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[Fixed] Pokemon Go Unable To Authenticate (April 2024)

How to Fix Pokemon Go Unable To Authenticate (2021)
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Are you tired of seeing the frustrating “Unable to Authenticate” message flash on your screen when you’re itching for a Pokemon Go adventure? I know, I’ve been there and it’s enough to make any trainer flip their Poke cap in frustration.

But fear not, in this blog post titled How to fix Pokemon go unable to authenticate? we make that unwelcome message a thing of the past. Bear in mind, like any real-life Pokemon encounter, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution; what works for a Pikachu may not work for a Bulbasaur.

In the digital world though, rest assured that there are some trusty solutions available that can help put us back on track to becoming Pokemon Masters. Let’s embark on this journey together.

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Understanding Pokémon Go Unable to Authenticate Error

We’ve all been there, and finally have a moment to ourselves, you pick up your phone ready to catch some Pokémon and then bam, you’re hit with the dreaded “Unable to Authenticate” error. Before we delve into potential solutions, it’s critical to understand why this error occurs in the first place.

What Is Pokemon Go Unable To Authenticate?

Why does “Unable to Authenticate” pop up in Pokemon Go?

The “Unable to Authenticate” message typically appears when the game can’t establish a connection with its servers. This could be due to several reasons:

  • High traffic on Niantic’s server – Sometimes when too many users are simultaneously playing the game, the servers get swamped causing this issue.
  • Account suspension or ban – If any TOS violations are made within the game, Niantic might temporarily suspend or even permanently ban your account, leading you to see this error message.
  • Technical issues on your device – If your internet is unstable or if your GPS is off, you might see this error. Sometimes, an outdated app or operating system can also be responsible for triggering it.

The Impact of “Unable to Authenticate”

It’s vital not just knowing about what causes an “unable to authenticate” error in Pokemon Go but also understanding how it impacts our gaming experience can help us confront and deal with it more effectively.

While it may at first seem like just another annoying technical glitch that blocks access, its impact goes far beyond that. If you were in the midst of a raid battle or catching a rare species when this popped up without warning; that’s valuable gameplay disrupted and possibly important progress lost.

Even more frustratingly imagine yourself heading outside for hours hunting down rare Pokémon only for them literally vanish before your eyes because this authentication issue renders catch attempts ineffective.

So it goes without saying that getting past this pesky problem has high stakes not just for uninterrupted access but also for successful gameplay. Wondering how? Stick around as we dive into simple fixes next.

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how to Fix Pokémon Go Unable to Authenticate Error in 2024?

Now that we’ve covered why this notorious error crops up, let’s explore some hands-on solutions to bid goodbye to this snag once and for all.

How to Fix Pokemon Go Unable To Authenticate

1. Restarting the Game and Your Device

The magic ‘turn it off and then back on again” mantra has saved many of us countless times when dealing with technical issues. It’s a simple trick, yet quite effective. It ends all running apps and starts them anew which can solve minor glitches causing the issue.

  • Close Pokémon Go.
  • Turn off your phone.
  • Wait for about a minute, then turn it back on.
  • Launch Pokémon Go and see if the issue has been resolved.

Resetting your device can shake off transient system bugs and will do no harm to your device or data.

2. Checking Your Internet Connection

Pokémon Go is an online game that heavily relies on a stable internet connection. So, if you’re experiencing intermittent connectivity issues or low bandwidth, it could trigger an error message.

  • Ensure your WiFi or cellular data provides proper internet speed which is permissible for running the game smoothly.
  • You could also try switching between WiFi and mobile data – sometimes just changing your type of internet connection can help resolve this problem.

3. Alter in Date and Time

This method might appear odd but if your device’s date & time settings are inaccurate, it can lead to problems when services try syncing data with their servers.

  • Locate the Settings app on your device
  • Just navigate to General > Date & Time
  • Make sure you’re on Automatic mode so that these settings stay in sync with the information provided by network carriers.

4. Clear Cache and Data

Cached data may contribute significantly to various login issues. Thus, deleting these temporary files may help you squish this bug. Please note clearing the cache won’t result in any loss of personal information or game data.

On Android:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Apps > Pokemon Go
  2. Tap Storage
  3. Click Clear Cache

On iOS devices:

  • Navigate to Settings > General > Storage
  • Locate Pokemon Go and fully delete the app (this doesn’t affect game data).
  • Reinstall Pokemon Go from App Store.

5. Contact Niantic Support

If none of the above solutions worked for you – perhaps it’s time to contact Niantic Support. Submit a request describing the problem as comprehensively as possible:

Navigate through their detailed troubleshooting recommendations – they have most likely seen similar situations arise before.

Be prepared though; you might need to be patient as they receive tons of such requests daily.

6. Reinstalling the App

A last-ditch resort when everything else fails is reinstalling Pokémon Go entirely:

  • Delete Pokémon Go from your phone (go into app info/app details, then click ‘uninstall’)
  • Restart your phone.
  • Download and install Pokémon Go again from Google Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS).

An unscheduled interruption while chasing virtual monsters isn’t fun for anyone! But remember, encountering errors is quite common when dealing with tech-based services like Pokémon Go – breathe easy because they’re mostly fixable!

Consistently refreshing yourself about different fixes helps better manage these interruptions more independently without scrambling for help online each time.

7. Check If You Got Banned

When you’re seeing the “Unable to Authenticate” error consistently, it’s worthwhile to check if your account hasn’t been suspended or banned.

Niantic Labs have comprehensive policies against practices like spoofing, bot behaviors, and using third-party software. Infringing on these can lead Niantic to pull the plug on your account.

To check if this is what happened, you should try logging in with another account on the same device. If it’s successful, it means your usual account has probably been either temporarily suspended or banned permanently.

Always make sure you’re aware of and follow the game’s Terms of Service to avoid such scenarios.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do I get the “Unable to Authenticate” error in Pokemon Go?

This error typically occurs when the game can’t establish a connection with its servers. It could be caused by high server traffic, account suspension, technical issues on your device, or an unstable internet connection.

2. Can restarting my device fix the “Unable to Authenticate” issue?

Yes, restarting both your game and device can often solve this issue as it forces all running apps to start anew, thereby fixing any minor glitches.

3. How do inaccurate time settings on my device affect Pokemon Go?

If your device’s date and time settings aren’t accurate, it can lead to synchronization issues with the game’s servers which might result in the “unable to authenticate” error.

4. If none of the quick fixes work, where can I seek help for this error?

If you’ve tried everything and nothing works, you should contact Niantic Support and describe your situation in detail.

5. How is clearing cache data helpful?

Over time cached data could develop problems causing errors like this one. Clearing the cache doesn’t affect personal information or game data but helps refresh the app’s operation.


Experiencing the “Unable to Authenticate” error while playing Pokémon Go can be extremely frustrating, mainly when it obstructs an intense gaming session. But it’s important to remember that all tech-based platforms can run into occasional hiccups.

Don’t let the technicalities hinder your adventures in the world of Pokémon. With a clear understanding of why such errors occur and how to fix them, you become more adept at handling such situations independently, ensuring your gaming sessions are smooth and enjoyable.

Just think of these fixes as secret weapons in your trainer’s arsenal. Next time you’re hit with the dreaded “Unable to Authenticate” error, you’ll know just what to do.

Implement these quick fixes and keep exploring, trainers! After all, there’s a whole Pokémon universe out there waiting for you with creatures hidden in every nook and cranny! Happy gaming!


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