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How To Make Bricks In Minecraft? [2024 Building Guide]

How To Make Bricks In Minecraft
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 12/09/2023
Est. Reading: 9 minutes

Welcome to the world of Minecraft, a realm of endless possibilities and boundless creativity. This game offers an avenue for its users to explore, build, and create worlds beyond their wildest imaginations.

As intriguing as this sounds, it also requires a basic understanding of how to craft essential items. One such item is the humble yet foundational element, the brick. Thus, understanding how to make bricks in Minecraft holds immense value.

Unlocking the secret to making bricks not only enhances your gaming experience but also opens up a plethora of construction opportunities within your digital empire.

It’s like knowing how to assemble your tool kit before building that dream treehouse. Making bricks in Minecraft can seem tricky initially, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes as easy as pie. Now, let’s embark on this fascinating journey of brick-making together.

How To Make Bricks In Minecraft?

Minecraft, a well-loved game worldwide, offers an immersive, fulfilling experience. One crucial aspect that boosts the joy of creation is crafting your materials. Among these materials are bricks, which are essential for construction.

How To Make Bricks In Minecraft

The process of producing these reliable blocks is straightforward but requires precise steps and specific elements only found in the game world. Let’s dive into those steps.

Locate Clay Blocks

Venturing out into the lean landscapes of Minecraft’s riverbanks and lakebeds, your prime objective is to spot grey, earth-toned blocks that are noticeably smoother than the rest.

These are clay blocks. For novice users, differentiating between clay and stone blocks might be confusing initially; remember, clay blocks have a smoother texture and lighter hue than stone ones.

Upon coming across these clay treasures buried under shallow water or on the riverbeds, it’s time to advance to the next stage of your brick-making journey: Mining.

Mine Clay Blocks

Mining clay blocks can be accomplished with any tool or even by hand, but employing a shovel will expedite the process significantly due to its particular effectiveness with such materials. Each mined Clay Block yields four balls of clay.

While you’re at it, don’t forget that you also get an added bonus; each successful mining action also rewards you with experience orbs.

Those nifty little glowing spheres will help level up your character over time. Make sure you mine enough resources; you don’t want to pause in mid-construction because of depleted supplies frequently.

Armed with your clay spoils from the mining expedition and renewed confidence gained over leveling up from experience orbs, we move onward: Transforming these raw materials into bricks via smelting.

Craft or Locate a Furnace

Constructing bricks requires heat, and the Minecraft furnace is the ideal tool for this. Crafting a furnace of your own is pretty straightforward and is essential to your journey in brick-making.

To construct a furnace, you’ll need eight stone blocks that you’ve mined. Use these stone blocks on a crafting table, arranged in such a way that they form an empty square around the center box in the crafting grid.

If testing your crafting skills seems daunting, you also have the option of finding an already assembled furnace within your Minecraft world.

These are typically located in blacksmith houses within villages or inside igloos. This alternative path saves resources at the expense of added exploration.

Having crafted or located a furnace, you’re now all set to convert those clay balls into bricks using smelting.

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Place Clay Balls in the Furnace

Having secured your furnace and clay balls, it’s time to create some bricks! To do so, open up the interface of your new (or found) furnace by right-clicking on it or pressing the left trigger button, depending upon your platform.

This action will bring up two slots: one on top (for items you wish to smelt) and another slot underneath it (for fuel).

Carefully place individual clay balls into the top slot above the flame icon; this slot signifies what’s being cooked or smelted inside this virtual oven of yours. A little visual guide should confirm that you inserted them correctly: Their miniature icon will appear there.

At this stage, with clay balls placed correctly inside their slot, we’re only halfway done with our smelting process. We still require fuel for our fiery transformation.

Place Fuel in the Furnace

The next sequence in our brick-making symphony is to transfer that same fire, metaphorically speaking, into the furnace. The furnace accommodates various types of fuel, the most common being coal, charcoal, or wood.

If you’re aiming for efficiency, coal, and charcoal are your best bets due to their longer burning durations compared to wooden items.

It’s a straightforward process: Open the furnace grid and place the selected fuel into the bottom box, situated right below the flame icon.

Now, place your clay balls (gained from mining clay blocks) in the top box of the furnace grid. There you go. Your smelting operation has just started without any manual trigger.

Wait for Bricks to Smelt

Once you’ve sparked up your furnace loaded with clay balls and fuel, patience becomes a virtue. Please sit back and watch blocks get crafted while their respective icons bob up and down on your screen, indicating progress in real-time.

The duration of this smelting time depends on how many clay balls were added to be smelted into bricks.

As tempting as it may be to wander off from your PC or Console during this waiting period, do keep an eye out for unwanted visitors (Read: Creepers) who’d love nothing more than to wreak havoc on your hard-earned progress.

Collect Smelted Bricks

Now comes one of the most satisfying parts: Reaping what you’ve sown! Once a clay ball has been completely converted into a brick through smelting, it can be collected from the block of the furnace.

To collect your creation, open up the furnace menu, where you’ll see your brand-new brick sitting much like a trophy earned after a victorious quest.

Transfer these well-deserved bricks directly into your inventory by dragging them or by shift-clicking them so that they quickly stack onto previously collected bricks if available.

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Craft or Locate a Crafting Table

Crafting items in Minecraft isn’t possible without a trusty crafting table. It’s one of the first things you need to create when starting a new game.

To make one, you need four wood plank blocks. If you don’t have wood planks yet, chop down some trees (use your bare hands if you must!) and turn those logs into planks using your personal 2×2 crafting grid.

Placing the wood planks in a square shape in your personal crafting grid will yield the much-needed crafting table. It’s also common to come across tables in villages if weary travelers prefer exploring to chopping wood.

This versatile tool is essential for making advanced items, from rudimentary tools to complicated machinery. Most importantly for us, it is key in turning those hard-earned bricks into connectable brick blocks.

Open Crafting Table

Now that we’ve got our crafting table ready let’s get cracking. Interacting with a crafting table is easy. All you have to do is right-click on it or press the left trigger button if you’re playing on consoles. This action will open up the magical 3×3 crafting grid.

This expanded grid positions you with more room for more complex designs and recipes than your basic 2×2 personal inventory crafting grid provides.

Craft a Brick Block

With your well-earned bricks at hand and an open crafting table before you, it’s time to convert those smelted bricks into brick blocks.

Arrange four of these clay-born bricks (not less or more) on the Crafting Table’s bustling 3×3 grid, essentially forming a perfect 2×2 square shape and filling an entire quadrant.

Upon successful pattern configuration, the option to spawn Brick Blocks will appear on the resulting slot of your Crafting Menu.

Grab those lovely-looking brick brick-blocks and shift them into your inventory. Now, you’re equipped with building materials that are not only visually pleasing but also resilient against many threats lurking in your potential construction site.

Drag Brick Block to Inventory

With a sense of accomplishment, claim your brick block from the crafting table. Now, it’s time to take these newly created treasures and place them in your inventory.

This process is quite simple, perfect for those moments when you’re in haste; just shift-click, and Your brick blocks are smoothly transferred into the neat array of your inventory.

Alternatively, if you prefer a more hands-on approach, hold down your click and drag the blocks into whichever slot in your inventory suits you best.

The process might be time-consuming, but it provides control over organizing your inventory just the way you like.

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Craft Brick Slab

Now that the brick blocks are secure in your inventory, why not diversify our catalog with some fancy brick slabs? It’s easier than you might think.

Utilize three of your crafted bricks aligned horizontally in a neat row on the crafting grid. Just like magic, this formation swiftly changes into six handy slabs right under your cursor.

Their thin profile is perfect to lend some delicate variation to your usual Minecraft structures. Brick slabs can easily be placed incrementally within an existing block space, allowing a smoother gradient when building stairways or platforms!

Collect Brick Slabs

Your array of rapidly expanding construction tools grows further as you collect these newly crafted brick slabs. Shift-click again or lean back into that homely drag technique to transfer those cleverly compact pieces into their new home in your inventory.

Just remember not to overlook such versatile players in the grand scheme of Minecraft architecture; they can serve as elegant finishing touches or instrumental elements in achieving desired architectural styling spanning from Roman arches to modern minimalist constructions.

This way, your entire construction experience will turn from novice builder to proficient architect before you know it.

Craft Brick Stairs

Brick stairs can elevate the sophistication of your Minecraft architecture by several notches. They’re versatile and can be used for a plethora of projects, including grand palaces, ornate stairwells, or a cozy hearth. To craft your brick stairs, you’ll need six brick blocks.

Here’s a tip: Imagine the crafting grid as an actual staircase viewed from the side, minus the top block. Arrange your bricks progressively from bottom to top left, creating a diagonal ascending line towards the right.

To do that, place two bricks on the second row (left and center), three blocks on the third row (left, center, and right), and lastly, one brick on the topmost row (right). You’ve just laid out your brick stair blueprint!

Collect Brick Stairs

After successfully forming your desired shape in the crafting grid, you’ll see a block of stairs appear on the result box. Hover over this item and either shift-click or drag it into your inventory.

Remember to collect these precious blocks because all items left on a crafting table will pop out when closed! Store them properly so they’re ready for use whenever you commence with your construction work.

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Craft Flower Pot

Have you ever wanted to animate that dreary window sill overlooking your Minecraft vista? Now, let’s explore another use for bricks – creating simple yet adorable flower pots.

Crafting flower pots is far simpler. Place one brick in each of three crafting squares: the central square of the bottom row (the base), then the upper-left and upper-right (the sides). This will appear like an upside-down helmet.

Remember: unlike other items that require four parts to create, flower pots only call for three.

Collect Flower Pot

Upon mastering the art of forming flower pots in Minecraft’s unique grid-style workshop, you mustn’t forget to place those artful creations within reach by moving them over to your inventory.

Like before, you do this by hovering the mouse over the flower pot icon and either shift-clicking or dragging it to your inventory.

With these crafted items properly secured in your provision, you’re ready for those green-fingered escapades in Minecraft’s world.

Play with your creativity, dust off imaginary cobwebs from unmapped Trailways with brick stairs, or breathe life onto mundane corners with enchanting pots of pixelated blooms.

FAQs About Making Bricks In Minecraft

Why do I need bricks in Minecraft?

Bricks aren’t an essential material but are desirable for aesthetic reasons. They can help you create detailed, visually appealing structures such as a fireplace or ornate building.

Is there a faster way to mine clay blocks than using a shovel?

While any tool or even your hands can be used, shovels are the most effective tool for mining clay blocks. Enchanting your shovel with Efficiency can make things even faster.

How many bricks do I need to create a brick block in Minecraft?

You need four bricks to create one brick block. This means mining at least one clay block since each clay block yields four balls of clay when mined.

Can I use any fuel source in my furnace for smelting clay balls?

Yes, you can use various fuel sources like coal, charcoal, or any wood. Different fuel sources last for different durations.

Why would I want to make flower pots in Minecraft?

Besides decorative uses, flower pots can be utilized to hold cacti, mushrooms, saplings, and various other plants. It’s a simple way to add some creative flair and greenery to your Minecraft world.


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