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Revived Witch Tier List (July 2024) Best Characters Ranked

Revived Witch Tier List (2023) Best Characters
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 07/23/2023
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Revived Witch is an adventure RPG that puts you in the shoes of a young witch entering a mysterious tower. You are on a mission to travel around the world and fight off enemies along your journey. Choosing a character for this game is the first step, so our Revived Witch tier list aims to help you out with the decision process.

We have ranked all the characters from the game in tiers according to their rarity and role so that you can make an informed decision about which one to choose for your mission. Read on to find out more about the ranking system and how it can help you make the most of your playing experience.

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Revived Witch Tier List (July 2024)

Character’s role is one of the biggest considerations when choosing a character for your adventure. In Revived Witch, characters are classified into three main roles: damage dealer, tank, and support. Each role has its own unique strengths and weaknesses that you must take into consideration while selecting your character.

Revived Witch Tier List (2023)

Apart from this, each character is also categorized according to their rarity level which further helps players decide which one to choose. We have divided Revived Witch tier list into many sections including one each for damage dealers, tank, support, UR, SSR, SR, and R rarity levels.

Revived Witch Damage Dealers Tier List (2024)

Damage Dealers are characters that specialize in dealing damage to enemies. This tier list ranks damage dealers from the S tier to the D tier based on their power and effectiveness in combat.

Revived Witch Damage Dealers Tier List (2023)
SShiori, Isabel, Kapla
AGoddess Dana, Claire
BAsherah, Raphan, Yui, Mineer, Nicolis, Mayahuel
CBetsy, Celanya, Camilyne, Ella, Akasha, Angling, Nasha, Ushpia, Matveiffe, naiad, Dark Anemone, Parfait, Cutana, Evernight Noctuna, Phileanosis, Idol Flora
DAnemone, Goorveig, Sally, Little Akasha

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Revived Witch Support Tier List (2024)

When playing Revived Witch, it is important to have a strong support character who can help the party with healing and buffing. Use this tier list to find out which characters have the best support abilities.

Revived Witch Support Tier List (2023)
SCatherine, Caledonia, Sanva, Afallen, Nannar, Tuonel of Night
ASymbriette, Luan, Ella, Raphan, Camilyne
BGoorveig, Kapla, Parfait, Angling
CLittle Akasha

Revived Witch Tank Tier List (2024)

Tanks are characters that specialize in taking damage and protecting other members of the party. If you want to create an effective tanking team, you should use this tier list to pick characters with the most powerful defensive skills and remarkable tanking capabilities.

Revived Witch Tank Tier List (2023)
SEddine, Cersivey, Amanami
AGoddess Dana, Ardisia, Lilia
BMayahuel, Tuonel, Princess Amanami
CGoorveig, Hauen, Bellavita, Arcana, Ushpia

Revived Witch UR Tier List (2024)

The UR tier is the highest rarity level and is also home to some of the strongest dolls in Revived Witch. Use this tier list to find out which characters are the most powerful, regardless of their role.

Revived Witch UR Tier List (2023)
SCelanya, Tuonel, Mineer, Afallen, Kamui, Cersivey, Catherine, Eddine, Asherah, U-Pollyben, Cassis, Goddess Dana, Little Akasha, Suigetsu, Amorai, Kapla, Ella, Amanami, Shiroi, Naiad
AParfait, Raphan, Caledonia, Akasha, Goorveig, Nannar, Sher,, Metamorphoses, Matveiffe, Symbriette, Phileanosis, Priestess of Irminsul – Flare, Rabbit of Fairyland – Hauen, Claire, Carol, Nicolis, Evernight Nocturna, Danelim, Curtana, Princess Amanami, Ninsar, Isabel, Tuonel of Night
BBetsy, Ardisia, Flora, Sally, Nasha, Bellavita, Angling, Camilyne
CAnemone, Idol Flora

Revived Witch SSR Tier List (2024)

The SSR tier contains strong characters who can be great assets to your team. Use the S-tier SSR dolls to dominate your enemies and the D-tier SSRs for supporting roles.

Revived Witch SSR Tier List (2023)
SAcheronte, Datheios, Dorin, Mayahuel, Ushpia
ALa Crima, Kyphon, Phrygia, Arcana, Yui
BNorn, Inn & Lou, Luan, Dark Anemone, Tama
CShuffle, Viola, Nocturna

Revived Witch SR Tier List (2024)

The SR tier contains characters that are not rare but can still be quite effective in the right hands. Use this Revived Witch tier list to find out which SR dolls can give you an advantage over your opponents.

Revived Witch SR Tier List (2023)
CYothaya, Miku, Cetess, Octavia, Mikoto, Mortimer, Elis, Croche, Hilda, Ruda, Yurugu, Czerni, Nemesi

Revived Witch R Tier List (2024)

The R rarity level contains characters that are not as powerful as their SSR and SR counterparts, but they still have some useful abilities that can help you in the game. Use this Revived Witch tier list to find your perfect R rarity character.

Revived Witch R Tier List (2023)
CAvil, Fey, Eulalia, Primula, Cuspidata

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which UR dolls are the best?

The best UR dolls for Revived Witch are Cassis, Goddess Dana, and Little Akasha. All of them have powerful abilities that can help you take down your enemies.

2. Who are the best damage dealers in Revived Witch tier list?

Shiori and Isabel are both excellent damage dealers in Revived Witch with powerful attacks.

3. Which are the best tanks in Revived Witch?

Catherine and Caledonia are both excellent Tanks with strong defensive capabilities.

4. Who are the best support characters in Revived Witch tier list?

When it comes to supporting, Eddine, Cersivey, and Amanami are all great options. They have the tools to heal and buff your team while also providing some offensive capability.

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Final Words

Choosing the right character for your team is an important decision and one that should be taken with great care. By consulting this Revived Witch tier list, you can make sure that you have all the information necessary to take on any challenge! Good luck!


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