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Helmed Horror 5E Stats Guide [Know Your Armored Adversary]

Helmed horror 5e stats guide
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 01/02/2024
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Nothing quite captures the spirit of Dungeons and Dragons like the fantastic creatures you encounter on your adventures. From fire-breathing dragons to menacing orcs, these are beings that steep the game in magic and excitement.

One creature standing proud amongst them is the Helmed Horror 5e, a formidable, full-plated fiend that’s sure to get your adrenaline pumping.

The Helmed Horror 5e is a unique entity with a host of captivating characteristics that can pose quite the threat for even seasoned adventurers.

Replete with mystery and power, this beast is a silent sentinel guarding its master’s secrets with unparalleled dedication.

Your journey through the dark caverns and ominous castles wouldn’t be complete without crossing paths with this iconic entity.

What is Helmed Horror 5e?

When you think about a suit of armor, you likely envision it being worn by a heroic knight, or perhaps gathering dust in the corner of a castle.

What is Helmed Horror 5e

But in the mystical world of Dungeons and Dragons, that same suit could be imbued with life and purpose, transforming it into none other than a Helmed Horror.

A Helmed Horror is an animated construct – essentially an entity formed through magic from non-living materials – fashioned from a suit of armor.

It’s meant to serve as a guardian, a stalwart defender programmed to dutifully protect its master’s surroundings or fetch items upon command.

They’re not simply mindless automatons though. Worryingly enough for those daring adventurers among us, they exhibit an uncanny level of intelligence and combat prowess that can catch many by surprise.

Don’t let their metallic exterior fool you; these creatures harbor terrifying potential beneath those iron shells.

Helmed Horrors can often be found stationed at cryptic dungeons, enchanted forests or brooding castles lending an air of foreboding to its already mysterious atmosphere.

They live for their task – literally – carrying out their duty with relentless purpose until they’re destroyed or their assignment completed.

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All About Helmed Horror

Understanding the Helmed Horror requires a dive into its impressive attributes. It possesses an Armor Class 20 that includes plate armor and a shield, giving it robust defense against attacks.

All About Helmed Horror

Their Hit Points stand at 60 (8d8+24), speaking to their tenacity and toughness in the face of battle.

A Helmed Horror’s speed clocks in at 30 ft. on land, but they’re not just grounded soldiers – they can also fly at the same rate!

Strength-wise, with an imposing STR score of 18 (+4), they exhibit profound might and fighting proficiency.

They have decent agility reflected by a DEX score of 13 (+1) and notable endurance stemming from a CON score of 16 (+3).

Ever tried striking up conversation with a Helmed Horror? Probably not the best idea with their average INT, WIS, and CHA scores all resting at 10 (+0).

Skills: Perception

Helmed Horrors have clear sensory capabilities with a Perception skill standing at (+4). This keen awareness aids them in staying vigilant over their watch areas, spotting intruders or threats with ease.

Damage Resistances

It’s not just their metallic suit that offers protection. Helmed Horrors have innate resistance to bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage from nonmagical attacks, unless they’re made from adamantine weapons.

This means general attacks have often reduced effect on them, potentially turning your once deadly sword into something less menacing!

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Damage Immunities

We’ve talked about how the Helmed Horror 5e is an imposing figure in armor, but what truly bolsters its defense are its damage immunities.

The creature cannot be harmed by force, necrotic, or poison based attacks.

This means even if you’re able to land a solid hit, these types of attacks will be rendered ineffective, adding another layer to your challenges.

Condition Immunities

What’s more, this metallic monstrosity is resistant against various conditions too.

Blinded, charmed, deafened, frightened, paralyzed, petrified, poisoned, and stunned – no such conditions can halt a Helmed Horror 5e in its course.

Its persistent resilience makes it a formidable foe during any encounter.


Despite being an entity devoid of conventional senses, the Helmed Horror boasts intense perceptual abilities.

It possesses 60 ft. of blindsight (meaning it can perceive its surroundings without needing to see) but is blind beyond this radius—an intriguing blend of power and limitation indeed. Plus, it has a passive Perception score of 14.


Unlike most constructs that typically function through straightforward orders or programming language (if at all), the Helmed Horror understands the languages of its creator—yet another nod towards its uniquely advanced intelligence level.

However, it’s important to note that while they comprehend language just fine, they can’t speak one themselves.


The Helmed Horror poses as quite the challenge with a rating of 4—translating to an XP value of 1,100. Your party will definitely need adept strategizing before tackling these foes head-on!

Magic Resistance

When squaring off against this plated beastie in combat scenarios that involve magic use (a common enough occurrence in D&D), you ought to be cautious.

That’s because the Helmed Horror actually has an advantage on saving throws against spells and other magical effects, making it harder than ever to land a detrimental spell on it.

Spell Immunity

The Helmed Horror isn’t just resistant to magic; it’s downright immune to specific spells.

This immunity extends to three spells chosen by its creator. Common choices often include fireball, heat metal, and lightning bolt—benchmark spells that many adventurers heavily rely on in battle, rendering them useless against this opponent.

It emphasizes again the Helmed Horror’s almost cunning ability to counter players’ standard combat strategies, adding a thrilling edge to any encounter involving one.

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Actions of Helmed Horror

When it comes to combat, the Helmed Horror is a force to be reckoned with.

Actions of Helmed Horror

Cloaked in plate armor and armed with a lethal longsword, these contraptions are able to execute complex attack strategies that effortlessly demonstrate their deadly capabilities.

Whether you’re new on your adventuring journey or an experienced player, brushing up on the Helmed Horror’s offensive strategies can give you a valuable edge in those life-and-death encounters.


What gives the Helmed Horror its edge – and ramps up its fear factor significantly – is a feature known as ‘Multiattack’.

This quite aptly named trait allows this metal-marshaled sentinel to launch two longsword attacks at once, making it doubly formidable.

The double swing of its blade is fast and precise, designed to inflict maximum damage with minimum warning, throwing off your defense rhythm.

So be forewarned and make sure you keep a safe distance or have your shield hand ready when facing this adversary.


Equipped with a powerful longsword, the Helmed Horror doesn’t just use brute strength; it’s skilled in weapon handling.

When it takes a swing at an enemy, it hits with +6 accuracy within 5 feet range towards one target.

It’s able to wield its weapon quite brutally – landing blows that deal 8 points (calculated as 1d8 plus 4) of slashing damage.

In situations where the Helmed Horror decides to go for a two-handed grip on its sword rather than holding its shield – which could be due to tactical reasons or increased damage output – it inflicts an even heavier toll of 9 (1d10 plus 4) slashing damage.

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FAQs About Helmed horror 5e

What is the armor class of a Helmed Horror 5e?

The Helmed Horror has an Armor Class of 20, decked out in plate armor and aided by a shield.

What type of attacks can a Helmed Horror make?

It primarily uses its longsword to attack, capable of executing two longsword attacks at once due to its multiattack trait.

What are the damage immunities of a Helmed Horror?

The creature is immune to force, necrotic, and poison-based damages.

What languages can a Helmed Horror understand?

A helmed horror can comprehend the languages of its creator but isn’t actually able to speak any itself.

Does the Helmed Horror 5e have any special resistance traits?

Yes, it has an advantage on saving throws against spells and other magical effects owing to its Magic Resistance trait.


In conclusion, the Helmed Horror is no ordinary adversary. Armed with its multiattack feature and longsword, this animated construct is a formidable opponent capable of serious damage.

Knowledge of its traits and attack modes could be your greatest weapon during an encounter.

The world of Dungeons & Dragons is filled with threats like this, and being prepared for the challenge can make all the difference in your epic journey towards victory.

Explore with caution, respect your opponents, but never back down from a good fight.


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