Guardian Tales Tier List (2021) Best Heroes

Guardian Tales Tier List (October 2021): Best Heroes, Warriors, Support

September 25, 2021
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Guardian Tales is a game about heroes fighting in epic battles. Heroes are one of the most important parts of the game because they define your strategy and give you strong advantages over opponents. The Guardian Tales tier list helps you understand which heroes are strongest at any point in time so that you can make decisions based on what will help you win!

The Guardian Tales hero tier list is not a measure of how much you like the character or what your personal opinion on them is, as that would be too subjective and bias towards one faction. Tier list means the list of characters sorted by their power.

In the Guardian Tales tier list, the best heroes are S-tier. The next tier of good characters is A, followed by B, and so on, with the weakest being D. These are sorted by their power rating so that you can see who is strong in any given matchup.

Guardian Tales - A Quick Introduction

Guardian Tales is an action RPG from Kong Studio that was released in South Korea on February 24, 2020. It was released on July 28, 2020, in the rest of the world.

Guardian Tales - A Quick Introduction

The game is played from two perspectives: that of a guardian and his or her human hero who they are protecting. The player can switch between these roles with ease to solve puzzles together, fight bosses side by side, and traverse obstacles without ever having to leave each other's sides.

Guardians are powerful creatures summoned from legends throughout time. When fighting, they use their massive sword (or axe) for melee attacks as well as ranged magic shots which surround them while attacking enemies.

In today's guide, we'll be taking a look at the Guardian Tales tier list.

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Guardian Tales Tier List (2021)

Guardian Tales is a mobile game where players get to collect, power up and fight with their favorite guardian characters. With over 30+ playable guardians in the Guardian Tales (with more coming), there are plenty to choose from.

Guardian Tales Tier List

The Guardian Tales tier list will take a look at some of the heroes that have been released so far and rank them according to what they're best for.

There is a total of 5 ranks. The tier list is as follows: Tier S > A > B > C > D

Tier S: These guardians are the best of the best. They have a balanced playstyle and can be used in most situations well. Their abilities make them very flexible, but they're not necessarily good at every role or strategy

Tier A: These guardians are better than Tier B but worse than Tier S. They excel at specific roles or strategies and can be used in many situations.

Tier B: These guardians have a more specialised role within the game; they're not as flexible as tiers A-S.

Tier C: These Guardians are lower-tier because their abilities don't work well with others. It might also mean that their kit is too situational to use effectively. They may still find some success in certain styles of play (if another support is provided for them)

Tier D: The worst-ranked guardians. These guardians have abilities that are too situational, and they don't fit well into many situations.

Best Guardian Tales Warriors List (2021)

The best warriors in Guardian Tales are ranked below, from the strongest to weakest. They're sorted by their power rating so that you can see who is strong in any given matchup.

SBeth, Future Knight, Lynn, Alef
AEugene, Lahn, Lapice, Lupina, Rue, Vishuvac
BAkayuki, Fei/Mei, Plitvice, Shapira
CAmy, Marvin, Neva, Yuze
DThe Knight (female/male), White Beast

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Best Guardian Tales Ranged Heroes List (2021)

The best heroes for ranged-based strategies are ranked below, from the strongest to weakest. They are ranked according to their attack damage, ability effects, and ease of use.

SBari, Garam, Nari, Aoba
ABianca, Catherine, Elvira, Rachel, Tinia
BArabelle, Coco, Gremory, Hekate, Marianne, Rie, Sohee
CDolf, Eva, Girgas

Best Guardian Tales Support List (2021)

The best heroes for supportive roles are ranked below, from the strongest to weakest. They are ranked according to their healing, buffing, and shielding abilities.

SGabriel, Noxia
AIdol Captain Eva, Mayreel, Miya, Veronica
BAisha, Karina

Best Guardian Tales Tanks List (2021)

The best heroes for tanking roles are ranked below, from the strongest to weakest. They are sorted based on their endurance (health), ability effects, and ease of use.

SFuture Princess, Oghma
ACraig, Marina

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the main objective of Guardian Tales?

The player will take control of a warrior and use his or her skills to fight enemies in different areas. The goal is always to defeat all enemy warriors while protecting your own.

2. What are the benefits of the Guardian Tales tier list?

The tier list is helpful in determining which type of character to take on your journey into this game world. Ranking warriors from strongest to weakest will help you decide who to focus on improving and levelling up.

3. How do I rank the Guardian Tales warriors?

The tier list ranks characters from strongest to weakest, which is how you would also rate them in battle. For example, a warrior with an A ranking for speed will have higher health points and attack power than one with a D ranking for strength.

Final Words

This Guardian Tales tier list is by no means definitive or all-inclusive. It's a starting point for new players to build on their team with what works best during different encounters and battles in Guardian Tales. I hope this guide has helped you decide which characters are the best for your playstyle.

Good luck, and I hope you've enjoyed reading!

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