Exos Heroes Tier List (2021) - Legendary, Fated, FC

Exos Heroes Tier List (October 2022) Legendary, Fated, FC

August 5, 2022
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Exos Heroes is a free-to-play MOBA with the most unique heroes in any game. Each hero has their own set of abilities and playstyle, which can make for interesting team compositions.

The Exos Heroes tier list is a ranking of the characters in Exos Heroes from best to worst. The heroes are ranked based on their utility and strength, not by their popularity or how often they are played.

This tier list for Exos Heroes is based on our opinion and experience with each hero, so make sure to take everything into consideration before making any final decisions.

These tier lists are updated constantly to make sure they are accurate, so check back often for more changes.

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Exos Heroes - A Quick Introduction

Exos Heroes is a mobile game developed by the South Korean company. Players are able to customize and grow their own personal hero, which they can then use in battles against other players, either individually or in teams of three.

Exos Heroes - A Quick Introduction

The heroes you collect will have unique abilities that correspond with your play style as well as strengths and weaknesses. It is available on the google play store and the iOS App Store.

The team at Exos Heroes is always seeking to grow and improve the game experience for their players. They are constantly working on new content, events, or features that will help drive player retention in Exos Heroes.

In this post, we'll be discussing the different tiers of heroes available in the game and what makes them unique from one another. Keep reading if you want more information about how your hero's tier affects gameplay!

Exos Heroes Tier List (2022)

Exos Heroes are categorized into six grades: Fate Core, Fatal, Legendary, Rare, Magical, and Common. The exos heroes tier list is a ranking of all the heroes available in-game. The tiers go from S+ to S Tier and then A to D.

Exos Heroes Tier List (2022)
  • The S+ tier is the highest star level and contains some of the more powerful heroes in-game.
  • The S tier is the second-highest star level and has a great balance of stats.
  • The A-D tiers are lower in power than the previous two but still have their uses.
  • Tier A will have the average abilities that synergize well together, while tier D will be considered filler characters for those who can't afford other stronger heroes or are still learning how to play Exos Heroes as it won't impact gameplay much at this point.

This article will be going over the tier list of fated heroes, fate core, and 4-star legendary heroes. So, with that being said, let's get started!

Fated Exos Heroes Tier List (2022)

A lot of players are wondering how they can rank up their exos so that everyone feels like a hero. This tier list will show you the best heroes for every Exosphere and what to focus on leveling first.

Fated Exos Heroes Tier List (2022)
  • Fated Dorka – S+ Tier
  • Fated Rachel – B Tier
  • Fated Garff – B Tier
  • Fated Xiakhan – C~D Tier
  • Fated Bathory – A Tier
  • Fated Jinai – B+ Tier
  • Fated Schmid – S Tier
  • Fated SEO-A – N/A, Check FC tier below
  • Fated Ramge – C- Tier
  • Fated Shufraken – B Tier
  • Fated Rudley – C Tier
  • Fated Rera – N/A, Check FC tier below
  • Fated Valentina – N/A, Check FC tier below
  • Fated Jinn – N/A, Check FC tier below
  • Fated Neomi – C Tier
  • Fated Baraka – B~C Tier
  • Fated Valarr – N/A, Check FC tier below
  • Fated Shell – N/A, Check FC tier below
  • Fated Mahar – C~ D Tier
  • Fated Uloom – C Tier
  • Fated Kylock – N/A, Check FC tier below
  • Fated Talia – N/A, Check FC tier below
  • Fated Zeon – N/A, Check FC tier below
  • Fated Emma – C~D Tier
  • Fated Bernavas – N/A
  • Fated Anastasia – B- Tier
  • Fated Baileysh – N/A
  • Fated Sabrina – C~D Tier
  • Fated Bernadette – C Tier
  • Fated Chati – C~D Tier
  • Fated Magi – B- Tier

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Fate Core Exos Heroes Tier List (2022)

Fate Core heroes are the backbone of any team and can fill a variety of different roles. These heroes should be leveled up first to help take down your opponents before they hit you.

Fate Core Exos Heroes Tier List (2022)
  • FC Jinai – S+ Tier
  • FC Bathory – S+ Tier
  • FC Schmid – S+ Tier
  • FC Garff – S+ Tier (The Reversed World)
  • FC Rudely – S+ Tier
  • FC Talia – S+ Tier
  • FC Rera – S+ Tier (The First Guardians)
  • FC Rachel – S+ Tier (Awakening)
  • FC Baraka – S Tier (Awakening)
  • FC Adams – S Tier
  • FC Luna – S Tier
  • Misty – S Tier
  • Dorka – S Tier
  • FC Zeon – S Tier
  • FC Magi – S Tier
  • FC Shell – S Tier
  • FC Annie – S Tier
  • FC April – S Tier
  • FC Shufraken – S Tier
  • FC Iris – S Tier
  • FC Tantalo – S Tier
  • FC Ramge – A Tier (The First Guardians)
  • FC Uloom – A Tier
  • FC Baraka – A Tier (The First Guardians)
  • FC Jinn – A Tier
  • FC Neomi – A Tier
  • FC Lepin – A Tier
  • FC Jean – A Tier
  • FC Rachel – A Tier (Forgotten Memory)
  • FC Brooke – A Tier
  • FC Garff – A Tier
  • FC Morris – A Tier
  • FC Rera – A Tier
  • Bathory – B Tier
  • Schmid – B Tier
  • FC Ramge – B Tier (Awakening)
  • FC Bailyesh – B Tier
  • FC Emma – B Tier
  • Garff – B Tier
  • FC Leger – B Tier
  • FC Anastasia – B Tier
  • FC Otard – B Tier
  • FC Chati – B Tier
  • FC Hekin – B Tier
  • FC Scarlet – B Tier
  • FC Deva – C Tier
  • Carrie – C Tier
  • FC Corgi – C Tier
  • FC Yao – C Tier
  • FC Degas – C Tier
  • Rachel – C Tier
  • FC Luke – C Tier
  • Shufraken – C Tier
  • FC Bernadette – C Tier
  • FC Sabrina – C Tier
  • Luna – C Tier
  • FC Mahar – D Tier
  • FC Xiakhan – D Tier
  • Jinai – D Tier
  • FC Uloom – D Tier
  • Prithiof – D Tier
  • FC Monica – D Tier
  • FC RM – D Tier
  • FC Glenn – D Tier
  • FC Nemeris – D Tier
  • FC Kylock – D Tier
  • FC Bernavas – D Tier
  • FC Nika – E Tier
  • FC Wilkes – E Tier
  • FC Iden – E Tier
  • FC Topaki – E Tier
  • FC Liffy – E Tier
  • FC Lyungen – E Tier
  • FC Dana – E Tier

Best Legendary Exos Heroes Tier List (2022)

While Fate Core heroes are the backbone of your team, Legendary Exos can take over a game with their abilities from the early game to the mid-game. These Exos should be leveled up second to push back against enemy attacks and help you win the battle.

Best Legendary Exos Heroes Tier List (2022)
  • Astarte – Good Legendary
  • Adams – Good Legendary
  • Annie – Good Legendary
  • Brook – Good Legendary
  • Cybele – Good Legendary
  • Degas – Good Legendary
  • Deva – Good Legendary
  • Karin – Good Legendary
  • Leger – Good Legendary
  • Lepin – Good Legendary
  • Otard – Good Legendary
  • Scarlet – Good Legendary
  • Tantalo – Good Legendary

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does tier mean?

A tier is a measure of power and viability. Tiers are used to compare two or more heroes in terms of their strength, with the higher tier hero being stronger than those below it. In short, tier means that one hero is a better choice than another in some aspect of the game. 

2. How does the Exos Heroes tier list help?

The Exos Heroes tier list aims to rank heroes in order of their best use cases, with the top spot going to those that are most useful across a variety of situations.

3. What are the strengths and weaknesses of each Exos Heroes character?

Each hero has their own set of abilities, which can be used to do different things on the battlefield. Understanding these abilities will help you choose your team composition more effectively.

4. Can I use any hero in any situation?

No, each hero is better suited for certain situations than others. Knowing which heroes to bring into a fight will give you an advantage over your opponent.

5. Why are some heroes in a higher tier than others?

Heroes are placed in different tiers based on their power and usefulness. The higher the tier, the better the hero is overall. Conversely, heroes in lower tiers are not as good as those in higher tiers.

6. How often is the tier list for Exos Heroes updated?

The tier list is updated when there are changes to the game that affect a hero's power or usefulness. Additionally, the tier list may be updated periodically to reflect the current meta-game.

7. What are the factors that go into determining a hero's tier?

A variety of factors are considered when determining a hero's tier, including their abilities, power level, and usefulness. Additionally, the current meta-game is also taken into account.

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Final Words

So there you have it, the definitive Exos heroes tier list. There are many different opinions on who is ranked where and we are sure some of these rankings will be controversial, but this should serve as a great starting point for anyone looking for help with their own hero ranking strategy. Do you agree or disagree? Let us know in the comments below.

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