Marvel Strike Force Tier List (2022) Best Characters

Marvel Strike Force Tier List (December 2022) Best Characters

August 18, 2022
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Marvel Strike Force is a mobile game that has been released for iOS and Android. The game features iconic heroes from the Marvel Universe, such as Captain America, Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, and more. Our today's blog post is about the Marvel Strike Force tier list.

There are many different heroes and villains to collect in the game, and some are better than others. It makes it difficult to decide which ones to pursue and add to your roster.

This Marvel Strike Force character tier list will help you decide what characters are worth investing in that much time or money, while others can be passed on completely.

Having Marvel Strike Force tier list information will help you build a better squad and rank higher in Alliance War Events, which can be hard to accomplish without the right characters.

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Marvel Strike Force - A Quick Introduction

Marvel Strike Force is a mobile RPG game from FoxNext Games and Marvel. The game was released on March 28, 2018, for iOS and Android devices. It is a turn-based game that allows players to assemble a team of Marvel heroes and villains to battle others in strategic combat.

Marvel Strike Force - A Quick Introduction

There are multiple game modes, with the main PvE mode allowing players to go through stages in order to fight bosses and win prizes. Players level up their user level by gaining experience points (XP) from winning battles, whereas different characters have a specific character power (or ability); these powers can be leveled up for increased strength when attacking or defending.

The game also has a guild system where players can team up with friends and strangers to complete challenges for rewards. There are many different characters to unlock in the game, some being easier to obtain than others. Players will want to focus on building their teams around synergies, as this is what gives the player an advantage in battles.

In order to make the most out of the game, players will need to know what heroes and villains are the best. This is where our list comes in, which you can reference when creating your Marvel Strike Force teams. So without further ado, let's get started!

Marvel Strike Force Tier List (2022)

A tier list is a ranking of items or characters according to their effectiveness. The list is usually divided into tiers, with each tier representing how good the item/character is. In this Marvel Strike Force tier list, we will rank all of the available heroes and villains in the game from best to worst.

Marvel Strike Force Tier List (2022)

The ranking goes from the S tier being the best and going down to the E tier being the worst. This tier list is based on many different factors, including character synergy, character ability/power, stats of the character, and more.

Each hero and villain have different class types: Controller, Support, Brawler, Protector, and Blaster. The class types are as follows:

  • Controller: Heroes with the ability to disable opponents from using character abilities/powers for a set amount of turns.
  • Protector: Characters that have a high chance of applying defense buff on self orally, as well as being able to cleanse negative effects.
  • Brawler: Heroes that have a high chance of applying bleed on the enemy as well as preventing them from gaining energy.
  • Support: Heroes that have the ability to heal or buff allies and perhaps even remove harmful effects from ally units.
  • Blaster: Characters with long-range abilities/powers which can deal damage to multiple enemies at once.

Now, let's start with the best of the best, beginning with S Tier.

Marvel Strike Force S Tier List (2022)

The best heroes and villains in the game reside in the S tier. These are some of the most powerful and well-rounded heroes and villains in Marvel Strike Force.

Marvel Strike Force S Tier List (2022)

They can be used in almost any situation and are a great addition to any team. If you have the opportunity to add any of these heroes or villains to your team, we highly recommend that you do so.

Strike Force CharactersClass
Omega Red Controller
Shuri Support
Scientist SupremeSupport
Doctor DoomController
Black PantherBrawler
Ebony MawSupport
Spider-Man (Symbiote)Brawler
Invisible WomanProtector
Black BoltBlaster
Ghost RiderBrawler

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Marvel Strike Force A Tier List (2022)

A Tier is just below S Tier and consists of some of the best heroes and villains in the game. They may not be as versatile as those in S Tier, but they are still a force to be reckoned with. Players who use these characters will have a great advantage in most battles.

Marvel Strike Force A Tier List (2022)
Strike Force CharactersClass
Swarm Controller
White Tiger Brawler
Rocket RaccoonBlaster
Yelena BelovaBlaster
Captain AmericaProtector
Colleen WingBrawler
Silver SamuraiProtector
Cull ObsidianProtector
The ThingBrawler
Corvus GlaiveBrawler
Silver SurferBlaster
Red GuardianProtector
Scarlet WitchController
Emma FrostController
Lady DeathstrikeBrawler
Doctor StrangeSupport
Nick FurySupport
Proxima MidnightController
Mister SinisterSupport
Sharon CarterController
Jessica JonesController
Black WidowController
Iron ManBlaster
Captain MarvelBrawler
Moon KnightBrawler
Ms. MarvelBrawler
War MachineBlaster

Marvel Strike Force B Tier List (2022)

B tier is where the heroes and villains start to get a bit more situational in their use. They are still great characters that can be used, but players will need to take into account team synergy when using them as they may not fit on every team composition.

Marvel Strike Force B Tier List (2022)
Strike Force CharactersClass
Red SkullController
Agent CoulsonController
Multiple ManProtector
Elsa BloodstoneBlaster
Green GoblinBlaster
Spider-Man (Miles Morales)Brawler
Doctor OctopusSupport
Baron ZemoController
Human TorchBlaster
Adam WarlockSupport
Captain America (Sam Wilson)Protector
Mr. FantasticController

Marvel Strike Force C Tier List (2022)

C tier is where the drop-off starts happening, which means C tier heroes and villains are not as good as those previously mentioned. Players will need to understand the synergy of their team before using these characters so they can make up for what they lack.

Marvel Strike Force C Tier List (2022)
Strike Force CharactersClass
Squirrel Girl Support
Winter SoldierBlaster
Luke CageProtector
Kitty PrydeProtector
Maria HillSupport
Misty KnightController
Iron FistBrawler
America ChavezBrawler

Marvel Strike Force D Tier List (2022)

D tier is made up of the below-average characters in the game. These heroes and villains are not recommended to be used as they can easily be replaced with other characters who offer more power or utility.

Marvel Strike Force D Tier List (2022)
Strike Force CharactersClass
Bullseye Blaster
Night NurseSupport
Hand SorceressSupport

Marvel Strike Force E Tier List (2022)

E tier is reserved for the weakest of all heroes and villains in Marvel Strike Force. Players should avoid using these at all costs unless they value the character for sentimental reasons or you absolutely need to use them in a specific battle.

Marvel Strike Force E Tier List (2022)

All the leftover heroes and villains who have not been given a rank are in E Tier.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are RPG games?

Role-Playing Games are usually games where you play the role of a chosen main character, which is part of an organization that saves the world. The game has many quests and missions to complete, which help develop your character's abilities (skills), as well as their progress throughout the storyline.

2. What is the best hero or villain in Marvel Strike Force?

The answer to this question depends on what criteria you value for a particular character. There are many class types in Marvel Strike Force, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Some characters are better at dealing with damage, while others can provide more utility to the team. The best hero is usually the one that fits your playstyle or compliments your current roster of heroes/villains.

3. Why are the benefits of using the Marvel Strike Force tier list?

The Marvel Strike Force tier list is designed to help players understand the power level of each character in the game. This can be useful for understanding how a particular character may fit into your team, as well as what type of strategies you may want to use when fighting against other teams.

4. How to use the Marvel Strike Force tier list?

The Marvel Strike Force tier list is very user-friendly and easy to use. Simply locate the character you are interested in on the list, and it will show you their class, as well as what tier they reside in. If the character is in a high tier, it means that the character is in a good spot and is recommended for use.

5. How often is the Marvel Strike Force tier list updated?

The Marvel Strike Force tier list is updated on a regular basis, usually after each major game update. This ensures that the list is always accurate and up-to-date with the current state of the game.

6. Which tier should I avoid if I don't want to get stomped?

If you're looking to avoid getting stomped, it's best to stay away from the lower tiers (D and below). These characters are generally not as strong as those in the higher tiers, and they will often times be outclassed by other characters.

7. How can I improve my team's ranking on the Marvel Strike Force tier list?

If you want to improve your team's ranking on the Marvel Strike Force tier list, it's important to focus on building a well-rounded team that can cover multiple classes. It's also important to pay attention to the current metagame and make sure you're using characters that are powerful and popular at the time.

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Final Words

The tier list is a great way to compare heroes and villains in Marvel Strike Force. They can be used as a guide for new players or veterans looking to find out more about the power level of their current roster.

We hope that the Marvel Strike Force tier list was useful and will help you understand which heroes/villains are best for your team composition or personal preference.

If you have any other questions regarding the Marvel Strike Force tier list, feel free to ask us in the comments below. Happy gaming!

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