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Vicious Mockery 5E Spell 2024 [Weaponize Your Words In DnD]

Vicious Mockery 5E Spell
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 10/29/2023
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If you’re an avid player in the world of Dungeons & Dragons, you may already be familiar with the term ‘Vicious Mockery 5E’. For those who aren’t, no worries; we are going to break it down for you.

This distinct ability is used mainly by Bards – the charismatic tricksters of D&D. The world of fantasy role-playing can be intriguing and exciting.

It’s filled with different classes, abilities, spells, and more that make every character unique. Amongst these various spells, there’s one that stands out because of its uniqueness: Vicious Mockery 5E.

It’s a cantrip used to cause both psychological and physical distress to foes. So why is it so popular amongst players? Let’s uncover its charm.

Vicious Mockery 5E Attributes

Casting Time1 Action
Range/Area60 ft
Attack/SaveWIS Save

What Is Vicious Mockery 5E Spell?

Vicious mockery is a charismatic and unique cantrip available in the 5th edition of Dungeons & Dragons. This spell allows a player to unleash a string of insults imbued with subtle enchantments at their enemies.

What Is Vicious Mockery 5E Spell?

It does not only inflict psychological but also physical harm on them. It’s known for causing psychic damage due to its scathing nature, inflicting 1d4 of damage and giving your enemy a disadvantage on their next attack roll.

The spell targets creatures within 60 feet that can hear you and understand any language you’re speaking. Due to its potential for both humor and harm, it’s a favored tool amongst players, especially those who love engaging role-play.

What Does Vicious Mockery Do In 5E?

Vicious Mockery is a unique and highly entertaining cantrip that you, as a Bard, can use in Dungeons & Dragons 5E. Its main purpose is to throw shade at your enemies, ruffling their mental feathers and causing damage all at once.

If the target can hear you, though it need not understand you, it must succeed on a Wisdom saving throw or take 1d4 psychic damage. Beyond just causing damage, the spell also has a lasting impact on the target’s capabilities.

If they fail their Wisdom saving throw, they get a disadvantage on the next attack roll they make before the end of their next turn. It evolves with you! The spell’s damage increases as you level up to 2d4 at level 5, 3d4 at level 11, and finally reaches its maximum power of 4d4 at level 17.

This blend of humor and harm makes Vicious Mockery an effective tool in your D&D arsenal.

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How Can You Get The Vicious Mockery 5E?

Welcome to the world of Dungeons & Dragons (D&D), where the arcane incantations of Vicious Mockery 5E have the power to alter the course of your gameplay.

How Can You Get The Vicious Mockery 5E?


If you’re looking to obtain Vicious Mockery 5E, one of your best bets is opting for the Bard. Bards are known for their command over words and music, channeling arcane magic through their creativity.

This class naturally possesses Vicious Mockery 5E as one of their many spells right from level 1.

As a bard, your role is far from trivial; you’re a character whose magical ability and performance skills can skew the narrative in favor of your party, mostly through a well-cast about of Vicious Mockery.

Pact of the Tome

Can’t you bring yourself to pluck at a lute as a Bard? No worries! There’s another way for you to access Vicious Mockery 5E! You can choose the Warlock class and then opt for the Pact Boon, “Pact of the Tome,” at level three.

Through this pact, your patron bestows upon you a grimoire that contains spells from any class, which can include Vicious Mockery.

Devil’s Tongue

A grittier way to gain access to Vicious Mockery 5E: take on a race that has innate spellcasting abilities. If you pick Tiefling as your race, then choose its Infernal Legacy trait.

Specifically opting for “Devil’s Tongue,” you gain access to certain spells, including, yes, you guessed it right, Vicious Mockery. It’s like having an acidic wit literally bred into your lineage!

Magic Initiate

Ever wish at least once that every class could dip their toes into magic just a little bit? Wizards of the Coast heard your wish, and your answer is the Magic Initiate Feat.

This feat allows any character, regardless of class, the option to pick up two cantrips from a class’s spell list. And Vicious Mockery 5E, being a promising Bard cantrip, is no exception to these choices.

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In order to make things even more exciting and diverse, the Strixhaven: A Curriculum of Chaos sourcebook offers another alternative.

Enroll as an OWL (Ordinary Wizarding Level) student in the Bardic College or School of Eloquence and embrace your destiny. Then select Vicious Mockery from your academia’s assortment and add this potent tool to your repertoire.

This cantrip may seem minor to some; however, using it effectively requires wit and timing. Like every detail in D&D gameplay, even a simple spell such as Vicious Mockery 5E can turn the tides in your favor when used strategically.

So arm yourself with all the humor and cutting satire you can muster. It’s time to delve deep into the world of D&D equipped with this delightful incantation.

Is Vicious Mockery 5E A Good Spell?

Vicious Mockery 5E is definitely one of the good spells, especially for players keen on strategy. This cantrip not only inflicts damage on enemies but also grants them a disadvantage on their next attack, which is super valuable in high-stakes battles. Considering this spell’s psychological aspect, it adds an intriguing layer to role-playing as well.

The distinctive quality of Vicious Mockery lies in its requirement of neither costly material components nor higher skill levels. All you need is a simple verbal component to cast it, which makes it easy to use, even in times of desperation during gameplay. Moreover, it also scales with your level, getting progressively stronger as you advance.

While the spell’s damage isn’t massive in comparison with more powerful spells, its day-to-day usefulness and accessibility make it a winning choice for many D&D players.

When you consider the range and psychological impact alongside its ability to inflict damage and impose disadvantages, this cantrip tends to overshadow others with brute force alone.

How To Roleplay The Vicious Mockery 5E Spell

Rolling out Vicious Mockery in your gameplay requires a mastery of quick wit and cutting remarks. As a player, the trick is to maintain tact while also delivering insults that can damage your opponent both emotionally and physically.

How To Roleplay The Vicious Mockery 5E Spell

Let’s say, for instance, you’re facing a giant troll; you could fling an insult about their terrible stench or lack of intelligence to twist the knife further. It’s important to tailor your mockery to your enemy for maximum impact. Be creative, demonstrate cleverness, and turn sarcasm into your weapon.

But remember not to cross lines with other players at the table; always maintain sportsmanship and respect amongst peers. Use this spell graciously to enhance the fun, not ruin it.

What Are the Rules for Vicious Mockery in 5E?

Understanding the rules of Vicious Mockery in D&D 5e is essential to maximizing its potential during gameplay.

It’s not just about hurling insults; there’s a whole dynamic to it that largely impacts gameplay. Let’s break down each aspect for a better understanding.

Line of Sight Required to Target Creature

Vicious Mockery is an enchantment spell that specifically requires you to see the creature within range. Yes, you heard it right. You cannot target a creature with this cantrip unless it comes under your line of sight, which, within the game context, typically means no obstructions blocking your view, such as walls or fog.

The spell depends on your ability to see and, more importantly, ridicule the opposition with barbed words. The fundamental player versus character principle prevails here.

You, as a player, may be aware of a hidden creature. Still, until your character sees it in-game, Vicious Mockery is off-limits.

Vicious Mockery Casting Words Distinct from Insult

An often misunderstood facet of Vicious Mockery in 5e pertains to the verbal component required to cast this spell. It does not necessarily have to be an insult per se.

According to D&D guidelines, the verbal components are essentially mystical utterances, the language of magic itself that give form to the cantrip and make it work.

While adding an insult for role-play flavor does heighten the fun aspect, remember it’s not always about flinging creative insults—it’s all about manipulating arcane energies through those casting words.

Affects Only One Attack Roll

A notable feature of Vicious Mockery 5E involves its impact on enemy attacks— affecting only one attack roll based on the game mechanics.

Upon successfully landing this spell on any opponent lacking psychic immunity (we’ll get into that later), they suffer a disadvantage on their next attack roll before the end of their turn.

Bearing this rule in mind will likely save you from misunderstandings during combat. It’s essential to note that this restrictive condition only applies to attack rolls, and the spell does not impose a disadvantage on saving throws or ability checks the creature makes.

Psychic Immunity Doesn’t Block Vicious Mockery’s Secondary Effect

It was thriving under the illusion that a creature’s psychic immunity can completely negate the effects of your Vicious Mockery 5E. It’s time for a reality check.

Although psychic immunity indeed blocks Vicious Mockery’s damage, it might surprise you to know that it doesn’t prevent its secondary effect.

Despite their immunity, your target still suffers a disadvantage on their next attack roll. So don’t hesitate to jeer a few choice words in the psychic-immune creatures’ direction. Your ingenious mockery might still shake them up.

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FAQs About Vicious Mockery 5E

Can Vicious Mockery 5E affect multiple enemies at once?

No, Vicious Mockery 5E is designed to target and impact one enemy at a time.

Is Vicious Mockery a verbal component spell?

Yes, indeed! The “V” in the spell’s components means it requires a verbal component to be cast.

Can I use Vicious Mockery if my character is mute?

In general, no. Without the ability to speak, your character cannot use spells requiring verbal components, including Vicious Mockery.

Can non-bard classes make use of the Vicious Mockery spell?

Typically, no. However, there are certain precise exceptions allowed within the gameplay, like feat magic initiate and multi-classing into the bard.

What happens if an enemy saves against a Vicious Mockery attack?

If an enemy succeeds on their Wisdom Save against your attack, they suffer no psychic damage and are not impacted by any disadvantages on their next turn.


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