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Add a Self-Timer to Your iPhone Camera with FotoTimer

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Updated On: 05/27/2020
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Like the self-timer on your digital camera, FotoTimer gives your iPhone the ability to set a timer to delay your photo from being taken until you are ready (2, 5, 10 or 20 seconds). Countdown sounds alert you to when the photo is about to be taken making it easy for everyone to know when to smile.

FotoTimer is an iPhone application that adds a self-timer to the iPhone’s built-in camera.

In addition to getting you into those group shots, FotoTimer can also improve low-light photography with the iPhone camera. When you are in a dark environment a camera needs to use a slow shutter speed in order to take a picture. If you move your hand while the camera is exposing the scene, your picture will be blurry. Typically you can reduce blur with a tripod or by bracing yourself against something sturdy, but with the iPhone the simple act of tapping the screen to take a picture is enough to cause a significant amount of blur. FotoTimer can solve this by allowing you to prop your camera up and set the timer to take the picture, so you do not have to tap the screen.

FotoTimer is available in the iTunes App Store.


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