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Enchantment Wizard 5E Subclass [Bend Others To Your Will]

Enchantment Wizard 5e Subclass Guide
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 01/19/2024
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The wide array of different characters truly enhances the depth and variety of gameplay. One character type that stands out, specifically in the 5th edition, is the enchantment wizard.

Their intriguing set of abilities and enchantments gives them a unique edge in both battle and role-play, making this subclass a favored choice for many players.

The enchantment wizard has long been steeped in mystery and allure with its roots laid deep within the realms of magic.

This guide aims to enhance your understanding of this magnificent subclass. Be it their fascinating characteristics, mind-bending spells, or exhilarating feats.

Here’s an in-depth glance into what exactly makes an ‘enchantment wizard 5e’ so captivating to role-players across the globe.

Ability Scores of Enchantment Wizard

Under the banner of the enchantment wizard, picking the correct ability scores is crucial. Your role as this subclass will be to manipulate and dominate the minds of your opponents.

Ability Scores of Enchantment Wizard

Your primary ability is Intelligence, aiding you in spell casting. This focus on intellect should be mirrored in your ability score choices to maximize your potential as an enchanter.

Other key scores include Dexterity for initiative rolls and Constitution for maintaining spell concentration. These aspects converge to make an efficient and effective enchantment wizard 5e.

AbilityPoint BuyStandard Array
Strength (Str)88
Dexterity (Dex)1413
Constitution (Con)1414
Intelligence (Int)1515
Wisdom (Wis)1010
Charisma (Cha)1012

What is Enchantment Wizard In 5e?

As a wizard who has chosen the path of the School of Enchantment, you are no ordinary magic user.

This journey opens a world where your spells bewitch and beguile others with ease and finesse. Your spells often alter a creature’s mind, dominating their will or leaving them in awe of your abilities.

What is Enchantment Wizard 5e

Aligned with the School of Enchantment, you get unprecedented control that transcends the conventional attack-focused classes.

Your arsenal boasts enchantment spells that can turn foes into friends, or serenity spells that can send an enemy to sleep without any struggle.

Whether in combat or conversing with non-player characters (NPCs), the enchantment wizard has a unique power that lets you dictate terms on your playing field.

Being an expert in enchantment magic allows an increased understanding of specific arcane traditions.

It provides access to additional magical perks and abilities over time. The enchantment wizard 5e is truly a master manipulator in the D&D world.

What are the Features of Enchantment Wizard?

As an enchantment wizard, your grasp over the hearts and minds of both friend and foe is unparalleled.

What are the Features of Enchantment Wizard

Your skills are a display of mental dominance, ensuring your adversaries bow to your magical might. What gives you this power are the unique features bestowed upon you by this subclass.

These elements weave together to create a controlling and captivating wizard, molded from the finest threads of enchantment.

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Enchantment Savant

At the second level, you become an Enchantment Savant, reducing your gold and time cost by half when copying enchantment spells into your spellbook.

This feature allows you to build a vast repository of spells without having to expend excessive resources.

This skill serves as a fantastic reinforcement for your role as an enchanting maestro in the early stages.

Hypnotic Gaze

Progressing to the second level grants you a Hypnotic Gaze. An added benefit here is that it’s not classified as a spell meaning it’s not reliant on concentration.

This artful feature enables you to choose one creature within five feet and charm them into a daze provided that they can see or hear you.

Each turn thereafter allows you to extend that gaze, thus exerting control over their actions during battle sequences using just your eyes.

Instinctive Charm

Once you reach level 6 as an enchantment wizard, Instinctive Charm becomes available to you.

This reflexive characteristic redirects an attacker’s onslaught towards another creature of your choosing within range instead of yourself.

Although it cannot be employed upon immune or charmed creatures, it still provides substantial defenses against incoming assaults especially in skirmishes where enemies abound.

Split Enchantment

Upon reaching the 10th level, this nifty feature enables casting single-target enchantments on two creatures.

They must be within 5ft of each other. This particular facet adds an intriguing dynamic to combat, giving crowd control to a traditionally single-target-focused class.

Alter Memories

At the 14th level, your skills at distorting perception ramp up a notch with Alter Memories.

This allows the player to erase any trace of them casting a spell on creatures, allowing for stealthy and covert operations.

The target won’t realize they were charmed, keeping your influence hidden and expanding the range of strategic possibilities.

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Multiclassing and the Enchantment Wizard

Multiclassing is an element of Dungeons and Dragons that allows you to diversify character abilities and tailor them to your style.

Multiclassing and the Enchantment Wizard

For enchantment wizards, this can open numerous exciting possibilities, from augmenting their already potent spells to adding new dimensions to their skills.

It offers a way for you to modify your character according to the needs of your party or campaign.

Multiclassing requires strategic planning as it impacts your character’s progression in their original class.


As an enchantment wizard 5e, combining your abilities with those of a bard can prove exceptionally versatile.

This merger offers an increased number of spells, skills, and magical secrets when explored thoroughly.

Bard’s focus on Charisma complements the Wisdom-based wizard well; hence, making them the life of any party encounter or social negotiation.

Your persuasive powers amplify exponentially with this combination so much so that you can oftentimes sidestep conflicts altogether or debilitate enemies before they even realize they’re under a spell; such is the prowess of an enchanter who wields a lute alongside their arcane tomes.

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FAQs About Enchantment Wizard 5e

What makes the enchantment wizard 5e unique?

The enchantment wizard 5e has a unique place in Dungeons and Dragons due to their mind manipulation specialization. They can charm, control, and influence other creatures using their spells.

How important is the enchantment wizard’s Intelligence score?

Intelligence plays a significant role in enchanting wizards as it aids in their spellcasting abilities. A high Intelligence score results in more efficient and effective spell use.

Why would I consider multiclassing my enchantment wizard with a bard?

Multiclassing an enchantment wizard with a bard augments your persuasive skills, increases your number of spells, and enhances your overall versatility in both combat and role-play situations.

What is the Hypnotic Gaze feature of the enchantment wizard 5e?

The Hypnotic Gaze feature allows an enchantment wizard to magically charm a creature within 30 feet during battle, effectively keeping them at bay during combat encounters.

Is the ‘enchantment wizard 5e’ suitable for beginners?

Yes, but understanding their abilities requires greater strategic planning than some characters which can be challenging for beginners. They offer numerous interactive gameplay options that make them fun to play at all skill levels.


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