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10 Best Rogue Multiclasses 5E [Blend Stealth And Other Class Features]

best rogue multiclasses 5e
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 01/19/2024
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The world of D&D presents players with endless opportunities, allowing you to craft your unique character designed around your gameplay preferences.

Among the numerous fascinating aspects of D&D, one that often sparks the curiosity and creativity of players is multiclassing.

The rogue multiclasses offer a wealth of unique benefits presenting distinct strategic advantages on your quests and adventures. Through multiclassing, your character diverges from the traditional single-class progression, opening up an impressive array of abilities and skills from two or more classes.

By dabbling in the realm of rogue multiclass 5e for instance, a character can bring together the stealth and skillset of a rogue with another class’s key features for an enhanced gaming experience.

Yet as thrilling as it can be to mix and match, navigating through all these options can get bewildering. This is where this guide comes into play.

Best Rogue Multiclasses of 5e

Among the myriad classes available to you in D&D, none is perhaps as eclectic as the Rogue.

As a rogue, your character is equal parts, cunning and dextrous able to stealthily navigate tricky terrains or smoothly pickpocket an unsuspecting party.

But, imagine fusing this nimbleness with the magic of a Wizard or the charm of a Bard.

This combination creates powerful and unique gameplay experiences that take your D&D adventures to new heights. Let’s delve into these alluring multiclass options.


Rogue-Wizard presents a dynamic multiclass choice. The arcane knowledge of wizards complements the roguish abilities seamlessly, providing you with enhanced flexibility in combat and interactions within your gaming world.


As a wizard, you have access to spells that can enhance your rogue abilities such as ‘Invisibility’ for improved stealth or ‘Find Familiar’ for scouting purposes.

The prowess of rogues delivers an enhanced breadth of wizardry through aptitudes like Sneak Attack and Uncanny Dodge.

The Arcane Trickster Rogue subclass would be particularly beneficial with this multiclass option as it blends magic and roguery.

If your strategy involves spellcasting combined with skulking around unseen controlled environments Rogue-Wizard should be your choice.


Yet another magic-using class that synergizes well with Rogues is Warlock. A Rogue-Warlock character opens up multiple useful options.

A key benefit you enjoy from this match-up is invocations such as ‘Devil’s Sight’, which aids in sneak attacks by seeing through the darkness.

Casting Hex on an enemy results in additional damage each turn; coupled with a rogue’s Sneak Attack for significant damage.

Combine this with the Warlock’s ‘Eldritch Blast’ arguably one of the most potent cantrips and you have some substantial firepower at your disposal.

If you value a balance between powerful attacks and cunning maneuvers, Rogue-Warlock serves as an excellent choice.

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The Rogue-Bard multiclass offers a compelling blend of roleplay flexibility with enhanced skill proficiencies.


As a bard, you gain access to spells that can augment your rogue abilities. This includes spells like ‘Enhance Ability’ for advantage on Dexterity checks perfect for sneaky rogues.

From a role-playing perspective, this combination presents an interesting character; a charming bard when mingling in societies but secretly wielding the crafty abilities of a rogue.

As both classes are inherently skillful, you will likely become the swiss-army-knife for your party by covering myriad skills effectively.

Choose Rogue-Bard if exciting role-play combined with high adaptability is your preference.


A Rogue-Fighter multiclass allows you to combine the rogue’s cunning stealth with the hard-hitting prowess of a fighter.

As a fighter, gaining ‘Extra Attacks’ is especially valuable. When used in conjunction with the rogue’s Sneak Attack feature, this combination allows you to damage opponents significantly and consistently.

With the Fighter class, you can better hold your own in combat a factor where pure rogues tend to be more fragile.

Battle Master Fighters give an extra edge here with their maneuvers adding in more tactical depth. It’s a practical choice if staying power coupled with versatility in combat appeals to you.


Mixing Ranger and Rogue creates an exciting prospect for those interested in stealthy tracking or vs. specific enemies.


The ‘Favored Enemy’ feature of Rangers is handy while planning attacks against designated opponents.

Rogue abilities like Evasion combined with Ranger’s ‘Multiattack Defense’ make such character quite elusive against targeted attacks especially ranged ones.

With access to ranger spells that help in exploration or combat, this class matchup adds new dimensions to your character.

Rogues’ Sneak Attack combined with the horde-breaking abilities of a ‘Horizon Walker’ Ranger becomes particularly potent.

Opt for Rogue-Ranger if a combination of stealth, tracking, and ranged combat is your niche.

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A Rogue-Cleric multiclass provides a diverse range of tactical options, bringing together the faith-powered abilities of clerics and a rogue’s cunning skill set.

Trickery Domain is a perfect fit with your rogue character as it leans towards stealth and deception.

Spells like ‘Bless’ can be valuable in underlining a rogue’s strengths making those crucial attacks or saving throws more likely to succeed.

As a cleric, you gain access to healing spells allowing you to play the double role of damage dealer and healer within your party.

The Rogue-Cleric multiclass creates an interestingly unique playstyle that can adapt and thrive in varied situations.


The Rogue-Sorcerer combination brings together the raw magic power of sorcerers with the skulking specialty of rogues.


Begin combat from stealth with powerful sorcerer spells or use your sorcery points to quicken a spell and get off a sneak attack in the same turn.

The ‘Subtle Spell’ meta magic option from Sorcerer is particularly good for rogues because it allows casting spells without being detected a big boost for stealth actions.

If you prefer an almost uncatchable, magic-infused spy or agent-like character who can dish out significant magic damage while staying elusive, this class fusion may just be your cup of tea.


Choosing to multiclass your rogue with a druid opens up possibilities as vast as the natural world druids encompass.

The ability to shape-shift into different animals with ‘Wild Shape’ offers novel ways for solving problems or executing sneak attacks in combat scenarios by exceeding the usual boundaries for humanoids.

Note that most roguish abilities do not transfer over when shape-shifted into animal forms until later higher levels (Druid L6 for Moon Circle).

The Druid archetype Circle of Spores has good synergy with rogues introducing fair melee capabilities.

Opt for Rogue-Druid if the ability to adapt by embodying the strengths of varied natural forms excites you.


The Rogue-Monk multiclass capitalizes on the similar main damage attribute (Dexterity) of both classes, forming a fast-striking, agile combatant where mobility is key.


Monastic Traditions like Way of the Shadow work well with Rogues giving access to an array of stealth capabilities such as ‘Shadow Arts’ for casting spells like ‘Darkness’, ‘Silence’, etc.

Further unique abilities like ‘Deflect Missiles’ and enhanced movement add up to your roguish advantages, allowing more action choices during encounters.

If your playstyle leans towards dishing out swift strikes while mastering mobility, go for this multiclass option.


The Rogue-Paladin combination is a rare but highly potent multiclass choice. As a paladin, you’d gain ‘Divine Smite’ which lets you use spell slots to do extra damage on hits an excellent complement to your rogue sneak attacks.

You’re not just limited to brute force either – Paladins also bring useful spellcasting into play including healing abilities.

The fusion of roguish subtlety with Paladin’s martial prowess and righteous magic makes for an interesting dichotomy offering the potential for fascinating character arcs in role-play situations.

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FAQs About Rogue Multiclass 5e

What are the advantages of multiclassing a rogue in D&D 5e?

Multiclassing a rogue allows you to gain abilities and benefits from another class that can complement your rogue skills, giving you greater adaptability in combat, exploration, or interactions.

Why might I pick Wizard as a multiclass for my rogue character?

Combining wizard with rogue enhances flexibility by merging spellcasting and stealth. This can lead to more creative problem-solving and combat tactics.

How does multiclassing my rogue with Bard affect the roleplay element of my game?

Rogue-Bard offers remarkable role-play flexibility as your character can present as an affable bard in societies whilst harnessing the secretive abilities of a rogue.

I love combat; would I enjoy multiclassing my Rogue with Fighter?

Yes, a Rogue-Fighter mix paves the way for robust combat capabilities, allowing your character to deliver substantial damage alongside stealthy maneuvers.

Does druid make a good multiclass choice for rogues?

Rogue-Druid can be a compelling choice if adaptation via embodying strengths of diverse natural forms aligns with your play strategy.


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