How to Insert a Link Into an E-mail

May 27, 2020
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Visual instructions for inserting hyperlinks into e-mails with a variety of clients.

Apple Mail

To put a link into an Apple Mail message, highlight the text you wish to link, right-click on it (hold CTRL and click if you have a one-button mouse), and select Link → Add.

In the pop-up box that appears, type the full URL to which you are linking, starting with http://

Insert a Link Into a Gmail

First of all, you must be editing in Rich Text mode. If you are in Plain Text mode, click the “Rich formatting” link right above the message body box.

Hilight the bit of text you wish to link, then click the link Gmail link button button to insert a hyperlink into your Gmail message.

Type or paste the URL of the page to which you wish to link, and click OK.

Gmail will hyerplink the selected text to the document at the URL you enter.

Outlook Express

To put a link into an Outlook Express e-mail, highlight the text you wish to link then click the “insert link” button.

Outlook Express insert hyperlink menu
Screenshot of the “Insert Hyperlink” menu in Outlook Express.

Alternatively, you can click Insert → Hyperlink… from the menu bar.

Windows Live Hotmail

In order to put a link into an e-mail with Windows Live Hotmail, hilight the text you wish to make into a link and click the hyperlink button.

A small box will appear, in which you can enter the URL of the document to which you are linking. Type or paste the URL, and click ”Insert“. The hilighted text will be turned into a hyperlink.

Yahoo! Mail

To put a link into a Yahoo! Mail e-mail message, highlight the text you wish to link and press the hyperlink button The Yahoo! Mail hyperlink button. Yahoo! Mail will pop up an alert box, in which you can type or paste the URL to which you wish to link.

Yahoo! Mail will link the highlighted text to the URL you enter into this box.

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