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Cambion 5E Monster [Deal With The Offspring Of Fiends And Humans]

Cambion 5e Monster
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 01/19/2024
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As a monster enthusiast or a Dungeon Master among countless D&D players, you’re likely always on the hunt for a unique creature to add some extra zest to your next campaign.

Here’s an introduction to the Cambion, one of the lesser-known monsters that leaves an indelible mark with their captivating abilities and intriguing backstory.

Born from the sinister union of a fiend and humanoid, cambions present themselves as daunting creatures boasting an arsenal of formidable powers.

Shrouded in an enticing aura of danger and excitement, their mere presence can escalate the thrill factor in your campaign manifold.

So what makes these creatures so spell-casting? Let us unleash the stories, stats, and strategies revolving around cambions that will reignite your passion for D&D monster lore.

Attributes of cambion In 5E

The attributes of the cambion 5e reflect its fascinating blend of humanoid and fiendish characteristics.

This isn’t your run-of-the-mill monster; it carries an intriguing mix of physical and magical prowess, making it a remarkable adversary or a compelling ally.

Attributes of cambion 5e

Ranging from their infernal resistance to damage types to their multilingual fluency, cambion’s characteristics leave no stone unturned in making them formidable.

AC19 (scale mail)
Hit Points82 (11d8 + 33)
Speed30 ft., fly 30 ft.
STR18 (+4)
DEX18 (+4)
CON16 (+3)
INT14 (+2)
WIS12 (+1)
CHA16 (+3)
Saving ThrowsStr +7, Con +6, Int +5, Cha +6
SkillsDeception +6, Intimidation +6, Perception +4, Stealth +7
SensesDarkvision 60 ft., Passive Perception 14
Challenge Rating5 (1,800 XP)
Fiendish BlessingThe AC of the cambion includes its Charisma bonus.
Innate SpellcastingThe cambion’s spellcasting ability is Charisma (Spell Save DC 14)

What is Cambion In 5e?

A Cambion 5e represents a captivating creature combining both mortal and demonic properties.

What is Cambion 5e

Emergent from the sinister relationship between a fiend, often an incubus or succubus, and a humanoid, typically human, this creature manifests formidable abilities to excite every D&D campaign.

Yet they are far more than their perceived monstrosity. Cambions combine their parentage’s best attributes making them gifted in deceptive arts and imbued with innate spellcasting abilities.

Amplifying their charm, they are multilingual with an understanding of Common, Infernal, and Abyssal. Their damage resistance also makes them frightful adversaries in the combat zone.

While this unique lineage might point toward malevolence, each Cambion can navigate roles within your campaign differently making them unpredictable and alluring at every turn.

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Damage Resistances

The inherent damage resistances of the cambion 5e serve as a testament to its formidable durability and survival instincts.

These are not just terrifying creatures; their resistances make them incredibly resilient adversaries which can easily slip through the fingers of the unwary adventurer.


You might think that slashing a sword or casting a fire spell would affect every creature, but that’s not exactly accurate when dealing with a cambion 5e.

They possess an innate resistance to cold damage, implying that assaults inflicting this type of damage will have significantly less impact on them.

This resistance translates to their native ability to endure harsh, biting cold environments and reduces harm from frigid attacks by half.


A natural part of being a fiendish descendant, cambions are also resistant to fire damage.

They take half damage from any flame-based attacks, be it a swooshing fireball spell or an enchanted fiery sword swing.

Their fiery lineage allows them to stem off severe burns and blunt the impact from this type of attack, making your average flamethrower or Torche nothing more than an accessory in combat.


Despite their demonic traits, cambions are not immune to the forces of nature themselves; however, they do have an intriguing knack for resisting lightning-based assaults.

This means that any attack filled with electric energy is significantly less potent against them.

It is another testament to their hardiness since they can absorb electrical shocks without taking full damage.


As one may expect from creatures nurturing fiendish origins, cambions inherently resist poison and its detrimental effects.

This resistance manifests itself as an ability to withstand poisonous substances seamlessly while suffering only half the conventional consequences.

As such, poisons that may bring other creatures to their knees merely slow down these demon-spawned creatures.


In terms of physical resistance, cambions resist bludgeoning attacks from non-magical weapons that aren’t silvered.

These could range from a swinging mace to a plummeting boulder. This characteristic bolsters their battle durability and is just another challenge for dungeon explorers peculiar about the type of harm they bring to combat.


Similarly to bludgeoning, cambions also boast resistance against piercing damage and endure less harm from attacks of this type.

So, arrows, daggers, or any other weapon with a sharp point will inflict only half the normal damage.

This means you probably need an alternative strategy if your primary weapon of choice is spears or arrows.


Let’s not forget slashing damage. Blades may cut deep, but not as deeply when it comes to cambion 5e.

They take half the regular damage from slashing hits that come from non-magical weapons that aren’t silvered.

Put simply, slashing through a cambion with an ordinary steel longsword might not yield the results you’d expect.

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Languages play a massive role, adding depth to the characters and making the game world feel alive.

Much like us real-life humans, in-game creatures often possess mastery over one or more languages.

With their demonic lineage, Cambions have inherited the ability to fluently converse in several languages, enhancing their complexity and aiding them in their interactions throughout your campaign.


Abyssal is known as the language of demons, a dialect ingrained in chaos and evil. Abyssal uses the Infernal alphabet, written with sharp and thick lines.

As one might expect from a fiendish progeny like Cambion 5e, proficiency in Abyssal allows them to interact smoothly with other chaotic evil entities from the lower planes of existence.

This language offers an additional layer of creepy authenticity when they are introduced into your game campaigns.


Common is the universal language spoken throughout most worlds. It’s similar to how English operates on a global scale within our reality.

Needless to say, Cambions are also fluent in Common; it enables them to blend effortlessly with humans during some undercover operation or communicate with team members if they assume an unlikely role of an ally in your campaign storylines.


We have Infernal: the parlance employed by devils residing in Nine Hells.

Structured and melodic in stark contrast to Abyssal Infernal is known for its strict rules and orderliness which mirror devilish personalities very well.

Speak this language near a Cambion 5e, they’ll understand each word.

Skills: The Talented Contender of the Underworld

Skills represent a creature’s expertise and strengths, defining their everyday encounters in the D&D universe.

The cambion 5e is no different, boasting a set of specialized skills that play into its fiendish charm, covert abilities, and noticeably superior strength.

Whether it’s manipulating perceptions with Deception or silently maneuvering through a crowd with Stealth, the cambion’s skill set is unique in its own right. Let’s explore these skills one by one.

Deception +6: Master Manipulator

The first skill on our list for Cambion 5e is Deception. Having a bonus of +6 makes them expert schemers in all things deceptive! But why does this matter?

Well, imagine you’re in the middle of your campaign, cautiously planning your next move when you encounter an unknown being who offers to help.

But what if this innocuous individual turns out to be a cambion employing deception to lure you into a trap?

Their exceptional talent in trickery enables them to cleverly bypass honesty and truthfulness while keeping their actual intentions under wraps.

Be wary though; encountering a cambion with their well-honed deception could quickly lead your party into perilous danger.

Intimidation +6: A Daunting Presence

Another skill where the Cambion holds an advantage of +6. This statistic highlights the ability to frighten or coerce opponents just by their presence alone no weapons needed.

With every swaggering stride they take or chilling glance they throw, Cambions can induce fear and hesitation among other beings.

Within a gaming scenario, this can significantly influence interactions and decisions that characters might make around them.

This intimidating aura adds an extra layer of thrill when dealing with Cambions since indulging in direct combats or negotiations with them might not always end favorably for adventurers!

Perception +4: The Observant Fiend

Also on our list is the skill of Perception, and with a +4 bonus, Cambions are undoubtedly observant. This skill allows them to pick up on cues or details that could easily be missed by others.

In the ever-unpredictable landscape of Dungeons & Dragons, having such sharp senses plays an essential role in survival.

Whether it’s detecting hidden traps or spotting lurking enemies in the dimly lit corners of a dungeon, a Cambion’s heightened perception makes them tough contenders.

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Stealth +7: The Shadow Lurker

The Stealth, where Cambions secure an impressive +7 score. This score underlines their knack for stealthily moving around without drawing unnecessary attention to themselves.

Suppose you’re roaming around a dark alley. In that case, a cambion could silently drift past you without even disturbing a speck of dust.

Their stealth factor opens up avenues for sneak attacks or ambushes, which raises the stakes within your gaming sessions.

Their expertise in slithering through shadows and disappearing from plain sight proves their worth as deft stalkers. To detect these masters of evasion requires keen senses and constant vigilance.

Traits of Cambion 5e

The traits of cambion 5e are an intricate blend of ferocity and cunning, echoing their fiendish lineage.

Traits of Cambion 5e

Each trait adds a distinct flavor to these remarkable creatures, bolstering their resilience, charm, and power, while enabling them to navigate complicated situations with an uncanny finesse.

These traits are what transform a primordial creature into a formidable foe or fascinating ally in the vibrant world of D&D. Two such noteworthy traits are the Fiendish Blessing and Innate Spellcasting.

Fiendish Blessing

A trait that evokes the perfect balance of charisma and defense is Fiendish Blessing. This feature allows the cambion to add its Charisma modifier to its Armor Class (AC).

Not just restricted to beguiling allure, this charisma translates into tangible defense potential for cambion 5e.

It means that the more charismatic your cambion is, the harder it becomes for attackers to land a successful hit.

Fiendish Blessing endows cambions with an impressive evasive prowess brought on by their charismatic nature.

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Innate Spellcasting

Another significant cambion trait is Innate Spellcasting.

Enriched with innate magic directly from their fiend genes, cambions carry an array of spells at their disposal without requiring any material components for casting them quite the trump card in tricky scenarios.

Embodying everything from causing havoc with alter self or command, creating illusions through major images, influencing minds via charm person, or even escaping almost certain death using plane shift, the magic within a cambion isn’t merely a tool but an extension of themselves.

Actions: The Cambion’s Arsenal

Fueled by their fiendish lineage, cambions have an impressive collection of actions at their disposal.

A suite of options that are finely tuned to deal ample havoc and bring about devastating consequences for their adversaries.

From multi-attacks to magical abilities cambions can employ a variety of means to ensure they are ever formidable opponents.

Their actions further enhance the already compelling persona of these monstrous beings, providing multiple layers that make engaging with them in your campaign an intense, memorable experience.


Multiattack is one surefire way the cambion 5e asserts its dominance in any confrontation.

With the capability to unleash two melee attacks or use its Fire Ray twice in a single round, it doesn’t pull punches.

This ability is pivotal during combat situations as it significantly optimizes the cambion’s offensive strength and adds depth to its overall combat strategy.


Beyond their magical prowess, cambions are also highly skilled at handling traditional weapons their spear attack being a prime example.

When attacking with this weapon, a cambion boasts a +7 bonus on hit rolls and can cause significant damage to an enemy within a reach of 5 ft. or even up to 20/60 ft. range.

While its hits result in piercing damage, cambions take this ability up another notch by adding fire damage to their attacks when using spears a clear testament to their fiendish origins and ability to manipulate fire-based powers.

Fire Ray

Casting basic spells might be run-of-the-mill for several monsters, but few do it as impressively as Cambions do with their Fire Ray action.

This powerful ranged attack symbolizes the creature’s fiery heritage and effectively extends its attack boundaries with an impressive range of 120 feet.

This ability allows them not just versatility in tactics but also long-range supremacy during combat with an additional +7 to hit, and the inflicted fire damage can cause severe harm to any opponent that dares cross paths with these powerhouses.

Fiendish Charm

Perhaps the most intriguing trump card in a cambion’s repertoire is its Fiendish Charm – the essence of its beguiling nature.

This spell enables a cambion to ensnare any humanoid they can see within 30 feet. This just goes to show that the cambions are not all about brawn they also have an uncanny knack for mental manipulation.

Each of these actions Multiattack, Spear, Fire Ray, and Fiendish Charm paint a vivid picture of just how multifaceted and complex the cambion 5e can be.

Whether you’re introducing them in your plot as antagonists or unexpected allies, their wide-ranging abilities ensure they’re set to leave an indelible impact on your campaign’s progression.

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FAQs About cambion 5e

What is a cambion 5e in D&D?

In the world of D&D, a cambion 5e refers to the offspring of a fiend and a humanoid. They possess an array of captivating abilities and an intriguing backstory making them an intense addition to any campaign.

How powerful are cambions in combat?

Cambions are formidable opponents boasting a range of robust powers and actions such as Multiattack, Fire Ray, Fiendish Charm, and exceptional prowess with weapons like spears making them potent foes in any combat scenario.

What languages can a cambion speak?

Cambions aren’t just powerhouses in combat they’re also versed linguistically. They command multiple languages including Abyssal, Common, and Infernal.

Which characteristic abilities do cambions possess?

Cambions exhibit several distinctive traits such as Fiendish Blessing which reflects their charismatic nature and Innate Spellcasting which reflects their mastery over various spells drawn from their fiendish ancestry.

Can you charm a cambion 5e?

While difficult due to their innate resistance, charming a cambion isn’t impossible. They themselves wield the power to cast Fiendish Charm on humanoids a testament to their deceptive and manipulative prowess.


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