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Giant Serpent 5E Monster [Face The Fear Of Deep Waters]

Giant Serpent 5e Monster
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 01/11/2024
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Within the myriad of creatures that populate the exciting realm of Dungeons and Dragons, none are quite as fascinating or formidable as the giant serpent 5e.

This colossal snake lurks in the dark corners of your campaign, emerging as a challenging adversary for your players to overcome.

Fantastically designed with a lethal blend of strength, stealth, and venomous strike, this creature is sure to keep even your most seasoned adventurers on their toes.

The workshop of imagination that Dungeons and Dragons provides allows breathtaking encounters with such frightening creatures.

This article will delve into what makes the Giant Serpent 5e such a thrilling addition to your campaign – examining its unique characteristics, abilities, and techniques you can employ to make every encounter unforgettable.

Remember though; knowledge is the greatest weapon against any foe – so arm yourself wisely.

Attributes of the Giant Serpent 5e

The Giant Serpent 5e, a creature of legendary proportion and power, carries an array of attributes that make it an imposing adversary in any Dungeons and Dragons game.

Attributes of the Giant Serpent 5e

Its size, physical strength, senses, and actions create a formidable presence that is bound to challenge even the most experienced player.

Each attribute plays a critical role in defining the serpent and impacts how it interacts within your game world.

Let’s delve into each one of these impressive features to form a clear picture of why the Giant Serpent 5e has rightly earned its reputation as a marvel within this world of fantasy.

NameGiant Constrictor Snake
Armor Class12
Hit Points60 (8d12 + 8)
Speed30 ft., swim 30 ft.
STR (Strength)19 (+4)
DEX (Dexterity)14 (+2)
CON (Constitution)12 (+1)
INT (Intelligence)1 (-5)
WIS (Wisdom)10 (+0)
CHA (Charisma)3 (-4)
SkillsPerception +2
Challenge Rating (XP)2 (450 XP)
Proficiency Bonus+2

What is the Giant Serpent 5e?

The Giant Serpent, classified as a “Huge Beast”, is a colossal entity that you may encounter in your adventures within the game Dungeons & Dragons (fifth edition).

What is the Giant Serpent 5e

The “unaligned” designation indicates its lack of inherent inclination towards good or evil. With their size rivaling that of mythical sea monsters and their enormous strength, these serpents can incite terror even with a mere glimpse.

These creatures are stealthy, slithering silently before launching at their prey with surprising agility.

The cunning nature and brute strength of the Giant Serpent combine to make it an enemy that demands both respect and caution from adventurers.

Remember to plan wisely for an encounter with these beasts underestimating them might lead to dire consequences.

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Senses of the Giant Serpent 5e

The nerve-wracking tension created by encounters with the Giant Serpent is intensified by its exceptional sensory capabilities.

Senses of the Giant Serpent 5e

As it slithers stealthily, the serpent’s extraordinary senses not only aid in its survival but also enhance its role as an effective predator within your Dungeons and Dragons game world.

The two primary sensory attributes of this leviathan reptile are blindsight and passive perception. These mechanisms allow it to detect nearby prey, even in environments where visibility might be less than perfect.


In Dungeons and Dragons, Blindsight means a creature can perceive its surroundings without relying on visual sight within a certain radius.

In the case of the Giant Serpent 5e, this radius extends up to 10 feet.

This attribute is noted as critical when imagining encounters with your players in environments where visibility might be impeded like thick foliage or dark caves and yet the serpent can unerringly sense its prey.

Blindsight offers an enhanced predatory capability that makes these creatures formidable predators regardless of environmental conditions.

With this trait, a Giant Serpent will always have a keen sense of what’s happening around it.

Passive Perception

Passive Perception functions essentially like a creature’s everyday awareness level a sort of “default” setting for noticing things without actively searching or listening.

For the giant serpent 5e, passive perception is marked at twelve, which translates into an adequate level of situational awareness.

This means that while it won’t pick up on every detail like highly perceptive characters it still has enough attention to detail to spot hidden characters or notice clear changes in the environment detecting those who try to sneak past it or setting off alarms if someone invades its territory.

Actions of the Giant Serpent 5e

The essence of any creature in Dungeons and Dragons is determined by its actions, and the Giant Serpent 5e is no exception.

Actions of the Giant Serpent 5e

We analyze two crucial actions that this beast can perform Bite and Constrict. Both these actions are well-equipped to deal significant damage, but they also add an intriguing tactical depth to battles, causing players to think on their feet.

The ‘Bite’ Action

To underestimate the crunching power of a bite from this massive serpent would be a dreadful miscalculation.

The Giant Serpent’s bite attack provides it with the might to unhinge its jaws and bite down on an adversary within a range of 10 feet.

It has a robust melee weapon attack bonus of +6, which allows it to hit its targets with precision.

This strike results in the infliction of a substantial 11 piercing damage on successful execution (calculated as per 2d6 + 4).

This action isn’t just about physical injury; it’s also about injecting fear into opponents as they see their health dwindling with each successive bite.

The ‘Constrict’ Action

The iconic ‘Constrict’ action. A classic maneuver associated with all large snakes across different cultural myths, this move sees the Giant Serpent envelop and squeeze its victims within a range of just 5 feet.

Once again, taking advantage of its impressive melee weapon attack bonus (+6), the giant snake can tightly wrap around an unlucky target causing severe distress and a whopping 13 bludgeoning damage (counted as per 2d8 +4).

It’s not lending you a hug you’d welcome but one that clenches you tight till your breath runs short.

To summarize, both Bite and Constrict are potent attacks featuring different kinds of damage – piercing and bludgeoning respectively.

A deft usage of these actions can render opponents incapacitated or severely weakened, emphasizing why the Giant Serpent 5e is not to be messed with lightly.

Thus, while carving a campaign involving the giant serpent, remember, that your players will need agility and wit to dodge these lethal attacks and stay alive.

No two encounters with this beast are likely to be alike, providing fresh thrills each time it slithers into your adventure.

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Harnessing the Potential of the Giant Serpent 5e

Delving into the world of Dungeons and Dragons, it is obvious that monsters are not merely obstacles for heroes to strive against.

Harnessing the Potential of the Giant Serpent 5e

Equally important, they serve as a vital cog in the storytelling machine, driving narrative tension, and giving shape to the game world.

One of such remarkable creatures is the giant serpent 5e which, besides its combative prowess, brings a wealth of thematic richness and dramatic potential to your tale.

Let’s explore some practical ways through which this massive leviathan can breathe unrivaled excitement into your game.

Monster Encounter

Employing a giant serpent as a traditional monster encounter can add spectacular drama to your campaign.

The size and power of this beast would undoubtedly test your players’ combat skills. Whether it’s looming from vast forests or coiled silently in deep caverns encountering this creature should feel like stumbling onto something truly dreadful yet mesmerizing.

Imagine your group’s faces when this enormous serpent slithers out of darkness; its scales casting an eerie light while its eyes hold deadly intent.

Storytelling Element

Integrating a giant serpent into your story isn’t just about showcasing its physical prowess. Use it as an embodiment of ancient wisdom or symbolize certain attributes (like cunning or patience) based on its behavioral characteristics.

Drawing upon mythology can add depth serpents have symbolized both protection and deception across culture and history.

A suspicious town could live in fear of their wrathful ‘serpent god’, hidden underneath their very feet, bringing thrilling socio-political dynamics to light.

Guardian of Treasure

A classic trope in fantasy tales includes distinct creatures guarding precious treasures – why not let our colossal snake play that role?

Buried within intricate temple ruins or at the heart of a mystical marshland – be creative in imagining where such constantly aware beasts might reside over priceless items or relics.

The anticipation of valuable loot, guarded by an enormous and relentless serpent would ignite exciting duels, as well as stir discussions about the origin of such a guardian.

Wilderness Encounter

If your team regularly traverses perilous wilderness, throwing in an encounter with this beast can induce a thrilling disruption.

Perhaps the creature’s lair lies across their path or it hunts in territories through which they must pass.

Even witnessing it from afar could imbue a sense of awe and terror sensitizing them about the might and mysteries that lie within untamed lands.

Be inventive in sculpting memorable encounters on their travels.

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FAQs About Giant Serpent 5e

What is the Armor Class of Giant Serpent 5e?

The Armor Class of Giant Serpent 5e is 12, which measures how well it can avoid being hit in battle.

How many hit points does a Giant Serpent have in D&D 5e?

In Dungeons & Dragons 5e, a Giant Serpent typically has around 60 (8d12) hit points, offering significant resilience in battle.

How does the Giant Serpent perform attacks in D&D 5e?

The Giant Serpent can launch melee attacks such as bites and constricting holds – both offering potent damage potential.

Which are the common habitats of a giant serpent in D&D campaigns?

They can reside anywhere from deep forests to intricate labyrinthine lairs, and mystical marshlands, or even be seen guarding precious treasures.

Can you use a Giant Serpent as more than just an enemy in D&D?

Absolutely! Apart from being a formidable adversary, the creature can serve as an instrumental storytelling element symbolizing wisdom or danger, protect treasure troves, or even instigate thrilling wilderness encounters.


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