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8 Best Ways To Enchanting Fishing Rod Minecraft [2024 Guide]

Best Ways To Enchanting Fishing Rod Minecraft
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 12/03/2023
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There’s an undeniable thrill to the game when you manage to craft your first enchanting fishing rod in Minecraft. You’ve collected the necessary resources survived the night, and now you’re ready to tackle some angling adventures with a new level of skill.

But do you know how truly effective this tool can be? There are eight primary ways to improve your enchanting fishing rod, which can take your Minecraft experience, whether it’s survival or creative mode, from humdrum to exhilarating.

When it comes to improving gameplay, using an enchanted fishing rod isn’t just for pulling squids or cod out of block-made seas.

It’s potentially one of the most multi-purpose tools available in the pixelated world of Minecraft universe. So how can these improvements be achieved?

Well, tighten your boots and grab a pickaxe. We are about to uncover the 8 best ways to make this versatile tool even better.

What is the best enchantment for a fishing rod in Minecraft?

Mending I is often considered the best enchantment for a fishing rod in Minecraft. This enchantment uses your experience orbs to repair the durability of your fishing rod.


As you catch fish and gain experience, your fishing rod’s durability gets replenished, thereby extending its lifespan. This is particularly useful for those who frequently go fishing in the game as it reduces the need to create new rods or repair them with materials continually.

To enchant a fishing rod with Mending I, you will need an enchanting table, bookshelves, and experience points. Make sure to place the bookshelves around the enchanting table to access higher-level enchantments.

Place your fishing rod into the first slot of the enchanting table interface and select Mending I from the list of available options.

What enchantment gives you better loot when fishing?

Luck of the Sea (LotS) is the enchantment in Minecraft that enhances your chance of getting better loot while fishing.


When a fishing rod is imbued with this enchantment, it increases the odds of catching valuable items like enchanted books, nametags, saddles, bows, and more.

The Luck of the Sea enchantment can be increased up to level III in an enchanting table or anvil. At each level, this enchantment reduces the chance of “junk” catches and increases the chance of “treasure” catches:

  • Luck of the Sea I has a 1% increase in ‘treasure’ catches and a 1% decrease in ‘junk’ catches.
  • Luck of the Sea II further improves these odds to a 2% increase for ‘treasure’ and a 2% decrease for ‘junk.’
  • Luck of the Sea III maximizes these enhancements with a 3% increase for ‘treasure’ and a 3% decrease for ‘junk.’

It’s important to note that while Luck of The Sea increases your odds of catching treasure items, it does not affect the chance or type of fish that you catch. To increase the catch rate and variety of fish, you’d need to use another enchantment called Lure.

Combining both enchantments (Luck Of The Sea & Lure) can make your fishing expedition a rewarding experience by accelerating fishing speed while also catching valuable treasures.

8 Ways To Enchanting Fishing Rod Minecraft

In the world of Minecraft, enchanting your fishing rod can significantly enhance your fishing experience and yield better rewards. Enchantments add special abilities to your fishing rod, each with its own unique benefits.


We’ll explore eight key enchantments that can be applied to a fishing rod in Minecraft, discussing their effects and advantages.


The Lure Enchantment in Minecraft is designed to decrease the waiting time for a bite on the fishing line. Each level of the Lure enchantment reduces the wait time by 5 seconds.


A Lure III enchantment, which is the maximum level, can decrease the waiting time by 15 seconds. This enchantment is particularly useful for players who fish frequently in the game, as it increases the efficiency of fishing, allowing players to catch more fish or treasures in a shorter amount of time.

It’s important to note that Lure does not increase the quality of the catch, only the frequency.

Luck of the Sea

Luck of the Sea is a powerful enchantment for fishing rods in Minecraft that increases the chances of catching valuable items like enchanted books, saddles, and name tags while reducing the likelihood of catching junk items like rotten flesh and sticks.

With three levels available, each level of Luck of the Sea further enhances the probability of obtaining rare loot. This enchantment is ideal for players looking to acquire rare items through fishing.

It’s particularly effective when combined with Lure, as this combination maximizes both the quantity and quality of catches.

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Unbreaking is an essential enchantment for prolonging the life of a fishing rod in Minecraft. It reduces the likelihood of the rod losing durability with each use.


At its highest level, Unbreaking III, the durability of a fishing rod is effectively tripled, allowing players to use the rod much longer before it breaks.

This enchantment is highly recommended for players who engage in extensive fishing activities, as it ensures that their valuable enchanted fishing rod remains usable for a longer period, saving resources and time in the long run.


Mending is a unique and highly sought-after enchantment in Minecraft. When applied to a fishing rod, it uses experience orbs collected by the player to repair the rod instead of increasing the player’s experience points.

Each orb of experience contributes to restoring the rod’s durability. This enchantment is particularly beneficial as it can potentially give the fishing rod an infinite lifespan, provided the player keeps collecting experience.

It’s especially useful when combined with other enchantments like Unbreaking, as it further ensures the longevity of the fishing rod.

Curse of Vanishing

The Curse of Vanishing enchantment adds a unique twist to a Minecraft fishing rod. When a rod enchanted with this curse is held by a player at the time of their death, the rod will disappear instead of dropping on the ground.


This means that the rod cannot be recovered or used again, making it a risky choice for players. The Curse of Vanishing can be seen as a double-edged sword.

While it doesn’t offer any direct fishing benefits, it can be used strategically in multiplayer games to ensure that high-value items don’t fall into the hands of opponents. It’s important to weigh the risks before applying this enchantment to your fishing rod.

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Curse of Binding

The Curse of Binding is another enchantment that can be applied to fishing rods in Minecraft, although it’s less common. When a fishing rod with this curse is picked up, it cannot be removed from the player’s hand unless the rod breaks or the player dies.

This enchantment doesn’t offer any direct benefits to fishing and is generally considered undesirable. It can be used in multiplayer settings to play pranks or as a challenge, forcing the player to use the cursed rod until it breaks or they perish.


Impaling is an enchantment typically associated with tridents in Minecraft, and it is not applicable to fishing rods. It increases the damage dealt to aquatic mobs like fish, dolphins, and squids.


While it might seem like an enchantment suitable for a fishing rod, it’s important to note that in Minecraft’s current mechanics, Impaling can only be used with tridents. Therefore, it’s not an option for enhancing the capabilities of a fishing rod.


Similar to Impaling, Sharpness is an enchantment that is not applicable to fishing rods in Minecraft. Sharpness is designed to increase the damage dealt by a weapon, such as a sword or axe. It does not affect a fishing rod, which is not used as a weapon in standard gameplay.

Players looking to enchant a fishing rod should focus on enchantments that directly enhance fishing capabilities, such as Lure, Luck of the Sea, Unbreaking, and Mending. Sharpness remains an excellent choice for combat-related gear but is irrelevant for fishing activities.

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FAQs About Best Ways To Enchanting Fishing Rod Minecraft

What does the ‘Luck of the Sea’ enchantment do in Minecraft?

The ‘Luck of the Sea’ enchantment in Minecraft increases your chances of getting valuable items when fishing, enhancing overall loot.

How does the ‘Unbreaking’ enchantment work on a fishing rod?

Unbreaking’ helps to increase the pixel-durability of your fishing rod, meaning it will last longer before breaking.

Do you lose your enchanted fishing rod if you have ‘Curse of Vanishing’ on it in Minecraft?

Yes, with the ‘Curse of Vanishing,’ an enchanted fishing rod disappears when you die instead of dropping.

How does the Lure enchantment benefit fishing in Minecraft?

The Lure enchantment decreases the waiting time for a bite when fishing, making your catches more frequent.

What does Curse of Binding do on a fishing rod in Minecraft?

The Curse of Binding doesn’t directly benefit fishing; instead, it prevents removal from inventory slots. It’s ideal for pranks in multiplayer games.


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