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Volo’s Guide To Monsters Book [DnD’s Bestiary Like Never Before]

Volo's Guide To Monsters Book
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 12/30/2023
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Sometimes, you’re settling down for a cozy evening. What better way to spend it than immersing yourself in the fantastic world of D&D?

For those invested in both adventure and comprehensive knowledge of in-game creatures, Volo’s Guide to monsters is your must-have companion.

This book, with its extensive detailed descriptions and illustrations, brings all manner of monsters to life on the pages – and in your campaigns.

As you delve deeper into the guide, you’ll find there’s more to it than just stats and pictures. It encourages you to engage with every encounter creatively, from balanced combats to immersive story elements, all woven together by intricate lore.

Whether or not you’re a DM seeking ideas for your next session or a player who wants a richer knowledge of the world they inhabit, this book promises a trove of invaluable insight.

What is Volo’s Guide to Monsters in D&D?

Before we fully unpack the contents of Volo’s Guide, it’s crucial to understand what it is.

What is Volo's Guide to Monsters in D&D?

Introduced as a supplement for the 5th Edition of Dungeons and Dragons in 2016, this guide offers a deep dive into the details of monsters that inhabit the game world.

Acting as a second Monster Manual, you might see it as your monster encyclopedia – packing all you need to instill awe and fear in any campaign, no matter which side of the table you’re sitting on.

The core allure of Volo’s Guide shines through its lore and statistics for those iconic monsters. With over 150 monster and non-playable character (NPC) stat blocks, it presents an exhaustive array of creatures that breathe life into your adventures.

This trove can stoke your imagination about what lurks around every dungeon corner or whispers in every forest shadow.

One unique feature standing out from other D&D literature is the inclusion of new playable races – Aasimar, Firbold, and Goliath, along with others.

These races provide fascinating options for character creation, helping break your characters away from well-tread paths and introducing fresh elements into ongoing campaigns.

Interestingly enough, this guide sees a significant update to “Legacy Content,” now christened as “Monsters of the Multiverse.” Shedding light onto creatures beyond our normal reality is an absolute feast for those inclined towards interdimensional adventures.

Let’s emphasize this: Volo’s Guide holds abundant resources for dungeon masters indeed! It serves not merely to equip DMs with tools and information but also empowers them to construct compelling narratives full of depth that take players beyond cliché encounters.

The rich lore adds color to every creature while aiding seamless integration into stories. Volo’s guide to monsters is a treasure trove designed to vastly enrich your D&D experience.

It accomplishes this by expanding your knowledge of potential foes, stirring the pool of playable races, and ultimately inspiring your creativity in crafting unforgettable journeys.

All Chapters of Volo’s Guide to Monsters Book

Digging deep into the heart of your favorite gaming companion, Volo’s guide to monsters book unveils rich details that transcend realms into the extraordinary.

All Chapters of Volo's Guide to Monsters Book

The guide is concocted with a well-curated structure of chapters that add depth and dimension to gameplay.

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Monster Lore

The Monster Lore is your encyclopedia of the magnificent creatures you encounter in your adventures. Each entry provides a detailed framework offering you not just stats but also behaviors, societies, and roles each monster plays in its habitat.

You’ll find profound insights about Mind Flayers- mysterious psionic tyrants who devour brains. It explains their life cycle: how they convert innocent humanoids into their own kind, structure their creepy colonies, and use telepathic communication, information that can really amp up your campaign.

It also delves into rich narratives behind Giants, Gnolls, Hags, or Yuan-Ti’s, immersing you further into their motivations and disrupting methods, which give them a terrifying edge in confrontations.

Even for veteran players, this chapter brings novel angles to approach monsters- from dialogue starters to innovative battle strategies to astounding treasure trove findings after victories.

Character Races

In the Character Races section, expect an explorative journey through exotic races – several of which were previously only available as monsters like Goliaths or Aasimars.

Entering the realm of Aasimars, for example, you’ll follow their divine-tinged journey from being humans with celestial heritage to becoming champions against evil exploits.

Their strategic augmenting abilities, like Celestial Resistance and Healing Hands, prove valuable when battling despicable fiends or undead.

You’ll also find fascination in monstrous inhabitants like Yuan-tis, shape-shifting serpents cursed with dark magic and deception abilities. They outshine standard races by extending gameplay diversity through unique combat tactics and challenging role-play scenarios.

Then comes the living charm of firebolts, an elusive giant-kin race balancing between their love for nature and its stewardship cult.

Abundant lore aids you in shaping Firbolg’s character nuances and mapping out intricate stories around their nature-manipulation magic or hidden reclusive societies.

Likewise, new Goliaths are presented as more than combat brutes by weaving intriguing tales around their dutiful tribal cultures, boasting combats and survivalist nomadic lifestyles in ruthless terrains.

With Volo’s guide, you get to take the seat alongside usual heroes or villains and introduce less conventional choices that spice up campaigns with unpredictable elements.


In the world of D&D, the bestiary section of Volo’s guide to monsters book is an adventurer’s dream, filled with over 100 new monsters that are sure to catch your attention.

The guide takes you through a well-crafted rollercoaster of monstrous wonders, from shadow-infused nightmares like Banderhobbs to deceptive cave dwellers like the flail-wielding flail snail.

Each monster’s details range from its statistics and abilities to its valuable loot and even lair actions. Are you up against a sinister Neogi master? Well, Volo’s guide leads you to understand its mind-controlling tactics or enslaving doctrines.

The diversity offered in the Bestiary ensures endless surprises as your D&D exploits propel further, making this monstrous directory an exceptional supplement at every game table.

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Appendix A: Assorted Beasts

This chapter in Volo’s guide to monsters book is indeed a treasure trove for enthusiasts interested in bringing underrepresented beasts into their expeditions.

Whether you’re looking to introduce ferocious creatures such as the Brontosaurus from primeval jungles or change the tide with swift sea predators like hunter sharks, there is something for every adventure type.

It introduces you to a myriad of creatures whose mere existence in your campaign can inspire awe.

Whether it’s a frolicking dolphin aiding a water expedition or clever giant badgers operating complex burrow systems, every creature comes packed with exciting features that add depth to your encounters.

These beasts excel not only as challenges for combat scenarios but also as sidekicks multiplying fun across your roleplay ventures.

Appendix B: Nonplayer Characters

Volo’s Guide is not just about monsters and beasts; it also immensely aids Dungeon Masters with assorted Nonplayer Characters (NPCs).

This section empowers DMs with an arsenal of pre-generated NPCs who can serve various roles, be it as allies, adversaries, or perhaps even inside informants providing quest hooks.

You can introduce a knowledgeable apprentice wizard guiding parties with bits of arcane or unknowingly lead adventurers into a trap.

Sometimes, it could be the enigmatic Black Fist Enforcer with ties to local guilds who spirals your plot towards intrigue and indecision.

Each NPC entry features its own stat block supplemented with abilities and suggested tactics that help you tailor your interactions seamlessly. It brilliantly equips you with the tools to craft multi-layered narratives that keep your players engaged throughout.

Should I Get Volo’s Guide to Monsters?

Yes, Volo’s guide to monsters is a treasure trove of deep insights into the D&D world. It does more than add monsters; it breathes life into them with backstory, mannerisms, behaviors, and so much more.

Should I Get Volo’s Guide to Monsters?

With over 150 monster stat blocks, additional races, and an expanded bestiary, Volo’s guide crafts a more vibrant canvas for your imagination. This book is an indispensable asset for players and DMs alike who want to improve their game.

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FAQs About Volo’s Guide To Monsters

What exactly is Volo’s Guide to Monsters?

Volo’s guide to monsters is an expansion for the 5th edition of Dungeons & Dragons. It provides detailed information on various monsters, including their backgrounds and stats.

Is Volo’s Guide to Monsters suitable for beginners?

While anyone can enjoy Volo’s guide, it’s best appreciated by individuals with a grasp on the basics of D&D as it expands upon the game’s original content.

Do I get new playable races with this guide?

Yes! The guide includes a handful of new playable races like Aasimar, Firbolg, and Goliath.

How many monster stat blocks are included in the guide?

Inside Volo’s guide to monsters, you will uncover over 150 monster stat blocks.

Is the guide beneficial only for Dungeon Masters (DMs)?

While DMs can extensively utilize it for designing adventures, players too, benefit from understanding potential adversaries.


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