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Giant Shark 5E Monsters [Dive Into Dangerous Ocean Depths]

giant shark 5e Monsters
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Updated On: 01/12/2024
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From beneath the surging waves of the deep, giant shark 5E monsters emerge, commanding respect and evoking a primal fear in every Dungeons & Dragons player.

At first glance, their sheer size can be overwhelming. These massive and formidable creatures boast an impressive character design, turning the routine underwater quest into a thrilling survival adventure.

These gargantuan predators are not just about brute strength and ferocity; they also add an intriguing level of complexity to the game.

As you navigate your journey in the world of Dungeons & Dragons 5E, coming across these behemoths will test your tactical prowess and drive you to devise creative strategies.

Encountering a giant shark thus transforms each game session into a high-tension battle or an incredible narrative moment that will make your underwater adventures unforgettable.

Attributes of Giant Shark 5E

The giant shark in Dungeons & Dragons 5E carries immense attributes that enhance your gameplay.

Attributes of Giant Shark 5E

These features range from its physical characteristics to combat abilities, making encounters with these beasts thrilling and challenging.

PropertyGiant Shark
Armor Class13 (natural armor)
Hit Points126 (11d12 + 55)
Speed0 ft., swim 50 ft.
Strength (STR)23 (+6)
Dexterity (DEX)11 (+0)
Constitution (CON)21 (+5)
Intelligence (INT)1 (-5)
Wisdom (WIS)10 (+0)
Charisma (CHA)5 (-3)
SkillsPerception +3
Challenge Rating5 (1,800 XP)
Proficiency Bonus+3

What is Giant Shark 5E?

Giant Shark 5E is the manifestation of fearsome aquatic power in the terrain of Dungeons & Dragons.

What is Giant Shark 5E

Stretching out to an astounding 30 feet, it dominates the spaces it inhabits, most commonly the deep oceans.

The sheer size and strength of the giant shark keep you on your toes as it can turn from mere background marine fauna to a colossal predator in seconds.


A key aspect that gives these underwater creatures their predatory edge is their well-developed senses. Acute and precise, their sensory abilities add intricacy to your encounters with them.


A standout feature in the giant shark’s sensory repertoire is its blindsight. It can perceive its surroundings within a radius of 60 feet without relying on sight an adaptation essential for stalking prey in the light-starved depths of the ocean.

Passive Perception

Boasting a score of 13 in passive perception, giant sharks aren’t easily taken by surprise.

This means they are fairly aware and alert, helping to prevent ambush attacks from succeeding and making them formidable opponents for any party who attempts underwater exploration without adequate preparation.

The intrinsic combination of blindsight and passive perception sharpens their predatory instincts, providing ample suspense and effective, thrilling gameplay when encountered during an underwater quest or combat scenario.

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Traits of the Giant Shark 5E

Let’s delve a little deeper into the traits and attributes that make this aquatic leviathan a truly formidable opponent in Dungeons & Dragons 5E.

Traits of the Giant Shark 5E

The giant shark’s attributes are carefully designed to reflect its predatory nature and adaptability to underwater life.

Blood Frenzy

One of the most notable traits of the giant shark is its ability for “Blood Frenzy”.

Simulating the real-world blood-tracking abilities of sharks, this trait gives the creature an advantage on melee attack rolls against any creature that doesn’t have all its hit points.

This means if you’re already injured, expect this predator to strike with deadly precision, making your encounter with it even more perilous and challenging.

Water Breathing

Another notable trait is its ability for water breathing. As an underwater creature, a giant shark can only breathe submerged in water.

This allows them to dive into tremendous depths with exceptional agility while hunting or eluding threats.

It affects not just their survival, but their combat approach as well, making them purely aquatic combatants.

Bearing these traits in mind is crucial for your encounters with these enormous creatures.

Understanding them will help you strategize better during battles or interactions, providing an immersive role-playing experience.

Researching more about these creatures can uncover interesting possibilities for your campaign. For instance, using their unique traits like Blood Frenzy can deepen the sense of danger when wading through shark-infested waters.

Their water-breathing attribute could be exploited tactically in scenarios that involve luring them out of water or planning ambushes in shallow waters.

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In Dungeons & Dragons 5E, monsters aren’t just static entities; they perform actions that significantly impact how encounters and battles play out.


Such actions infuse the game with dynamic complexity, and the giant shark is no exception to this. Known for its power and ferocity, the giant shark has a devastating action at its disposal – the mighty Bite.


As the primary weapon of giant sharks, the bite is both impressive and intimidating. The shark carries out this weapon attack with a +9 hit modifier giving them precision in their attacks despite their colossal size.

With this attack, a giant shark 5E can reach up to 5 ft., targeting one adversarial creature at a time.

The impact of their bite extends beyond immediate damage due to its massive piercing potential; when it hits a target successfully, it inflicts an outstanding 22 piercing damage points (calculated as 3d10 + 6).

This colossal damage capability is evidence of why encountering a giant shark isn’t just another combat situation in D&D 5E – it’s an experience.

What are the uses of Giant Shark 5E?

The application of the giant shark 5E in your Dungeons & Dragons game can be as varied and dynamic as your imagination allows.

What are the uses of Giant Shark 5E

Beyond merely serving as a challenging opponent, these beasts can prove useful in numerous ways to elevate the overall gaming experience.

Mount for Aquatic Travel

Venturing the high seas or plunging to the ocean depths are common facets of D&D adventures. And what better way to traverse these water worlds than on the back of a giant shark?

With their superior strength and immense size, these creatures can serve as mounts for aquatic travel, adding a unique twist to your sea journeys.

The use of these large creatures as a means of transportation not only expedites your underwater expeditions but also adds an element of awe-inspiring fantasy that D&D is so well known for.

Formidable Sea-Based Encounter or Boss Monster

Imagine this: You’re miles away from the shore, caught amidst raging tide and ominous clouds when a dark figure emerges from beneath–a giant shark.

These monsters make for remarkable sea-based encounters or boss monsters.

The sheer terror invoked by their appearance can intensify any battle scene, making them formidable foes that turn ordinary encounters into thrilling events worth remembering.

Source of Valuable Materials and Trophies

A defeated giant shark isn’t just noticeable; it’s also valuable. These titan-sized sea creatures can harbor precious materials within them that make worthy trophies or goods for trade once claimed after an intense battle.

Be it their teeth, skin, or other unique parts; everything could be used constructively to reflect your victory against such a magnificent creature – reinforcing both the risk and reward system inherent in D&D.

Inspiration for Storytelling and World-Building

Let’s face it; the mere presence of a giant shark prompts fascinating stories on its own.

Whether you’re creating fables surrounding this menacing creature or weaving it into the complex tapestry of your world-building efforts, the giant shark is an excellent source of inspiration.

Its characteristics and abilities can lend themselves to rich narrative layers, enriching your campaign’s overall story.

Potential Plot Point or Quest in a Campaign

A common trope in many sea-based narratives though still quite impactful is the hunting or tracking mission.

Your party might need to find and defeat a giant shark tormenting local seafarers or hunt one for its precious materials.

Or perhaps a legendary giant shark holds secret knowledge or an important item in its lair that your party must obtain.

The giant shark thus becomes more than just another monster it becomes an objective, a plot point driving the narrative arc of your campaign.

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FAQs About Giant Shark 5e

Can a Giant Shark 5e be tamed in D&D?

Contrary to popular belief, taming a giant shark is not typically an option in D&D 5e as per official rules, considering they are wild creatures with strong predatory instincts. However, creative DMs might allow it under specific circumstances.

How much damage can a Giant Shark 5e inflict?

A giant shark 5e has a powerful bite attack that can deal 22 (3d10 + 6) piercing damage to its opponents. Its imposing size and strength make it a formidable adversary, indeed.

What environments do Giant Sharks inhabit in the D&D game world?

As can be expected from their name, giant sharks are typically found deep within the ocean or sea environments of the game world. They function best in aquatic settings and are rarely found elsewhere.

Can the Giant Shark 5e breathe on land?

No, the giant shark is an aquatic creature that only breathes underwater as per the water-breathing trait outlined in its specifications.

What special abilities does a Giant Shark have in D&D 5E?

The giant shark has several abilities that make it a unique adversary including Blood Frenzy which offers it an advantage on melee attack rolls against any creature without all its hit points, and Blindsight which allows it to perceive surroundings without needing to see clearly within a certain range.


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