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Play Date Roblox ID Code (2024) Melanie Martinez Song ID

Play Date Roblox ID Code (2022): Melanie Martinez Song ID
  Written By: Pv Singh
Updated On: 07/31/2023
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Ever since I first heard the catchy and mesmerizing melody of “Play Date” by Melanie Martinez, I’ve been in love with the song! Then, I found out about the incredible world of Roblox – a community where millions of people can come together to create virtual experiences.

Suddenly, it became possible to meld my passion for Melanie Martinez’s music with my imagination through Play Date Roblox ID codes. In this blog post today, I am thrilled to share with you all the details on how to experience “Play Date” across a variety of Roblox games!

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Finding Play Date Roblox ID Codes (2024) – The Ultimate List

ID codes in Roblox are unique identification numbers assigned to specific audio tracks that make it easier for the community to include their favorite songs or sounds within their games and experiences. By using these special codes, you can easily insert “Play Date” into various gaming scenarios such as Bloxburg or Royale High. Here’s an updated list of multiple Play Date Roblox ID codes for you:

Play Date Roblox ID Codes List (2022)
Song (Version)Roblox ID Code
Melanie Martinez – PLAY DATE (Slowed)4954877483
Play Date Slowed6137446787
PLAY DATE – (PROD)5936342799
Play Date But Its Funky5228452903
Jonah Kaylor Play Date5146662650
Melanie Martinez – PLAY DATE2165354986
Melanie Martinez – Play Date (II)5880776566
Melanie Martinez – Play Date (Jonah Kaylor Remix)6038168093
Melanie Martinez – Play Date Kalimba Cover with Ta (II)6150583971
Play Date Instrumental Melanie Martinez edit6329236985
Melanie Martinez- Play Date Tik Tok Version6209917131
Play Date Melanie Martinez [Music Box]6257347918

Always double-check these codes as they can change over time.

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How to Use the Play Date Roblox ID Codes?

Using these incredible “Play Date” codes within your Roblox gameplay is actually quite simple! Just follow these straightforward steps:

How to Use Play Date Roblox Song ID?
  1. Launch your favorite Roblox game where you’d like to use the code.
  2. Locate and equip an in-game item called a Boombox or similarly named tool that allows music playback.
  3. Left-click (or tap on mobile devices) the equipped Boombox to reveal a text input field.
  4. Enter the desired Play Date Roblox ID Code from the table above in that field, and press “Play” or hit “Enter” on your keyboard.
  5. Voilà! Enjoy Melanie Martinez’s Play Date tune within your game.

You may come across games that have different requirements to play music, so make sure you follow their specific instructions.

Tips to Find More Updated and Exclusive Music Content in Roblox

To keep discovering new IDs for amazing songs follow some simple tips:

  1. Regularly visit popular Roblox forums or subreddits where users share fresh codes and fantastic music finds.
  2. Look out for user-generated game worlds that showcase extraordinary audio content.

By exploring various resources, you can always stay up-to-date with new music content in Roblox.

Melanie Martinez - Play Date (Official Audio)

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So, what are you waiting for? With these Play Date Roblox ID codes in hand, get ready to enter the enchanting world of Roblox enhanced by Melanie Martinez’s magical tunes! Don’t hesitate to explore further, customize your gameplay, and give life to your imagination and creativity!


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