Dragalia Lost Tier List (2023) Best Characters / Dragons

Dragalia Lost Tier List (May 2023) Best Characters / Dragons

January 23, 2023
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Dragalia Lost is an action RPG that puts you in the middle of intense battles against a variety of enemies. Each character has their own unique set of attacks and can unleash powerful special attacks when they transform into dragons for brief periods of time.

The tier list for Dragalia Lost is a valuable resource for players, as it helps you to understand which characters are the strongest and most powerful. Whether you're looking to build out your party or simply want to know who is the best, this Dragalia Lost tier list has all the information you need.

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Dragalia Lost Tier List (May 2023)

Characters in Dragalia Lost are classified into different elements, such as flame, water, wind, shadow, and light. Each element has its own strengths and weaknesses in battle, so it's important to understand which elements are the most powerful and how they interact with each other.

Dragalia Lost Tier List (2023)

Here, we present a comprehensive Dragalia Lost tier list, divided into four tiers from top to bottom: S, A, B, and C. This list will help you to understand where each character stands in terms of their overall power and strength so that you can make the most strategic decisions when it comes to your team composition.

Dragalia Lost S Tier List (2023)

At the top of our Dragalia Lost tier list is the S tier, which contains the strongest and most powerful characters in the game. These are our top picks for a party that you can trust to get the job done, whether it's taking out tough enemies or securing victory in difficult battles.

Dragalia Lost S Tier List (2023)
The PrinceGala ElisanneLousieMitsuhideGala Alex
Gala MymGala MasculaGala NotteGala LucaGala Chelle
Gala LeonidasLapisGala RanzalHalloween LaxiGala Zethia
Armored YachiyoSummer IeyasuHumanoid MidgardsormrHildegardeAlberius
Summer MitsuhideTikiGala LeifGala AudricVeronica
Undercover GraceKarinaValentine’s ChelseaGala PrinceSummer Leonidas
Gala LaxiFinniCecileRyszardaJoker
Halloween LowenXainfriedYukata LathnaAmanePatia
Kimono ElisaneNurse AeleenBasileusIlliaHalloween Sylas
Summer AlexJiang ZiyaTemplar HopePeonyGrace
SandalphonDragonyule XainfriedIsaacSummer Verica
Formal NoelleVixel

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Dragalia Lost A Tier List (2023)

Next up on our Dragalia Lost tier list are the characters in the A tier. These are solid picks that can hold their own in battles, but they may not be quite as powerful or reliable as those in the top two tiers.

Dragalia Lost A Tier List (2023)
Yukata CleoSummer CellieraMonaSophie (Persona)Bellina
LeaSummer JuliettaLouiseSummer ChelleLinnea
MikotoHumanoid MercuryKimono LucaCivilian LeifSummer Patia
NobunagaLazrySaigaHumanoid JupiterGala Cleo
Student MaribelleMitsubaKirstySha WujingVania
Incognito NefariaForager CleoTobiasEireneDelphi
Valentine’s HildegardeRicardtSylasGala ZenaCleo
Yuakata CassandraDragonyule LilyNoelleEstelle
EmmaValentine’s Melody
Halloween MymFormal Joachim

Dragalia Lost B Tier List (2023)

The B tier is made up of characters that are good in their role but may not be quite as strong or reliable. These characters can still hold their own against enemies and get the job done, though they may require a bit more support and team coordination to shine.

Dragalia Lost B Tier List (2023)
SerenaZardinHarleRadiant Xuan ZangDragonyule Victor
NadineCatherineLin YouAlbertRodrigo
VanessaPinonSummer SinoaMordecaiAudric
Gala SarisseYoshitsuneForager MitsubaYukata CurranVice
ChelseaHalloween AkashaSu FangAnnelieCurran
FarisFjormMeeneHunter VanessaLathna
MarthHunter SarisseMaribelleSharenaAlthemia
SinoaLutherWedding ElisanneHalloween ElisanneZena
AoiDragonyule CleoHalloween MelsaChitoseChelle
RenelleElisanneEleonoraDragonyule MaloraOpera Karina
XaniaPippleSummer ArmaneLuca
KuzunohaSharpshooter SarisseWedding Xania

Dragalia Lost C Tier List (2023)

The C tier of our Dragalia Lost tier list contains the weakest and least effective characters in the game. If you're looking for a powerful and reliable team, then you should steer clear of these characters at all costs.

Dragalia Lost C Tier List (2023)
MelsaSummer RanzalAeleenYachiyoVida
Hunter BerserkerWaikeSummer NorwinWu KongValentine’s Addis
LaxiDragonyule NefariaMelodySummer LucaKleimann
ChromHalloween OdettaMyriamSummer MikotoCassandra
Mega ManValerioJoachimXiao LeiNevin
KarlReneeKu HaiSharpshooter JoeBotan
Child RanzalGauldMusashiOdettaAlex
Xuan ZangEugeneFrancescaRyozenNefaria
Valentine’s EzelithRexHawkRaemondBerserker
MartyPietroPhiliaHalloween EdwardTaro
AurienDragonyule XanderSophieIrfanDurant
ThanielZhu BajieSazanka
Halloween Althemia

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which character should I use for the flame element?

The best character to use for the flame element is The Prince, with his Blazing Circlet and Exalted Fire skills. He's sure to help you take down your enemies in no time!

2. Who is the best water character in Dragalia Lost tier list?

The best water character is Gala Elisanne. The skills she has, Holy Accord and Celestial Ascent, make her an invaluable asset to any team.

3. Which wind character should I use in Dragalia Lost?

Gala Ranzal is the best choice for wind elements. The main skills he has, Cyclone Blade and Wind Tactics, make him one of the strongest characters in this element.

4. Who is the best light character in Dragalia Lost?

Mitsuhide is the best pick for the light element. His skills, Mouse's Revenge, and Calamity Drop make him one of the most powerful characters in this element.

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Final Words

Whether you are looking for a powerful and reliable team or just trying to get by in tough battles, it is important to carefully consider all of your options when it comes to choosing characters for your Dragalia Lost party.

Our Dragalia Lost tier list can help guide you as you make these decisions and select the best characters for your team. So what are you waiting for? Start building your perfect Dragalia Lost party today!​

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