Sims 4 Satisfaction Points Cheat (2022) Aspirations, Reward

Sims 4 Satisfaction Points Cheat (2022) Aspirations, Reward

December 31, 2021
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The Sims 4 offers you the chance to create a new life and control it from start to finish. It is one of the best single-player games that has been released in this century, which means there's always something interesting going on.

If creating your own sims seems difficult or tedious, then don't worry because the Sims 4 also allows for some cheats; these can be used by those who find themselves struggling with their Sim personality and lifestyle choices.

Finding a Sims 4 satisfaction cheat code is not an easy task, but never fear. We here at Ofzenandcomputing have your back. In this article, we're going to be talking through The Sims 4 satisfaction points cheats (2022) and how it works for you.

Sims 4 - A Quick Introduction

On September 2nd, 2014, Electronic Arts Limited and Maxis produced a single-player game called "Sims 4". It is a single-player game with an output tone of voice that should be casual. In this, you have to create your own sim and try making their family line last for ten generations.

Till 2020, the Sims 4 is available on PlayStation4, XboxOne, and MacOs as well. Create a unique sim and build the perfect house - they will enjoy new experiences like never before in The Sim's world.

The Sims 4 is a game that lets you live out your daily life through the eyes of another person. It's not easy to control them, as they're swayed by what actions you take in their environment and can have drastically different personalities when it comes down to interactions with others.

There are all sorts of tasks too- from cooking meals for yourself or other people, going on dates, working at jobs outside the home (or inside), getting married - even starting families. The satisfaction points system in the Sims 4 is one of the trickiest to understand, but luckily there's a cheat for it!

Have you heard about the new Sims 4 satisfaction point cheats? If not, then read this article to see what it's all about.

What is The Sims 4 Satisfaction Points Cheat?

What is sims 4 satisfaction points cheat?

Sims 4 satisfaction points are like the rewards points in sims 4. They help you out with influencing your sim's lifestyle and changing their way of living. Sims 4 satisfaction point cheats can be used to paint better art or get promotions more easily too!

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Sims 4 Satisfaction Points Cheats (2022)

The Sims 4 is an amazing game, and after using the Sims 4 satisfaction points cheat, your game becomes more amazing and interesting. Now we're in the most important section of this article: following these steps will teach you how to use the sims 4 satisfaction points cheats. So be sure to follow every step carefully!

Sims 4 Satisfaction Points Cheats (2022)

Note: The "#" used in the cheat means how many Sim points you want to redeem. So, don't use "#"; just type out your desired amount.

  • First of all, you have to check whether cheats are enabled or not. So, open the cheat console by pressing the following shortcut keys according to your device.
    • For Microsoft Windows: Press Ctrl + Shift + Alt
    • For MacOS: Press Ctrl + Shift + Alt
    • For PS4: Press all the four shoulder buttons
    • For Xbox One: Press all the four shoulder buttons
  • Now, type "testingcheats true" in the blank box and hit the enter button.
  • After that, check whether a pop-up message arises or not with the text "cheats are enabled".
  • Now, if the message didn't arise then follow the first 2 steps again, and when the message arises type "sims.give_satisfaction_points #" and hit the enter button to redeem points.
  • For example, if you want to redeem 500 points then type "sims.give_satisfaction_points 500"

After following the above steps, you are able to spend your points in the rewards store.

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Getting Sims 4 Satisfaction Points Cheat with Whims

The whims in the Sims 4 are a good way to get sims 4 satisfaction point cheats, which allows you to do some fun things that make your life just more satisfying.

Getting sims 4 satisfaction points cheat with Whims

When Sims 4 was released, the whims were turned on by default. But if you're a new user, then your whim is off because, for the last few years, they have made it turn off due to some patches in-game.

Now, to turn whims on, follow the steps given below:

  • Open your Sims 4 and go to the game options.
  • After that, select gameplay.
  • Now, you will see an option of whims click on it and turn it on.

After following the above steps, keep doing the whims task and when your task gets completed you will get satisfaction points, that you can redeem in the rewards store.

Getting Sims 4 Satisfaction Points Cheat from Aspirations

Getting sims 4 satisfaction points cheat from Aspirations

As a sims 4 user, you'll know about the aspiration task. If you complete these tasks, then you will also get satisfaction points - but they are worth less than before. However, as it takes less time to collect them all, start doing your aspirations now and redeem the new cheat for maxed-out rewards!

How to Use Sims 4 Satisfaction Points?

The sims 4 satisfaction points cheat is a great way to get things you need for your game. You can redeem them by using the rewards store. If you don't know where to spend your points, then follow these steps to get started.

How to use sims 4 satisfaction points
  • First of all, click on the aspiration tab present in the right-hand corner.
  • Now, you will see a small icon of the rewards store, click on it.
  • After that, you will see a list of items, now you can purchase any of the items if you have enough sims 4 satisfaction points.

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I hope you liked the article and it was helpful for you. I'm happy to hear that if you followed the steps mentioned above, then your success with using sims 4 satisfaction points cheat has increased. If, after following those instructions, you still have a problem, please let me know so we can try to figure out what's going on together.

Happy Gaming and Always Keep Smiling!

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