magic 5E’.

How can you get Dispel Magic 5E?

If you have ever wondered how to get Dispel Magic 5E for your D&D character, this segment is just for you. Read on to understand more about the classes that offer access to this unique spell and ace your game.

  • Artificer: As expert spell researchers, Artificers have Dispel Magic in their arsenal. They can use it to break spells affecting a creature or an object.
  • Bard: Known for their musical magic, Bards have the provision for Dispel Magic. By playing their powerful tunes, they bring down magic affecting their targets.
  • Cleric: Clerics who follow a Trickery Domain gain access to Dispel Magic as well.
  • Druid: Serving as nature’s ultimate protectors in the game, Druids can counteract harmful spells using Dispel Magic.
  • Paladin: With their Oath of Devotion feature, Paladins can invoke divine energy to unleash Dispel Magic.
  • Sorcerer: Sorcerers gain access to this incredible ability not only by their nature but also specifically through Lunar Sorcery and the Clockwork Soul subclass features.
  • Warlock: Warlocks are no exception when it comes to this spell. They utilize eldritch energies to dispel any enchantment they come across.
  • Wizard: As masters of arcane lore, Wizards naturally have Dispel Magic up their sleeves.

There are also some class endings or subclasses that acquire this ability:

  • The stealthy sub-class known as the Arcane Trickster possesses the ability to get Dispel Magic 5E.
  • The martial and magical hybrid subclass known as an Eldritch Knight also gets access to this spell.
  • The Fey Wanderers or rangers of the Fey Wanderer subclass bear an inherent natural affinity that gives them the power to dispel enchantments.
  • Lastly, elves blessed with Drow High Magic can freely access Dispel Magic as one of their racial features.

To wrap things up, if you plan to get Dispel Magic for your 5E character, make sure to pick one of these classes or subclasses when you’re setting up your role-play character.

Remember that knowledge is power in D&D, and understanding such details can significantly boost your game performance. So go ahead, make the right choice, and break those spells.

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FAQs about Dispel Magic 5E

Is Dispel Magic 5E capable of ending multiple spells at once?

No, the spell is designed to end one specific spell affecting the target

Can a low-level character use Dispel Magic 5E?

Yes, if your character is part of a class that has access to Dispel Magic 5E and they are at least level 5 (since it’s a level 3 spell), they can use it.

Can Dispel Magic 5E be used on self-inflicted magic?

Yes, if you are under the effect of a spell, you can cast Dispel Magic on yourself.

Does casting Dispel Magic 5E provoke attacks of opportunity?

No, according to D&D rules, spellcasting doesn’t trigger attacks of opportunity.

Can Dispel Magic 5E remove a permanent magic effect?

No, it only removes spells or other temporary magical effects.


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