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Girls X Battle 2 Tier List (April 2024) for PvP, PvE

Girls X Battle 2 Tier List (2022) for PvP, PvE
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 07/27/2023
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Welcome to our up-to-date Girls X Battle 2 tier list for 2024! If you’re a fan of this popular strategy game, you understand the importance of assembling the best team of characters to take on various challenges. With new characters being introduced and existing ones getting tweaked, it can sometimes be hard to keep up with the game’s meta. That’s why we’ve created this comprehensive list for you—so you can stay ahead of the competition and enjoy the game with full confidence.

In this blog post, we’ve ranked all the top characters in Girls X Battle 2 by dividing them into several tiers based on their overall effectiveness in battle. From game-changing S Tier characters to the less-effective D Tier contenders, we’ll be providing a thorough analysis of which characters you should prioritize. So, without further ado, let’s dive into our Girls X Battle 2 tier list for 2024 and reveal the best characters you can use to dominate your opponents and march toward victory.

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What To Look For While Choosing The Right Characters in Girls X Battle 2?

When choosing the right characters for your team in Girls X Battle 2, it’s essential to consider several factors to ensure optimal synergy and combat effectiveness. Here are some key factors to keep in mind as you build your ultimate squad:

What to look for while choosing the right characters in Girls X Battle 2?
  • Role Balance: Make sure your team composition includes a variety of roles, such as tanks, support, and damage dealers. Having a good balance of front-line defenders, damage dealers (both single target and AoE), and characters with healing or crowd control abilities can help you adapt to different battle situations.
  • Synergies and Faction Bonuses: Some characters have abilities that synergize well with others, leading to powerful combinations. Look for characters whose skills complement each other and activate faction bonuses, boosting your team’s overall performance.
  • Rarity and Star Rating: Higher rarity and star-rating characters generally have higher stats and more potent abilities. While a well-coordinated team of lower-rarity characters can still be effective, it’s usually a good idea to prioritize higher-quality characters when possible.
  • Versatility: Characters that can perform well in multiple situations and game modes, such as PvP battles, PvE content, or boss raids, will provide you with added versatility. This flexibility allows you to better adapt your team to specific challenges, maximizing your chances of success.
  • Character Skills and Upgrade Potential: Assess each character’s skills and upgrade potential before making your decision. Some characters may start with average abilities but gain significant power boosts as they level up and unlock new skills, ultimately becoming top-tier contenders.

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Girl X Battle 2 Tier List (April 2024)

In the latest Girl X Battle 2 tier list for April 2024, a comprehensive ranking of all characters is provided to help players optimize their strategy. The list highlights the best-performing characters in the game, enabling users to stay competitive by keeping up with the evolving meta.

Girl X Battle 2 S Tier List 2024: The Game Changers

S Tier characters are truly the cream of the crop. These game changers have it all – unmatched skills, strength, and versatility. With superior abilities and exceptional stats, they dominate the battlefield, making them essential choices for any team looking to claim victory. When investing in an S Tier character, you can expect them to carry your team in even the most challenging battles.

Girl X Battle 2 S Tier List 2024- The Game Changers
  • Teresa
  • Vivian
  • Nephilim
  • Fenrir
  • Izanami
  • Psychic
  • Apate

Girl X Battle 2 A Tier List 2024: The Powerhouses

A Tier characters boast incredible power and utility, making them valuable assets to any team. While they may not be as game-breaking as their S Tier counterparts, these powerhouses still pack a serious punch and can often turn the tide in tight battles. By incorporating these characters into your strategy, you’ll ensure a solid foundation for your team to build upon while also maintaining a competitive edge.

Girl X Battle 2 A Tier List 2024- The Powerhouses
  • Kong Ming
  • Sonya
  • Wraith
  • Phoenix
  • Priestess

Girl X Battle 2 B Tier List 2024: The Reliable Combatants

B Tier characters are reliable combatants who can hold their own against most enemies. Though they may lack the raw power and versatility of higher-tier characters, they are still strong assets that can contribute significantly to your team’s performance. With their wide range of skills and abilities, these characters are perfect for filling specific roles and creating cohesive, well-rounded squads.

Girl X Battle 2 B Tier List 2024- The Reliable Combatants
  • Amelia
  • Nani
  • Hottie
  • Amazon
  • Ennamaya
  • Gambler
  • Fencer
  • Muppet
  • Michael
  • Javelin
  • Nobunga

Girl X Battle 2 C Tier List 2024: The Niche Contenders

C Tier characters have their moments to shine with unique talents, but they often cater to specific situations or niche strategies. These niche contenders can be highly effective in certain contexts but may struggle to find relevance in all battles. While they may not be a top priority for team building, C Tier characters can still play a critical role in niche strategies.

Girl X Battle 2 C Tier List 2024- The Niche Contenders
  • Turin
  • Pandora
  • Bud Eif
  • Sakura
  • Blowie
  • Trinity
  • Lucifer
  • Gabriel
  • Capsugirl
  • Mio
  • Yin
  • Dracula
  • Aquaris
  • Nia
  • Susan
  • Guan
  • Saint

Girl X Battle 2 D Tier List 2024: The Underdogs

D Tier characters are the underdogs of Girls X Battle 2. While often overshadowed by their higher-ranked counterparts, they can still have moments of utility and play a supportive role in certain team compositions. These characters may not be your first choice for team-building, but they could still provide situational benefits and serve as backup heroes when resources are limited.

Girl X Battle 2 D Tier List 2024- The Underdogs
  • Alice
  • Krystal
  • Guan Yin
  • Toyo
  • Sapphire
  • Iron Fist
  • Silvia
  • Giana
  • Angel
  • Caitlyn
  • Librarian
  • Scythe
  • Zoe

Girl X Battle 2 Characters Explanation

This section provides a short overview of each character’s abilities, strengths, and potential weaknesses. It’s a valuable resource for players to understand the unique aspects of their characters, facilitating more strategic gameplay decisions.

1. Fenrir (S Tier):

Fenrir (S Tier)

Pros: High damage output and survivability, great against teams with healing abilities. 

Cons: Has difficulty against high armor and CC (crowd control) teams.

Who should choose: Ideal for players who need a strong DPS character who can also sustain damage.

Who should avoid: Players with already high DPS and low CC teams.

2. Apate (S Tier):

Apate (S Tier)

Pros: Excellent support with damage mitigation, healing, and debuff removal.

Cons: Low damage output, relies on skill cooldowns.

Who should choose: Players in need of a solid support character for their squishy DPS heroes.

Who should avoid: Players with a tank-heavy team already protecting their DPS heroes.

3. Vivian (S Tier):

Vivian (S Tier)

Pros: AOE (area of effect) damage and crowd control abilities

Cons: Low single-target damage, her CC abilities can be countered by certain team compositions.

Who should choose: Those seeking an all-rounder with strong AOE and CC abilities.

Who should avoid: Players who need more single-target damage dealers.

4. Psychic (S Tier):

Psychic (S Tier)

Pros: Strong CC abilities, can disrupt enemies and nullify their skills.

Cons: Low damage output, can struggle against teams with high tenacity.

Who should choose: Players looking to control the battlefield and protect their DPS characters.

Who should avoid: Players who need more aggressive characters with high damage output.

5. Teresa (S Tier):

Teresa (S Tier)

Pros: Excellent single-target damage dealer, strong against bosses and tanky enemies.

Cons: Vulnerable to crowd control effects.

Who should choose: Those looking for a powerful single-target damage dealer to eliminate high-priority targets.

Who should avoid: Players who already have strong single-target damage dealers and need more crowd control.

6. Nephilim (S Tier):

Nephilim (S Tier)

Pros: Provides an array of utilities, including healing and damage reduction for allies.

Cons: Struggles against teams that can quickly burst damage.

Who should choose: Players in need of a versatile healer and support character for their frontline.

Who should avoid: Those who have sufficient healing coverage and require more offense-oriented characters.

7. Izanami (S Tier):

Izanami (S Tier)

Pros: Versatile character with high damage output, can target enemy backlines effectively.

Cons: Less effective against tank or CC-heavy teams.

Who should choose: Players who want to crush enemy backline support and damage dealers.

Who should avoid: Those with well-rounded teams that already cover backline targeting strategies.

8. Sonya (A Tier):

Sonya (A Tier)

Pros: Strong damage dealer with self-sustain, and good crowd control.

Cons: Can struggle against high armor and CC-heavy opponents.

Who should choose: Players in need of a solid, self-reliant damage dealer.

Who should avoid: Players with already strong single-target DPS and crowd control.

9. Wraith (A Tier):

Wraith (A Tier)

Pros: Stealthy, positioning manipulation, excellent at disrupting enemy formation.

Cons: Low durability and survivability.

Who should choose: Players looking to catch enemies off-guard and isolate key targets.

Who should avoid: Players who need frontline or tanky characters and less chaos on the battlefield.

10. Priestess (A Tier):

Priestess (A Tier)

Pros: Great healer, can remove debuffs, and provide crowd control immunity.

Cons: Limited damage output, relies on others for DPS.

Who should choose: Players who need a strong support character to cover healing and debuff removal.

Who should avoid: Players who want a character with more offensive abilities.

11. Kong Ming (A Tier):

Kong Ming (A Tier)

Pros: Strong AoE damage dealer, provides shields and crowd control abilities.

Cons: High-skill cooldowns, vulnerable when skills are on cooldown.

Who should choose: Those in need of an AoE damage dealer with supporting abilities.

Who should avoid: Players who need consistent DPS and don’t want to rely on skills.

12. Phoenix (A Tier):

Phoenix (A Tier)

Pros: High burst damage, self-sustain capability, and AoE burning damage.

Cons: Vulnerable to CC-heavy teams, limited mobility.

Who should choose: Players who want a high DPS character to punish clustered enemy formations.

Who should avoid: Those facing engage-heavy or CC-focused enemy teams.

13. Nani (B Tier):

Nani (B Tier)

Pros: Decent AoE damage, can silence enemies, making them unable to use skills.

Cons: Inconsistent damage and performance, countered by tenacity-focused characters.

Who should choose: Players looking for a disruptor in enemy backlines or silencing key targets.

Who should avoid: Those who need more reliable damage dealers or specialized support characters.

14. Hottie (B Tier):

Hottie (B Tier)

Pros: High burst damage, good against single targets, can debuff enemy defense.

Cons: Fragile and vulnerable to crowd control effects and burst damage.

Who should choose: Players who need a high-damage dealer that can help break through enemy defenses.

Who should avoid: Those who already have enough DPS characters and need more crowd control or support.

15. Amazon (B Tier):

Amazon (B Tier)

Pros: Solid ranged damage and crowd control abilities, can consistently reduce enemy attack.

Cons: Low survivability, cannot withstand focused fire or burst damage.

Who should choose: Players who need a mix of DPS and crowd control from their ranged character.

Who should avoid: Those who already have enough damage and need a more tanky option.

16. Gambler (B Tier):

Gambler (B Tier)

Pros: Gambler is a well-rounded attacker who excels in both single-target and AOE damage. Her skills, such as “Bribery” and “Fortune Bag,” allow her to disrupt the enemy team and steal buffs.

Cons: Gambler has weaker defenses and can be taken down easily if targeted.

Who should choose: Players looking for a versatile attacker to round out their damage dealers should consider Gambler.

Avoid if: You need additional tankiness or crowd control in your team composition.

17. Javelin (B Tier):

Javelin (B Tier)

Pros: Javelin is a melee fighter with impressive mobility and single-target burst damage. Her “Shadow Strike” skill teleports her behind enemy lines, delivering devastating damage.

Cons: Javelin’s primary focus is on single-target damage, limiting her effectiveness against enemy groups.

Who should choose: Players needing an assassin to eliminate key enemy targets.

Avoid if: You seek a character with a wider range of AOE attacks.

18. Nobunaga (B Tier):

Nobunaga (B Tier)

Pros: Nobunaga is a strategic support character that buffs allies’ attack and healing abilities. Her “Barrier” skill reduces incoming magic damage, making her essential against magic-based teams.

Cons: As a supporting character, her own damage output is relatively low.

Who should choose: Players who want to enhance the overall performance of their team and counter magic-focused enemies.

Avoid if: You’re seeking a character with high damage output or crowd control abilities.

19. Fencer (B Tier):

Fencer (B Tier)

Pros: Fencer is a powerful front-line warrior with high physical damage output and quick attack speeds. Her mobility and “Sonic Boom” ability allow her to charge toward enemies, dealing extra damage.

Cons: Fencer is more vulnerable to CC abilities and may struggle against magic damage dealers.

Who should choose: Players looking for a strong front-line attacker should consider Fencer as an option.

Avoid if: Your team is weak against magic damage dealers or CC-heavy lineups.

20. Michael (B Tier):

Michael (B Tier)

Pros: Michael is a durable tank with excellent crowd-control abilities. His “Judgment” skill can stun a group of enemies, while “Divine Protection” shields allies from damage.

Cons: Michael’s damage output is comparatively low, and he may struggle against teams with strong sustain.

Who should choose: Players searching for a frontline tank with solid crowd control and defensive capabilities should consider Michael.

Avoid if: Your team requires more damage output rather than a tank or crowd control.

21. Amelia (B Tier):

Amelia (B Tier)

Pros: Amelia is a versatile fighter with a balanced attack and defense stats. She can summon a clone to distract enemies and deal high physical damage with “Double Strike.”

Cons: Amelia is somewhat susceptible to crowd control, and her clone can be quickly dispatched by AOE attacks.

Who should choose: Players looking for a character with consistent damage output and distraction abilities.

Avoid if: Your team needs a dedicated tank or crowd-control hero.

22. Ennamaya (B Tier):

Ennamaya (B Tier)

Pros: Ennamaya is a ranged attacker who excels at crowd control and magic damage. Her “Binding Arrow” can prevent enemies from moving or attacking, while “Arrow Rain” deals AOE damage.

Cons: Ennamaya struggles with single-target DPS and has limited mobility.

Who should choose: Players in need of a ranged attacker with crowd control and AOE damage abilities.

Avoid if: Your team lacks single-target damage dealers or requires additional mobility.

23. Pandaria (C Tier):

Pandaria (C Tier)

Pros: Ranged DPS character, can slow enemies and reduce their attack speed.

Cons: Limited survivability, struggles against high-DPS and burst damage teams.

Who should choose: Players who need additional ranged DPS with some utility.

Who should avoid: Those who need more AoE damage and crowd control or frontline options.

24. Toyo (D Tier):

Toyo (D Tier)

Pros: Can deal decent single-target magic damage, and reduces enemy magic resistance.

Cons: Low survivability, overshadowed by stronger magic damage dealers.

Who should choose: Players in the early stages of the game who need a magic damage dealer.

Who should avoid: Those with access to better magic DPS characters or who need frontline options.

25. Silvia (D Tier):

Silvia (D Tier)

Pros: Can potentially deal high critical damage, reducing opponents’ armor.

Cons: Reliant on RNG (random number generator) for a damage boost, poor survivability.

Who should choose: Players who enjoy riskier gameplay, relying on critical damage to turn the tide.

Who should avoid: Those who prefer consistent damage dealers or need more sustain and utility.

How To Get Better at Girls X Battle 2?

To get better at Girls X Battle 2, follow these useful tips and strategies to enhance your gameplay experience and earn victories:

How to get better at Girls X Battle 2?
  • Understand the game mechanics: Familiarize yourself with the game’s core mechanics and systems, including battle formations, the preferred roles of each character, and the various game modes. This knowledge will help you better strategize and navigate through different challenges.
  • Build a balanced team: Ensure that your team has a mix of powerful characters from various tiers, with each girl playing a specific role. Aim to have a few damage dealers, tanks to absorb damage, and supports to aid your other characters with healing or buffs.
  • Upgrade your characters: Focus on leveling up, evolving, and gearing up your top-tier girls. Equipping them with powerful items, skills, and abilities will significantly improve their performance in battle.
  • Experiment with combinations: Try out different character combinations and formations to find out what works best for your play style. Synergy among characters can often outweigh individual strength, so keep trying new mixes.
  • Focus on resource management: Be mindful of your resources, such as gold and gems. Allocate them towards leveling up your main team, buying powerful gear, participating in events, and completing daily quests.
  • Join an active guild: Being part of an active guild will provide you access to helpful resources, advice from experienced players, and guild-exclusive events. Participate in Guild Wars and work with your fellow guild members to earn substantial rewards.
  • Pay attention to elemental affinities: Each character in Girls X Battle 2 has an elemental affinity, which plays a significant role in battles. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each elemental type is crucial for gaining a strategic advantage.
  • Timing is key: Many skills and abilities in Girls X Battle 2 require precise timing to maximize their effectiveness. Pay attention to the cooldowns and try to use skills when they will have the most impact.
  • Complete daily quests and events: Participating in daily quests and events is an excellent way to gain valuable resources, experience, and exclusive rewards. Make sure to complete these tasks to continue improving your team.
  • Learn from the community: Lastly, engage with the game’s community, including social media groups, forums, and other online platforms. Talking with other players can help you learn new strategies, tips, and tricks for the game.

How To Unlock Characters in Girls X Battle 2?

Unlocking characters in Girls X Battle 2 is an essential part of the game, as each girl brings unique skills and potential to your team. To unlock the various characters, follow these methods:

How to unlock characters in Girls X Battle 2?
  • Gacha Pulls: The primary way to unlock girls in the game is through gacha or capsule pulls. You can spend in-game currency (Capsule Coins, Diamonds, or Seal Scrolls) to have a chance at obtaining different girls. The game features several dedicated banners for specific characters, so keep an eye on them for your desired girls.
  • Event Rewards: Participate in time-limited events to earn specific characters or resources, like shards, that can be used to unlock or upgrade them. Some events will require you to complete missions or achieve particular milestones, while others may involve spending in-game currency to get event rewards.
  • Shops: Various in-game shops sell character shards that you can collect and eventually unlock a character once you’ve accrued enough. These shops include the regular Store, the Famous-Store, Girl Store, and the Antiques Store. Items in these shops can be purchased using various in-game currencies like gold, diamonds, or tokens earned through gameplay and challenges.
  • VIP Benefits: Certain characters might be unlockable when you reach specific VIP levels. By spending real money in the game, you’ll earn VIP points, which eventually level up your VIP perks.
  • Progression and Achievements: As you progress through the game, you’ll unlock some characters as part of the story or as milestone rewards. Similarly, by completing achievements, you might also receive character shards as rewards.
  • In-Game promotions and redeem codes: Keep an eye out for in-game promotions and active redeem codes; these may grant character shards, items, or in-game currency to help you unlock the girl you want.

What is The Importance of Upgrading and Promoting Characters in Girls X Battle 2?

Upgrading and promoting characters in Girls X Battle 2 are essential steps in ensuring the success of your squad. These processes not only unlock the full potential of each character but also greatly impact the overall power and competitiveness of your team. Below, we’ll look into the importance of upgrading and promoting characters in the game.

What are the importance of Upgrading and Promoting Characters in Girls X Battle 2?
  • Increased Stats: Upgrading and promoting characters improve their stats, such as health, attack, defense, and speed. Higher stats mean your characters will perform better in battles, be more durable, and deal more damage to opponents.
  • Skill Enhancement: By upgrading and promoting characters, you unlock their skills or improve existing ones, broadening their utility in battles. This can range from offensive abilities to crowd control, healing, and buffing your team or debuffing your enemies.
  • Battle Rating Boost: A higher battle rating indicates a stronger team overall, and upgrading and promoting your characters directly contribute to this increase. A higher battle rating ensures better performance in various game modes, such as PvP, campaign mode, and other events.
  • Team Synergy: Different characters have unique skills and attributes that can synergize well with your overall team strategies. Upgrading and promoting multiple characters allow you to experiment with different team compositions, optimize their roles and increase your team’s effectiveness in battles.
  • Unlocking Potential: Each character has a specific promotion level that unlocks their true potential, granting them stronger abilities or unique qualities that can change the tide of battles. Promoting characters to their maximum potential ensures that you can take full advantage of these game-changing advantages.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Girls X Battle 2?

Girls X Battle 2 is a popular mobile strategy game where players collect and train a team of female warriors to battle against opponents in various game modes. 

2. What are tier lists and why are they important in Girls X Battle 2?

Tier lists rank characters in a game based on their overall usefulness, abilities, and performance. In Girls X Battle 2, tier lists help players know which characters are the strongest and most effective to use in battle.

3. How often is the Girls X Battle 2 Tier List updated?

The tier list in this blog post is updated periodically to reflect changes made in the game, such as character adjustments, new characters, and shifts in the game’s meta.

4. Which characters are the best in Girls X Battle 2?

According to our tier list, the best characters (S Tier) are Fenrir, Apate, Vivian, Psychic, Teresa, Nephilim, and Izanami.

5. What factors are taken into consideration when ranking characters in a tier list?

Character rankings in our Girls X Battle 2 tier list are based on their overall effectiveness in battle, considering factors such as their abilities, stats, synergies with other characters, and performance in various game modes.

6. How can I unlock new characters in Girls X Battle 2?

New characters can be unlocked by summoning through various capsules, completing in-game events, and progressing through the story or other game modes.

7. What is the purpose of the tier list?

The tier list helps players understand which characters are most effective in the game so they can make well-informed decisions when building their teams.

8. Can I still use lower-tier characters in the game?

Yes, you can still use lower-tier characters, but they might not be as effective in battles as higher-tier characters. However, some players may find success using lower-tier characters that suit their specific playstyle or preferences.

9. How should I build my team in Girls X Battle 2 using this tier list?

A balanced team with a mix of high-tier characters and complementary abilities will be more effective in battles. Focus on acquiring and leveling up the best characters (S and A Tier) while also considering team synergy.

10. Are there any hidden gems in lower-tier characters?

While lower-tier characters might not be as strong as those in higher tiers, some may still have unique abilities or niche uses that can come in handy in specific situations or match-ups.

11. Can I still win in battles with lower-tier characters?

Victory in battles depends on your strategy, team composition, and understanding of character abilities, so it is possible to win with lower-tier characters if played effectively.

12. How important are team synergies in Girls X Battle 2?

Team synergies are essential because they can enhance the abilities of individual characters and create powerful combinations that can significantly improve your team’s overall performance.

13. Should I prioritize upgrading S Tier characters, or should I focus on a balanced approach?

While it’s generally recommended to prioritize upgrading S Tier characters, having a balanced team is crucial in Girls X Battle 2. So, ensure you also invest in characters from other tiers to create a well-rounded team.

14. Are there any essential resources for improving my Girls X Battle 2 gameplay?

To improve your gameplay, you can consult tier lists like ours, watch live streams and videos of experienced players, or consult online game forums for advice and discussions on team-building and strategy.

15. Do I need to spend money to unlock the best characters in Girls X Battle 2?

While you can potentially unlock the best characters through free methods, spending money can increase your chances of getting higher-tier characters due to the game’s gacha-style summoning system.

16. How important is skill order when using characters in Girls X Battle 2?

Skill order is crucial during battles, as using skills at the right time can maximize damage or survivability. Study the abilities and skills of your characters and understand when to use them most effectively.

17. How can I ensure my team is ready for PvP battles?

To build a strong PvP team, prioritize high-tier characters with good synergy and invest in leveling up and enhancing their abilities. Keep an eye on opponent team compositions to adapt your strategy accordingly.

18. How can I get more in-game resources to upgrade my characters?

In Girls X Battle 2, you can obtain in-game resources by completing missions, participating in events, logging in daily, and keeping an eye out for limited-time bonus offers.

19. Can I create multiple teams with different strategies in Girls X Battle 2?

Yes, you can create multiple teams with various compositions and strategies in Girls X Battle 2. You may form teams explicitly designed for different game modes or opponent match-ups if you possess enough diverse characters.

20. How often are new characters introduced in Girls X Battle 2?

New characters are introduced periodically, alongside updates and special events. Keep an eye on the game’s announcements for information about new character launches.


Our Girls X Battle 2 tier list for 2024 provides you with an updated guide on the best characters to build a winning team. By focusing on heroes in the S Tier and A Tier, you’ll be able to assemble a well-rounded team, capable of facing even the most challenging opponents. Keep in mind that the game is continually evolving, so it’s essential to stay informed on any changes or new additions.

Ultimately, the key to success in Girls X Battle 2 is experimenting with different character combinations and strategies that suit your playstyle. Use this tier list as a starting point, but don’t be afraid to explore various line-ups to find the perfect team for your journey in the game. Happy battling, and may the best Girls X Battle 2 strategist reign supreme!


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