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18 Best Minecraft Fountain Designs [Upgrade Your Landscape]

  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 11/30/2023
Est. Reading: 10 minutes

There’s a whole new world of creativity that unfolds the moment you immerse yourself in the vast universe of Minecraft. Crafting intricate environments and structures is only part of the lasting charm that this game holds for millions around the globe.

The icing on the cake is designing features like Minecraft fountain designs, which add an aesthetically pleasing touch to your surroundings.

Minecraft fountain designs can transform your bland garden into a stunning oasis or turn an average cityscape into an enchanted metropolitan paradise. The magic lies in these details that infuse life into your blocky creations.

So whether you’re a seasoned builder or just starting to get the hang of this unique sandbox game, we got you covered with some inspiring fountain designs to elevate your Minecraft worlds.

What are the Tips for Building a Fountain?

Transforming pixels into an awe-inspiring fountain demands careful planning, organizing your resources, and, of course, creativity. Whether you aspire to create a quaint little oasis or a grand cascading waterfall feature, these foolproof tips will efficiently guide you through constructing your dream Minecraft fountain:

  • Please choose a Suitable Location: Be it the center of your town plaza or inside a lush green garden, consider the layout of your surroundings and find an ideal spot for your fountain.
  • Ensure an Adequate Water Supply: To operate smoothly, your fountain needs a constant water supply, so plan accordingly.
  • Select a Fountain Design: Look for impressive designs that harmonize with nearby constructions. Let your creativity shine as you brainstorm ideas.
  • Gather Necessary Materials and Tools: From bricks to water buckets, make sure you have all the required components before taking on construction work.
  • Install a Pump and Water Circulation System: Get technical and establish an efficient water flow mechanism to keep the water circulating seamlessly.
  • Construct the Fountain Base and Structure: Laying solid grounds is crucial for stability. Remember, durability matters as much as aesthetics.
  • Waterproof and Seal the Fountain: Tree leaves are usually used in Minecraft to prevent water from flowing out unintentionally. It’s important to seal any openings or leaks appropriately.
  • Test Water Flow and Adjust as Needed: After filling up that bucket from a nearby pond or lake, fill your structure with water and check whether it flows correctly. Pay attention to corrections that need doing – they are always there!
  • Add Decorative Elements: Using torches, sea lanterns, or glowstone adds not only light for night-time viewing but also extends an artistic touch.
  • Perform Regular Maintenance: Just like in real life, Minecraft fountains also require regular check-ups to ensure smooth operation over time.

Crafting fountains in Minecraft is more than spiel – it’s about creating miniature masterpieces within a digital realm. So follow these tips and let your imagination take the plunge into new creative depths!

18 Best Minecraft Fountain Designs

Crafting a beautiful aesthetic in Minecraft requires understanding the most pleasing structural designs. One of those designs is the indispensable element of fountains.


Ranging from simplistic to complex, Minecraft fountain designs can transform your space with an alluring flair. Here, we bring you 18 exceptional fountain designs to enhance your Minecraft experience.

Classic Stone Fountain

The Classic Stone Fountain is an elemental design for those seeking a rustic or medieval vibe in their Minecraft world. Craft the perfect symmetry using cobblestone, or mix it up with mossy stone, granite, or diorite for a diverse stonework design.


Use slabs for creating shallow water spaces that mimic real-life fountains, and don’t forget to incorporate lighting designs into the heart of your fountain to create a dazzling night view.

Modern Glass Waterfall

On the other spectrum lies the Modern Glass Waterfall, an epitome of class and elegance. The usage of glass blocks in this design gives off an opulent look and feel to your creation.

Aided by sea lanterns for illumination, this design exudes luxury even from afar. The cascading waterfall offers a serene visual experience and delivers a calming ambiance like no other.

It serves as a statement piece in contemporary settings, truly embodying modernity in its essence.

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Rustic Wooden Well Fountain

Immerse yourself in a nostalgic charm with this old-world counterpart of modern fountains. The Rustic Wooden Well Fountain is a favorite choice of Minecraft players due to its classic, homely appeal.


Built with oak wooden planks and stairs, it effortlessly integrates into any rustic or rural environment.

You’ll need to start off by crafting an uncomplicated cubic structure for the base well. Add layered lumber slabs for the lid and adorn the top with crossbeam fence posts as finishing touches.

Fill it up with water buckets to complete your simple yet artistic fountain. This time-tested design adds depth, character, and inimitable charm to your Minecraft farmlands, villages, or log cabins.

Elegant Marble Cascade

Take aesthetics a notch higher with the Elegant Marble Cascade. Crafted from white concrete blocks to emulate marble’s pristine beauty, this grand composition oozes refinement and distinction.

Begin by constructing a double-layered rectangular basin using your “marble blocks.” Create multiple tiers on top of this base, varying heights to add dynamism and dimensionality. Place water buckets at varying levels on each tier for that cascading waterfall effect.

Its striking sophistication makes it an ideal fit for regal palaces or upmarket town squares within your Minecraft kingdom.

Mini Oasis with Lilies

Why not welcome nature with open arms by incorporating the Mini Oasis fountain design into your game? This fountain takes on the shape of a mini pond spruced up with lily pads and illuminated by hidden sea lanterns.


To start, excavate a small rounded cavity where you want your mini oasis. Fill it up partially with water so that patches of ground underneath remain visible. Perception is key.

Punctuate the scene with lily pads randomly placed on the surface. To add that shimmering twilight glow, strategically place sea lanterns beneath certain lily pads.

This pint-sized oasis makes a whimsical addition to your Minecraft gardens, drawing inspiration from real-life Zen gardens. The enchanting glow of this lily-filled reservoir will surely mesmerize any visitor, catching a glimpse of it under the moonlit sky.

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Gothic Obsidian Spire

The Gothic Obsidian Spire is more of an architectural marvel rather than a traditional fountain. However, it can be an intriguing yet eerie addition to any environment that aims for a gothic vibe.

Constructed mostly from obsidian blocks – Minecraft’s most blast-resistant material this spire is crowned with water cascading down its sides.

While building, remember to craft it high enough to make it a true landmark in your world. Consider complementary decorations like nether bricks and stone slabs for an authentic Gothic feel.

This design uniquely blends grandeur with mystery and will undoubtedly be a standout structure in your Minecraft realm.

Zen Bamboo Garden Fountain

If you’re after tranquility, the Zen Bamboo Garden Fountain is an excellent choice. This calming water feature relies primarily on bamboo stalks and water blocks to create a serene setting wherever you decide to build it.


Patience is key here as bamboos grow quite slowly. The trick is to place water blocks at varying heights within the bamboo shoots, which give the illusion of water cascading down gently into small stone-edged pools below.

Surrounding the fountain with additional greenery and some lanterns can further enhance its peaceful aura. It’s an ideal addition if you’re planning for a Zen garden or even just one quiet corner.

Medieval Castle Moat

Taking inspiration from medieval architecture, the Castle Moat adds both protective and decorative features to your castle structures.

A broad trench or moat filled with water encircles your castle, giving it an imposing yet authentic look- just like in medieval times.

It displays practicality by warding off enemies while doubling as a stunning water backdrop when viewed from castle windows or towers above.

To up the ‘ancient’ factor, consider some rough stone bricks or cobblestones for your castle walls adjacent to the moat, along with mossy stones on the moat’s banks. This will make sure your Minecraft castle moat looks as if it’s withstood the test of time.

Whimsical Fairy Fountain

Let your imagination take flight with the whimsical fairy fountain. This endearing design adds a sprinkle of enchantment to your Minecraft landscape.


Starting by crafting a delicate, leaf-like structure at the base using mossy cobblestone, you can let water seep out from its lush green folds into a graceful stream. Surround it with colorful flowers and vines creeping up the stone, creating an idyllic spot for your digital fairies.

Add in some glowstones as fireflies dancing around, casting an ethereal glow at night. The tiny details in this design can truly bring a touch of magic to any garden.

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Ancient Ruins Water Feature

Dive into a piece of history with an ancient ruins water feature. This majestic old-world concept adds an air of epic antiquity to your Minecraft land.

Sculpt grand stone walls resembling long-forgotten castles or temples, allowing water to spill out from their cracks and corners like secrets being whispered through time. The beauty lies in the imperfections here, using mossy and cracked stones to impart an aged look.

An undergrowth of jungle trees and vines completes the ruined atmosphere, making it seem like you’ve discovered a forgotten corner of ancient civilization right in your own digital backyard.

Nether Theme Lava Fountain

Create drama at the heart of your cityscape with a nether-themed lava fountain. This is not for the faint-hearted but holds great appeal for those seeking something exotic and thrilling for their Minecraft world.


With Blackstone bricks forming the intimidating structure, streams of lava replace the ordinary water sprays found in most fountains, and the result is a fiery aesthetic that catches every eye.

Add nether wart blocks or crimson fungi around to maintain that otherworldly vibe associated with the nether biome. Just be sure to keep flammable materials at bay.

Moonlit nights will enhance its fearsome beauty, making the lava glow fiercely, hypnotizing all who gaze upon it.

Enchanted Crystal Fountain

The Enchanted Crystal Fountain is a sight that takes the breath away, almost as if it sprung straight out of a fairy tale. Its mesmerizing luminous crystal blocks seem to glow under the Minecraft moonlight, creating an aura of mystery and magic.

The main water cascade flows out of a cluster of these shimmering blocks, making it look like liquid moonlight spilling into your world.

To create this touch of enchantment in your universe, gather materials like crystals, which can typically be found in caves, and water buckets for the fountain fluid.

Use sea lanterns or glow stones to add subtle illumination to mimic natural bioluminescence. Remember that it’s all about laying out your crystals creatively around the base and letting water flow through them.

Tropical Jungle Cascade

When you hear ‘Tropical Jungle Cascade,’ think of exotic, wild nature melodies crooning with waterfall rhythms in the backdrop. The beauty of this design lies in how well it blends into your jungle biome with its leafy canopy and tropical vibe.


It brings about an energy so raw yet soothing; you’d forget it was Minecraft for a moment! Start by selecting a spot amidst trees or next to bamboo stalks to keep things natural.

The main structure could involve rocks (or cobblestones) and plant blocks (like ferns or jungle vines) alongside water buckets for your cascade effect.

You want to aim for an aesthetic that screams ‘Mother Nature was here,’ something naturally exquisite without even trying.

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Minimalist Sandstone Design

The Minimalist Sandstone Design exudes serenity in simplicity. It is a testament that less truly is more! It represents tranquillity carved in warm sandstone hues amidst crisp splash sounds from flowing water.

If you’re someone who appreciates clean lines and minimal-fuss designs, then this fountain is perfect for your landscape. Constructing this font involves basic elements like sandstone blocks, slabs, and stairs, all partnered with the gentle sway of water obtained from your trusty water bucket.

Your foundation lies in arranging these sandstone pieces in structured geometric patterns. Squares or circles work wonderfully. Top it off with water rushing down these warm tones to have a calm hotspot right in your blocky backyard.

Ice and Snow Sculpture Fountain

This stunning fountain design utilizes the distinctive textures of Minecraft’s snow and ice blocks to create a sparkling, icy spectacle.


You begin by carving out a central pillar from ice blocks, surrounded by spiraling streams of water. As the water tumbles down, it’s captured in snow-covered basins at various levels, creating an impressively layered look.

Natural light during the day highlights the beautiful translucent quality of the ice and gives your creation an ethereal glow, transforming your environment into a winter wonderland.

It fits perfectly into snowy biomes yet stands out spectacularly in contrasting environments like desert or forest biomes.

Steampunk Gear Fountain

Combining industrial style with creative water placement, our Steampunk Gear Fountain is one unique option to consider. Using iron blocks formatted into cog shapes can simulate gears at work while trickling water simulates oil, keeping those gears turning.

The use of stone bricks gives it a rustic feel synonymous with the steampunk aesthetic, while Redstone dust and torches could be used to add functional movement or lighting for a realistic touch.

Position this next to a Victorian-style house or pair up with steam-powered machinery for maximum effect.

Desert Oasis Mirage

The Desert Oasis Mirage design takes on an entirely different direction with its lush appeal amidst the barren landscape. Excavate a depression in the desert terrain and fill it up with Elder Prismarine as your base for that authentic oasis look.


Install palm trees designed using oak logs and jungle leaves on their sides resembling spreading branches, a great way to bring shade over your pool area as well as add vertical interest.

Floating Island Waterfall

Transform your Minecraft skyline with this exotic Floating Island Waterfall design. Finding this in-game will bring forth unexpected charm that bewitches players at first glance.

Begin by creating floating islands using grass blocks held by chains of stone or fence posts dangling from the limit, offering support.

Ascend water from the center of the island that falls into a smaller pool below or spills straight into the ground, enhancing a dreamy environment.

Planting bright flowers and trees on the islands can naturally blend with your surroundings, making it seemingly float in mid-air.

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FAQs About Best Minecraft Fountain Designs

What’s the easiest fountain design to build in Minecraft?

The simplest fountain design to build in Minecraft would be a basic stone fountain. All you need are cobblestone blocks and water buckets. Arrange the stone blocks in a circle or square and place water at the center.

Is it necessary to use certain materials for my Minecraft fountain?

No, it isn’t. You are free to explore and use any block of your choice when building a fountain, be it stone bricks, prismarine, wood planks, etc.

Can lighting be added to fountain designs in Minecraft?

Yes, certainly! Using glowstone or sea lanterns underwater can give your fountains a spectacularly illuminated touch during the night-time hours.

Can I make my Minecraft Fountain functional as well as aesthetic?

Absolutely. With the right redstone mechanisms applied, you could create turbines, statues spouting water, or functioning gear systems beside your water features.

Does height matter for fountains in Minecraft?

The height of your fountain can determine its visibility and prominence. While smaller fountains may blend well into serene garden spaces, larger ones can provide focal points within cityscapes or large open areas.


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