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10 Best Epic Boons 5E [Rewards For Level 20 Heroes In DnD]

best epic boons 5e
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Updated On: 01/07/2024
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Immersing yourself in the vast world of Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition (D&D 5e) means delving into countless storylines, captivating characters, and amazing skills.

As you journey further into the game, you’ll find that Epic Boons are fascinating rewards your characters can earn when they have reached the 20th level.

This article is dedicated to elucidating ten of the best epic boons 5e your character might be lucky enough to gain.

Epic Boons in D&D 5e can enhance gameplay immensely, adding unique abilities and qualities that make each campaign a thrilling surprise.

Offering an array of benefits ranging from spellcasting prowess to superhuman resilience, the epic boons elevate one’s gameplay experience from engaging to absolutely extraordinary. Let’s take a closer look at those boons that truly shine above the rest.

What is Epic Boons 5e?

Epic Boons in D&D 5e represent a form of reward or character enhancement, typically granted by the Dungeon Master (DM) to those characters that have successfully reached the top level, 20th.

What is Epic Boons 5e

These boons form a tactical system designed to further enhance gameplay for high-level characters who choose to pursue more adventures.

They’re essentially like bonus gifts a way of acknowledging that your character may have hit the top number on their level but their journey isn’t over yet.

To clarify, Epic Boons aren’t automatically earned. They’re layered rewards added to ongoing campaigns, ensuring there’s room for growth even when you’ve hit your max level. This reward system encourages ongoing roleplay and adventure beyond the predefined game structure.

Epic Boons can range from extra power-ups such as an additional spell slot or invulnerability to specific damage types, to more significant game-changing benefits like immortality or the ability to move effortlessly between dimensions.

By incorporating this element into their campaigns, DMs can fuel creativity and innovation while giving players something exciting to aspire towards, emphasizing how rich and versatile the world of D&D 5e truly can be.

Best Epic Boons 5e

As we delve deeper into the enthralling world of D&D 5e, let’s unravel the best epic boons one could acquire.

Best Epic Boons 5e

These substantial rewards inject excitement and complexity into the gameplay, making your journey even more memorable.

Each boon, with its unique benefits and intrigue, adds an extra layer of strategy to the game.

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Boon of Immortality

Immortality is a fascinating concept and at level 20, the Boon of Immortality makes it a playable reality.

This boon ensures that your character neither ages nor suffers from frailty or old age diseases. More importantly, upon death, your character reincarnates in a young and healthy form within ten days.

You’ll be unaccompanied by any possessions but have memories intact. The allure here lies not just in escaping death’s clutches, but also in overcoming temporary defeat to return stronger.

Boon of Irresistible Offense

The Boon of Irresistible Offense radically enhances your attack capabilities.

Upon being granted this boon, whenever you are hit with a melee attack that isn’t specified as magical for overcoming resistances or immunities to nonmagical attacks and damage types, you can treat it as magic for those purposes.

This means your mundane or non-magical weapons become irresistible for foes boasting immunity or resistance.

Through this boon, you have a heightened capacity for handling tricky opponents with deceptive resistances or immunities.

Boon of Irresistible Defense

Complementing its offensive counterpart beautifully is the Boon of Irresistible Defense.

While offense boosts your attack prowess, defense focuses on resilience by ensuring damage resistance against non-magical attacks coming from enemies like animals or common soldiers wielding only ordinary weaponry.

With this powerful shield in place against non-magical might attacks – you can ensure that your hero stands firm even when under constant attack, offering a stable front for your team and yourself.

Boon of Perfect Health

Perfect Health is another boon that serves your character splendidly. It essentially provides immunity to diseases and poisons.

As the name suggests, when you are graced by the Boon of Perfect Health, you are no longer susceptible to diseases and poisons, regardless of their severity or source.

This boon makes your character resilient in a unique way – not directly in battle against foes but against microbial enemies invisible to the naked eye but equally deadly.

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Boon of Planar Travel

The Boon of Planar Travel can elevate your gameplay to a level beyond imagination.

With this boon, you can use an action to cast Plane Shift without any material components, taking with you up to eight willing creatures.

The ability to move across dimensions at will opens up countless possibilities for stories filled with thrilling adventures and opportunities for strategic play.

Boon of Timelessness

Imagine if your character could go into a stasis-like state, with no need for food, water, or breath. That’s what the Boon of Timelessness offers.

Your character can put themselves into a state where time slows down dramatically. For every 10 years that pass, your character only ages 1 year.

In this meditative form, you remain aware of your surroundings and can return to action whenever you choose.

This potentially eternal longevity allows fascinating storytelling opportunities and is indeed a unique epic boon to have in your repertoire.

Boon of True Sight

Eyes can be deceived, but the Boon of True Sight makes sure yours remains undefiled by illusionary tricks that blur the division between reality and falsehood.

Upon receiving this boon, you gain the ability to automatically spot illusions for what they truly are mere deceptions.

You also see into the ethereal plane up to a range of 60 feet which opens up perception possibilities in an ethereal realm where creatures usually move undetected.

Boon of Dimensional Travel

For characters who fancy tunneling through spacetime and popping out at remote locations without much ado – the Boon of Dimensional Travel is the perfect gift.

By thinking about any place you’ve seen or described in detail, you can use an action to cast the teleport spell without expending a spell slot or needing material components.

This dimension-hopping boon is ideally suited for those characters who treasure spontaneity and calculated risk-taking.

Boon of Fate

Wouldn’t it be great to have control over your fate? The universe conspires to favor those bestowed with the Boon of Fate.

You acquire cosmic control over destiny itself allowing you to manipulate roll outcomes for yourself or others around you within 60 feet once per short rest.

The ability to step in and change an unfavorable roll outcome truly embodies this boon’s power.

Boon of High Magic

The Boon of High Magic has to be mentioned. This boon is specifically tailored for spellcasters, and it grants one additional third-level spell slot, leading to profound changes in the player’s gameplay.

The chance to fire off an extra high-powered spell can be a game-changer in important battles or negotiations, cementing its place among the most sought-after Epic Boons.

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FAQs About Epic Boons 5e

What are some of the most popular Epic Boons in D&D 5e?

Among the many choices available in Dungeons and Dragons 5e, the Boon of Immortality, Boon of Irresistible Offense, and Boon of Perfect Health seem to be noticeably popular with players due to their unique characteristics that significantly enhance a character’s gameplay.

Can I choose my Epic Boon in D&D 5e?

Usually, the DM has the final say as to which epic boon is granted. You might influence this decision through role-play or game progression actions but normally it is considered as a reward bestowed upon reaching level 20.

Are there any limitations on how many Epic Boons you can get?

The power and importance of these boons mean they are not generally stacked or accumulated in excess. As per rule guidelines, an epic boon is typically only awarded once every 30,000 XP earned beyond the 20th level.

Do I lose my Epic Boon if my character dies?

Certain boons like the Boon of Immortality allow your character to reincarnate after death. Generally though, if a character dies without such specific rules tied to their boon, it would be up to your DM’s discretion whether they lose their epic boon or not.

Can I trade or give away my Epic Boon?

Boons are generally considered personal rewards meant for the character achieving them, and usually cannot be traded or given away. It would ultimately fall under your DM’s rules whether boons could be transferred between characters.


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