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Replicate Magic Item 5E [Craft Magical Treasures As An Artificer]

replicate magic item 5e
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 01/14/2024
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Magic lingers around every corner in the fantastic world of Dungeons and Dragons (D&D).

Dubbed one of the most malleable and rewardingly complex games, D&D fuels players’ imaginations with mystic rules, mythical creatures, and, of course, magic items.

One such exciting area to delve into to enhance your gameplay is learning to replicate magic items in 5e. Creating a replica of a magic item can open up an entirely new dimension in the game.

Suppose you find yourself enchanted by the idea of replicating some of the most powerful magical artifacts within the realm of D&D.

This blog post is definitely for you. It guides you through how to replicate magic item 5e to make your gaming journey even more exhilarating and dynamic.

What is a replicate magic item in 5e?

In the mystical universe of Dungeons and Dragons, the ‘Replicate Magic Item’ holds a unique place.

What is replicate magic item 5e

Being an Infusion, it’s the only one you can master more than once. But what does this mean? Simply put, Infusions are magical enhancements that artificers (the game’s crafty inventors) can use to bring ordinary items to life, turning them into special magical objects.

Replicate Magic Item allows you to create a precise duplicate of a particular magical item that you’ve discovered on your adventures.

It gives your character the power to give magic items to your party members or even sell them for some extra gold.

Important Artificer Infusions (2nd-Level and Beyond)

As an adventurous Artificer player, you may engage in a spectrum of invigorating “Infusions”- magical enhancements that boost your proficiency in combat and exploration.

Important Artificer Infusions (2nd-Level and Beyond)

Let’s dive into some of the crucial Infusions available starting at 2nd-level, highlighting their potency and game-changing benefits for you and your party.

Armor of Magical Strength

The Armor of Magical Strength is an artificer’s dream come true. This infusion offers a significant strength boost, particularly useful for prone positions during combat.

Armor of Magical Strength

With the ability to enhance Strength (Athletics) checks, it can make strategizing your moves even more effective.

In addition to its power boost, consider integrating the Extra Attack feature when using this infusion; it could magnify your effectiveness in the battle manifold, positioning you as a formidable opponent on the battlefield.

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Enhanced Arcane Focus

The second key infusion likely to cross an artificer’s path is the Enhanced Arcane Focus.

An alluring attribute of this infusion is that it provides a rare spell attack bonus, invaluable in challenging battles against potent foes.

Sharing this with other caster members in your party will amplify its advantages further.

If you’re playing as a Battle Smith artificer, benefiting from an ally equipped with an Enhanced Arcane Focus doubles the focus’s advantages via the Steel Defender.

Enhanced Defense

Continuing along on our exploration tour through vital infusions brings us to the Enhanced Defense. Upgrading armor or shield by +1 or +2 AC registers is critical in D&D 5e’s bounded math system.

This infusion solidifies an Artificer’s reputation for possessing a high Armor Class (AC).

Expanding defenses using Enhanced Defense not only protects yourself but also barges up companions who tend to gravitate towards danger throughout quests.

Enhanced Weapon

Enhanced Weapon

Engage further into exceptional infusions with Enhanced Weapon. This infusion provides a bonus to weapons, potentially changing the outcome of a tensely matched fight, offering you an upper hand.

Remember to also explore your spellcasting options. Even though a skillfully enhanced weapon provides excellent offense potential, a carefully timed spell could deliver an unforeseen advantage in specific scenarios.

Homunculus Servant

Meet the Homunculus Servant: an improved version of its familiar peer but with its dedicated uniqueness.

Possessing up to 26 hit points and an ability to execute various actions in combats independent of your orders- this is more than just an ally on the field.

Its unique ability allows for delivering touch spells, thus aiding in both offense and support roles. A steadfast companion by your side: The Homunculus Servant serves as an asset one can surely appreciate.

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Mind Sharpener

Turning our attention now to the Mind Sharpener infusion – a tool paramount for safeguarding your concentration.

Characteristically beneficial for artificers who utilize buffs, Mind Sharpener safeguards your focus during intense battles, becoming an insurance of sorts for held concentration spells.

A remarkably handy aspect of this article infusion is its sharing potential. Distribute its benefits with your party’s spellcasters and watch it elevate not only your contribution but boost the team’s efficiency extensively too.

Repeating Shot

For those artificers seeking to bolster their ranged attacks, the Repeating Shot infusion is just right.

Repeating Shot

This invaluable tool enables crossbows and firearms as practical artillery choices by removing the necessity of loading these weapons between shots positioning them as viable alternatives even without the Crossbow Expert feature.

Battle Smiths will find this infusion beneficial in unleashing potent offense starting from the 5th level.

Replicate Magic Item

The Replicate Magic Item- an infusion that offers a rich palette of game-changing choices due to its versatility.

It is crucial not to drain all of your Infusion slots on Replicate Magic Item alone despite its apparent allure and the opportunities it holds.

Diversifying infusions provide a balanced capability set that can flexibly respond to varying challenges on your quest.

Returning Weapon

Pre-10th level, you’ll be hard-pressed to find an infusion more instrumental than Returning Weapon.

By making any thrown weapon return right back after launching an attack, this infusion opens up strategic possibilities that are otherwise unattainable with the Enhanced Weapon.

Its unique distinction lies with weapons carrying “thrown property,” offering new pathways in both strategy and gameplay execution.

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Boots of the Winding Path

On our journey through essential Artificer infusions are Boots of the Winding Path.

Boots of the Winding Path

With their teleportation abilities limited only by spaces you’ve already occupied, these boots enable fascinating hit-and-run tactics.

They have the potential to lockdown melee situations, thereby allowing you to also take on more defensive roles within your gaming strategy.

The Boots of the Winding Path is an excellent way to illustrate how Artificer infusions can vastly enhance and diversify your D&D adventures.

Radiant Weapon

One noticeable shift in gameplay comes at levels 6 to 11 with the infusion of a Radiant Weapon.

This remarkable infusion provides a dual advantage; Not only does it make your weapon remarkably powerful, but it can also defend you from potential threats.

While Radiant Weapon shines brightly in mid-levels, as you advance, consider graduating to an Advanced Weapon to keep evolving in your combat strength.

Repulsion Shield

Next on deck is the Repulsion Shield. It repels enemies away from your radius, creating distance between you and potential threats.

Although its efficiency may waver given specific conditions, enhancing defense using this infusion still proves transformative.

It serves as an excellent tool for breaking grapples and liberating yourself or allies from foes’ clutches.

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Resistant Armor

Face psychic, necrotic, or radiant damage no more with the Resistant Armor infusion. It grants resistance to these rare damage types that can bewilder inexperienced adventurers while battling unusual enemies.

Resistant Armor

You can infuse this resistance into either armor or shield based on your character’s needs, making it fashionably versatile.

Spell-Refueling Ring

The Spell-Refueling Ring proves useful for regaining spell slots of up to 3rd level quickly during combat or exploration.

Warlocks above the 6th level might find this infusion less suitable due to their existing spell-slot mechanism making the ring redundant.

Helm of Awareness

With a rarity akin to jewels in D&D is the Helm of Awareness infusion. Offering a rare Initiative bonus vital for turn order during conflicts and an even rarer advantage on opportunity attack rolls makes it supremely valuable for area control strategies and assassin classes.

Arcane Propulsion Armor

Dressed in Arcane Propulsion Armor turns Artificer players into veritable Juggernauts on the battlefield.

Arcane Propulsion Armor

This full-body suit comes with a +5 ft. speed enhancement and the perk of not being forcibly removable, securing your boosted defenses.

The limited use of two gauntlets may seem restrictive, but it lets you focus on honing your skills with chosen weapons or resources.

Ideal for Artificer or Armorer classes, the Arcane Propulsion Armor cashes in on both defensive strength and movement flexibility.

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Common Magic Items

If you’re seeking to imbue your D&D campaign with a thrilling element of mystique, consider introducing common magic items.

Although they might lack the epic grandeur of rare artifacts, these magical items can significantly enhance your gameplay.

Their effects might be subtle, but they are nonetheless impactful. The following are brief descriptions of some common magic items:

  • Cast-Off Armor: This is special armor that allows you to doff it as an action.
  • Clockwork Amulet: Sporting this amulet grants you the ability to avoid the gamble of dice rolls and achieve consistent – albeit average – results.
  • Hat of Vermin: When wearing this quirky hat, you can use an action to summon a bat, frog or rat.
  • Moon-Touched Sword: This mystical sword emits a soothing light in the dark akin to that created by a moonbeam.
  • Mystery Key: A seemingly ordinary key. It has a 5% chance of unlocking any lock into which it’s inserted.
  • Perfume of Bewitching: When worn, not only does it leave you pleasantly smelling, but also lets you cast the Charm person spell.
  • Pot of Awakening: A seemingly normal plant pot that accelerates growth and bestows sentience upon the plant it contains after 30 days.
  • Ruby of the War Mage: An arcane gem that allows you to channel your magic power through any simple or martial weapon.
  • Spellwrought Tattoo: A collection of magical tattoos that allow casting spells inked on them once per day.
  • Unbreakable Arrow: An arrow deemed unbreakable unless a specific spell is employed upon it.
  • Walloping Ammunition: Enchanted ammunition capable of knocking back opponents upon impact.

Introducing these small nuances through common magic items could deepen your characters’ lore and provide for unexpected twists in your campaign.

The nature of these artifacts is such that while they may not always be game-changing, they can spawn countless memorable moments in your journey.

2nd-Level Replicable Items

In D&D, second-level replicable items hold a special allure. Here’s why: They are not too hard to get, yet they’re potent enough to upgrade your gameplay remarkably.

Let’s delve into each of these magical items.

  • Alchemy Jug: This magical jug’s legend is that it can produce small quantities of whatever liquid the holder commands. From water and oil to rarer substances such as acid or poison, the Alchemy Jug is an incredible boon in often unexpected situations.
  • Bag of Holding: This is an extra-dimensional space concealed within a standard-looking bag. It allows you to store far more items than a regular bag could hold because its internal capacity far exceeds its external dimensions.
  • Cap of Water Breathing: You value your life, and this wondrous cap lets you breathe underwater indefinitely. Now oceans or rivers don’t need to be obstacles in your quests!
  • Goggles of Night: Can’t see in the dark? Don’t fret! The Goggles of Night bless you with night vision up to a range of 60 feet.
  • Rope of Climbing: It may sound like ordinary climbing gear, but this length of rope can magically fasten itself securely wherever you wish when given the correct command word.
  • Sending Stones: These stones make long-distance communication super simple. Just whisper a message holding one rock, and the person holding its counterpart will hear it!
  • Wand of Magic Detection: Are you curious if there’s magic around you? Use this wand. It detects mana presence within a predetermined radius.
  • Wand of Secrets: If traps or hidden doors puzzle you often, don’t worry! This wand pulses and points at them once activated.

6th-Level Replicatable Items

The next level up in replicable magic items are those that start becoming available at Level 6. At this level, the magic items you can create begin to offer some truly game-changing abilities and effects.

  • Boots of Elvenkind: Want to move silently? These boots enable you to do just that, making any footstep sound barely audible.
  • Cloak of Elvenkind: Hide from prying eyes with ease. This cloak allows you to blend into your surroundings, making it hard for others to spot you.
  • Cloak of the Manta Ray: Transform underwater travel into an effortless experience. You acquire the ability to breathe underwater and swim gracefully when this cloak gets donned.
  • Eyes of Charming: Influence anyone easily with these enchanted pieces of jewelry. They can cast a charm spell on a humanoid creature when activated.
  • Gloves of Thievery: For those with finesse in thievery, these gloves are excellent. They enhance your dexterity in lock picking or disarming sophisticated traps.
  • Lantern of Revealing: With this lantern in your possession, invisibility offers no veil. It shines a light that exposes any invisible creatures or objects within a specific range.
  • Pipes of Haunting: Create creepy tones that frighten anyone who hears them by blowing into these pipes.
  • Ring of Water Walking: To gain the ability to tread on water as though it were solid ground, use this ring.

These lists provide an overview of the various magical items that artificers can reproduce at levels 2 and 6 within D&D 5e.

Master replicating these artifacts, and your journeys through the fantasy realms will indeed become far more engaging and deeply thrilling.

10th-Level Replicatable Items

After progressing further into your D&D game and reaching the laudable 10th-level status, you’ll unlock new heights of magic item replications.

With this capability, you can replicate a variety of powerful and useful items, each with its unique set of abilities to enhance your gameplay. Here are some of the 10th-level replicable items.

  • Boots of Striding and Springing: These magical boots triple your jumping distance and double your walking speed.
  • Boots of the Winterlands: Perfect for any adventure in a cold environment. They keep you warm and comfortable, preventing any cold-related damage.
  • Bracers of Archery: Specialty item for bow users that boosts archery skills substantially.
  • Brooch of Shielding: A defensively invaluable piece that shields the wearer from force damage and guards against magic missiles.
  • Cloak of Protection: Enhances the user’s resilience by granting bonus points to Armor Class (AC) and all saving throws.
  • Eyes of the Eagle: When worn, these lend superior eyesight, enhancing perceptions and allowing clear sight at great distances.
  • Gauntlets of Ogre Power: These augment your strength to that similar to an ogre, raising the Strength score to 19.
  • Gloves of Missile Snaring: An excellent accessory for protecting against ranged attacks by reducing damage from non-magical projectiles.
  • Gloves for Swimming and Climbing give the wearer uncanny abilities to swim or climb as efficiently as any fish or monkey could do respectively!
  • Hat of Disguise lets you cast disguise yourself at will without needing spell slots. Talk about an instant makeover.
  • Headband of Intellect: A great boon for any intellectual endeavor, boosting the wearer’s Intelligence score to 19 irrespective of their current level.
  • Helm of Telepathy: This extraordinary item grants the ability to communicate telepathically, reading thoughts or casting a suggestion spell on others.
  • Medallion of Thoughts: Empowers you with the capacity to probe into the minds of others. Limited use per day makes it precious.
  • Necklace of Adaptation: Makes you adaptable to any environment, allowing you to breathe normally in any atmosphere or even underwater.
  • Periapt of Wound Closure: This life-saving jewelry stabilizes you when you’re dying and amplifies your healing power.
  • Pipes of the Sewers: A bewitching instrument lets you summon a swarm of rats to your aid.
  • Quiver of Ehlonna: The handiest companion for archers as it can carry various weapons and ammunition, magically providing what is needed most at that moment.
  • Ring of Jumping: A handy little trinket that triples your jumping distance at will.
  • Ring of Mind Shielding: A defensive accessory that guards your thoughts against telepathic intrusions and even preserves your soul after death.
  • Slippers of Spider Climbing: The ultimate tool for infiltration and exploration as they enable you to climb walls and ceilings like a spider
  • Ventilating Lungs: Helps neutralize harmful vapors and gases inhaled helping maintain great respiratory health.
  • Winged Boots: These exotic feathered boots give flight to your fantasies by granting you the ability to fly.

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14th-Level Replicatable Items

As your journey extends in the D&D universe, you may come across magical items that offer more power and range of capabilities.

When an artificer reaches the 14th level, they unlock a variety of powerful and highly useful magical items that can be replicated.

These items range from amulets to rings to weapons, offering numerous benefits to the user.

  • Amulet of Health: This magical necklace adjusts the constitution of the wearer to 19.
  • Arcane Propulsion Arm: This robotic arm is an excellent choice for Artificers interested in melee combat.
  • Belt of Hill Giant Strength: A belt that enhances strength for those who wear it by setting their strength score at a specific number.
  • Boots of Levitation: These boots allow the person wearing them to levitate at will.
  • Boots of Speed: As you might suspect from the name, these boots are beneficial as they double your speed and make you immune to speed-reducing effects.
  • Bracers of Defense: Ensuring your protection, these bracers increase your Armor Class when you’re not wearing armor or using a shield.
  • Cloak of the Bat: Offering mobility benefits, this cloak allows you to fly and even transforms you into a bat!
  • Dimensional Shackles: Enables temporary restriction on enemy travel magic when placed on them.
  • Gem of Seeing: A gem that can provide “true seeing” for as long as its power lasts.
  • Horn of Blasting: Creates an explosion causing damage within a cone-shaped area when blown into.
  • Ring of Free Action: Provides immunity against spells and other effects that slow down movement.
  • Ring of Protection: Greatly beneficial when in conflict situations as it adds +1 bonus to AC and saving throws.
  • Ring of the Ram: A stunning artifact that allows the bearer to attack enemies at a distance.

Replicable magic items, even those at higher levels, are not guaranteed to be the ultimate solution to character development in D&D.

Diverse spellcasting abilities, strategic thinking, and cooperation within the party still play a crucial role in navigating the game’s intricate universe.

Mastering magic item replication is undoubtedly beneficial and demonstrates the depth and flexibility of D&D’s rule system.

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FAQs About replicate magic item 5e

What is the purpose of replicating a magic item in 5e?

The main purpose of replicating a magic item in D&D 5e is to enhance your character’s abilities or provide unique skills that might not be otherwise available.

How many times can I replicate a magic item as an Artificer in 5

As an Artificer, you can replicate a magic item as many times as your Infusion slots allow at each level.

Can I replicate any magic item in D&D 5e?

No, the ability to replicate depends on the type of the item, your level as an Artificer and whether it is on your list of Replicatable items.

How long does a replicated magic item last in D&D 5e?

The replicated magic items last indefinitely, as long as the Artificer keeps it among their chosen infusions during a long rest.

Can I use replicated magical items outside my party in D&D 5e?

Yes, you can typically lend out replicated magical items to non-party members unless otherwise specified by your Dungeon Master.


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