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30 Best Magic Weapons 5E [Wield The Power Of Arcane Artifacts]

Best Magic Weapons 5E
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 12/12/2023
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Stepping into the fantastical world of Dungeons & Dragons is like opening a treasure trove of pure adventure and boundless excitement.

Each game is a saga of its own, filled with battles against dreadful beasts and legions of evil entities. To boost your chances of coming out victorious.

You need to equip your characters with the best tools there are, particularly magic weapons 5E is bursting at the seams with an assortment of mystical armaments that can imbue your gameplay with layers of strategic depth.

Picking up these magic weapons is far from child’s play. There’s an art to it that requires keen knowledge and calculated judgment.

Your choice will invariably depend on various factors – from your proficiency level to the specific needs at a given point in gameplay.

Whether you’re battling dragons or warding off wraiths, having the right magic weapon can mark the difference between victory and defeat in high-stakes D&D skirmishes.

30 Best Magic Weapons 5E

In the realm of Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, magic weapons are coveted artifacts that add a layer of excitement and power to any campaign.

Best Magic Weapons 5E

These weapons are not just tools of war; they are legendary items imbued with unique abilities, steeped in lore, and often tied to the fate of characters or entire worlds.

From swords that can decapitate foes with a single swing to staves capable of unleashing devastating magic, each weapon has its own story and power.

Here, we explore ten of the most formidable and sought-after magical weapons in D&D 5E, perfect for adventurers seeking to elevate their arsenal.

Vorpal Sword

The Vorpal Sword is a weapon of legends, feared for its ability to decapitate foes on a lucky strike. Crafted with exceptional skill, this blade is not just sharp; it’s magically endowed to sever heads with a natural roll of 20, making it a game-changer in combat.

Vorpal Sword

The sword’s name is derived from Lewis Carroll’s “Jabberwocky,” adding a whimsical yet ominous lore to its existence. In addition to its lethal specialty, it’s a superbly crafted weapon, offering a bonus to attack and damage rolls.

This sword isn’t just a tool for battle; it’s a narrative element, introducing themes of fate and destiny in every swing.

Holy Avenger

The Holy Avenger is more than just a weapon; it’s a symbol of divine justice, often wielded by paladins.

This exquisitely crafted sword not only provides bonuses to attack and damage but also offers a radiant aura that bolsters the wielder’s defenses and aids allies.

In the hands of a paladin, its true potential is unleashed, dealing extra radiant damage to foes and providing immense protection against spells.

The Holy Avenger isn’t just a sword; it’s a testament to the wielder’s commitment to their cause and deity, making it a deeply personal and powerful weapon in the right hands.

Sun Blade

The Sun Blade stands out in the arsenal of magic weapons with its unique design and abilities.

Sun Blade

This weapon, appearing as a hilt, projects a blade of pure radiance reminiscent of sunlight, making it especially effective against creatures of darkness.

It offers the finesse of a rapier with the added benefit of dealing radiant damage, a boon against undead and creatures vulnerable to light.

The Sun Blade’s radiant light can also illuminate dark areas, serving a dual purpose in exploration and combat. It’s a weapon that symbolizes hope and light, piercing the darkness both literally and metaphorically.

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Flametongue is a weapon that ignites with flames upon command, turning a regular blade into a fiery weapon of destruction. This enchantment can be applied to any sword, making it versatile and adaptable to different fighting styles.

When the flames are active, the weapon deals extra fire damage, turning each strike into a blazing assault. The sight of a Flametongue being unsheathed, its blade wreathed in fire, is enough to intimidate enemies and encourage allies.

It’s not just a weapon; it’s a spectacle of elemental fury, blending the art of swordplay with the primal force of fire.

Frost Brand

The Frost Brand is the icy counterpart to the Flametongue, sheathed in cold magic. When drawn, it exudes a chilling aura, and its strikes deal additional frost damage, freezing, and slowing foes.

Frost Brand

This weapon also offers resistance to fire, making it an ideal choice in battling against fire-based creatures or environments.

The Frost Brand’s ability to extinguish all nearby flames upon unsheathing adds a tactical element that is useful in both combat and strategic scenarios.

It’s a weapon that embodies the harshness of winter, freezing enemies in their tracks and turning the tide of battle with its cold embrace.

Sword of Sharpness

The Sword of Sharpness is a weapon that takes the concept of a sharp blade to magical extremes. Its edge is so finely honed that it can cut through almost anything with ease.

On a critical hit, this sword can deal massive damage, and it has the potential to sever limbs, making it a fearsome weapon in combat.

Beyond its combat prowess, the Sword of Sharpness is a symbol of precision and lethality, a tool for those who value the art of the clean-cut, whether in battle or in a display of skill.

Mace of Disruption

The Mace of Disruption is a bane to the undead and fiends, radiating holy energy that can obliterate such creatures.

Mace of Disruption

When this mace strikes a creature of evil, it faces the threat of instant destruction if it’s below a certain health threshold.

This weapon provides light and is particularly effective against undead, making it a valuable tool in areas plagued by such creatures.

The Mace of Disruption isn’t just a weapon; it’s a symbol of the eternal struggle between light and darkness, a beacon of hope against the forces of evil.

Hammer of Thunderbolts

The Hammer of Thunderbolts is a mighty weapon that combines brute force with the power of storms. Requiring immense strength to wield, this hammer can deal devastating damage, and its thunderous strikes can send shockwaves through the battlefield.

Often linked to the lore of gods and giants, this weapon is steeped in mythology and legend. The Hammer of Thunderbolts is not just a tool of war; it’s an embodiment of the raw power of nature, a symbol of unstoppable force and thunderous might.

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The staff of the Magi

The Staff of the Magi is a quintessential tool for spellcasters, offering a wide array of magical abilities. It can absorb spells, protect its wielder, and cast a variety of powerful spells.

The staff of the Magi

This stuff is not just a weapon; it’s a repository of arcane knowledge and power, a symbol of the wielder’s mastery over magic.

In the hands of a skilled mage, the Staff of the Magi is a versatile and formidable tool capable of turning the tide of any magical confrontation.

Staff of Power

The Staff of Power is like a Swiss army knife for spellcasters, versatile and packed with magical capabilities. It boosts the wielder’s spellcasting abilities, provides defense against attacks, and can unleash a range of spells.

The staff also has the potential to explode with devastating force, a last resort that reflects its immense stored energy.

Owning a Staff of Power is not just about wielding a weapon; it’s about holding a potent symbol of magical prowess, a testament to the wielder’s deep understanding and control over the arcane arts.

Dagger of Venom

The Dagger of Venom is a deceptively simple weapon with a deadly secret. At the wielder’s command, its blade can be coated with a potent poison, turning a mere scratch into a potentially fatal wound.

Dagger of Venom

This feature makes it particularly favored by rogues and assassins who value stealth and lethality. Beyond its venomous strike, the dagger is also a finely crafted weapon, offering a bonus to attack and damage rolls.

The Dagger of Venom is not just a tool of death; it’s a symbol of the silent, unseen dangers that lurk in the shadows, embodying the art of the unseen strike.

Glaive of the Medusa

The Glaive of the Medusa is a weapon steeped in myth and terror. This polearm is not only formidable in reach and damage but also holds the terrifying ability to petrify foes, much like its namesake, the Medusa.

With a successful hit, the glaive can force an opponent to resist turning to stone, adding a layer of fear and control to combat.

The Glaive of the Medusa is more than a weapon; it’s a relic of ancient fears and legends, a bridge between the tales of old and the battles of the present.

Luck Blade

The Luck Blade is a weapon that goes beyond physical prowess; it’s a talisman of fortune and fate.

Luck Blade

Each Luck Blade contains a limited number of wishes, making it one of the most sought-after items in existence.

Besides granting wishes, it also provides a bonus to saving throws, making its wielder luckier in all endeavors. The blade’s power can turn the tide of not just a battle but of entire campaigns.

Owning a Luck Blade is not just about wielding a weapon; it’s about holding the power to reshape reality, a symbol of ultimate potential and possibility.

Moon-Touched Sword

The Moon-Touched Sword is a weapon of beauty and subtlety. In darkness, its blade emits moonlight, creating a soft glow that can be both practical and mesmerizing.

This illumination makes it a favorite among adventurers who traverse dark and dangerous places. While not inherently magical in damage, the sword’s light offers a psychological advantage, symbolizing hope and clarity in the dark.

The Moon-Touched Sword is a poetic weapon, a reminder of the serene light of the moon in the darkest dungeons.

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Nine Lives Stealer

The Nine Lives Stealer is a sword enveloped in dark mystique. Its blade is enchanted to steal the life force of its victims, with a limited number of charges that can instantly slay a creature upon a critical hit.

Nine Lives Stealer

This macabre ability makes it a feared weapon in combat. The sword’s name and its power evoke themes of mortality and the fragile balance between life and death.

The Nine Lives Stealer is not just a weapon; it’s a grim reminder of the finality of death, a tool that holds the power to end the threads of life abruptly.


The Rainbow is a weapon of commitment and vengeance. When its wielder swears an oath against a target, the bow becomes a formidable tool of pursuit, granting significant bonuses against the chosen foe.

This bond lasts until the target is defeated or the wielder chooses a new quarry. The Oathbow is more than a bow; it’s a symbol of a hunter’s resolve and focus, embodying the relentless pursuit of a chosen prey.

Sword of Life Stealing

The Sword of Life Stealing is a blade that siphons vitality from its victims. On a critical hit, it can drain life force, granting temporary health to the wielder. This vampiric trait makes it a weapon feared for its draining properties.

Sword of Life Stealing

The sword is not just a tool of combat; it’s a symbol of parasitic survival, where the wielder’s strength is directly tied to the weakening of their foes, a physical manifestation of the concept of life, and death is inextricably linked.

Trident of Fish Command

The Trident of Fish Command is a unique weapon that grants its bearer dominion over aquatic creatures. With this trident, the wielder can enchant and command fish, making it invaluable in underwater exploration and combat.

This power extends the weapon’s utility beyond simple warfare, turning it into a tool of exploration and diplomacy under the seas.

The Trident of Fish Command is more than a weapon; it’s a key to the mysteries of the deep, a bridge between land-dwellers and the residents of the ocean.

Wave (Legendary Trident)

Wave is a legendary trident known for its affinity with water. It grants its wielder several aquatic abilities, including the power to breathe underwater, control water, and even converse with aquatic creatures.

Wave (Legendary Trident)

Wave is not just a weapon but an artifact of the sea, embodying the power and mystery of the ocean. It’s a symbol of the deep connection between the wielder and the aquatic world, a testament to the wielder’s mastery over the elemental force of water.

Whelm (Legendary Warhammer)

Whelm is a legendary Warhammer known for its affinity with dwarves and its ability to control winds.

This mighty weapon is not only a formidable tool in combat, providing bonuses to attack and damage, but also has unique properties like knocking enemies prone and detecting gems.

Whelm’s ability to speak and its desire to crush goblinoids and giants add a rich narrative aspect, making it more than just a weapon. It’s a character in its own right.

In the hands of a dwarf, Whelm’s powers are enhanced, symbolizing the deep connection between dwarven culture and their legendary craftsmanship.

Blackrazor (Legendary Greatsword)

Blackrazor is a legendary greatsword that stands out with its sentient and somewhat malevolent nature. This weapon thirsts for souls, offering its wielder temporary hit points, strength, and even the chance to cheat death in exchange for feeding it.

Blackrazor (Legendary Greatsword)

Its sleek, black blade and the ethereal whispers it emits create an aura of dread and power. Blackrazor is not just a tool of destruction; it’s a pact with darkness, offering immense power at potentially great cost.

It represents the ultimate temptation of power and the moral dilemmas that come with wielding such a weapon.

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Dwarven Thrower

The Dwarven Thrower is a magical Warhammer that exemplifies the craftsmanship and combat style of dwarves. Designed to be thrown, it returns to the thrower’s hand after striking, making it a versatile weapon in both melee and ranged combat.

Only those of dwarven lineage can unlock its full potential, reinforcing the theme of heritage and tradition in dwarven culture.

The Dwarven Thrower is more than a weapon; it’s a testament to the ingenuity and martial prowess of dwarves, a symbol of their enduring legacy in the world of fantasy.

Javelin of Lightning

The Javelin of Lightning is a magical weapon that transforms into a bolt of lightning when thrown. This transformation not only deals damage to the target but also to everyone in its path, embodying the raw power of a storm.

Javelin of Lightning

The weapon then reverts to its original form, ready to be used again. This weapon is perfect for those who revel in the awe of nature’s fury, combining the precision of a weapon with the elemental force of lightning. It’s a weapon that embodies the sudden and devastating impact of a thunderstorm.

Spear of Backbiting

The Spear of Backbiting is a treacherous weapon, cursed to betray its wielder at the worst possible moment. While powerful, offering bonuses to attack and damage, its curse can cause it to turn against the user, dealing significant damage.

This weapon introduces an element of risk and unpredictability, making it a double-edged sword in the literal sense. It’s a reminder that not all power comes without peril, and the Spear of Backbiting symbolizes the dangers that lurk within cursed artifacts.

Sword of Kas

The Sword of Kas is a weapon steeped in betrayal and bloodshed. Created for the infamous lieutenant of Vecna, Kas, this sword is sentient and harbors a deep hatred for its former master.

Sword of Kas

Wielding this sword offers immense power but also risks the influence of its evil will. The Sword of Kas is more than a mere weapon; it’s a piece of history, a remnant of a legendary betrayal, and a constant reminder of the dangers of unchecked ambition and the corruption of power.

Wand of Orcus

The Wand of Orcus is a powerful and terrifying artifact directly linked to Orcus, the demon lord of undeath. This wand has the power to raise the dead and command them, embodying the essence of necromancy.

Holding the Wand of Orcus is not only a display of immense power but also a sign of dark intent, as it is sought after by those who wish to command legions of undead or seek favor with Orcus himself.

The wand is a symbol of the macabre and the allure of forbidden magic.

Windvane (Spear)

A wind vane is a spear that harnesses the power of the air elementals. This magical weapon not only aids in combat with bonuses to attack and damage but also allows the wielder to control winds and even call forth air elementals.

Windvane (Spear)

The sleek design of the Windvane, often adorned with motifs of wind and sky, symbolizes the freedom and unpredictability of the air.

It’s a weapon that appeals to those who seek to harness the elusive and powerful forces of nature, blending martial prowess with elemental control.

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Yklwa of the Depths

The Yklwa of the Depths is a unique weapon that embodies the mysteries and dangers of the deep seas. This magical spear is designed for underwater combat, offering bonuses and special abilities that make it formidable in aquatic environments.

Its connection to the depths adds an element of exploration and adventure, making it ideal for campaigns set in or around vast bodies of water.

The Yklwa of the Depths is not just a weapon; it’s a link to the unexplored and treacherous worlds beneath the waves, a tool for those who dare to venture into the unknown.

Berserker Axe

The Berserker Axe is a weapon that embodies the raw fury of battle. Cursed to drive its wielder into a frenzied state, it offers great power at the cost of control.

Berserker Axe

The wielder gains bonuses to attack and damage but risks falling into a mindless rage, attacking friend and foe alike. This axe is a physical manifestation of the chaos and brutality of war, a reminder that the line between heroism and savagery can be thin.

The Berserker Axe is ideal for those who embrace the wild, untamed nature of combat, even at the risk of losing themselves.

Blade of Disaster

The Blade of Disaster is a spell-turned-weapon, creating a rift in reality that manifests as a blade capable of cutting through almost anything.

This ethereal blade is not bound by physical constraints, making it incredibly effective against all forms of defense. Its ability to ignore resistances and immunities makes it one of the most feared weapons in a spellcaster’s arsenal.

The Blade of Disaster is more than a weapon; it’s a tear in the fabric of reality, a testament to the wielder’s mastery over the arcane and their ability to bend the laws of physics to their will.

FAQs About Best Magic Weapons 5E

What are magic weapons in D&D 5E?

In Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition (D&D 5E), magic weapons are special artifacts that carry inherent mystical traits. These weapons don’t just provide combat advantages; they often possess distinctive properties and abilities that can greatly impact the gameplay.

How do you use a magic weapon in D&D 5E?

To use a magic weapon, your character must first ‘attune’ to it. This typically involves spending a short rest focusing on the object to create a bond, after which you can leverage its magical properties during gameplay.

Can all characters wield magic weapons in D&D 5E?

Primarily, any character can wield a magic weapon, but not all will be able to utilize its full potential. Some weapons may require certain conditions or character attributes (like Dwarf heritage) before their unique attributes can be activated.

How do you find a magic weapon in D&D 5E?

Finding magic weapons is usually at the Dungeon Master’s discretion and is typically integrated into the storyline or given as rewards for overcoming challenges or completing quests.

What happens when you are hit with a magic weapon in D&D 5E?

When you are hit with a magic weapon, it typically inflicts more damage than standard weaponry. Additionally, many magical weapons carry unique effects that activate upon hitting an enemy—like engulfing them in flames or triggering status conditions.


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