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Disguise Self 5E [How To Use Disguise Self In DnD] 2024

Disguise Self 5E
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 10/10/2023
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You’ve honed your combat skills, you’ve mastered the art of spellcasting, and you’ve navigated crypts teeming with monsters. Now, you’re ready to venture into an entirely different realm of D&D gameplay with the “Disguise Self 5E” spell.

No more hacking and slashing your way through every problem that comes along. Instead, it’s time to embrace subterfuge and rely on your cunning to outsmart opponents.

To any seasoned D&D player, the thrill of the game lies in the complexities of its rules and the unlimited possibilities they offer. With spells like Disguise Self 5E at your disposal, you can play around with scenarios even outside combat.

As fascinating as it sounds, let’s delve deeper into this mystical plot twist. This article will unravel the ins and outs of this spell in an engaging yet informative style, no jargon included! It’s all plain English here for easy comprehension.

Disguise Self 5E Attributes

Casting Time1 Action
ComponentsV, S
Duration1 Hour

What is Disguise Self 5E?

Disguise Self 5E is a spell in the 5th edition of the Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) role-playing game.

What is Disguise Self 5E?

This spell allows the caster to alter their appearance, including height, weight, and clothing, within certain limits.

It’s important to note that this spell doesn’t change tactile properties or voice, and it doesn’t hold up to physical inspection. The changes offered by Disguise Self 5E only affect sight and are, therefore, purely cosmetic.

It’s helpful for characters looking to deceive onlookers or blend into a crowd. The spell lasts for one hour and does not require concentration.

What are the benefits of using Disguise Self in 5e?

Disguise Self spell in Dungeons & Dragons 5e provides a host of strategic benefits, enhancing gameplay. Some notable benefits include:

  • Deception: The primary advantage is deception. You can instantly alter your appearance to match that of another person or group, which may be critical during espionage or negotiations.
  • Infiltration: You can disguise yourself to blend into enemy terrains or groups unnoticed.
  • Escape: If being chased or hunted, Disguise Self allows characters to change their appearances and evade capture.
  • Distraction/Diversion: In a combat situation, changing the character’s outlook might confuse the enemy and prove advantageous.
  • Social Engagement: Sometimes, a different appearance can help you negotiate better with specific characters in the game based on their preferences or dislikes.

The change only affects visual aspects and wouldn’t hold up against physical inspection — for instance, if someone touches you and your illusionary disguise alters your perceived form significantly from your physical form, they might feel it.

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What Are the Rules in 5E of Disguise Self?

Disguise Self in Dungeons & Dragons 5E operates under the following rules:

What Are the Rules in 5E of Disguise Self?
  • Casting Time: The spell takes one action to cast.
  • Range: The effect is self-targeting, meaning it only affects the caster.
  • Components: This spell requires Verbal (V) and Somatic (S) components but not Material (M). This means you have to both speak and gesture to cast it.
  • Duration: Once cast, the spell lasts for 1 hour.
  • School of Magic: Disguise Self belongs to the school of Illusion.
  • Level: It’s a 1st-level spell, meaning it’s available for use fairly early in a character’s progression.

Regarding its effects:

  • Change Appearance: The caster can make themselves look different until the spell ends or until they use their action to dismiss it. They can seem up to a foot shorter or taller and can appear thin, fat, or between those body types. They can’t change their body type, though — for instance, they must keep the same basic arrangement of limbs.
  • Inspection: To others, the caster appears as their disguised self unless those others take action to visually inspect the illusion and succeed on an Intelligence (Investigation) check against your spell save DC.

Remember these specifics when planning and executing your strategies using Disguise Self in D&D 5E!

How can I use the Disguise Self ability in 5e?

Casting the Disguise Self spell in Dungeons & Dragons 5e involves a few simple steps:

  • Check your character’s ability: Make sure your character’s class allows them to cast Disguise Self. It’s typically available to bards, sorcerers, wizards, and some warlocks.
  • Preparing or knowing the spell: For classes like Wizard that prepare spells, ensure you have Disguise Self selected as a prepared spell for the day. Classes like Sorcerer and Bard always have their known spells ready to use as long as they have a spell slot.
  • Use an action: On your turn in combat or during your adventuring activities, declare that you’re using an action to cast Disguise Self.
  • Describe your disguise: Tell the Dungeon Master (DM) what you’d like your disguise to look like. Remember, you can appear up to a foot shorter or taller, and you can make yourself look thin or fat or in between within your racial norms.
  • Cast the spell: Pretend to utter the spell words (Verbal Component) and use gestures (Somatic Component).
  • Confirm duration: The spell lasts for up to an hour with no concentration required.
  • Interaction & Inspection: If someone interacts with your disguise during this period, they would need to make an Intelligence (Investigation) check against your Spell Save DC to see through it.

Keep in mind these are general steps – specific gameplay may vary depending on house rules, campaign settings and circumstances of gameplay!

How can you get Disguise Self 5E?

Every D&D player knows just how crucial it is to select the right spells for their character.

How can you get Disguise Self 5E

Spells like Disguise Self 5E give your character an added edge in the game by providing a deceptive advantage.

But the big question is, how can you acquire this spell? A number of class options and epic paths, Archetypes, Domains, or more select magic items would allow your character to cast Disguise Self 5E.

  • Artificer: As an Artificer, starting from level one, you can pick a disguise self-spell from any class’s spell list.
  • Bard: As a Bard, disguising yourself is part of your bardic magic since level one. You have access to it as one of your known spells.
  • Sorcerer: For Sorcerers, it comes as a standard spell that they could learn from level one onward.
  • Wizard: Wizards may find this spell in their arcane roll since level one as well and add it to their book of spells.
  • Arcane Trickster: This Rogue archetype grants you access to Disguise Self at the third level as part of its trickster’s spells.
  • Eldritch Knight: Similar to Arcane Tricksters, Eldritch Knights – a Fighter archetype gain access at the third level.
  • Gloom Stalker: This Ranger’s sub-class (found in Xanathar’s Guide) disguises itself automatically at the third level.
  • Trickery Domain: Clerics with Trickery domain have disguise self available as a domain spell starting at first-level. It’s always prepared and doesn’t count against a number of prepared spells.
  • Mask of Many Faces Warlock Invocation: Allows you to cast disguise yourself at will.
  • Replicate Magic Item Artificer Infusion: Using this, an Artificer could potentially replicate any spellcasting item that could cast Disguise Self spells, such as a Hat of Disguise.
  • Deep Gnome (Svirfneblin Magic) Racial Feat: As a deep gnome, you can take this feat to learn to disguise yourself as per the racial trait.
  • Firbolg Magic Racial Trait: Firbolgs can cast disguise self once per short or long rest using Wisdom as their spellcasting ability.
  • Hexblood Lineage Trait: Hexbloods (from Unearthed Arcana) have access to disguise themselves through their lineage trait.
  • Tiefling Infernal Legacy Racial Trait: Certain subraces of Tieflings like Glasya and Levistus have access to disguise themselves via their racial traits.
  • Aberrant Dragonmark Feat offers one 1st level sorcerer spell, including the possibility of Disguise Self.
  • Artificer Initiate, similar to Magic Initiate, one may choose Disguise Self as their 1st level spell offered by this Feat, provided they are Initiated in Artifice.
  • Magic Initiate Feat and Shadow Touched Feat: These feats allow you to learn two spells from any class’s list. One could disguise oneself.

While some options are race-based, others are class-based. Thus, in character creation, always align with your character’s backstory for maximum satisfaction!

Is Disguise Self 5e a Good Spell?

Yes, Disguise Self 5e is considered a good and useful spell in Dungeons & Dragons, particularly for situations that require stealth, deception, or infiltration. It provides a high level of versatility by allowing the caster to alter their appearance at will.

This can be extremely advantageous in numerous scenarios, such as sneaking past guards, impersonating an enemy to infiltrate their ranks, or even just blending into a crowd to avoid detection.

This spell does not require concentration to maintain and lasts an hour per casting, granting the user freedom to engage in other activities while maintaining disguise.

Its effectiveness may depend on your campaign’s storyline and the Dungeon Master’s style. In more combat-focused campaigns, its utility might not be as apparent as in intrigue-heavy campaigns. But overall, with a little bit of creativity, Disguise Self proves highly beneficial in most gameplay situations.

FAQs about Disguise Self 5E

What happens if someone touches me while I’m under the effect of Disguise Self 5E?

Since the Disguise Self is an illusion, physical contact may allow the person to feel the discrepancy and realize you’re under a spell.

Can I use Disguise Self 5E to mimic specific individuals?

Yes, you can use the spell to impersonate specific individuals as long as the changes adhere to the spell’s stipulations.

Do creatures with sight-based special abilities see through my disguise?

Certain creature abilities like Truesight can see through illusions like the Disguise Self.

Can I alter my weight using Disguise Self 5E?

No, you cannot change your weight or other tactile properties using this spell.

Does casting ‘Disguise Self 5E’ provoke an opportunity attack in combat?

No, casting spells does not typically provoke opportunity attacks in D&D 5E.


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