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Haste 5E Spell 2024 [How To Double Your Speed In DnD]

Haste 5E Spell
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 10/30/2023
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When you’re in the heat of an epic Dungeons & Dragons battle, the tide can turn in an instant. Perhaps your elven wizard finds himself losing to a rampaging orc, or your noble paladin struggles against the ethereal strangeness of a ghostly foe.

In these precarious moments, you need something formidable up your sleeve – allow me to introduce Haste 5E.

This clever little spell could be just the game-changer you need, offering a distinct advantage whatever narrative twists and turns your adventure may hold.

Haste 5E is more than just quick movement and swift combat reflexes – It’s potential waiting to be unleashed by savvy players like yourself. Read on, and let’s unveil its true power together.

Haste 5E Spell Attributes

Casting Time1 Action
Range/Area30 ft
ComponentsV, S, M *
DurationConcentration 1 Minute

What is Haste 5E?

Haste 5E is a magical spell in Dungeons & Dragons that gives the target a serious boost of speed. Essentially, casting Haste lets you or your ally move astonishingly fast.

What is Haste 5E?

Cast this spell, and you’ll notice that suddenly, you’re moving more nimbly and striking with unnerving rapidity. Not only does it double your speed, but it also gives you an additional action on each of your turns.

It’s important to note this particular spell requires concentration and comes with certain conditions. It’s a fine example of the strategic depth in D&D, where every choice can change the face of battle dramatically.

Is Haste 5E a Good Spell?

Yes, Haste 5E is one of the most effective and dynamic spells in Dungeons & Dragons. It’s a third-level Transmutation spell available to the Sorcerer, Wizard, and certain other classes through subclass features or racial traits.

Is Haste 5E A Good Spell

This potent spell enables the targeted player to double their speed, gain a +2 bonus to AC, get an additional action each turn, and have an advantage on Dexterity saving throws.

The bonus action can be used for a variety of actions like Attack (one weapon attack only), Dash, Disengage, Hide, or Use an Object.

This allows you to be more strategic with your movements and actions within the game. Keep in mind that when the spell ends, the hasted player will feel a wave of lethargy and will effectively skip their next action – using Haste 5E requires careful timing and precision play to shine truly.

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Who Can I Target With Haste 5E?

When you’re venturing into the mysterious and complex world of D&D, understanding who or what can be affected by the Haste spell becomes pivotal.

The beauty of Haste 5E is that it can be cast on any creature within a 30-foot range that you can see. This creature could be a fellow party member, an allied NPC, or even yourself.

Consider this: You are in a clutch situation where quick-paced movement could spell defeat for your enemy. It doesn’t matter if they fly, crawl, run, or swim; as long as they are within your line of sight and a 30-foot radius, you can cast Haste on them to tilt the game in your favor.

To simplify:

  • Who: Any creature within sight
  • Range: 30 feet from you

What Are the Rules for Haste in 5E?

Mastering the art of Haste can provide a significant advantage in your D&D Battles. However, it’s crucial to understand its mechanics to leverage its benefits fully.

What Are the Rules for Haste in 5E?

Let’s delve into the main rules that govern this powerful spell.

Self-Cast Haste Grants Speed Boost

To understand how potent Haste 5E can be, let’s start by considering the profound physical acceleration it imparts. Once you’ve self-casted this spell, your speed is doubled.

Imagine yourself darting across the battlefield at twice your normal speed or launching an attack with rapid-fire precision. This newfound agility creates opportunities for enhanced fight strategies and improved evasion techniques.

Just remember that focusing on quickness isn’t all – it’s how you use this speed to outwit and outmaneuver your foes that really counts.

Immediate Second Action Allowed with Self-Cast Haste

Not only does this spell double your speed – it also grants you an additional action each turn during battle. Suddenly, you become an unmatched flurry of strategic actions, confounding enemies with unpredicted moves and swift offensive or defensive responses.

There are restrictions on what these additional actions can be: single weapon attacks (not multi-attack), Dash, Disengage, Hide, or Use Object actions are permitted as extra actions due to the Haste effect.

The ability to act twice within a round enables tactical versatility and superior control over combat events—plan carefully because every bonus action can mean a difference between victory and defeat.

Reactions Resume After Haste Expires

Once the adrenaline rush of Haste subsides – usually after up to a minute (ten rounds of combat in D&D time), based on your concentration – reactions return to their usual pace.

Be wary, though. Once the spell ends, the wave of exhaustion will hit since you cannot move or take action until after your next turn.

This temporary vulnerability is the price to pay for such a rapid, consuming burst of speed and agility. Therefore, ensure to plan your game with the spell’s timeline in mind and create safeguards and contingency plans, too.

Haste Doubles Speed, Calculated After Other Effects

The beauty of Haste 5E lies in how it interacts with other effects. It poses a doubled speed calculated after taking into account the consequences of any other spells or conditions that change your speed.

Haste doubles the final speed figure after all modifiers are considered (e.g., Reduced Speed from armor), creating intriguing synergy potentials with other spells.

Haste Canceled with Concentration Loss

Like many spells in D&D, Haste 5E also requires concentration. This means that if you lose focus on the spell – be it from sustaining damage, casting another concentration spell, or being hit by certain abilities – the benefits of Haste evaporate immediately.

Losing concentration causes an abrupt halt to your speed doubling and extra actions allowance. Worse yet, a wave of lethargy will wash over you, temporarily freezing your movement and actions.

Maintaining focus while under the effect of Haste is essential. Arm up against potential concentration disrupters to ensure you can ride out the speedy thrill as long as possible.

Sorcerer’s Metamagic Twins with Haste

For those players donning the magical mantle of a Sorcerer, The Twin Spell Metamagic option offers an exciting opportunity to double up on benefits.

Casting twin haste allows two targets within range to receive the benefits of a single haste spell. Imagine multiplying your party’s efficiency in combat – more attacks added actions – bringing a decisive edge during intense battles.

Limitations on Additional Haste Actions

Despite its impressive speed-enhancing qualities, Haste does come with some limitations regarding additional actions gained through this spell.

Although you’re allowed an extra action on your turns under haste’s influence, this bonus action is highly specific – it can only be an Attack (one weapon attack only), Dash, Disengage, Hide, or Use an Object action.

Take note; other potentially beneficial moves, such as casting a second spell, are off-limits here.

Dispel Magic Doesn’t Restore Movement or Actions

A key rule worth noting about Haste 5E lies within its subtext: dispelling magic doesn’t undo its effects immediately.

When disposed of using Dispel Magic before its natural end time (up to one minute), it results in immediate lethargy for whoever was hasted.

This is an essential aspect to remember. Counteracting haste’s benefits doesn’t automatically restore your usual movement speed or resume the standard number of actions.

It only hastens the inevitable sluggish aftermath of this powerful spell. Keep this in mind when you contemplate dispelling a Haste spell or when it’s cast upon you.

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How to Use Haste in 5E?

When it comes to leveraging the fabulous magic of Haste 5E in Dungeons & Dragons, there are numerous strategies you can put in place.

We’ve got four key approaches – boosting your martial classes, repositioning your units, aiding in escort missions, and vigilantly managing your concentration. Let’s dig deeper into each of these and figure out how to raise our D&D game.

Buff Martial Classes

For any character with martial prowess – Fighters, Barbarians, Paladins – getting a speed bonus is akin to being bathed in liquid gold.

As you cast Haste 5E on these battle-hardened fighters and watch their speed double, the landscape of combat morphs dramatically.

A fighter with doubled speed darting around the battlefield and landing killing blows left and right, or a brave knight sprinting amidst the chaos to rescue allies from dire situations – all possible thanks to this wondrous spell.

This boost also allows them an extra action each turn that could be used for another attack, dash, or even disengage, giving them not only improved battlefield control but also increased damage potential.


On a battlefield fraught with perils at every corner, the strategic placement of your players can mean the difference between victory and defeat. And what better way than being able to reposition yourself using Haste 5E swiftly?

With doubled speed under the effects of Haste 5E, you are now free to move over terrain that would otherwise be difficult or even impossible for other players.

Think about dashing rapidly through dense forests or scaling lofty cliffs with ease; repositioning becomes child’s play.

This enhanced mobility also lets you quickly cover distances between two points on a battlefield and place yourself at vantage positions for an impending onslaught.

Escort Missions

Escort missions often require your party to maintain pace with an NPC, often with limited combat ability. In such missions, the Haste 5E spell can serve as a nifty tool.

By bestowing Haste 5E upon the individual you are escorting, not only will you enhance their maneuverability but also endow them with notable protection.

With their speed doubled, they can move out of harm’s way when sensing peril. The added AC provided by Haste 5E can make them more resilient against any nasty strikes that come in their direction.

Be Mindful of Concentration

Haste is a level three concentration spell, and like any other concentration spell in the game, when concentration fails… well, let’s say it won’t be a pleasant surprise.

Only one concentration spell can be active at any given time, and getting hit might break your focus, bringing an abrupt end to your Haste magic.

And if it’s these abrupt ends, you need to be wary of – once haste ends, the user feels sluggish, causing them to lose all actions and reactions for a round.

Allocating other party members or using protective measures to fend off attacks may aid in maintaining this much-needed focus throughout battles.

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FAQs about Haste 5E

What does the Haste spell do in D&D 5E?

In D&D 5E, the Haste spell doubles a target’s speed, grants a +2 bonus to AC, grants an advantage on Dexterity saving throws, and provides additional action on each turn.

Can Haste 5E be used on multiple targets?

No, Haste 5E can only be used on a single target within a 30-feet range unless you’re a Sorcerer using Twinned Spell Metamagic.

What classes can learn the Haste spell in D&D?

The classes that can learn the Haste spell include Wizards, Sorcerers, and Artificers, along with some subclasses like Oath of Vengeance Paladins.

How long does Haste last in D&D 5E?

Haste lasts for one minute (equivalent to ten rounds of combat) if concentration is maintained.

Does casting Haste give an extra turn in combat?

No, it doesn’t grant an extra turn but provides an additional action that can be used for specific uses: Attack (one weapon attack only), Dash, Disengage, Hide, or Use an Object.


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