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Petrification 5E Condition [Turned To Stone In A Single Gaze]

Petrification 5e A Condition
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 01/17/2024
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Navigating the intriguing world of 5e can be a thrilling adventure. Many have embarked on this journey, some emerging victorious, others not so lucky.

But it’s the prospect of potential hazards like petrification 5e that truly galvanizes players to continually hone their skills and strategies.

You stand at the foot of an unfamiliar terrain waiting to traverse the exciting dimensions of this relentlessly challenging but rewarding realm.

Petrification stands as one of the most formidable conditions in this vast universe, feared by even experienced adventurers not just for its brutal sway but for its irreversibility if left unchecked.

Your mind drifts towards imaginations of getting frozen solid as stone under a Medusa’s gaze or biting into a cockatrice’s feather scenarios that bring a chill down your spine and ignite an irresistible urge to understand more about this precarious condition.

It is here that your journey to acquiring knowledge about petrification 5e formally begins.

What is Petrification in 5e?

To put it simply, petrification is the alarming scenario in D&D where your character turns into a stony figure against their will.

What is Petrification in 5e

It goes beyond just being casual freezing or immobilization this shapeshifting phenomenon transfigures the fabric of your character, converting each thread of their being and even their carried equipment into stone.

Based on its root word ‘petra’, meaning rock in Greek, petrification etches stone-like rigidity and stillness into the essence of your character’s form and consciousness.

What was once a vibrant creature full of life and vitality becomes an eerie statue suspended in endless silence.

Its onset might be gradual, like the creeping touch of encroaching moss, or as a strike-of-lightning sudden based on the nature of its trigger.

This unique condition is one aspect that adds to DnD’s reputation as a game notorious for its unpredictability.

You are constantly kept on your toes, scanning your environment for potential triggers.

Although it’s undeniably intimidating, understanding petrification can also add depth to your gameplay and open doors to out-of-the-box problem-solving situations.

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What causes petrification in D&D?

In your progressive exploration of Dungeons and Dragons, also fondly referred to as D&D, you may encounter a myriad of threats.

What causes petrification in DD

One such threat is the condition known as petrification. This frightful state often descends upon unfortunate adventurers who cross paths with some of D&D’s most menacing creatures.

A primary cause of petrification is an ill-fated meeting with a cockatrice, a beast notorious for its lethal bite that can turn its victims to stone.

Equally dreaded and equally insidious is the renowned Medusa, whose deadly gaze has the power to instantly solidify its target into an immobile statue.

But remember this: although petrification is caused by monsters in D&D, it is not limited to these creatures alone.

Various spells and treacherous terrain found throughout your journey could also instigate this horrifying condition.

When you find yourself immersed in the realm of D&D, caution should be your watchword.

Be aware of these dangerous scenarios that have the prospect of inducing that dreaded stone-like state and strategize appropriately so as not to fall victim to them.

How Petrification 5e Functions?

When a creature undergoes petrification 5e, it has ripple effects that can drastically alter your game plan.

How Petrification 5e Functions

The creature in question along with its belongings morph into a substance akin to stone. This dramatic shift can leave you in quite a predicament.

Under petrification, your character becomes incapacitated. It is incapable of movement or speech and unaware of its environment.

This means your typically high-functioning character resorts to being an immobile statue with no ability to defend itself.

The ‘petrified’ status also makes one more susceptible to attacks. The enemy enjoys an advantage on their attack rolls made against the stone-encased unit, resulting in heightened vulnerability.

The creature automatically fails any Strength and Dexterity saving throws during this state a brutal reality that stems from complete immobility and unconsciousness.

Despite these unfavorable consequences, petrification isn’t without its few merits. Durability remarkably improves as its resistance to all forms of damage increases.

Immunity is then granted against poison and diseases even if previously infected; these ailments are temporarily halted.

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How do you get petrified?

Endeavoring through the world of D&D can throw a myriad of challenges your way. One such challenge, and perhaps one of the most daunting, is encountering the Petrification condition.

How do you get petrified

It’s a result of spells, certain magic items, and specific monster attacks. Primarily, you cannot successfully navigate a Dexterity (DEX) or Constitution (CON) saving throw that puts you at risk.

Take the spell ‘Flesh to Stone.’ This particular spell creates a threat to your character by attempting to turn flesh into stone.

When targeted with it, you’re required to make a CON saving throw. Your lack of success here could send you spiraling toward petrification.

Another example is the ‘Wand of Wonder,’ a magic item notorious for its unpredictable outcomes. If fate isn’t on your side, this wand could potentially call forth an effect requiring another CON save or risk becoming petrified.

In case of monsters wielding this power, consider a ‘Death Tyrant.’ It exercises an eye beam effect against which you would need to make a DEX save.

Between classes, the Wizards and Sorcerers bear greater susceptibility toward these conditions due to their typically lower CON or DEX scores.

If any out there practice as Dungeon Masters (DMs), it might be quite interesting for them to target such characters with petrification effects.

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FAQs About Petrification 5e

What does the petrified condition do in D&D 5e?

The petrified condition turns a creature to stone and renders it unconscious. It becomes resistant to all damage, immune to poison and diseases, and cannot move or speak.

Can you undo petrification in D&D 5e?

Yes, petrification can be reversed by casting the ‘Greater Restoration’ spell or using a potion like ‘Stone to Flesh’.

Is there anything immune to petrification in D&D?

Yes, creatures such as gargoyles and earth elementals are typically immune to being petrified.

Can spells like ‘Flesh to Stone’ instantly cause the Petrified condition?

No, it doesn’t cause immediate petrification. Instead, the target must make a series of failed saves for complete petrification.

Can a character die from being petrified?

While a character cannot die directly from being petrified, they do become highly vulnerable while in this helpless state.


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