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How To Get Honeycomb In Minecraft? [Guide To Sweet Success]

How To Get Honeycomb In Minecraft
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 12/04/2023
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The world of Minecraft is one brimming with endless possibilities that conceptually blend the borders of reality and fantasy. One such element that adds to the flavorful experiences of this game universe is the humble honeycomb.

Not only does this item enhance your gaming journey, but understanding how to get honeycomb in Minecraft also uncovers a new realm of crafting possibilities for your exploration.

Folks out there may wonder why they should spend their time buzzing around for some sweet honeycombs. It’s not just about helping our pixelated bees or about adding unique items to your inventory.

It’s because these golden objects actually play a critical role in many crafting recipes, making your survival and adventures in the blocky world a whole lot easier.

How To Get Honeycomb In Minecraft?

The world of Minecraft, filled with diversities and countless adventures, opens its doors to a delightful element – the honeycomb. Let’s delve into the details and explore how to get your hands on this sweet Minecraft ingredient hassle-free.


Learning the ins and outs of acquiring honeycomb will undoubtedly broaden your horizons about what’s possible in the mysterious blocky universe.

Locate or Spawn Bees

To get things started on your honeycomb gathering adventure, you’ll first need to seek out our friendly buzzing pollinators – bees. Although they are tiny creatures flying about in the Minecraft realm, they play an instrumental role in your journey towards obtaining honeycombs.

  • Embark on an exploration adventure to discover a naturally generated Bee Nest, which can be commonly found in biomes like Plains, Sunflower Plains, or Flower Forests.
  • On the off chance you’re unable to locate any natural nests, don’t let it dampen your spirits because there is an alternative! You can use a Spawn Egg from creative mode to create bees instantly. This ability to spawn bees anywhere within your reach guarantees that locating these winged insects would not stand as a hurdle for you.

Encourage Bee Pollination

With bees now prominently featured in your Minecraft game world, the next critical step embarks on encouraging bee pollination activity- An event integral for producing honey, thereby leading us towards our prime goal: honeycombs.

  • Surround yourself with vibrant flowers, as these serve as irresistible attractions for bees who love indulging in some quality pollination time.
  • Ensure that these pollen-laden blooms are near where your bees reside to increase interaction between bees and flowers. This activity will naturally lead to their hives filling up with sweet, golden nectar.

While exploring through these steps seems relatively straightforward initially, remember that patience truly is key here. Bees adopt their own rhythm and pace for pollination activity.

So take some time to appreciate the beautiful bustling of bees the blooming blossoms, and anticipate the golden honeycombs you’re soon to obtain.

Wait for Honey Level Increase

Though you may be eager to acquire your honeycombs immediately, patience is an essential virtue in the world of Minecraft. Like any process involving nature, raising the honey level in bee nests and hives is a gradual progression that occurs at a steady pace.

  • Be observant of the bees as they flit in and out of their nests or hives. Each bee-crafted honey unit requires them to visit flowers and then return to their nest, thus enabling them to increase the honey level gradually.
  • With time, you’ll notice that your efforts to encourage bees’ pollination activities start reflecting through an increase in the honey levels in the bee nests. Now begins the thrilling countdown towards reaching that magic number.

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Shear the Bee Nest/Beehive

The stirring moment arrives when your patience finally pays off: your diligence has led you close to obtaining what you’ve been eagerly waiting for – honeycomb.

  • Once your eagle eyes spot that the honey level has reached 5 (the maximum capable output), gear yourselves up. It’s time to get sharing!
  • Arm yourself with a pair of Shears, a crucial tool required for this task. Use it directly on the bee nest or beehive, being careful not to harm any fleeting bees around.

Collect Honeycomb

The sweet fruit of all your patience and painstaking effort comes when you’re finally able to collect those golden squares of goodness: The much-coveted Honeycombs!

  • Upon successful sharing of a maxed-out Bee Nest or Beehive, glory awaits! The nest/hive will yield three beautiful Honeycombs.
  • Quick reflexes are key here as these valuable items don’t stick around waiting! Make sure you’re ready to collect them promptly.

Seeing those golden objects appear adds an unmatched sense of satisfaction. It’s tangible evidence that all your strategic planning, patience, and execution bore fruit.

Engaging with this intricate element of the game not only allows you to discover an additional layer of depth in Minecraft but also opens up new exciting possibilities for future adventures.

Avoid Bee Aggression

We’ve all heard the phrase, “Don’t poke the bee’s nest.” Well, in Minecraft, this warning holds true as well. Be careful not to provoke our tiny buzzing buddies.

  • The process of shearing a Bee Nest or a Beehive for honeycombs can potentially aggravate the bees residing within.
  • But don’t worry. There is a non-aggressive way to obtain your needed honeycombs. Using a Campfire is a time-tested technique to ease the process.
  • Place a Campfire directly beneath the Bee Nest or Beehive. The smoke produced by the fire will pacify your buzzing friends, making them less likely to become hostile.
  • Ensure that you’ve done it right by observing that bees are not showing red eyes or attacking you post-shearing.

Minecraft is all about crafty solutions to problems. The Campfire technique enables you to collect honeycombs while maintaining a harmonious relationship with bees.

Repeat Process

The beauty of gathering honeycomb in Minecraft lies in its repeatability. Once you familiarize yourself with the basics, it’s rinse and repeat from there.

  • Take another look at your buzzing friends, their thriving hive and nearby blossoms brimming with pollen – an indication that another round of pollination is underway.
  • Keep an eye on your bees as they work their magic, collecting nectar from blooming flowers and making their way back to the hive.
  • Wait for that perfect moment when honey levels hit 5 once again before you whip out those shears.
  • Remember your friendly Campfire? You’ll be needing its smoke again! Take steps to avoid unnecessary bee aggression as you go about with shearing once more.

Finding yourself amidst these fantastical elements of Minecraft while reaping bountiful yields of honeycomb can indeed prove insightful and enjoyable.

As much as it’s about bagging those honeycombs, it’s also about embracing the process and navigating through the extraordinary experiences Minecraft has to offer. So give it another shot; each round is a bit closer to mastering the art.

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FAQs About Getting Honeycomb In Minecraft

Can you find Honeycomb in Minecraft survival mode?

Yes, It would be best if you located Bees. They can be found buzzing around their homes in Biomes like Plains, Sunflower Plains, and Flower Forests in Minecraft survival mode.

What do I use to collect honeycomb from a Beehive in Minecraft?

To gather honeycomb from a Beehive, make sure your toolbox contains a set of Shears.

What happens if I irritate the Bees during the Honeycomb collection?

If bees get upset during the collection process, they will become hostile and attack you. But remember, a Campfire can help alleviate them.

Can I use honeycombs for crafting in Minecraft?

Yes, Honeycombs are used for crafting Beehives and Honeycomb Blocks within the game.

How many honeycombs do I get when shearing a Bee Nest/Beehive?

When you shear a Bee Nest or Beehive at honey level 5, it drops 3 Honeycombs.


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