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Bandit Captain 5E Monsters [Stand Up To The Leaders Of Thieves]

Bandit Captain 5e Monsters
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 01/19/2024
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Within the dynamic world of Dungeons & Dragons, there are countless characters to meet and myriad monsters to best.

One such adversary that may come across your path is the Bandit Captain, a non-player character (NPC) in this spectacular role-playing game that adds depth and dramatic intrigue.

Known for their ruthless cunning and leadership abilities, these figures command their troops with an iron fist, displaying a knack for strategy that challenges even the mightiest of heroes.

Essentially criminal lords disguised as ordinary citizens, and bandit captains are not to be underestimated.

They may either rally deserters from larger armies or build their squads from the ground up by assembling a cluster of like-minded outlaws.

It’s essential to remember that in D&D 5e, these bandit captains pose a significant threat to unprepared adventurers owing to their exceptional combat proficiency and tactical brilliance.

As you traverse through different landscapes and face new challenges in your journey, it’s worthwhile understanding your potential adversaries better they play an integral part in shaping your overall gaming experience.

Attributes of Bandit Captain

When delving into the world of Dungeons & Dragons, it’s key to understand the different characters you might encounter, such as the Bandit Captain.

Attributes of Bandit Captain 5e

Known for their strategic acumen and combat prowess, Bandit Captains bring a notable level of challenge and complexity to any game.

These unique features influence their play style and play a crucial role in how they interact in the gaming environment.

STR15 (+2)
DEX16 (+3)
CON14 (+2)
INT14 (+2)
WIS11 (+0)
CHA14 (+2)
Hit Points10d8+20 (65 average)
Speed30 feet
SkillsAthletics (+4), Deception (+4)
Proficiency Bonus+2
Passive Perception10
LanguagesAny two
Challenge Rating2

what is bandit Captain In 5e?

The Bandit Captain 5e stands as one of the most intriguing characters. Given their strong personality, ruthless cunning, and exceptional persuasive ability, these figures can hold a gang of outlaws together in order.

what is bandit Captain 5e

They often contain a blend of charisma and fear to command their group efficiently.

The Bandit Captain isn’t merely a thug equipped with a blade; rather, they are seasoned strategists having an innate ability to manage troops in chaotic environments.

Many Shelter themselves under the guise of an ordinary citizen, making it tricky for adventurers to spot them initially.

At their core, they represent strength mixed with intelligence and sly charm a worthy adversary for any player seeking seasoned challengers.

As you prepare for your journey in D&D 5e, understanding such powerful characters can indeed make your gameplay more engaging and insightful.

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Actions of the Bandit Captain 5e

Navigating the extraordinary world of D&D is a thrilling adventure that requires a deep understanding of various characters, such as the formidable Bandit Captain.

Actions of the Bandit Captain 5e

The actions your adversary takes can significantly influence the outcome of your game. This underscores the importance of getting familiar with them.

Let’s shed some light on four main actions that a Bandit Captain may execute during gameplay – Multiattack, Scimitar, Dagger (Melee), and Dagger (Ranged).


A significant action worth noting is the Bandit Captain’s ability to multitask strategically in combat scenarios.

They have been designed to carry out three melee attacks two with its scimitar and one with its dagger.

If they need to keep their distance from an opponent, they might opt for two ranged attacks with their daggers instead.

This versatility in attack styles adds layers of complexity when coming face-to-face with this character.


Drawing out their scimitar, these bandit leaders prove quite formidable in battle. The scimitar boasts a +5 advantage to hit, reaching up to 5 ft., targeting one opponent at a time, presenting an impressively balanced mix of range and power.

Upon hitting the target successfully, they inflict a strike averaging six points of damage (1d6+3).

With an expanded reach and considerable damage potential, it is one weapon you should anticipate encountering.

Dagger (Melee)

The bandit captain exhibits high proficiency in wielding daggers too, adeptly using them for close-quarter combats when necessity demands or conditions are favorable.

With +5 enhancement on hit chances within a reachable radius of 5 ft., this melee weapon attack targets one contender at a go. A successful stab imposes damage calculated as 1d4+3 upon invasion.

Dagger (Ranged)

Not just experts on land-based duels, Bandit Captains are equally lethal when engaging in long-distance confrontations.

Their ranged dagger attacks are a testament to their versatility. To do this, they launch an assault upon their target from either 20 ft. close range, or as far as 60 ft. if tactical demands dictate such choice.

Equipped with a +5 enhancement on hit chances, a single successful assault with a ranged dagger imposes damage calculated as 1d4+3.

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FAQs About Bandit Captain 5e

What kind of movement speed does a bandit captain have in D&D 5e?

A bandit captain has a base walking speed of 30 feet, which is standard for most humanoid characters.

How powerful is the bandit captain within the context of D&D 5e?

The Bandit Captain is considered a relatively formidable adversary in D&D 5e. They are classified as medium-sized creatures with a challenge rating (CR) of 2.

Are there any specific classes or races that become bandit captains?

There’s no specific class or race pre-designated to become a Bandit Captain. They can come from various backgrounds, races, and classes depending upon the campaign’s narrative.

What languages do bandit captains typically speak in D&D 5e?

Bandit captains usually speak a Common tongue and one other language that aligns well with your campaign’s setting in D&D 5e.

How does the Parry reaction work for a Bandit Captain?

When faced with an incoming melee attack, the Parry reaction allows a Bandit Captain to add two to its AC for that specific attack in D&D 5e.


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