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Bleach Immortal Soul Tier List (June 2024) Best Characters Ranked

Bleach Immortal Soul Tier List ([nmf] [cy]) Best Characters Ranked
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 07/28/2023
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Welcome to our Bleach Immortal tier list 2024! With the growing popularity of the game, more and more players are testing their skills with different characters. But, being spoiled for choice can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to choosing from such a diverse selection of compelling characters. Worry not, we have you covered. Our tier list offers a comprehensive ranking of the best characters, providing you with the top choices to rise above the competition and dominate the PvP and PvE battles.

Dive right into this specially curated tier list that highlights the best of the best characters in Bleach Immortal. This guide will serve as your roadmap to success, showcasing each character’s strengths and unique abilities, sorted into tiers ranging from the almighty S Tier to the still valuable, yet not as powerful, D Tier. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting, this tier list will help you make informed decisions and optimize your team composition, leading you to victory in every battle.

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What To Look For While Choosing The Right Characters in Bleach Immortal Soul?

When choosing the right characters in Bleach Immortal Soul, there are several factors to consider to ensure you are building a balanced and powerful team. Here are the key criteria to keep in mind when selecting characters for your lineup:

What to look for while choosing the right characters in Bleach Immortal?
  • Role and Abilities: Each character in Bleach Immortal has a specific role, such as Tank, DPS (Damage Per Second), Support, or Healer. Understanding these roles and their abilities will help you build a well-rounded team that can tackle various challenges head-on. Make sure to have a mix of roles to balance offense, defense, and utility.
  • Synergies and Team Composition: Some characters have abilities that complement each other, leading to exceptional synergy when used together. Look out for such combinations and build your team around them to maximize their potential.
  • Rarity and Potential: Higher rarity characters generally possess better base stats and more powerful abilities, making them stronger overall. However, some lower-rarity characters may hold high potential with the right team composition and investment in their development.
  • Character Mastery and Progression: Building a character’s mastery by leveling them up, evolving, and enhancing their skills will unlock more powerful abilities and increase their overall combat power. Focus on characters that have promising growth potential and fit your playstyle to see better results in the long run.
  • Meta and Balance Changes: Game updates and balance changes can have a significant impact on the power level and effectiveness of certain characters. Keep an eye on patch notes and popular community opinions on the meta to ensure you are choosing characters that currently excel in the game.

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Bleach Immortal Soul Tier List (June 2024)

Bleach Immortal Soul tier list for June 2024 encapsulates a dynamic power spectrum, reflecting recent updates and gameplay modifications. Your favorite characters might have shifted in ranks, making it crucial for players to strategize according to the new hierarchy.

Bleach Immortal S Tier List 2024 – The Elite Champions

These characters are the cream of the crop, providing immense power and game-changing abilities to their wielders. Players using these top-tier characters will have a significant advantage in both PvP and PvE battles. 

Bleach Immortal S Tier List 2024- The Elite Championsa
  • Toshiro
  • Grimmjow
  • Kenpachi
  • Yamamoto
  • Zangetsu
  • Kyoraku
  • White Ichigo
  • Aiden
  • Lisa

Bleach Immortal A Tier List 2024 – The Formidable Forces

A Tier characters may not be as overpowered as the S Tier, but they still offer outstanding performance and versatility. These fighters are reliable choices that can hold their own in most situations, contributing substantially to your team’s success.

Bleach Immortal A Tier List 2024 - The Formidable Forces
  • Yachiru
  • Soi Fon
  • Byakuya
  • Tosen
  • Rukia
  • Urahara
  • Kensei
  • Matsumoto
  • Mayuri
  • Ichigo
  • Gin

Bleach Immortal B Tier List 2024 – The Balanced Brawlers

The B Tier characters are well-rounded and provide balanced stats and abilities for players to work with. While they may not excel in every aspect, they can still be valuable additions to a team that requires versatility and adaptable strategies.

Bleach Immortal B Tier List 2024- The Balanced Brawlers
  • Komamura
  • Renji
  • Orihime
  • Isshin
  • Hiyori
  • Unohana
  • Yoruichi
  • Love
  • Tessai

Bleach Immortal C Tier List 2024 – The Steady Support

C Tier characters work best as support to stronger teammates. Their abilities can come in handy in specific situations, but they require a more strategic approach to gameplay. They may not be obvious picks, but in the right hands, they can make a difference.

Bleach Immortal C Tier List 2024- The Steady Support
  • Yumichika
  • Shuhei
  • Jushiro
  • Shinji
  • Isane
  • Sasakibe
  • Ikkaku
  • Nemu
  • Yammy

Bleach Immortal D Tier List 2024 – The Underdogs

D Tier characters may lack the raw power and utility of their higher-ranked counterparts, however, they can still serve a purpose for players who want to take on a challenge or are seeking a unique playing experience. A determined player can certainly find ways to make the best of these characters.

Bleach Immortal D Tier List 2024- The Underdogs
  • Ururu
  • Omaeda
  • Kira
  • Uryu Ishida
  • Hanataro
  • Hinamori
  • Kon
  • Chad
  • Ganju

Bleach Immortal Soul Attacker List 2024 – Unleash Your Power

Attacker characters are perfect for players looking for a powerhouse to inflict severe damage. They can quickly decimate foes, making them the core aspect of many line-ups.  

Bleach Immortal Soul Attacker List 2024– Unleash Your Power:
  • Kenpachi (S Tier)
  • Grimmjow (S Tier)
  • Yoruichi (B Tier)

Bleach Immortal Soul Single-Target Damage List 2024 – Focus and Eliminate

Characters excelling in High Single-Target Damage easily pinpoint and eliminate the most dangerous threats on the battlefield. Armed with precision and power, these units are essential for any successful strategy. Yamamoto (S Tier)

Bleach Immortal Soul Single-Target Damage List 2024– Focus and Eliminate:
  • Rukia (A Tier)
  • Shuhei (C Tier)

Bleach Immortal Soul Disorient List 2024 – Confuse and Conquer

Disorient characters excel at disrupting the enemy’s plans, leaving them vulnerable and unable to act. These champions may not pack the heaviest of punches, but their mastery in disorientation provides invaluable tactical advantages. 

Bleach Immortal Soul Disorient List 2024– Confuse and Conquer:
  • Soi Fon (A Tier)
  • Tosen (A Tier)
  • Sasakibe (C Tier)

Bleach Immortal Soul Entangle List 2024 – Bound by Defeat

Entangle characters immobilize their enemies, leaving them helpless to change their fate. These heroes can temporarily trap their opponents, allowing for more potent strategic attacks. 

Bleach Immortal Soul Entangle List 2024– Bound by Defeat:
  • Byakuya (A Tier)
  • Shinji (C Tier)
  • Isane (C Tier)

Bleach Immortal Soul Instakill List 2024 – Immortal Eradication

Instakill units effortlessly and swiftly eliminate enemies, plowing through them with ease. These characters instill fear in the heart of the opposition, as they can cut down foes in their prime. 

Bleach Immortal Soul Instakill List 2024– Immortal Eradication:
  • Toshiro (S Tier)
  • White Ichigo (S Tier)
  • Hanataro (D Tier)

Bleach Immortal Soul Back Row Bleed List 2024 – Suffering from the Shadows

Back Row Bleed characters wreak havoc from a distance, causing the enemy team to bleed out over time. This tactic can trap foes in a cycle of suffering, chipping away at their health effortlessly.

Bleach Immortal Soul Back Row Bleed List 2024– Suffering from the Shadows:
  • Aizen (S Tier)
  • Matsumoto (A Tier)
  • Chad (D Tier)

Bleach Immortal Soul Bleed List 2024 – Crimson Carnage

Bleed characters focus on delivering devastating over-time damage, enabling your team to take control of the battle by slowly bleeding your opponents dry. 

Bleach Immortal Soul Bleed List 2024– Crimson Carnage:
  • Kyoraku (S Tier)
  • Unohana (B Tier)
  • Tessai (B Tier)

Bleach Immortal Soul Burns All List 2024 – Scorching Supremacy

These characters utilize the power of roaring flames, setting their enemies ablaze with devastating burn effects. This searing pain can quickly overwhelm the opposition, making these units a fearsome addition to any team. 

Bleach Immortal Soul Burns All List 2024– Scorching Supremacy:
  • Zangetsu (S Tier)
  • Yachiru (A Tier)
  • Kira (D Tier)

Bleach Immortal Soul Stun List 2024 – Paralyzed by Power

Stun characters are adept at stopping their foes in their tracks, using their formidable abilities to incapacitate enemies for a brief moment. This temporary paralysis allows the player to take control and execute their strategies effectively. 

Bleach Immortal Soul Stun List 2024– Paralyzed by Power:
  • Urahara (A Tier)
  • Renji (B Tier)
  • Ururu (D Tier)

Bleach Immortal Soul Rage Reduction List 2024 – Fury Unraveled

Units with Rage Reduction capabilities dampen the enemy’s battle prowess by subsiding their Rage. These characters provide unmatched control in battle, safeguarding the team from the opponent’s powerful attacks.

Bleach Immortal Soul Rage Reduction List 2024– Fury Unraveled:
  • Ikkaku (C Tier)
  • Nemu (C Tier)
  • Hinamori (D Tier)

Bleach Immortal Soul Unlimited Rage ATK List 2024 – Unending Assault

Unlimited Rage ATK characters are perfect for players seeking relentless, non-stop attacks. These heroes can efficiently maintain high Rage levels, making them formidable forces in battle. 

Bleach Immortal Soul Unlimited Rage ATK List 2024– Unending Assault:
  • Kensei (A Tier)
  • Hiyori (B Tier)
  • Yammy (C Tier)

Bleach Immortal Soul Extreme 1 Row Attack List 2024 – Total Annihilation

Characters with Extreme 1 Row Attack capabilities provide unforgiving concentrated aggression, obliterating the enemies in a single row. These units can turn the tide of any battle effortlessly, making them highly sought-after. 

Bleach Immortal Soul Extreme 1 Row Attack List 2024– Total Annihilation:
  • Mayuri (A Tier)
  • Komamura (B Tier)
  • Love (B Tier)

Bleach Immortal Soul Crit List 2024 – Strike with Precision

Crit characters are perfect for players who revel in utilizing well-executed, precise attacks that deliver devastating critical hits. With probability on their side, these heroes strike hard, and strike true. 

Bleach Immortal Soul Crit List 2024– Strike with Precision:
  • Lisa (S Tier)
  • Ishida (D Tier)
  • Ganju (D Tier)

Bleach Immortal Soul Characters Explained

Diving into the depth of Bleach Immortal Soul Characters, each character boasts unique abilities and backstories that shape their in-game mechanics. Understanding their pros and cons can significantly improve your battle strategies, enhancing your overall gaming experience.

1. Toshiro (S Tier):

Toshiro (S Tier)

Pros: Incredible damage output, reliable crowd control, versatile playstyle

Cons: High skill cap, requires careful positioning and timing

Who should choose: Players who want a powerful character that can take control of fights and excel in dealing massive damage

Who should avoid: Players who are new to the game or prefer more straightforward characters

2. Grimmjow (S Tier):

Grimmjow (S Tier)

Pros: High mobility, exceptional burst damage, great dueling potential

Cons: Squishy, vulnerable to crowd control effects

Who should choose: Players who like assassins and enjoy picking off enemies quickly, one by one

Who should avoid: Players who dislike assassins or prefer tankier characters with more survivability

3. Kenpachi (S Tier):

Kenpachi (S Tier)

Pros: Tanky frontline bruiser, excellent self-sustain, strong AoE damage abilities

Cons: Limited mobility, can be kited easily by ranged characters

Who should choose: Players who enjoy playing durable characters capable of dishing out significant damage while soaking up enemy attacks

Who should avoid: Players who prefer mobile characters or assassins with high burst damage

4. Yamamoto (S Tier):

Yamamoto (S Tier)

Pros: Incredible zone control, strong AoE damage, formidable crowd control abilities

Cons: Reliant on good positioning, vulnerable when abilities are on cooldown

Who should choose: Players who appreciate high-impact, strategic characters with immense team fight presence

Who should avoid: Players seeking high mobility or self-sustain capabilities in their character

5. Zangetsu (S Tier):

Zangetsu (S Tier)

Pros: High DPS output, a diverse range of abilities, synergy with various allies

Cons: Squishy and relies on proper positioning, susceptible to crowd control abilities

Who should choose: Players fond of dealing massive damage across the battleground, providing excellent utility to their team

Who should avoid: Newcomers or players seeking tankier, more forgiving characters

6. Kyoraku (S Tier):

Kyoraku (S Tier)

Pros: Versatile playstyle, strong duelist, potent disruption and utility abilities

Cons: High skill cap, requires clever timing and plays to maximize effectiveness

Who should choose: Players who like adaptable characters that excel in various situations and have excellent outplay potential

Who should avoid: Newer players or those who prefer straightforward, easier-to-master characters

7. White Ichigo (S Tier):

White Ichigo (S Tier)

Pros: High burst damage, powerful AoE abilities, potential for chaining devastating combos

Cons: Squishy, weak to crowd control effects, needs good positioning

Who should choose: Players seeking a carry role character that can dish out massive damage in quick succession

Who should avoid: Those looking for tankier roles or prefer easy-to-navigate playstyle

8. Aiden (S Tier):

Aiden (S Tier)

Pros: Excellent utility skills, strong area control, powerful support abilities

Cons: Not as damaging as other S Tier characters, requires a cohesive team strategy

Who should choose: Players prioritizing versatile support roles capable of providing critical assistance to teammates

Who should avoid: Players pursuing a carry role or significant damage dealer

9. Lisa (S Tier):

Lisa (S Tier)

Pros: Balanced blend of damage and survivability, adept at crowd control management

Cons: A reliance on well-timed abilities, less potent than pure-damage S Tier selections

Who should choose: Players desiring a strategic blend of offense and defense to disrupt the enemy’s rhythm

Who should avoid: Players looking for an S-tier damage dealer or straightforward gameplay.

10. Yachiru (A Tier):

Yachiru (A Tier)

Pros: Nimble, strong single-target burst damage, exceptional chase potential

Cons: Lacks survivability, weaker performance in large-scale team fights

Who should choose: Players with an aggressive playstyle who enjoy hunting down and eliminating key targets

Who should avoid: Those who prefer a more well-rounded character with a better team fight presence

11. Soi Fon (A Tier):

Soi Fon (A Tier)

Pros: Fast movement speed, high burst damage potential, strong assassination capabilities

Cons: Fragile, vulnerable to crowd control abilities, weak teamfight presence

Who should choose: Players who relish high-risk, high-reward characters with the ability to quickly eliminate vulnerable enemies

Who should avoid: Players seeking more well-rounded characters or those with a higher emphasis on teamfight engagements

12. Byakuya (A Tier):

Byakuya (A Tier)

Pros: Great poke damage, solid area control, reliable crowd control abilities

Cons: Vulnerable when abilities are on cooldown, can struggle against high mobility characters

Who should choose: Players who appreciate long-range harass and crowd control potential to disrupt enemies

Who should avoid: Players looking for a high-mobility or in-your-face playstyle, or someone with self-sustain

13. Tosen (A Tier):

Tosen (A Tier)

Pros: Good initiator, strong crowd control, tanky frontline warrior

Cons: Limited damage output, reliant on team follow-up for maximum effectiveness

Who should choose: Players who enjoy a tank role with a focus on initiating fights and providing valuable crowd control

Who should avoid: Players seeking high damage output or solo carry potential

14. Rukia (A Tier):

Rukia (A Tier)

Pros: Versatile kit with numerous utility options, strong zoning potential

Cons: Lacks consistent burst damage, requires good positioning and map awareness

Who should choose: Players who appreciate a character with multiple tools and the ability to control the battlefield

Who should avoid: Those seeking a high burst damage dealer or an easier-to-pilot character

15. Urahara (A Tier):

Urahara (A Tier)

Pros: Strong disruption abilities, significant poke and harass potential, solid utility

Cons: Squishy, less effective in protracted engagements, somewhat reliant on team coordination

Who should choose: Players interested in a versatile support pick with strong zone control and disruption prowess

Who should avoid: Those seeking heavy damage dealers or characters that thrive in sustained engagements

16. Kensei (A Tier):

Kensei (A Tier)

Pros: Good damage output, tanky for a damage dealer, well-rounded kit

Cons: Lacks the mobility of other A-tier characters, susceptible to crowd control abilities

Who should choose: Players who enjoy a bruiser playstyle with enough durability to survive bursts of damage

Who should avoid: Players who prioritize high mobility or prefer a more specialized damage dealer

17. Matsumoto (A Tier):

Matsumoto (A Tier)

Pros: Significant crowd control capabilities, powerful zoning tools, versatile playstyle

Cons: Squishy, vulnerable when abilities are on cooldown, relies on proper positioning

Who should choose: Players who prefer a support role with strategic area control and impactful crowd control

Who should avoid: Players seeking tankier characters or a high-damage output role

18. Mayuri (A Tier):

Mayuri (A Tier)

Pros: Great utility options, strong poke potential, excellent crowd-control effects

Cons: Lacks high burst damage, vulnerable when abilities are on cooldown, relies on map awareness and coordination

Who should choose: Players who like a strategic playstyle with the versatility to adapt to varying situations

Who should avoid: Players seeking an assassin-style character or ones with high burst potential

19. Ichigo (A Tier):

Ichigo (A Tier)

Pros: Diverse skill set, good burst potential, strong team fight presence

Cons: Relies on chaining abilities efficiently, weaker than other A-Tier characters in terms of raw damage output

Who should choose: Players who enjoy a well-rounded character with capabilities in both skirmishes and team fights

Who should avoid: Players looking for a pure damage dealer or those who prioritize mobility

20. Gin (A Tier):

Gin (A Tier)

Pros: Strong poke damage, powerful zoning potential, great disruption abilities

Cons: Relatively squishy, weaker in extended exchanges, susceptible to crowd control

Who should choose: Players who like long-range harassment and the ability to disrupt enemies from a safe distance

Who should avoid: Players seeking a high-mobility or durable character with superior self-sustain

21. Komamura (B Tier):

Komamura (B Tier)

Pros: Highly durable, capable of soaking up damage, solid team fight presence

Cons: Limited mobility, lacks high damage output, not effective against mobile enemies

Who should choose: Players who enjoy playing a tank role with the primary focus on survivability and soaking up enemy damage

Who should avoid: Players seeking a high damage output or high mobility character

22. Renji (B Tier):

Renji (B Tier)

Pros: Decent damage output, good crowd control, versatile skill set

Cons: Struggles against high mobility characters, reliant on proper positioning and good usage of abilities

Who should choose: Players who like a well-rounded character without major weaknesses but no significant strengths

Who should avoid: Players looking for a specialized role or excel in one particular aspect

23. Orihime (B Tier):

Orihime (B Tier)

Pros: Effective support, provides powerful healing and shielding, decent crowd control abilities

Cons: Lacks damage potential, vulnerable to dive and burst damage

Who should choose: Support-focused players who prioritize keeping their team alive and healthy

Who should avoid: Players seeking a significant damage output or a character with high kill potential

24. Isshin (B Tier):

Isshin (B Tier)

Pros: Tanky, good disruption abilities, capable of soaking large amounts of damage

Cons: Limited mobility, less effective in smaller skirmishes, not a high damage dealer

Who should choose: Players who appreciate a solid frontline presence capable of absorbing punishment and disrupting enemies

Who should avoid: Players seeking a high damage or high mobility character

25. Hiyori (B Tier):

Hiyori (B Tier)

Pros: Consistently high damage output, strong dueling potential, good mobility

Cons: Squishy, weak to crowd control abilities, less impactful in team fights

Who should choose: Players who enjoy high-risk, high-reward characters with strong 1v1 potential

Who should avoid: Players looking for a more well-rounded character or one with better teamfight utility

26. Unohana (B Tier):

Unohana (B Tier)

Pros: Potent healing abilities, significant team utility, effective at enabling other characters

Cons: Low damage output, reliant on team success for effectiveness

Who should choose: Players who appreciate a support role that excels in keeping their team alive and healthy

Who should avoid: Players seeking a significant damage dealer or a character with significant solo carry potential

27. Yoruichi (B Tier):

Yoruichi (B Tier)

Pros: Remarkable mobility, good single-target damage, strong assassination potential

Cons: Squishy, vulnerable to crowd control effects, lacks team fight presence

Who should choose: Players who prefer fast-paced, high-risk characters capable of quickly getting in and out of fights

Who should avoid: Players seeking a more tanky character or those with high team fight utility

28. Love (B Tier):

Love (B Tier)

Pros: Durable and tanky, strong initiator, good area of effect abilities

Cons: Limited damage output, weak against high mobility characters, requires good follow-up from the team

Who should choose: Players who value a tanky presence capable of initiating fights and soaking up damage

Who should avoid: Players who prioritize high-damage characters or those with strong solo carry potential

29. Tessai (B Tier):

Tessai (B Tier)

Pros: Excellent zoning potential, strong crowd control abilities, unique skill set

Cons: Lacks damage output, vulnerable to rapid gap closers or crowd control effects

Who should choose: Players who appreciate a strategic character with great battlefield control and disruption capabilities

Who should avoid: Players seeking a high-burst damage character, or those who value high mobility

What Are The Factors Influencing the Tier List of Bleach Immortal Soul?

Several factors influence the Tier List of Bleach Immortal Soul, affecting the rankings and overall performance of the characters. Understanding these factors is essential for selecting the best team composition:

What are the Factors Influencing the Tier List of Bleach Immortal Soul?
  • Base Stats: Each character has a unique set of base stats, such as Attack, Defense, Health Points, and Spiritual Pressure. These stats play a crucial role in determining a character’s overall power and performance in battles.
  • Skills and Abilities: The skills and abilities of a character significantly influence their potential on the battlefield. Unique special moves, crowd control abilities, and supportive skills can make a character more effective and versatile.
  • Synergy with other characters: Certain characters have synergistic effects when paired with other specific characters or character types. These complementary pairings can significantly boost the overall performance of a team, so having characters that work well together is important.
  • Character Rarity: Characters in Bleach Immortal Soul come in different rarities (UR, SSR, SR, and R). Generally, rarer characters tend to have higher base stats, more powerful skills, and better synergies. However, this doesn’t mean that only rare characters are viable – building a team around more common characters can also yield great results when properly optimized.
  • PvP and PvE performance: Some characters excel in PvP battles, while others are more suited to PvE content. It’s crucial to consider the nature of the battles you are preparing for when selecting characters, as their performance may vary between PvP and PvE modes.
  • Upgrade and Ascension Potential: Characters have different growth potentials, which can be enhanced through upgrades, ascensions, and unlocking new abilities. Some characters may start weaker but shine after reaching their full potential, while others might consistently perform well throughout the game.
  • War Soul Compatibility: Each character can equip War Souls that provide additional stat bonuses and unique effects. A character’s compatibility with specific War Souls can bolster their performance, making them more competitive on the tier list.
  • Meta and Balance Changes: The tier list can change over time as the developers introduce new updates, balance changes, and characters. Keeping up with these updates will ensure that you stay ahead of the game and maintain a strong team composition.

How To Get Better at Bleach Immortal?

Improving your gameplay in Bleach Immortal requires patience, strategy, and dedication. Here are some tips to help you become better at the game and ultimately, rule the battlefield:

How to get better at Bleach Immortal?
  • Know your characters: Understanding your characters and their abilities is crucial. Make sure you thoroughly understand their unique skills and stats to fully utilize their potential on the battlefield.
  • Tier list knowledge: Use the characters Tier List as a reference to make informed decisions when choosing your team members. Prioritize stronger characters from higher tiers as they generally have better abilities and stats.
  • Team composition: Ensure your team is well-balanced with a mix of ranged, melee, and support characters to cover all aspects of combat. This will increase your team’s versatility, giving you an advantage in battles.
  • Upgrade and enhance: As you progress in the game, collect resources to level up and strengthen your characters. Enhance their skills, equipment, and soul links to improve their overall performance on the battlefield.
  • Adapt your playstyle: Each battle or enemy may require different strategies and tactics. Experiment with different team compositions and character combinations to find the optimal strategy for each situation.
  • Participate in events: Regularly take part in special events, challenges, and daily quests to earn valuable resources for upgrading your characters and improving your gameplay.
  • Study your opponents: Familiarize yourself with the skills and abilities of enemy characters to anticipate their moves and develop counter-strategies.
  • Learn from the community: Connect with other Bleach Immortal players through forums, chat rooms, or social media. Learn from their experiences, tips, and tricks to gain valuable insights and improve your game.
  • Practice, practice, practice: As with any game, continuous practice is essential in mastering the mechanics, controls, and strategies in Bleach Immortal. The more you play, the better you’ll become.

How To Unlock Characters in Bleach Immortal?

Unlocking characters in Bleach Immortal can be an exciting prospect as you expand your roster and improve your team dynamics. There are several ways in which you can collect new characters and add them to your lineup:

How to unlock characters in Bleach Immortal?
  • Story Mode: As you progress through the game’s story mode, you’ll encounter various stages that reward you with new playable characters upon completion. These stages will have specific requirements or objectives you must fulfill before unlocking the character.
  • Summoning: The most popular and versatile way to unlock characters is through the summoning system. Using in-game premium currency (Gems or Orbs), players can participate in various summoning banners, which offer a chance to obtain new powerful characters. These banners usually feature a rotation of featured characters, so it’s essential to keep an eye on which heroes are up for grabs and plan your summons accordingly.
  • Events and Challenges: Participate in limited-time events and complete special challenges that offer an opportunity to unlock exclusive characters. These events typically have unique conditions and rewards that can help you expand your roster.
  • In-game Shop: The game also offers a store where you can purchase character packs using in-game currency (Gold or Soulstones) or real money. The shop often provides bundles that combine characters, materials, and other resources to expedite your progress.
  • Trading Tokens: Certain characters can also be unlocked by redeeming character-specific trading tokens, which can be collected primarily by participating in PvP battles, guild events, or combining duplicate characters.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How often is the Tier List of Bleach Immortal updated?

The tier list is updated periodically, taking into account changes in the game meta, character adjustments, and new characters introduced to the game.

2. Can I create my personalized Tier List?

Yes, you can create your Tier List based on personal preference, character synergies, and individual play style.

3. Which characters are good for beginners?

Characters in the A and B tiers such as Rukia, Ichigo, Tosen, and Renji are good for beginners due to their balanced gameplay and ease of use.

4. How do I unlock new characters in Bleach Immortal?

New characters can be unlocked through various means, including character summons, in-game events, and completing specific quests.

5. Can I upgrade my character’s abilities and stats?

Yes, characters can be upgraded through the use of in-game materials, leveling up, and enhancing their abilities.

6. How important are team compositions in Bleach Immortal?

Team composition is crucial in Bleach Immortal as it allows you to form strategic combinations, exploit synergies among the characters, and improve your chances of winning battles.

7. What are the key attributes of an S-tier character?

S-tier characters possess exceptional abilities, high damage output, and strong utility, making them highly sought after and a dominant force in battles.

8. Can I play Bleach Immortal on my PC or Mac?

Currently, Bleach Immortal is only available on mobile platforms (iOS and Android). However, you can play the game on a PC or Mac using an emulator like BlueStacks.

9. How can I gain an advantage over my opponents in PvP battles?

An optimal team composition, exploiting character synergies, and understanding your opponent’s weaknesses will give you the edge in PvP battles.

10. Are certain characters better in PvP or PvE settings?

Yes, some characters have abilities or playstyles that make them more suited for either PvP or PvE engagements.

11. How do I level up my characters quickly?

Completing quests, participating in events, and using experience-boosting items can help level up your characters quickly.

12. Can I change my character’s outfit or appearance?

Yes, certain characters have different outfits or skins that can be unlocked and equipped to customize their appearance.

13. How do I acquire in-game currency?

In-game currency can be earned by completing quests, participating in events, and making in-app purchases.

14. Can I play cooperatively with friends in Bleach Immortal?

Yes, Bleach Immortal has cooperative events and features that allow you to team up with friends in certain game modes.

15. Are characters balanced regularly to maintain a fair competitive environment?

The developers of Bleach Immortal regularly update the game, making balance changes to characters when necessary to maintain a competitive and enjoyable gaming experience.

16. Can I transfer my progress from one device to another?

Yes, by linking your account to your social media or Google Play / Apple Game Center account, you can transfer your progress between devices.


In conclusion, our Bleach Immortal tier list 2024 is the ultimate tool to help you build an unbeatable team. Keep in mind that while these rankings are a great starting point, individual playstyles, preferences, and experiences may lead you to discover hidden gems within the lower tiers. Remember to experiment and fine-tune your team according to your specific needs and strategies.

With consistent updates and new characters being added to the game, it’s essential to stay up-to-date with the latest developments. Be sure to bookmark this page and check back regularly as we’ll continually update our tier list to reflect the ever-evolving landscape of Bleach Immortal. Good luck on your journey, and may you rise to the top with the strongest characters by your side!


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