How to Fix Discord Awaiting Endpoint Connection Error (2020)

How to Fix Discord Awaiting Endpoint Connection Error (2020)

October 8, 2020
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Are you a game admirer? if yes, then don't tell me that you don't know about Discord. As discord is the most popular chat app, but from the last few days, many users are facing discord awaiting endpoint error and if you are also one of them, then you don't need to take any worries, as today in this article, I will guide you with a full guide about how to fix awaiting endpoint discord connection error. After reading the full article with full concentration, you can easily and quickly resolve discord awaiting endpoint error. So, before going to the main topic let's take a dig towards the basic information first.

Discord is an app that is used by almost every gamer, as this app offers you free and instant messaging, VOIP application, videoconference, and content delivery. Discord was launched in the year 2015, which was written in JavaScript, React, Elixir, and Rust. Discord is available for almost every platform including Windows, Android, IOS, MAC OS, Linux, and web browsers. In the year 2019, Discord recorded 250 million users, who were using this software.

As a gamer, I will always recommend Discord if you want to talk with your friends while gaming as it gives the best qualities and that's why in 2020 Discord Ranked at 174 in Alexa. As you know that in the real world, nothing is perfect hence, discord also has some errors, and discord awaiting endpoint error is one of them.

What does Awaiting Endpoint Mean on Discord?

What does Awaiting Endpoint Mean on Discord?

Discord awaiting endpoint Error is an error that users see when they are unable to connect with the discord server. As discord is a server-based app and if the server is down, you will face errors and this error is a temporary and most common error. Now, the reasons responsible for this error will be discussed in the next section.

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Reasons for the Discord Awaiting Endpoint Error

From the last few days, I got many queries from the Discord users that why I am seeing Discord awaiting endpoint Error whenever I am trying to open it? and now In this section, they all will get their answers as nowhere, I am going to guide you with the possible reasons for awaiting endpoint Discord error. So, please pay attention to it.

Reasons for the Discord Awaiting Endpoint Error

1. Server Down

Discord awaiting endpoint error is a server-based connection error and if you are connected from the country whose server is down, then it is the major reason and you might get this error. Now, to solve your issue you have to connect to another country server or you have to wait until the server responds.

2. Slow Internet Connection

Are you using a slow internet connection? then immediately connect to the fast connection as this is the major reason for awaiting endpoint error on Discord. You can check your Internet connection speed from any Speed Test website available over the internet and they are free of cost. Now, if your connection speed is slow and ping is high then try to connect to a fast internet connection or contact with your internet provider.

3. VPN

Are you using a VPN for Discord? then maybe the country whose VPN you have connected might have a server down and you might face the Discord awaiting endpoint error because of this.

4. Outdated Version of Discord

Are you using an outdated version of Discord? then update it as soon as you can as Discord developers regularly release its updates and if you are using an outdated version then you might face awaiting endpoint Discord error.

5. Antivirus

Antivirus is used to scan your system and protect you from viruses. To do so, it blocks some apps from working. Had you installed antivirus in your system? then maybe it is the reason for Discord awaiting endpoint error as maybe your antivirus blocks Discord to load. Now, to solve this issue, you have to temporarily disable your antivirus.

Now, I hope all the reasons provided above are clear to you.

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How to Fix Awaiting Endpoint Discord Error?

Fixing Discord awaiting endpoint Error is not a big deal as you can fix it in a few minutes if you pay full concentration and follow the steps as guided. Follow those simple steps to fix awaiting endpoint error on Discord:

How to Fix Awaiting Endpoint Discord Error?

1. Restart Your System

Whenever you face errors while playing a game or chatting with your friends over some VOIP apps like Discord, I always recommend you to restart your PC before going to other solutions and many users found this method helpful and it works most of the time. Now, before restarting I ensure you to save your work.

Now, after restarting the system, open discord and check whether the Discord awaiting endpoint error is fixed or not.

2. Check your WiFi Settings

Are you using WiFi for running discord then first check your WiFi settings as maybe your WiFi is not working properly. To check this, you should try to open another website over your browser, and if the website loads then your WiFi is working otherwise check your WiFi settings.

Now, if your WiFi settings are correct then try other solutions given below.

3. Change Your Discord Server

As discussed earlier, maybe your country server is down so, you should try to change your server region to use Discord. Changing the server is not a big deal as you can do this in less than a minute if you follow the steps as guided.

Here, I will guide to with how to change Discord server:

  • Go to your Discord app or website.
  • Now, go to the settings sections and click on server settings.
  • After that, you will see the number of servers and now you can choose any of them.
  • After choosing the server, refresh your app.

Now, after changing the server, check whether the Discord awaiting endpoint error still occurs or not and If the error still not fixed, then try other methods.

4. Use a VPN

Now, if changing the Discord server doesn't work then you can change your region using the VPN as well. To do this, download the best VPN and after that connect with the fastest server available. After that launch Discord and check whether the Discord awaiting endpoint error is fixed or not.

5. Update Discord

As suggested above that you should install the latest version of Discord whenever the update is available as this will reduce the chances of conflicts. If you are using the outdated version then you might face error in the future as well.

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As a gamer, I know how much Discord is helpful for you and how much it might hurt when you see Discord awaiting endpoint error and today's article is only for those users.

Now, I hope that I won the bet that you can easily and quickly fix awaiting endpoint Discord error if you read and follow the steps carefully.

Happy Gaming!

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