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Sword Of Life Stealing 5E Magic Weapon [Dominate DnD Battles]

Sword Of Life Stealing 5E Magic Weapon
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 12/21/2023
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Imagine a weapon so strong yet so subversive it has the power not just to decimate your enemies but also steal their life force. That’s exactly what you get with the Sword of Life Stealing 5E.

While some may argue that every weapon in Dungeons and Dragons is potentially lethal, this magic sword adds an alluring twist. It’s not just about the physical damage; it’s about tearing apart your adversary’s vitality and making it your own.

This fascinating blend of violence and vampirism offers a next-level gaming experience for users. Often underestimated due to its infrequent activation.

The Sword of Life Stealing boasts raw power that sneaks up on its foes, siphoning their life energy and transferring it to you. You’ve got to admit that nothing screams ‘ultimate survival tool’ louder than a sword that literally steals life.

What is Sword Of Life Stealing 5E?

The Sword of Life Stealing 5E is no ordinary blade; it’s a magic weapon. When you bring this arsenal into play, scoring a 20 on your attack roll initiates an intriguing unfolding of events.

What Is Sword Of Life Stealing 5E

Your opponent, considering they are neither a construct nor undead, suffers an additional 3d6 necrotic damage. In layman’s terms, when you lunge forward wielding this weapon and score that coveted (extremely rare) natural 20 on your attack roll, your victim takes extra necrotic damage.

It means that the loss inflicted extends beyond physical pain; your rival also experiences severe life energy drain, provided they are living creatures and not immune to such effects.

This sword is not merely about raw power but incorporates an element of strategy and timing, making every battle more thrilling. No two encounters will feel the same when the Sword of Life Stealing 5E is part of the equation.

Versatility lies at its core, bringing a slew of possibilities to your gaming experience. Resembling any style you prefer – be it a longsword, greatsword, or shortsword this magic sword can adapt to fit them all.

Brace yourself for an immersive D&D experience where every fight hints at mystery and palpable potency. If Lady Luck smiles down upon you during combat, one powerful swoosh can effectively turn the tides in your favor.

So gear up and dive headfirst into a realm filled with adventure and uncertainty with the mighty Sword of Life Stealing 5E by your side.

Sword of Life Stealing Types

The Sword of Life Stealing is a mystical weapon category in many fantasy settings. It is particularly renowned for its ability to siphon the life force from its victims to benefit its wielder.

Sword Of Life Stealing Types

These swords come in various forms, each tailored to different fighting styles and preferences. The unique enchantment of these blades makes them highly sought after by warriors, rogues, and adventurers alike.

We explore different types of Swords of Life Stealing, delving into their physical characteristics, combat capabilities, and the mystique that surrounds each variant.

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The Life Stealing Greatsword is a formidable weapon, best suited for those who favor brute strength and sweeping attacks. Weighing 6 pounds and requiring two hands to wield effectively, it’s a heavy weapon capable of dealing significant damage.

Its 2d6 slashing damage potential makes it a fearsome choice in battle. The sheer size and weight of this greatsword demand considerable physical prowess, but in return, it offers high damage output.

The life-stealing property of this blade makes each successful hit a dual advantage, weakening the foe while bolstering the wielder.

With a price tag of 1,500 gold pieces, it’s an investment for serious combatants who seek to dominate the battlefield with power and presence.


The Life Stealing Longsword offers a balanced mix of versatility and power. This sword, weighing 3 pounds, can be wielded with either one or two hands, allowing for flexible combat styles.

The damage varies from 1d8 slashing when used one-handed to 1d10 when wielded with both hands. This adaptability makes the longsword a popular choice among diverse warriors, from knights to wandering mercenaries.

The life-stealing enchantment adds a strategic advantage, enabling fighters to recover vitality from their opponents during the heat of battle.

Priced at 750 gold pieces, it is a more accessible yet highly effective weapon for those who value flexibility and efficiency in combat.


The Life Stealing Rapier is a weapon of elegance and precision. Weighing only 2 pounds, it is designed for finesse rather than brute force, dealing 1d8 piercing damage.

Its lightweight nature makes it an ideal choice for duelists and agile fighters who rely on speed and accuracy. The sword’s life-stealing ability is particularly deadly in the hands of someone who can expertly find the chinks in an enemy’s armor.

This blade is more than a mere weapon; it’s an extension of the wielder’s skill and grace. At a cost of 1,000 gold pieces, the Life Stealing Rapier is a testament to the lethal beauty of skillful swordplay.


The Life Stealing Scimitar is a swift and deadly blade, combining finesse with a lighter form. It deals 1d6 slashing damage and weighs 3 pounds.

Its curved design is not just for aesthetics but enhances its slicing capability. This weapon is favored by those who prefer quick, fluid motions, allowing for rapid strikes that can overwhelm an opponent.

The scimitar’s life-stealing enchantment complements its swift nature, making each cut potentially more debilitating to the enemy.

Valued at 1,000 gold pieces, this sword is a preferred choice for adventurers and warriors who value speed and elegance in their combat style.

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The Life Stealing Shortsword is a compact and versatile weapon, ideal for close-quarters combat and stealthy operations. Weighing just 2 pounds, it offers 1d6 slashing damage, combining the benefits of finesse and a light form.

This sword is particularly favored by rogues and skirmishers who rely on agility and surprise attacks. The life-stealing property adds a critical edge to each strike, allowing its wielder to sap strength from its foes subtly.

At 500 gold pieces, the shortsword is an affordable yet effective option for those who engage in stealth and rapid maneuvering in battle.

Is A Sword Of Life-stealing A Good Weapon?

A Sword of Life-stealing is indeed a good weapon, especially in scenarios that require both damage dealing and self-sustenance. Its unique ability to drain life from enemies adds a significant strategic advantage.

Is A Sword Of Life-stealing A Good Weapon

When paired with items that increase the likelihood of a critical hit, like the Killer’s Sweetheart, its effectiveness multiplies; this combination can turn the tide in tough battles, as critical hits amplify the life-stealing effect.

Such synergy not only enhances offensive capabilities but also provides a form of defense through health restoration, making it a valuable asset in any adventurer’s arsenal.

What does the Lifesteal sword do?

The Lifesteal sword is a powerful weapon that does more than inflict damage; it aids in the wielder’s survival. Upon successfully killing a hostile mob with this sword, it grants the wielder Regeneration III for 5 seconds.

What does the Lifesteal sword do

This regenerative effect is a significant boon in combat, especially in prolonged battles or against numerous foes. It provides a steady stream of health recovery, reducing the need for external healing sources.

This capability not only increases the wielder’s endurance in combat but also allows for more aggressive and sustained engagements, making the Lifesteal sword a highly sought-after weapon in combat scenarios.

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FAQs About Sword Of Life Stealing 5E

How often does the Sword of Life Stealing activate its special ability?

The Sword of Life Stealing only activates its life-stealing property when a 20 is rolled on an attack roll, making it more infrequent but impactful when it does happen.

Can the Sword of Life Stealing harm undead or construct enemies?

No, the Sword of Life Stealing’s extra necrotic damage doesn’t affect undead or construct enemies. It specifically targets living creatures.

Does the user gain health from the extra necrotic damage inflicted by this sword?

Yes, upon rolling a 20 on an attack roll, the target suffers additional necrotic damage, and you gain temporary hit points equal to that necrotic damage dealt.

How does the Sword of Life Stealing fit into different game strategies?

It’s an excellent option for those looking for unexpected power spikes during combat. It also pairs well with game elements that can force critical hits.

Is there any restriction on using the Sword Of Life Stealing in 5E?

The only requirement is proficiency with longswords, shortswords, or greatswords to wield any version of this magic weapon effectively.


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