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Tabaxi 5E Race [Explore DnD With Feline Agility And Stealth]

Tabaxi 5E Races
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 11/04/2023
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Imagine you’re perched atop a colossal tree overlooking the vast stretch of a mysterious jungle. Suddenly, a flicker of movement catches your attention.

It’s a character belonging to the Tabaxi 5E race, agile, enigmatic, and equipped with intriguing abilities to wander and navigate through the wilderness.

This boggles the mind as you wonder how one can learn about these creatures and delve into the heart of their stories.

Well, strap in, my friends, because we’re going on an epic journey to unmask these fascinating creatures from Dungeons & Dragons.

From their tantalizing lore to their unique traits and skills – we got it all covered. There is no complicated jargon or peculiar dialects here, just pure discovery in language as beautiful and straightforward as common elvish.

These dark horse characters of D&D deserve some spotlight, too. Now, let’s unravel some mysteries around this enigmatic race together.

What is the Tabaxi 5E Race?

Dive into the world of Dungeons & Dragons, and you’ll encounter the nimble Tabaxi 5E Race, a race of feline humanoids known for their wanderlust.

What is the Tabaxi 5E Race?

Originating from a wonderous and tropical land, these agile creatures showcase curiosity akin to that of cats. Their curiosity isn’t just limited to territories but extends to the wealth of knowledge and rumors they love collecting.

The intriguing aspect of Tabaxis is their unique character traits – speed, agility, keen senses, and climbing ability, to name a few.

So whether it’s embarking on an adventurous exploration or skillfully handling complex situations, a Tabaxi can prove to be an asset in your campaign.

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The Features of Tabaxi 5E

The allure of the Tabaxi 5E race lies in its enigmatic features, which set them scurrying ahead of other races in Dungeons & Dragons.

The Features of Tabaxi 5E

Let’s delve deeper and discover what makes them tick, starting from their language skills to their cat-like abilities that confer survival advantage.


One look at Tabaxi, and you might assume they speak an exotic tongue. In truth, however, their versatile larynx allows articulating languages as we do.

Not only can they speak, read, and write Common, but they’re also proficient in another language of their choosing.

Whether it’s Elvish or Dwarvish or even a dialect unheard of, the linguistic proficiency of Tabaxis mines deeper into cultures, adding dimensions to their character backstory.

Cat’s Talent

Trust me when I tell you this: Tabaxis, indeed, are ‘the cat’s whiskers.’ Their traits affirm this adage with pronounced proficiency in both stealth and perception skills – essential components for survival in alien terrains.

Like nocturnal felines on a hunt, they move unseen and unheard, making them master infiltrators.

Their sharp Perception detects potential threats and opportunities in the surrounding environment, while their exceptional knack for staying hidden gives them an advantage during escapades or ambushes.

Cat’s Claws

The anatomical magic that happens when you cross humanoid features with feline capabilities results in the Tabaxi race.

A fundamental attribute here is their distinct cat’s claws, adept at making quick ascensions on surfaces others find challenging to scale.

With a climbing speed of 20 feet, they can swiftly get an aerial view of the situation or dodge an unnerving encounter on ground level. Their claws are not just tools but weapons as well for close-quarter combats.

Feline Agility

In a world where quick action separates winners from losers, Tabaxis is in its prime. They can spring into action and move with a burst of speed when the situation demands.

This is best exhibited during combat or a quick getaway, where speed is crucial for survival. Their reflexes and nimble movement evoke awe, reflecting the predatory prowess of their feline counterparts.

The Tabaxi 5E race is imbued with copious intriguing characteristics. Knowing about them isn’t enough; understanding how to utilize these capabilities strategically enriches your gameplay, making it an exhilarating roller coaster ride.

Stay curious and explore more about this versatile and enigmatic race – just like they would.

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Dungeons are the central theme of Dungeons & Dragons, but imagine being inside one with limited or no vision. Realizing this potential predicament, the game developers imbued the Tabaxi characters with a riveting feature: Darkvision.

This means your Tabaxi character possesses heightened senses akin to that of cats, allowing them to see clearly in dim light conditions.

Even when you find yourself entrenched in a pitch-dark dungeon or roaming through the dead of night, fear not! Your Tabaxi character can navigate quite effectively.

Within a range of 60 feet, Tabaxis can discern shapes and movements typically obscured by darkness or dim light. This equipment is as good as having built-in night vision goggles in your character – an edge over those who stumble and falter without proper illumination.


The world can be dreadfully slow for creatures blessed with natural speed; ask a cheetah! Likewise, for Tabaxis, their swift movement is one of their marquee traits.

A calculating leopard stalking its prey or a lynx sprinting through dense foliage are examples manifesting in the form of your playable Tabaxi.

With a walking speed of 30 feet, they can cover ground quickly, entering or exiting scenarios based on tactical decisions rather than constraints placed by mobility limits.

Pacing dungeons, racing through city alleys – picture anything demanding agility and speed – your Tabaxi character won’t disappoint.


Getting into brass tacks about size and build specifications: unlike certain fantastical races featured in the D&D universe that soar above normal humankind like Goliaths or those that are distinctly smaller like Gnomes, Tabaxis hit right about the middle spot.

Falling under the category label ‘Medium,’ they usually stand close to humans in terms of physical dimensions. Particularly leaner in stature compared with stocky human forms, seldom exceeds 6 feet.

This medium size also presents a strategic advantage, providing them with ample versatility to fare well in various circumstances without the drawbacks of being overly large or small.


If we’re talking maturity timelines, well, congratulations! You’ve brought an uncanny similarity between humans and tobacco to the table.

The Tabaxi age is equivalent to humans. They mature at the same rate as their human counterparts, living up to six scores or sometimes even more.

This trait endears them further as it provides storytellers and players alike an opportunity to explore character growth and progression through different stages of life just like they would with human characters.

Ability Score Increase

There’s more than meets the eye when charting out abilities for Tabaxis – particularly because you’re in for some boost here. In terms of gameplay mechanics, Tabaxi characters come with an increase in Dexterity score by two and Charisma score by 1.

As adventurers on both historic quests or a personal vendetta, their heightened dexterity serves well for intricate tasks requiring keen motor skills or athletic maneuvers during crucial moments.

Their boosted charisma, albeit subtle, is no less useful in fighting battles with words rather than weapons while negotiating amongst friends or instigating foes into errors.

Which 5E Classes Work With Tabaxi?

Not every race in the D&D realm fits neatly with all classes. With Tabaxis, you have a different story altogether. Their unique and versatile traits make them amiable companions for numerous classes.

Which 5E Classes Work With Tabaxi?

They can slip into various roles effectively because of their innate agility, stealth, and charisma. So, let’s move forward to identify which 5e classes are best suited for your Tabaxi character.

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Artificers are like wizards of inventing; they combine magic with objects to create potent artifacts. With their inherent curiosity and sharp minds, Tabaxis proved themselves efficient in this class.


It’s the perfect fit for those who love a good fight. Despite not being naturally combative, a Tabaxi’s speed and agility can make them compelling Barbarians.


Tabaxis possesses natural charisma, which amplifies their effectiveness as Bards. Their thirst for stories, coupled with impressive persuasive skills, makes them incredibly good story-weavers.


While they’re not as naturally inclined towards divine agencies as some other races, the sharp intellect of Tabaxis allows them to take on the role of Clerics effectively.


A class that paints a near-perfect picture of synchronicity when paired with the Tabaxi’s innate affinity towards nature.


Their feline agility, coupled with claws, can lead to a ferocious fighter representing an unusual challenge for their enemies.


The quick reflexes and speed of a Tabaxi communicate well within this class – similar to how a cat stalks and pounces on its prey with precision.


Though they are wanderlust-driven creatures lacking the stern discipline associated with Paladins typically, some heroic Tabaxis may find this path appealing due to their versatility.


Their natural inclination towards exploration aligns perfectly with the ranger’s role, making this one of the most fitting classes for a Tabaxi.


Known for their stealth and agility, Tabaxis are practically born for the Rogue class. They excel in sneaking past enemies or initiating surprise attacks.


With their natural charisma, the path of sorcery isn’t far-fetched for a Tabaxi. They can mold and bend magic for various purposes efficiently.


Warlocks channel other-worldly entities to power up, and intelligent Tabaxis can potentially handle such forces capably.


A curious mind is a key trait of any Wizard. Given the curiosity innate to the Tabaxi race, they can offer an interesting blend within this class.

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FAQs about the Tabaxi 5E race

What type of creature is a Tabaxi in D&D?

A Tabaxi is a feline-inspired, humanoid race originating from tropical lands in the Dungeons & Dragons universe.

Can Tabaxi characters connect with all classes in 5e?

Yes, due to their versatile traits and attributes, Tabaxis can effectively fit into any D&D 5e class.

What are the innate skills a Tabaxi character possesses?

Innately, Tabaxis has agility, keen senses, stealth capabilities, climbing speed, and charismatic charm.

Does Tabaxis have well-developed perception abilities?

Absolutely! Much like our domestic cats, the Tabaxi have superior perception abilities; they’re known for their sharp senses.

How fast can a Tabaxi character move?

With their feline swiftness and ‘Feline Agility’ trait, a Tabaxi character can move with incredible speed – up to 60 feet in a single round under optimal conditions.


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