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Yeenoghu 5E Monster [Face The Demon Lord Of Gnolls]

yeenoghu 5e monster
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 01/13/2024
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As you progress deeper into the thrilling world of Dungeons and Dragons, you’re likely to encounter a pantheon of mythical creatures.

One such formidable beast, known in the lore as yeenoghu 5e, is among those dark entities that both challenge and fascinate seasoned dungeon masters and players alike.

This ghoulish entity, with its rarified presence in the game, is sure to pique your curiousity. The essence of yeenoghu 5e taps directly into the duality that underpins much of D&D’s mythology.

It exemplifies an intriguing balance between raw savagery and cunning strategy that makes each encounter with this monster a nerve-wracking experience.

Treading through this guide will equip you with vital information about this fearsome creature, preparing you for what may lie just around the corner of your next campaign.

Attributes of Yeenoghu 5e

Embodied in the form of a ghastly creature, Yeenoghu 5e is the epitome of terror and monstrosity that Dungeons and Dragons conjure.

Attributes of Yeenoghu 5e

It is brimming with dangerous attributes that include enormous strength, unmatched agility, and impenetrable resilience along with potent magical powers.

TypeHuge Fiend
AlignmentChaotic Evil
Armor Class20 (natural armor)
Hit Points333 (23d12 + 184)
Speed50 ft.
Strength (Str)29
Dexterity (Dex)16
Constitution (Con)26
Wisdom (Wis)24
Intelligence (Int)15
Charisma (Cha)15
Saving ThrowsDex: +10, Con: +15, Wis: +14
SkillsIntimidation +9, Perception +14
Damage ResistancesCold, Fire, Lightning
Condition ImmunitiesCharmed, Exhaustion, Frightened, Poisoned
SensesTruesight 120 ft., Passive Perception 24
LanguagesAll, Telepathy 120 ft.
Challenge Rating (CR)24

Who is Yeenoghu?

Renowned as the Demon Prince of Gnolls, Yeenoghu is a powerful entity revered and feared in equal measure.

Who is Yeenoghu

This demon lord hailed as a patron deity by gnolls, hyenas, and savages alike, exerts dominance over a designated lair within the Abyss. His domain of dread resonates with his formidable prowess.

Although lacking the might of certain other demon lords such as Orcus or Demogorgon, Yeenoghu remains an adversary to be reckoned with.

His very existence poses a looming danger; an encounter most players would wisely choose to circumvent.

Irrespective of his relative demon lord hierarchy, Yeenoghu’s presence is sufficient to stir unease amongst even the bravest adventuring parties.

The infectious fear that he spreads is a potent weapon in its own right, frequently used by Dungeon Masters aiming to add an element of suspense and trepidation in their campaigns.

Fundamentally understanding the persona and capabilities of this demon prince equips players with both tactical wisdom and vivid imagery amplifying their game-playing experience.

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Damage Immunities of Yeenoghu 5e

Understanding the damage immunities of Yeenoghu 5e can be critical to your survival in the game.

Damage Immunities of Yeenoghu 5e

This monstrous beast, ruling a dreadful dominion in the Abyss, is notoriously resistant to various forms of damage.

By familiarizing yourself with these immunities, you can ensure that you’re prepared for encountering this demon lord. Here’s a more detailed breakdown:


One significant immunity Yeenoghu 5e possesses is poison. No matter the potency or quantity of the toxin, it does not affect him in any way.

The constitution of this creature seems impervious to these harmful substances. It means your attempt to use poison against this demon lord would be futile, potent it may be. You must strategize to find other ways that might inflict harm upon him.


When thinking about classic weapons like hammers and clubs that cause bludgeoning damage, it might seem they would be useful while battling such a beast.

Yeenoghu is immune to such damage too. His formidable hide guards him against bludgeoning attacks, barely causing him inconvenience at all, let alone serious harm.


Much like his immunity to bludgeoning damage, Yeenoghu also has an uncanny resistance towards piercing attacks deployed by weapons like arrows and spears.

His demonic vitality enables him to easily shrug off such attempts at wounding him.


Slashing damage proves equally ineffective against this monster. Whether using swords or axes, these attacks merely glance off without inflicting any serious wounds upon Yeenoghu.


In the amazing realm of Dungeons and Dragons, every monster, irrespective of its level or class, is imbued with certain traits.

These traits are pivotal aspects in defining their specific abilities, making each creature unique. In the case of Yeenoghu 5e, these characteristics are not merely fascinating but truly extraordinary.

Legendary Resistance (3/Day)

Yeenoghu has an occult power viz., ‘Legendary Resistance’. ‘Resistance’ in the world of D&D is a term referring to the capability to withstand something potentially harmful such as an attack or a spell.

It’s that Yeenoghu can use this ability thrice a day. It implies that if Yeenoghu fails a saving throw (which tests a character’s resistance against threats) during your campaign, he can choose to succeed instead.

This makes him incredibly resistant and tough to overcome, regardless of how difficult attacks you may have planned.

Magic Resistance

Our sinister demon prince has ‘Magic Resistance.’ A saving throw in D&D signifies your character’s attempt to resist a spell, trap, or poison, roll off an attack, or ward off disaster.

Demons in D&D have some resistance towards magic but when it comes to Yeenoghu- he has an advantage on saving throws against spells and other magical effects.

This means that Yeenoghu is twice as likely to succeed in saving throws against any sort of magical onslaught.

Not only does this power further his ‘tough-to-crack’ status but also adds depth to his magical prowess.

Magic Weapons

Yeenoghu isn’t just about defenses; his offensive capabilities are equally formidable.

His weapon attacks carry a magical edge which significantly increases their effectiveness against foes that are resistant or immune to nonmagical attacks.

On the battlefield alongside Yeenoghu, expect monumental displays of overpowering attacks wholly unswayed by enchantments aimed at dulling their impact.

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One particularly frightening trait that Yeenoghu boasts of is ‘Rampage.’ D&D veterans recognize this ability as one characteristic of creatures that do not hold back.

The rampage ability allows Yeenoghu to move and attack again after downing an opponent.

Imagine a frenzied monster, more effective with each victory, its ferocity growing with each takedown. That’s the exact potential the rampage trait lends to this 5e demon lord.

Actions of Yeenoghu 5e

Yeenoghu, the Demon Prince of Gnolls, is quite renowned in the annals of Dungeons and Dragons for its formidable actions.

Wielding his disturbingly gnarled flail and armed with a savage bite attack, Yeenoghu’s assault brings dread to even the bravest of adventurers.

Delving deeper into Yeenoghu’s actions, you’ll not only be closer to understanding this monster but also make your gameplay more intriguing.


When faced with Yeenoghu in combat, watch out for his terrifying triple flail attack. This multi attack exhibits just how much destruction this demon lord can bring in one fell swoop.

Three deadly swings from that monstrous flail, each capable of catastrophic damage.

Remember that every encounter with Yeenoghu 5e is a high-stakes dance with danger, and it’s often this multi attack that sadly ends the dance for many unfortunate adventurers.


The flail – a fearsome weapon synonymous with Yeenoghu’s brutality and power. With a horrifying +16 hit probability and an arm’s length reach of 15 feet, you can only guess the panic-inducing among his adversaries when this leviathan swings his weapon.

Each hit can deliver considerable bludgeoning damage averaging about 15 points on every strike it’s no light tap.

Handling one successful flap assault is daunting enough; surviving an entire onslaught of these becomes near impossible.


It is not just Yeenoghu’s triple flails that pose a lethal threat. His teeth are similarly fatal weapons on their receipts culminating in a harsh +16 biting power.

This brutal gnashing can easily reach up to 10 feet away from him possibly catching those off-guard who mistakenly think they are at a safe distance from those environs-active jaws.

The bite can lead to a piercing damage of around fourteen which, while less than the flail attack, should still certainly not be dismissed as trivial.

This is particularly essential when it’s remembered that this attack is often deployed in addition to his multi-attack meaning such a barrage can swiftly accumulate substantial damage.

Lair Actions

In the unpredictable yet exciting world of Dungeons and Dragons, Yeenoghu is not just a monster to face in combat.

Its lair, embedded deeply in its mythology, is as equally daunting. The chilling aura of its dwelling carries distinctive characteristics that make it a formidable sphere for both the monster and the adventurer.

When timing strikes at Initiative count 20, Yeenoghu harnesses his power to trigger a unique lair action.

This action dramatically transforms the ambiance of his lair as iron spikes suddenly rupture from the ground.

The sudden appearance of these spikes results in an unexpected obstacle for creatures that happen to occupy the same space.

In such an event, these creatures are challenged by a Dexterity saving throw measured at DC 24. A failure on their part means they suffer piercing damage equivalent to 27 (6d8) and are held in restraint.

To liberate themselves from this predicament, they need to utilize their turn wisely – performing concerted actions will help them regain control of the situation.

It isn’t all doom as this terrifying lair can offer certain advantages as well. Specifically tailored for Yeenoghu’s henchmen gnolls and hyenas they can move swiftly across their master’s lair.

While within this monstrous haven, gnolls and hyenas gain significant leverage during battles through enhanced attack capabilities.

Any attacks launched against them are given a special advantage until the arrival of next Initiative count 20, rendering opponents more vulnerable during this brief window.

Yeenoghu’s lair acts as more than just a stage for battles – it is an extension of its forceful presence and formidable abilities; a fitting home for this ruler of ruin that effectively challenges even seasoned adventurers.

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Regional Effects

One only has to wander near the lair of Yeenoghu 5e to witness the impact this monster has on its surroundings.

Its presence distorts the environment, altering everything within a one-mile radius with eerie and menacing manifestations.

One chilling sign of Yeenoghu’s impending presence is the growth of iron spikes from the ground.

This is no ordinary occurrence, as these spikes often serve a grim purpose – they hold the lifeless bodies that have fallen victim to this beast.

That’s not all, every creature within a six-mile radius becomes disturbingly vicious under Yeenoghu’s influence.

Predatory beasts, usually killing for food or survival, start to exhibit an unusual bloodlust – slaying their prey excessively and leaving remains to decompose in their wake.

Humans are unfortunately not exempt from this vile influence as well. Any humanoid dwelling near Yeenoghu’s lair would have to perform a Wisdom saving throw with a difficulty class (DC) of 17.

Failing this crucial role plunges them into insanity via the effects described in the Madness of Yeenoghu table – setting another layer of affliction for those unfortunate enough to fail.

Hope endures even in such dire circumstances. Success in resisting insanity grants immunity from this effect for the subsequent 24 hours offering some respite amid chaos.

These regional effects are striking examples of Yeenoghu’s dominance over its surroundings and act as a clear warning about treading too closely.

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FAQs About yeenoghu 5e

What is Yeenoghu 5e known for in Dungeons and Dragons?

Yeenoghu 5e is recognized as the Demon Prince of Gnolls. He’s renowned for his extreme savagery and strategic cunning, making him a formidable opponent in any campaign.

What makes Yeenoghu a formidable enemy to face in Dungeon and Dragons?

Apart from his enormous strength, Yeenoghu is immune to common types of damage like poison, bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing. He also possesses powerful magical abilities and traits which increase his resilience.

How does Yeenoghu impact his surroundings?

Yeenoghu doesn’t just instill terror with his physical presence. His lair affects the environment within several miles, changing animal behavior, growing spikes from the ground, and corrupting humanoids with madness.

What happens if you fail the Wisdom saving throw near Yeenoghu’s lair?

Should any humanoid fail the Wisdom saving throw near his lair, they are driven into madness as per the effects described in the Madness of Yeenoghu table.

Can you become immune to Yeenoghu’s regional effects?

Yes, individuals who succeed in resisting insanity from being near their lair will be immune to these effects for 24 hours thereafter.


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