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Pokemon Masters EX Tier List (April 2024) Best Sync Pairs

Pokemon Masters EX Tier List ([nmf] [cy]) Best Sync Pairs
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 07/23/2023
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Pokemon Masters EX is a highly competitive game, and in order to be successful in it, you need to have the best sync pairs to help you achieve victory. When it comes to the best sync pairs in the Pokemon Masters EX, there are a few key traits that are essential for success. These include flexibility, versatility, and self-sufficiency potential.

Our Pokemon Masters EX tier list takes all of these factors into account, evaluating each sync pair based on these key characteristics. This allows us to identify the top sync pairs in the game and give you a clear idea of which ones are worth investing your time and resources into.

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Pokémon Masters EX Tier List (April 2024)

Pokemon Master EX is a 3v3 gacha game in which your goal is to become the ultimate champion. Team composition is a crucial factor in determining your success, so it’s important to choose your sync pairs wisely.

Pokémon Masters EX Tier List (April 2024)

Our Pokemon Masters EX tier list is divided into three main categories (type): Strike, Tech, and Support. Each category is further divided into 12 different tiers depending on the sync pair’s individual abilities and strengths. Tier 1 is the highest ranking, while Tier 12 is the lowest. Let’s take a closer look at each of these categories and the sync pairs that make up each tier.

Pokémon Masters EX Strike Tier List (2024)

Pokemon Masters EX strike tier list is comprised of sync pairs that are highly effective in terms of attacking ability. These sync pairs are fast and powerful, making them ideal for taking down enemy sync pairs quickly and efficiently.

Pokémon Masters EX Strike Tier List (2024)
TierBest Sync Pairs
1Ash & Pikachu,
Lucas & Dialga,
Sygna Suit Lusamine & Necrozma (Ultra Form),
Sygna Suit Hilda & Victini,
Sygna Suit Serena & Zygarde (Complete Form),
Steven and Deoxys (Attack Form)
2Lear & Hoopa,
Sygna Suit Ethan & Lugia,
Korrina & Marshadow,
Diantha & Keldeo,
Sygna Suit Red & Mega Charizard X,
Sygna Suit Giovanni & Nidoking,
Sonia & Tsareena,
Sygna Suit Erika & Leafeon
3Emmet & Escavalier,
Archie & Kyogre,
Blue & Mega Aerodactyl,
Lillie & Lunala,
Cyrus & Palkia,
Leon & Charizard,
N & Zoroark,
Leon & Eternatus
4Emmet & Archeops,
Brendan & Sceptile,
Giovanni & Mega Mewtwo Y,
Silver & Ho-Oh,
Hugh & Bouffalant,
May & Mega Swampert,
Cynthia & Mega Garchomp,
Raihan & Duraludon,
Alder & Volcarona
5Steven & Mega Rayquaza,
Nessa & Drednaw,
Leon & Calyrex,
Lance & Dragonite,
Marnie & Morpeko,
Bea & Sirfetch’d,
Volkner & Electivire,
Zinnia & Mega Rayquaza
6Lance & Gyarados,
Diantha & Mega Gardevoir,
Player & Gyarados (Strike) M,
Hala & Crabominable,
N & Zekrom,
Hilda & Mega Diancie,
Guzma & Buzzwole,
Marnie & Grimmsnarl,
Hilbert & Mightyena
7Gloria & Zacian,
Selene & Decidueye,
Hilda & Emboar,
Blue & Mega Pidgeot,
Sygna Suit Grimsley & Mega Sharpedo,
Elesa & Zebstrika,
Gloria & Inteleon,
Sygna Suit Cynthia & Kommo-o,
Allister & Gengar
8Barry & Empoleon,
Kris & Feraligatr,
Will & Xatu,
Wally & Mega Gallade,
Blue & Arcanine,
Gladion & Silvally,
Player & Solgaleo,
Zinnia & Salamence,
Steven & Sandslash (Alola Form),
Olivia & Lycanroc (Midnight Form)
9Burgh & Leavanny,
Morty & Drifblim,
Sophocles & Golem,
Lusamine & Pheromosa,
Clair & Kingdra Gardenia & Roserade,
Siebold & Octillery,
Hau & Raichu (Alola Form),
Fantina & Mismagius,
Naomi & Sandslash
10Professor Sycamore & Bulbasaur,
Iris & Haxorus,
Korrina & Mega Lucario,
Bruno & Machamp,
Nate & Braviary Caitlin & Reuniclus,
Flint & Infernape,
Karen & Umbreon,
Guzma & Golisopod,
Siebold & Clawitzer
11Lyra & Jigglypuff,
Ethan & Typhlosion,
Candice & Froslass,
Mina & Granbull,
Molayne & Dugtrio,
Hapu & Mudsdale,
Marnie & Toxicroak,
May & Wailmer,
Looker & Croagunk,
Pryce & Dewgong
12Bugsy & Mega Beedrill,
Tate & Solrock,
Roark & Rampardos,
Valerie & Sylveon,
Norman & Slaking,
Sygna Suit Brock & Tyranitar,
Roxie & Scolipede,
Jessie & Arbok,
Marshal & Conkeldurr,
Shauntal & Chandelure

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Pokémon Masters EX Tech Tier List (2024)

The Pokemon Masters EX tech tier list includes sync pairs that are skilled in using different tactics and techniques to gain a strategic advantage over their opponents. Whether it’s inflicting status alterations or controlling the battlefield, these sync pairs are experts at adapting to any situation and finding creative ways to take down their foes.

Pokémon Masters EX Tech Tier List (2024)
TierBest Sync Pairs
1Sygna Suit Red (Thunderbolt) & Pikachu,
Cyrus & Darkrai,
Maxie & Groudon,
Steven and Deoxys (Attack Form),
Gloria & Urshifu – Rapid Strike,
Sygna Suit Lyra & Celebi
2May & Mega Blaziken,
Marnie & Mega Mawile,
N & Reshiram,
Raihan & Flygon,
Bianca & Musharna,
Sygna Suit Cynthia & Giratina,
Sygna Suit Hilbert & Genesect,
Skyla & Tornadus,
May & Mega Latias,
Rosa (Special Costume) & Shaymin
3Elesa & Emolga,
Ingo & Accelgor,
Steven & Deoxys (Speed Forme),
Bede & Hatterene,
Sygna Suit N & Kyurem,
Lucian & Girafarig,
Grimsley & Bisharp,
Steven & Deoxys (Normal Forme),
Courtney & Mega Camerupt,
Serena & Delphox,
The Masked Royal & Incineroar
4Sygna Suit Leaf & Mega Venusaur,
Serena & Whimsicott,
Sidney & Mega Absol,
Ghetsis & Kyurem,
Iris & Hydreigon,
Volkner & Luxray,
Nessa & Eiscue,
Lysandre & Yveltal,
Karen & Mega Houndoom,
Bertha & Hippowdon
5Steven & Mega Metagross,
Player & Gyarados (Tech),
Rosa & Dewott,
Mallow & Tsareena,
Darach & Staraptor,
Silver & Feraligatr,
Misty & Starmie,
Dawn & Torterra,
N & Sigilyph,
May & Mega Lopunny
6Skyla & Togekiss,
Whitney & Miltank,
Plumeria & Salazzle,
Professor Oak & Mew,
Candice & Abomasnow,
Winona & Pelipper,
Lisia & Mega Altaria,
Wikstrom & Aegislash (Shield Forme),
Nanu & Persian,
Koga & Crobat
7Acerola & Mimikyu,
Clemont & Heliolisk,
Noland & Mega Pinsir,
Kahili & Toucannon,
Brock & Onix,
Sophocles & Togedemaru,
Crasher Wake & Floatzel,
Brawly & Hariyama,
Sygna Suit Misty & Vaporeon,
8Morty & Mega Banette,
Flannery & Torkoal,
Clay & Seismitoad,
Lorelei & Lapras,
Agatha & Mega Gengar,
Calem & Meowstic,
Wallace & Milotic,
Grant & Aurorus

Pokémon Masters EX Support Tier List (2024)

The Pokemon Masters EX support tier list includes sync pairs that are best suited for defending and supporting the rest of your team. These sync pairs excel at maintaining health and increasing other stats, making them key players in helping you stay on top during battle.

Pokémon Masters EX Support Tier List (2024)
TierBest Sync Pairs
1Sygna Suit Morty & Ho-Oh,
Sygna Suit Cynthia (Aura) & Mega Lucario,
Sygna Suit Brendan & Mega Latios,
Dawn & Cresselia,
Red & Snorlax,
Ingo & Excadrill,
Sygna Suit Kris & Suicune
2Sonia & Yamper,
Sygna Suit Blue & Mega Blastoise,
Burgh & Togepi,
Hilbert & Samurott,
Aaron & Vespiquen,
Lillie & Polteageist,
Jasmine & Celesteela
3Falkner & Swellow,
Hop & Zamazenta,
Professor Sycamore & Xerneas,
Kiawe & Marowak,
Giovanni & Persian,
Elio & Primarina,
Lyra & Meganium,
Sabrina & Mega Alakazam
4Sygna Suit Elesa & Rotom,
Player & Mesprit,
Bugsy & Scyther,
Leaf & Eevee,
Dawn & Alcremie,
Bea & Vanilluxe,
Caitlin & Mega Sableye,
Player & Cobalion
5Lt. Surge & Raichu,
Skyla & Swanna,
Nita & Landorus,
Sabrina & Chingling,
Hilda & Grapploct,
Blue & Exeggutor,
Phoebe & Dusknoir,
Steven & Deoxys (Defense Forme),
Piers & Obstagoon
6Cheryl & Blissey,
Player & Regirock,
Lillie & Clefairy,
Lana & Araquanid,
Cynthia & Gastrodon,
Morty & Mismagius,
Misty & Psyduck,
Evelyn & Entei,
Lillie & Ribombee,
Sawyer & Honchkrow
7Rosa & Delibird,
Player & Torchic,
Jasmine & Mega Steelix,
Kukui & Lycanroc,
Rosa & Serperior,
Marley & Arcanine,
Drake & Salamence,
Rachel & Umbreon,
Roxanne & Probopass
8Liza & Lunatone,
Ramos & Victreebel,
Acerola & Palossand,
Player & Pikachu,
Viola & Masquerain,
Erika & Comfey,
Erika & Vileplume
9Thorton & Bronzong,
Grimsley & Liepard,
Wulfric & Avalugg,
Glacia & Mega Glalie,
Lucy & Seviper,
Maylene & Medicham,
Erika & Tangela,
Blaine & Rapidash
10Brycen & Cryogonal,
Cheren & Stoutland,
Marlon & Carracosta,
Janine & Ariados,
James & Weezing,
Lt. Surge & Electrode

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which sync pair is the best strike in Pokemon Masters EX?

Ash & Pikachu are widely considered to be one of the best strike sync pairs in Pokemon Masters EX. They are fast and powerful, making them a formidable opponent in any battle.

2. Which sync pair is the best tech in Pokemon Masters EX?

The Sygna Suit Red (Thunderbolt) & Pikachu sync pair is one of the top contenders for best tech in Pokemon Masters EX. This duo is highly versatile, able to adapt to any situation and unleash powerful attacks on their opponents.

3. Which sync pair is the best support in Pokemon Masters EX?

Sonia & Yamper are widely considered to be the best support pair in Pokemon Masters EX. They have a wide range of abilities that allow them to keep their teammates healthy and protected, giving them an edge over other teams.

4. What is the best strategy for success in Pokemon Masters EX?

The key to success in Pokemon Masters EX is to choose your sync pairs carefully and use a well-balanced team that can adapt to any situation. You should also make sure to prioritize strong support and tech sync pairs, as these are essential for keeping you on top during battle.

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Final Words

The Pokemon Masters EX tier list is a helpful resource for anyone looking to become a successful Pokemon Master EX player. Whether you’re looking for powerful attack sync pairs, effective tech sync pairs, or strong support sync pairs, the tier list can help guide your choices and ensure that you have the best teams possible.

So start exploring today and discover which of these top-ranked sync pairs are right for you!


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