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Ball Bearings 5E Use [Create Tricks & Traps To Disrupt Combat]

Ball Bearings 5e
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 01/05/2024
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If you’re dealing with mechanical devices, ball bearings 5e are most likely an essential part of your toolkit. These minute but mighty pieces are the unsung heroes of our daily routines, keeping our machinery running smoothly and efficiently.

The magic of ball bearings lies in their ability to reduce rotational friction and support radial and axial loads. Simply put, they help everything from your bicycle to your car engine run like a well-oiled machine.

As we dive deeper into the world of ball bearings 5e, we need to understand their functionality beyond this basic definition.

Ignoring the cuts and bolts that hold our machines together can be easy but doing so might keep us from maximizing their performance potential.

In this blog, we’ll break down the sophisticated science behind these parts and offer helpful insights that can help you boost efficiency in your projects or practices.

What are Ball Bearings 5e?

In the world of adventure and exploration within Dungeons and Dragons (DnD) 5e, Ball Bearings come into play as a surprisingly versatile tool.

What are Ball Bearings 5e

These tiny metal spheres, typically found stashed away in a Burglar’s Pack, might seem unassuming at first glance.

However, don’t let their size fool you. They are indeed smaller than a BB gun pellet, yet significantly larger than a sling bullet or marble.

Sold in increments of 1,000 in their own compact pouch, they can be quickly deployed to cover an area that spans 10 feet square. In essence, when you spill these discreet spheres from their pouch, they cover the ground more quickly and evenly than you might expect.

But their prime functionality goes beyond merely covering the ground. With just slight tweaks and ingenuity in application, ball bearings can serve multiple purposes that could potentially tip your campaigns’ scales to victory.

These multipurpose tools have been ingeniously woven into gameplay by seasoned players for a myriad of uses.

Whether used as traps, distractions, or even assisting in spellcasting – their possibilities stretch as far as the ingenuity of the players themselves.

How To Use Ball Bearings in DnD 5e

The dexterity of Ball Bearings in DnD 5e might surprise you. These versatile tools can be leveraged in creative ways to gain strategic advantages, solve problems, and enhance gameplay like you never expected.

How To Use Ball Bearings in DnD 5e

Ground Scatter as the Item Description States

To begin with, ball bearings’ primary function is to serve as ground scatter. Spilling them can create a slippery terrain, provoking dexterity saving throws from enemies crossing the field.

This strategic use can potentially trip up pursuers or create a barrier keeping foes at bay.

When used thoughtfully in conjunction with your environment, this unassuming tactic could easily shift your combat’s rhythm.

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Use as Targets for Light Spells

In a more creative vein, ball bearings can also be used as target aids for casting light spells.

By imbuing a single ball bearing with light, you essentially create a portable light source that can be thrown into the dark corners of dungeons.

This illuminative method not only gives you improved vision but could potentially disorient adversaries who lurk within the shadows.

Leave as Breadcrumbs for Navigation

Think of ball bearings as your modern-day breadcrumbs in the expansive and often confusing terrain of DnD universes.

If navigation is tricky or there’s a need to trace paths back from whence you came, leaving out these shiny specks helps mark your trail and ensure safer backtracking.

Shoot in a 15-foot-cone with a Sling

Slightly murky water and an enterprising mind might just see ball bearings transform into potential projectiles too.

Load them into a sling or any improvised launching device to rain down on opponents within a 15-foot cone providing surprising offensive utility.

Halt Construct with Sleight-of-Hand Check

Using merely your cunning and dexterity; if you’re close enough to a construct enemy, you could potentially pack a bearing into its gears.

With a successful sleight-of-hand check, this unorthodox strategy could halt the construct’s movement temporarily, giving your party the upper hand they need.

Distract Sentry by Throwing One at a Time

Imagine the scene: you need to avoid a guard on your stealthy mission.

Enter ball bearings. You can easily create a diversion by just throwing these tiny tools one by one.

Each bounce or roll, magnified in the hush of the night, can lure a watchful sentry away from their post or at least distract them momentarily.

Their attention diverted towards identifying these strange noises paves the way for you to fulfill your noiseless endeavors.

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Replace Money Pouch (Same Weight)

Ball bearings prove valuable in more cunning exploits as well. For instance, if you find yourself needing to swipe a pouch full of coins unnoticed, fill an identical bag with ball bearings.

These metal spheres closely replicate the weight and feel of gold coins, allowing an effortless swap without alerting your mark.

Focus on Command Spell (“Gather”)

The sphere-like shape and metallic nature of ball bearings make them perfect focuses for casting spells like “Command”.

By directing this spell towards the scattered bearings with the specific command “Gather”, you can swiftly regroup them back into their pouch or even use them as a metallic shield against incoming attacks.

The object for the Catapult Spell

Given their small size and substantial weight, ball bearings become ideal ammunition for spells like “Catapult”.

This imaginative use means you would essentially be turning simple artificer’s pieces into perfect projectiles capable of causing substantial damage when cast at high speeds.

Create an Explosive Jar with Blasting Powder

Mixing ball bearings with blasting powder results in a dangerous concoction that serves as an effective method during conflicts.

When this mix is placed inside sturdy blast-resistant jars and hurled at enemies, it can cause surprising level of destructions around a wide radius.

Use in Locate Object Spell for Tracking

Intriguingly enough, these mundane-looking spheres can also morph into magical tracking devices. Cast a ‘Locate Object’ spell on one and let it loose, and you’ve got yourself a traceable entity.

This makes them perfect for labyrinth settings or even tracking the movements of a person or creature, putting you in an advantageous position during your quests.

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FAQs about ball bearings 5e

Why might you choose to use ball bearings in DnD 5e?

Ball bearings can be used as effective tools for creating physical distractions, causing enemy stumbles, replacing a money bag, or even acting as a focus for certain spells in-game.

How are ball bearings deployed in DnD 5e?

You spill the tiny metal spheres from their pouch to cover a square area that is 10 feet on a side. This action uses an object interaction.

What size are the ball bearings used in sceneries?

These metal spheres are smaller than BB gun pellets but larger than a marble or sling bullet – the perfect size for causing slight disturbances or serving as small projectile weapons.

How many ball bearings come in one bag in DnD 5e?

A bag of Ball Bearings contains 1,000 individual units. They’re typically bundled this way for convenience and ease of use during gameplay.

What is the most inventive way to use ball bearings in DnD?

With their versatility, it’s difficult to single out one ‘inventive’ use for these items. However, combining them with blasting powder to make makeshift projectiles is certainly one of the more creative applications.


In conclusion, Ball Bearings 5e serves as a testament to how even the simplest items can become game-changers in the world of Dungeons and Dragons.

Their size, weight, and versatility open up an array of exciting possibilities for stealthy maneuvers, mischievous pranks, or strategic gameplay.

Creative use of these seemingly insignificant metal spheres can add depth to your character’s approach and potentially grant you an edge over your adversaries.

So next time you find yourself in possession of a pouch full of ball bearings 5e, remember this: their power lies not in what they are, but in what you can make of them. Game on!


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