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Dunamancy 5E Spell [Control Time & Space In DnD Magic]

Dunamancy 5E Spell
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 12/31/2023
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Do you remember when you cast your first magic spell in Dungeons & Dragons? Picture that moment. You probably felt a rush of exhilaration and might, all coming from manipulating magical energy to create extraordinary phenomena.

Now, imagine if there were even more potent, more mind-bending magic at your fingertips. Welcome to the world of Dunamancy 5e. Dunamancy 5e represents the most recent introduction to D&D’s extensive array of mystical forces.

This emerging school of magic centers around the raw energies of existence, time, gravity, and potentiality. Truly, it’s fresh terrain for eager adventurers and ambitious wizards alike, opening up an entirely new paradigm for confronting potential challenges you’ll face on your journey.

As we move forward, we will delve deeper into what makes Dunamancy so unique and drive home why it’s a game-changer in the enchanted realm.

What is Dunamancy 5E?

Dunamancy 5e is a fascinating branch of magic that you might not have explored yet in your D&D adventures. This unique school of magic emphasizes the dynamism of reality, the flexible shifting of possibilities and potentials to shape the actual outcomes.

What is Dunamancy 5E?

It’s all about manipulating the very fabric of existence, exerting powerful control over time and gravity.

Many theorists across different D&D worlds equate Dunamis to quantum physics. We can rephrase that Dunamancy applies theoretical quantum physics to manipulate possible outcomes through spells.

It permits characters to twist time, warp space, and even change probabilities at their will. The particularly intriguing thing about Dunamancy is that the spells are often restricted in many games and accessible only through specific subclasses or with the permission of your Dungeon Master.

So, if you’re looking to explore uncharted magical territory, Dunamancy offers a challenging and rewarding adventure into manipulating “Dunamis” for your own advantage during gameplay.

One crucial point to remember about these uniquely powerful spells is that they can be devastatingly potent or debilitative but require a nuanced understanding of their uses.

Iconic Dunamancy Spells

In your magical journey through Dunamancy, you’ll come across a diversity of spells, each with unique attributes and applications.

Iconic Dunamancy Spells

This broad spectrum caters to various tactical needs, whether it’s debilitating your foes or manipulating the physical world to your advantage. Let’s shine a spotlight on a few iconic spells that define this potent school of magic.

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Sapping Sting (Cantrip)

One can never underestimate the influence of a well-cast cantrip. Sapping Sting is an excellent testament to that. This magic perturbation strikes a target within 30 feet, imposing 1d4 necrotic damage if they fail their constitution save.

But it doesn’t stop there – this spell also has the power to render your enemy prone, severely limiting their mobility and battle options.

It’s particularly effective against flying creatures – they’re brought down from the sky to ground level, where airborne advantages cease to exist.

By exploiting this cantrip shrewdly, you can turn the tide of skirmishes in favor of your party. Picture unsettling that pesky aerial attacker or stinging an enemy mid-charge just as they are about to reach one of your comrades.

Immovable Object (2nd Level)

Now, here’s where things start getting really interesting with Dunamancy. With Immovable Object, you can transform any object weighing under 10 pounds into an unyielding fixed point in space and time for up to an hour.

The spell renders the object immovable, almost as if time has frozen it just for you. But what’s more fascinating is its versatility – imagine blocking doorways with tiny objects your enemies cannot shove aside.

Or maybe creating temporary stepping stones mid-air – yes, gravity becomes a mere suggestion when dealing with such potent magic.

Casting this spell at higher levels also means commanding larger objects or increasing its duration. At the 4th level, for instance, support weight rises to an astounding 4,000 pounds! Who knew such a simple second-level spell could boast such power?

Mastering Dunamancy brings endless possibilities to your fingertips. From derailing foes with ‘stinging’ surprises to challenging the very laws of physics that govern the D&D universe, it’s clear why this innovative type of magic has piqued the interest of many adventurers.

Temporal Shunt (5th Level)

Stepping up the Dunamancy ladder, we have the Temporal Shunt, a fitting 5th-level spell that establishes Dunamancy’s authority on temporal manipulation.

Markedly better than Counterspell, this can disrupt an enemy’s pesky attack or timely spell by sweeping them into a brief moment of future time.

The target must fail a wisdom save for the enchantment to activate. What happens next is truly astounding – they vanish, only to reappear at the start of their next turn.

As you might imagine, this has remarkable tactical implications, derailing your adversary’s plans while buying valuable time for your party.

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Tether Essence (7th Level)

A revolutionary aspect of Dunamancy manifests as the Tether Essence spell, which truly tests a brave wizard’s mettle. To enact this 7th-level spell, you consume a 250-gold-piece platinum wire to link two creatures’ health states.

After that, any hit points lost or gained by either creature affect both equally. For instance, an injury to one reflects on both entities; similarly, healing one heals both.

This magical tie creates unique opportunities on the battlefield and can foster unexpected teamwork and cooperation among adventurers.

Ravenous Void (9th Level)

Let’s consider Ravenous Void the hallmark demonstration of Dunamancy daring to defy physics. As you cast this high octave 9th level spell, you witness the surreal spectacle of creating a non-euclidean black hole that sustains itself for around 60 seconds.

Anything within its vacuum pulls towards its objects and creatures alike, wrecking damage and annihilating nonmagical items in its wake.

Think about floating fortresses brought down with ease or powerful enemies banished into oblivion. Your strategic options are truly cosmic.

To double down on its incredible effect once it vanishes, it leaves an eerie void in its aftermath. As you can imagine, such mighty magic is not for the faint-hearted to wield this power responsibly.

Truly, Dunamancy opens up a world of limitless potential. From banishing enemies temporarily to creating life-ties between creatures or even summoning a black hole on demand, it is a grand amalgamation of ultimate flexibility, immense power, and esoteric elegance.

Opening yourself up to Dunamancy means stepping into a realm where reality is fluid, and bending it to your whims becomes the norm.

Who Can Utilize Dunamancy Spells: Chronurgy and Graviturgy

When it comes to harnessing the immense potential of Dunamancy, the Chronurgy and Graviturgy subclasses step right into the spotlight. For those of you new to these terms, fear not. It’s quicker to understand than pronouncing “prestidigitation.”

Who Can Utilize Dunamancy Spells: Chronurgy and Graviturgy

The Chronurgy subclass, a particular choice for wizards out there, revolves around the manipulation of time. As masters of moments, your wizard will be able to counteract spells by displacing enemies in time or even rewrite fate.

On the other hand, the Graviturgy subclass aligns with manipulating gravity, an ability that’d certainly spice up any encounter. Imagine being able to control the battlefield’s weight distributions and even ground flying creatures.

So whether you’re a D&D veteran or newcomer, if pushing magical boundaries is your cup of ale, Consider bringing a chromaturgist or graviturgist to your next campaign and experiment with Dunamancy.

Whichever subclass you choose, great power always brings significant responsibility.

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FAQs About Dunamancy 5E Spell

What is the unique feature of Dunamancy spells?

Dunamancy spells focus on the manipulation and control of time, gravity, and possibility, creating unprecedented dynamics in gameplay.

Can all classes use Dunamancy spells?

No, specifically, only wizards of the Chronurgy and Graviturgy subclasses can use Dunamancy spells.

Where was Dunamancy first introduced in D&D?

This school of magic originates from the world of Exandria, from the campaign setting “Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount.”

Is it possible for classic wizards to learn Dunamancy spells?

Yes, with DM’s approval, a wizard character can delve into this advanced study of magic and add these spells to their spellbook.

What is an iconic high-level dunamis spell?

Ravenous Void is a 9th-level spell that essentially creates a black hole for one minute, pulling objects and creatures to it while causing damage.


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