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Figurine Of Wondrous Power 5E [Summon Amazing Creatures]

figurine of wondrous power 5e magic item
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Updated On: 01/09/2024
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In the realm of enchanting items, the figurine of wondrous power 5e holds a special place. Created by the magical prowess of ancient wizards, they bring to life entities that assist, protect, and sometimes amuse their possessor.

Their fascinating abilities provide an exotic charm and depth to the storytelling element of gameplay scenarios.

Understanding their intricate details and various traits can breathe new vitality into your D&D sessions.

Appreciating their quirks and understanding the way they work can be much more than just acquiring a list of advantages or abilities.

It’s about synergizing with these seemingly small yet powerful tools to create immersive experiences that are genuinely memorable for everyone at the table.

What is the Figurine of Wondrous Power 5e?

The Figurine of Wondrous Power 5e is a special class of magic item in the world of Dungeons and Dragons.

What is the Figurine of Wondrous Power 5e

It appears as an expertly crafted small statuette, varying from the size of a little finger to a full adult hand. Each figurine is fashioned into the form of a unique creature originating from different planes.

Upon utterance of a magic word, these miniature works of art can upgrade into actual life-sized versions of those creatures and serve the owner for a specific period with their exclusive abilities.

These entities obey your commands faithfully, demonstrating loyalty akin to real companions.

Each figurine type has unique features, guidelines, and capacities for transformation. They can be used in various ways during gameplay: helping in battles, transporting characters across long distances, or even spying on enemies.

But each transformation drains their power significantly and they require rest to recharge before the next use.

One fascinating aspect about these magical statuettes lies in their possession it’s not just about owning an artifact but being capable of masterfully deploying its power in relevant situations, enhancing gameplay immersion and complexity.

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Types of Figurines of Wondrous Power

Figurines of wondrous power span a considerable spectrum, offering a multitude of options to aid players in different scenarios.

Types of Figurines of Wondrous Power

Encased in these unassuming statuettes lies the power to summon creatures ranging from swift birds and vigilant owls to loyal dogs, formidable steeds, and massive elephants.

Each figurine carries its unique elemental charm and tactical advantage.

Silver Raven

The Silver Raven, as its name suggests, takes the form of a beautiful raven when activated. It’s not just ornamental; when you utter the command word, it transforms into an actual raven (reference D&D Monster Manual for abilities).

The transformed creature can flawlessly understand your instructions, making it an incredible tool for communication over long-distance.

The silver raven can cover up to 50 miles per day carrying messages or performing specific tasks for you.

Be mindful that once activated, you must wait seven days before using its enchantment again.

Serpentine Owl

The next figurine is the bewitching Serpentine Owl. When triggered by its command word, it metamorphoses into a real owl with all the powers mentioned in the D&D Monster Manual.

It’s ideal for night-time scenarios owing to its superior vision and hearing abilities. When used strategically, it can provide invaluable knowledge about adversaries lurking in dark corners or additional details about your surroundings.

Onyx Dog

If loyalty and bravery are what you desire from your figurine of wondrous power 5e magic item then choose Onyx Dog.

Upon command recognition, this figurine takes on life producing an obedient dog that will follow your orders unwaveringly but more than this when danger lies ahead or threats appear during your adventures this companion comes forward as an exceptional guardian for up to 6 hours!

Obsidian Steed

The Obsidian Steed figurine is power personified in the form of a majestic horse that not only transports its owner but also can breathe fire.

More impressive is its ability to fly at a commendable speed making it a virtually unstoppable force when committed to combat.

While this magical source of transportation and protection can be used just once per week, it undeniably leaves an astounding effect on your gameplay.

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Marble Elephant

The last member of this influential quintet is the Marble Elephant. Larger than the other figurines but bearing unmatched capabilities, command this figurine and observe as it transmutes into a full-sized elephant serving you with enormous strength and durability.

Capable of serving you for up to 24 hours, or till it is reduced to 0 hit points, its size alone can be an element of dominance on your battlefield.

While these are mere materials such as silver, serpentine, onyx, obsidian, or marble small enough to fit comfortably in your pocket they have the power to have an incredible impact on your adventure.

They enhance your strategic prowess, improve communication options during gameplay, and play an indispensable role in reconnaissance activities.

Ivory Goats

The Ivory Goats figurine possesses a remarkable quirk. When you utter its command word, not one but three different forms are available for it to morph into: The Goat of Travelling, the Goat of Labour, and the Goat of Combat.

With multiple abilities like carrying heavy loads or fighting aggressive foes, these goats certainly provide versatility to your magical arsenal.

Golden Lions

The rich luster of gold is matched by the intense allure of power offered by the Golden Lion figurine.

These grand creatures can combat your foes or act as a deterrent to those considering crossing you. Command them and experience their raw might as they assume their lion forms for up to an hour.

Ebony Fly

The Ebony Fly figurine should not be underestimated due to its size. When given a command, this small ornament transforms into an enormous fly that can be ridden or used for transportation purposes.

The fly hangs around dutifully providing services for up to 12 hours. Its abilities can pave the way for unexpected strategic moves during your gameplay.

Bronze Griffon

A sublime blend of eagle and lion body parts constitute the Bronze Griffon figurine.

This enchantment’s magnificent transformation gives you access to an amazing creature offering combative skills unparalleled in both ground and air engagements an exemplary response aligning with its mythological inspiration known for guarding treasures and priceless possessions vehemently.

Where to Find Figurines of Wondrous Power?

Finding a figurine of wondrous power 5e can be an exciting quest in your mythical adventures. These unique magical items, rich with mysterious capabilities, are not strewn around everywhere.

Where to Find Figurines of Wondrous Power

Specific locations and individuals enhance the chances of stumbling upon one. Let’s unravel some of these places and contexts where such an artifact might be waiting for you to claim.

Master Artisans

The talent and skill that breathes life into these figurines are often the artistry of master artisans possessing magical abilities.

They chisel out intricate details with precision, all the while weaving enchantments into it that bestow upon the figurine its transformation ability.

Frequented spots for finding these creators could include royal courts, guilds of skilled workers, or local bazaars in large cities where magic is not uncommon.

Interacting with reputational figures in such places might lead you to a master artisan who can craft a figurine imbued with magical powers just for you.

In Dangerous Dungeons

If craftsman catalogs seem too mundane for your liking, perhaps an exhilarating dungeon crawl is more your style.

Many times, these dungeons are crafted mysteries home to numerous hidden treasures among which our prized figurines find a place too.

Why they lie there could be anyone’s guess maybe left behind by a past adventurer or deliberately placed as an enticement or challenge by whoever created the dungeon itself.

Brave through uncertainty, puzzles, traps, and foes to find them nestled deep within such perilous tunnels.

Owned by Powerful Individuals

Ownership of great items often naturalizes towards those holding power making it no wonder that figurines of wondrous power can be found with powerful individuals.

From hardened warlords looking for loyal steeds that don’t eat much to wizards seeking companionship without distraction, many influential figures consider these figurines as statements of luxury and strength as well as handy tools to assist their demands.

Paying a visit to a king’s vault or bartering with a wizard might land you one of these coveted trophies.

Protecting Sacred Areas

As devices of potent magic, they are sometimes used as guardians of sacred or significant locations.

This could range from places like forgotten ancient temples brimming with arcane energy to the enchanting groves sacred to the followers of nature deities.

They serve as loyal guardians who arise when needed and blend into their surroundings when not.

Discovering such secretive places and overcoming the test they present could award you with the prize: a figurine of wondrous power.

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FAQs About figurine of wondrous power 5e

What is the figurine of wondrous power in D&D 5e?

The figurine of wondrous power is a special magical item in D&D 5e that can transform into a specific creature when commanded, serving the owner for a limited period.

How often can a figurine of wondrous power be used?

Usually, once it has been used, it cannot be used again until a certain amount of time has passed. The specific duration varies among different types of figurines.

Can the creature from the figurine die?

Yes, if the creature drops to zero hit points, it reverts to its figurine form and cannot be used again until a certain amount of time has passed.

Do the creatures from the figurines have their own will or thoughts?

No, creatures from these figurines are under your control and they follow your commands to the best of their ability.

Can I have multiple figurines?

Yes, you can possess multiple different figurines each with their unique abilities and creature forms.


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