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Hellish Rebuke 5E D&D 2024 [Damage, Range, & Vital Aspects]

Hellish Rebuke 5E
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 10/16/2023
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As an avid player, chances are you might have heard of Hellish Rebuke 5E. You probably would, considering this spell is deemed a pretty hot topic (pun intended) in the circle of Dungeons and Dragons (D&D).

But what really makes this fiery invocation as fascinating and essential as people claim? And more importantly, how can you effectively employ it to turn up the heat in your D&D encounters?

Understanding the intriguing world of D&D spells can be confusing, especially when navigating such a diverse landscape. This is even more crucial when your victory hinges on how well you conjure up a specific spell at a decisive moment.

In today’s post, we’ll bring into focus one spell that is fast gaining popularity for its damage-dealing potential -yes, you guessed it, the Hellish Rebuke 5E. Buckle up as we guide you through this explosive exploration.

Hellish Rebuke 5E Attributes

Casting Time1 Reaction
Range/Area60 ft
ComponentsV, S
Attack/SaveDEX Save

What Is Hellish Rebuke 5E?

Hellish Rebuke 5E is a fascinating spell featured within the immersive world of Dungeons & Dragons.

What Is Hellish Rebuke 5E?

As a first-level evocation spell, it uniquely empowers you to respond to harm with fiery retribution (hence the apt name).

From casual spectators to devoted D&D enthusiasts, Hellish Rebuke has undeniably become a prominent talking point. Its fiery nature and strategic advantage have intrigued countless players who are now incorporating it into their gameplay.

Yet, its appeal doesn’t just lie in its fiery element but also in the strategic potential it holds for opportunistic players seeking an edge in their encounters.

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How Does Hellish Rebuke Work?

If you’ve ever found yourself wishing you could instantly retaliate when an enemy delivers a hefty blow, Hellish Rebuke is the spell for you.

How Does Hellish Rebuke Work?

Hellish Rebuke is a reaction spell, meaning you cast it in response to an action—specifically, you being damaged by a creature within 60 feet of you that you can see. Imagine this as your instinctual response to yank your hand away from something hot quickly.

The moment damage is done to you, and assuming this attack doesn’t knock you unconscious or kill you outright, respond with fire (literally), casting Hellish Rebuke as your reaction for that round of combat.

Is Hellish Rebuke A Good Spell?

Most definitely, Hellish Rebuke 5E is a solid spell choice in your D&D adventures. Why so, you ask? For starters, it’s a damage-dealing spell with the capacity to inflict an impressive amount of fire damage on your adversaries.

Its form as a reaction spell gives you the rare opportunity to retaliate when attacked, an option not many spells offer. The higher-level usage of this spell allows room for scaling up, bringing into your control even greater firepower (excuse the pun).

That’s not all; by having it in your arsenal, you project intimidation toward enemies who may think twice before laying a finger on you.

Features Of Hellish Rebuke 5E Spell

Features Of Hellish Rebuke 5E Spell

Delving into the specifics, this fiery spell has several defining characteristics that contribute to its distinctiveness and potency in your exciting adventures. Let’s explore each one.

Evocation Spell

At its heart, Hellish Rebuke 5E is an Evocation spell. What does that mean? Simply put, it’s a kind of magic spell that harnesses raw energy and transforms it into a tangible form or effect. In the case of Hellish Rebuke, the caster evokes fire to deal damage back to an opponent.

Reaction Spell

What sets Hellish Rebuke apart from other spells is that it’s classified as a reaction spell, meaning you can cast it even when it’s not your action during gameplay. To trigger this spell, another creature must do damage to you first.

The reaction nature of Hellish Rebuke offers a tactical advantage by turning a negative situation (taking damage) into an opportunity for retaliation.

Damage Output

The appeal of Hellish Rebuke 5E only increases when you consider its potential damage output: at the basic level of casting (using a level one slot), expect your opponent to eat 2d10 fire damage.

It gets even better! If you decide to level up your casting slot (say to level two), the damage output will also scale up by adding another d10.

Saving Throw

There is more than one way in which Hellish Rebuke can prove advantageous for players. Remember that DEX Save mark mentioned in our Handy Reference Table?

This suggests that your opponent has only one chance – to try and evade the full impact of your fiery attack with a successful Dexterity saving throw.


Let’s talk about its range: this spell can be cast at an adversary within 60 feet of you. That gives you quite an extended reach – an excellent range where you would want to stand while throwing fire at someone!

Looking at all these components, it is clear that Hellish Rebuke 5E is indeed a formidable spell, serving as a great tool to surprise adversaries and gain the upper hand in unpredictable combat situations.

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Who Can Cast Hellish Rebuke?

While Hellish Rebuke is a spell that’s naturally included in the Warlock spell list, it isn’t exclusive to them. The class that you pick influences the spells at your disposal, so some scout around a bit before you decide.

If you’re fortunate enough, you may stumble upon a scroll with Hellish Rebuke inscribed on it or find an item imbued with its scorching properties. These instances allow any class to cast this spell, even if it’s not normally within your reach.

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FAQs On Hellish Rebuke 5E

What exactly is Hellish Rebuke?

It’s a reaction spell in D&D that allows you to deal fire damage to adversaries who dare harm you.

Who can utilize the Hellish Rebuke 5E spell in a game?

This fiery spell is the domain of Warlocks—Tieflings specifically benefit from it because of their Infernal Legacy trait.

Does Hellish Rebuke 5E have any major repercussions?

Not really, unless your foe makes a successful Dexterity saving throw, which would effectively halve the fiery damage.

How colossal is its damage output?

It dishes out impressive damage output; at the initial level, it throws up to 2d10 fire damage—which continues to rise with higher levels.

What range does Hellish Rebuke cover?

With an impressive range of up to 60 feet, this scorching reaction gives you ample room to maneuver your response.


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