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Hobgoblins 5E Race [Lead With Strength And Discipline In DnD]

Hobgoblins 5E Race Explained
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 11/03/2023
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Welcome to the fantastical world of Dungeons & Dragons, where imagination reigns supreme. If you’re passionate about role-playing games (RPG) that keep you on the edge of your newsreader chair, then you’re in the right place.

Our focus today is on a particularly intriguing race that’s steadily gaining fans due to its unique features and style of combat – we’re talking about none other than Hobgoblins 5E Race.

Sure, they’ve been stereotyped as bold and brutal, but there’s just so much more to these fearsome warriors. Ready to unearth more about these proud combatants?

With a thirst for tactical warfare and a complex societal structure, Hobgoblins are truly more than meets the eye. Gear up as we delve deeper into their lore and attempt to debunk some common misconceptions along the way.

What is Hobgoblins 5E Race?

Welcome to the world of Hobgoblins, a 5E D&D race that merges discipline with determination. As dedicated soldiers, they devote their entire lives to warfare and strategy, granting them an edge onstage of battle.

What is Hobgoblins 5E Race?

Unlike their goblinoid kin (Goblins and Bugbears), Hobgoblins are known for their structured society and disciplined lifestyle. They have a unique culture that revolves around honor, duty, and hierarchy.

By nature, they’re forceful warriors who value martial training. Their existence isn’t just confined to war zones, however. It extends to magic realms, too, since Hobgoblins also make excellent wizards.

So, if you’re seeking a blend of brains and brawn for your campaign character, the Hobgoblin race could be an ideal choice.

Hobgoblin Features

One of the prime aspects that differentiates one D&D race from another is the distinct set of attributes each possesses.

Hobgoblin Features

When it comes to Hobgoblins, their unique racially inherited features strongly define them on the gaming table.

From their ability score increases to their physical proportions, every aspect paints a clearer picture of their persona and capabilities.

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Ability Score Increase

In Dungeons & Dragons, each character possesses certain abilities that determine its capacity in various fields like combat, magic, and diplomacy.

In the case of Hobgoblins, you’ll notice an advantageous twist. Your Constitution score augments by 2, showcasing their inherent toughness and high health status, which makes them consummate survivors in battles.

Along with this, your Intelligence score sees a boost of 1 point, reflecting the strategic mindset and mental agility inherent to this race.

Together, these adjusted statistics underscore both physical resilience and shrewd intellect – a lethal combination on any battlefield.


When contemplating the lifespan of Hobgoblins, it’s intriguing to note that they age at an identical rate as humans do.

This feature humanizes them somewhat amidst an array of humanoid races with longevity that often surpasses hundreds of years.

The similar aging process translates into shared stages of life: childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and old age – adding extra layers to role-play scenarios rooted in life experience.


On examining the physical stature of Hobgoblins, you’ll find them poised on par with average human proportions but generally leaner and tougher owing to their martial lifestyle.

They usually stand tall, between 5 and 6 feet, mirroring a humanoid silhouette on a slightly larger scale than humans.

Living constantly braced for war ends up packing quite a punch into their physique; hence, they ordinarily weigh between 150 and 200 pounds, highlighting toned muscles rather than extra weight.


As one might expect from a warrior race, Hobgoblins possess admirable speed. With a walking speed of 30 feet, they boast an impressive agility that aids them while strategizing on battlefields.

This kind of swift maneuverability gives them an edge during combat, enabling them to initiate attacks or retreat effectively when necessary.


As nocturnal beings bred in warlike societies, Hobgoblins have developed an extraordinary ability known as darkvision.

Whether it’s pitch-dark dungeons or the dim light of the wilderness at twilight, these thrilling warriors can flawlessly see in dim light within 60 feet, as if it were bright light.

This unique feature offers them significant advantages, particularly during encounters that occur under shrouded darkness or low-light situations, making them master navigators in such conditions.

Martial Training

Hobgoblins are stalwart warriors who are well-versed in the art of war. A testament to their fierce readiness for battle is their exceptional martial training.

As a Hobgoblin, you get to enjoy superior combat versatility with the choice of any two martial weapons, granting you a broad range of options for weaponry and attack strategies.

You’re no stranger to armor defense, making you aptly proficient with light armor – perfect for keeping yourself protected while still allowing rapid mobility during combat.

Saving Face

One fascinating trait ingrained in the Hobgoblin culture is the significant value placed on reputation and respect among peers. This concept is materialized in their inherent feature known as Saving Face.

Hobgoblins are wired not only to strive for success but also to avoid failure in front of others, demonstrating an acute sense of solidarity and societal pressure, which adds depth to the character role-play.


Understanding languages forms a cornerstone of any role-playing game as it heavily influences communication and diplomacy scenarios within the game’s universe.

If you choose a Hobgoblin character, your linguistic arsenal will include not one but two languages right off the bat. You would be proficient enough to speak, read, and write both Common and Goblin languages fluently.

This linguistic duality equips you with better communication prospects with a wide range of characters within your D&D campaign.

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What are the names of male and female Hobgoblins?

Names hold exceptional value in shaping a character’s identity, giving them a way to introduce themselves on their journey through the multiverse.

It’s no different for the members of the Hobgoblin race 5E. A named Hobgoblin has a sense of individuality, something that contributes to their status, persona, and role within their societal hierarchy.

Most importantly, these names uniquely represent the essence and tradition of their kind.

Male Hobgoblin Names

In the hierarchical society of Hobgoblins, male names often stand out as powerful and intrinsic representations of their identities. These typically align with their martial focus, reflecting strength and mightiness.

The sound these names emit echoes a profound message about their bearer, hinting at tales of bold conquests or strategized battles.

  • Aronok
  • Bankanir
  • Dorduken
  • Fentanas
  • Grur
  • Hagors
  • Kalmant
  • Malgroar
  • Slatark
  • Talogan

Consider that each male hobgoblin name holds its distinctive persona and interpret that into your role-play while building up your character’s backstory.

Female Hobgoblin Names

Contrary to what you might assume about this militaristic society, female Hobgoblins enjoy equality amongst their male counterparts in rank and status. They can be as fierce warriors or as skilled wizards as men.

Similar to the males’, female Hobgoblin names mirror that girt and courage while also maintaining an air of sophistication.

  • Arinet
  • Eloqi
  • Eskani
  • Horinnia
  • Korumun
  • Moranassa
  • Moritla
  • Nimanisi
  • Noranillim
  • Vortiga

Recall that the name of your female Hobgoblin character can influence their personality or behavior in the game. So, consider using a name that encapsulates the spirit you’re striving for in your gameplay.

Hobgoblin 5E Subraces

When it comes to diversity and particular abilities, the Hobgoblins aren’t left behind.

Hobgoblin 5E Subraces

Their subraces provide a unique set of traits that players can use to their advantage in a D&D campaign. Let’s take a quick look at some prominent subraces within the Hobgoblin tradition.

  • Fortune from the Many: This factor is purely an intriguing Hobgoblin trait. Ever noticed how these disciplined soldiers seem to perform better in groups? Well, it’s not magic (entirely). It’s because of ‘Fortune from the Many,’ an ability that allows a Hobgoblin to gain a bonus on an attack roll or saving throw equal to the number of its allies within 30 feet, maxing out at 5.
  • Fey Ancestry: Borrowed from Elven heritage, Fey ancestry endows Hobgoblins with useful immunities. Specifically, this trait prevents them from being put to sleep by magical means and offers an advantage on saving throws against being charmed.
  • Fey Gift: The Fey Gift represents Hobgoblins’ connection to ancient Fey lords who once ruled their lands. With this trait, once before you regain expended uses when you finish a long rest, you can use your action to give another creature within 30 feet of you one gift for 1 minute: hospitality, passage, or spidery climb.

Time spent understanding these subraces gives you incredible insights into how versatile and complex the game dynamics can get.

Which 5e Classes Work With Hobgoblins?

As you explore the potential of the Hobgoblin race in D&D 5E, you’ll quickly find that there’s plenty of versatility to enjoy.

This notable depth is due to their consistent ability to adapt to multiple classes, each tailored according to your liking or the needs of your campaign.

Let’s walk through each class, and how it meshes wonderfully with the abilities and dynamic traits Hobgoblins bring to the table.


The raw power and unyielding strength of Barbarians fit like a glove with the innate ferocity and combat-readiness of Hobgoblins. Focusing on this combination can undoubtedly bring an unyielding frontline warrior into your game.


Hobgoblins’ bonus on Intelligence can indeed be handy for an Artificer. As masters of unlocking magical inventions, Artificers paired with Hobgoblin ingenuity can formulate impactful items that sway battles.


Druids are nature prodigies who tap into primal powers. While less common among Hobgoblins due to their structured lifestyle, this combination could spin a unique tale in your campaign.


An avatar that eschews civilization, preferring wilderness, Rangers make excellent strategists, much like our militant Hobgoblin characters.

Monk and Paladin

Both Monk and Paladin classes focus on discipline, a trait that naturally aligns with the inflexible nature of Hobgoblins. Their societal focus on strict order can manifest in an unwavering dedication toward religious or martial doctrines.


Comparatively one of the most straightforward classes in D&D 5e, Fighters offer a variety of combat styles and pay homage to core military techniques. A battle-hardened hobgoblin fighter could make an impactful centerpiece in any campaign.

Warlock, Wizard

With their Intelligence bonus at your disposal, Hobgoblins can prove to be expert spellcasters. Warlocks and Wizards both offer footholds into the realm of magic, adding an all-new dimension to your powerful Hobgoblin.

Bard, Sorcerer

While these classes may not immediately seem suited for the robust style of hobgoblins, they provide a unique juxtaposition that can genuinely make your campaign roleplay stand out.


The cunning and resourcefulness of Rogues mix well with the tactical prowess of Hobgoblins. Combine this nifty pairing and enjoy a deceptive infiltrator in your team.

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The rich societal oeuvre of Hobgoblins and the spiritually devout nature of Clerics could result in a holy warrior driven by principles, honor, and duty-distinctive facets, which will make your game narrative even more engaging.

FAQs About Hobgoblins 5E Race

What makes the Hobgoblin race unique in D&D 5E?

Hobgoblins are unique for their disciplined structure, martial training, and intelligence boost that suits both physical combat and spellcasting.

How does the “Saving Face” ability work for a Hobgoblin in D&D 5E?

This feature helps Hobgoblins avoid failure during crucial situations by giving them bonus points if they miss a target or fail a saving throw.

Can I choose Maglubiyet, the God of War, as my deity if I’m playing a Hobgoblin Cleric?

Absolutely! In fact, it aligns well with the war-like nature of Hobgoblins.

Is there any restriction on alignment for creating a Hobgoblin character in D&D 5E?

No, there’s no fixed alignment. However, they lean more towards lawful alignments due to their structured society.

Can female characters be chosen from the Hobgoblin race in D&D 5E?

Yes, both male and female characters can be chosen from the Hobgoblin race, just like any other race in D&D 5E.


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