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10 Best Rogue Subclasses 5E [Specialize In Stealth And Skulduggery]

Best Rogue Subclass 5e
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 01/09/2024
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In the intricate and challenging world of Dungeons & Dragons, choosing the right subclass can make all the difference.

Among your options, the rogue class is a coveted choice due to its versatility and unique skill set.

Focusing on stealth, cunning maneuvers, and impressive combat skills, this class caters to those who prefer a quieter yet impactful presence in their gaming environment.

As you delve deeper into the rogue class, you will realize that multiple subclasses are stemming from it. Each subclass offers its own set of strengths and drawbacks depending on how you approach your challenges within the game.

One might argue that some subclasses are superior to others, but this entirely depends upon player objectives and playing styles.

To that end, we are going to help you identify the best rogue subclass 5e for your unique gaming philosophy.

Best Rogue Subclasses 5e

Whether you’re infiltrating the enemy’s stronghold or finessing your way through an intricate storyline, the rogue class of Dungeons & Dragons continuously proves itself in the realms of versatility and cunning.

Best Rogue Subclass 5e

More than just stealth and quick attacks, rogues offer a wealth of specialized skills through their subclasses.

To decide on a subclass that best suits your playstyle in the 5e edition, it’s prudent to get an insight into each option available. Let’s dive in.

Arcane Trickster

As an Arcane Trickster, you engage through stealth, cunning tactical maneuvers plus magic in your escapades.

These rogue subclasses bring a whole new level to trickery by adding a touch of enchantment to their skill set via levitating objects or casting illusions to distract foes. Such spells provide you with breadth in both defense and attack strategies.

Apart from casting spells, Arcane Tricksters can use Mage Hand Legerdemain allowing you to manipulate objects from afar; a perfect utility for quietly disabling traps or picking pockets unnoticed.

This subclass is undeniably rewarding for those who seek dynamic gameplay where creativity breeds success.

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Think swift swordplay, thrilling acrobatics, and confidence bordering on brash that’s a Swashbuckler for you.


It’s all about charisma with this rogue subclass which excels in one-on-one combat scenarios, making you a formidable duelist.

The Swashbuckler’s unique attribute lies within their “Rakish Audacity” feature: it allows you to add your Charisma modifier to your Initiative while engaging solitary targets without other creatures nearby.

It enhances your ability to strike first, catch enemies off-guard and escape unscathed. The combination of speed, evasion abilities, and persuasion skills makes Swashbucklers quite resourceful in combat as well as social encounters.


For gamers who are drawn to the mystic allure of silent but deadly strikes, the Assassin subclass makes an excellent choice.

As an Assassin, you’ll specialize in dispatching enemies swiftly, silently, and often with a single strike. The subclass features such as Assassinate and Impostor provides versatility both combat-wise and during role-play.

Assassinate gives you an advantage on attack rolls against unaware opponents allowing for devastating opening strikes.

Impostor enables the mimicry of other people’s appearances and behavior thus achieving near-perfect disguises.

The ability to slink through enemy lines undetected, get rid of a targeted enemy, and fade away into shadows is what makes Assassins utterly formidable.


Often viewed as the ‘classic’ rogue, the Thief subclass focuses on nimbleness, cunning hands, keen eyesight, and swift reactions.


Their key abilities highlight evasion as they make fast getaways or stealthily evade capture.

The Thief’s Fast Hands allows for bonus actions such as disarming traps or opening locks while Supreme Sneak ensures stealth advantage at slower speeds.

The pinnacle ability of this subclass is Use Magic Device which eventually lets your rogue ignore any class, race, or level requirements on magic items.

Whether stealing jewels from locked chests or retrieving magic artifacts from ancient temples, thieves can quickly adapt to varied situations.


Almost synonymous with survivalist instinct within the rogue subclasses is the Scout.

This subclass embodies wilderness expertise akin to a ranger but coupled with rogue-like agility and adaptability designed for reconnaissance.

Scouts have a unique feature called Skirmisher that triggers when an enemy ends its turn within 5 feet of you; it lets you move half your speed without provoking opportunity attacks.

In addition to this remarkable evasion ability Scouts are adept at navigating nature-rich environments due to their additional proficiency in Nature and Survival skills making them essential assets during wilderness campaigns.

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The Mastermind rogue subclass offers you an opportunity to incorporate a level of strategic sophistication in your gameplay.


If you enjoy being a supportive force within your group, you may find the Mastermind to be an intriguing choice.

This subclass shines exceptionally well in teamwork-oriented scenarios, taking on roles like supervisor or tactician with its ability to support allies by granting them benefits.

Master of Tactics, a unique feature of this subclass, allows you to use the Help action as a bonus on allies’ attacks and add your proficiency bonus to any ability check you make that uses the chosen proficiency.

Not only does this ability foster crucial collaborative dynamics in battles but also enhances directed strategy making your team highly effective.


The Inquisitive subclass is perfect for those who wish to rely on their wit and instincts more than their physical prowess.

As an Inquisitive rogue, you’ll be employing an uncanny knack for detecting falsehoods and uncovering hidden clues that others might miss.

With features like “Eye for Detail” you can make a Wisdom (Insight) check to reveal mysteries and “Ear for Deceit” makes it nearly impossible to be misled by lies.

This subclass adds an interesting detective-style play with its focus on investigation.

Your empowerment lies in gaining information from deducing motives or intentions in social encounters or discovering secret doors or traps during exploration.


Phantom rogues harbor a connection with the cosmic realms of death which greatly enhances their adeptness at stealth and surprise attacks.


Having “Whispers of the Dead” as one among many intriguing abilities, Phantoms can momentarily recall corporeal knowledge of creatures that died around them providing temporary proficiencies.

Their soul manipulation capabilities are seen through features such as “Tokens Of The Departed”, where they can trap wandering souls into soul trinkets which provide benefits like an advantage on death saving throws or negating critical hits against you.

Embrace the macabre and unearthly with the Phantom subclass and experience gameplay that teeters on the edge of life, death, and what lies beyond.


The Soulknife subclass is distinct for its psionic abilities. As a Soulknife rogue, you can form blades made of psychic energy that cut into your enemy’s mind.

This blade counts as a simple melee weapon in which you are proficient and deals Psychic damage ensuring a unique place in combats.

A venture into this subclass equips you with psionic abilities like Psionic Enhancement which can augment your physical abilities or sharpen your mental alacrity.

A mysterious blend of psychic abilities and stealthy grace, the Soulknife is designed for those who wish to leave their enemies mystified before they fall.

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Subclasses, like Revived, bring forth an out-of-the-ordinary thematic flavor to role-playing in D&D.


The essence of this rogue subclass revolves around the narrative concept wherein your character has lived multiple lives before and accumulated experiences normally impossible within one life.

With features like “Tokens from Past Lives”, a Revived rogue retain skill proficiency from previously lived lives or gains new ones from their past incarnations.

Its distinctive aspect is its Bond With Death allowing them to defy fate once every long rest by returning from death’s door giving you an exceptional upper hand during dire times.

Imbued with latent knowledge from previous existences, and an uncanny bond with death itself makes the Revived subclass intriguing yet formidable.

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FAQs About rogue subclass 5e

What is the rogue class in D&D 5e?

The Rogue class in D&D 5e is an adaptable, skilled class that primarily deals with stealth and evasion. Rogues are known for their abilities to remain unseen and unheard, strike strategically, and use a myriad of specialized skills.

How do rogue subclasses differ from each other?

Each Rogue subclass comes with specific features that allow distinct gameplay. For example, a Thief specializes in stealth and quick actions while a Swashbuckler excels in charisma-based battle tactics.

Can I change my rogue subclass later in the game?

Changing your subclass mid-game depends on your Dungeon Master’s preference. Usually, it requires narrative justification and possibly an in-game quest or trial.

hat are some benefits of choosing the rogue class?

Skills like stealth ability, specialty functions like lock picking or disarming traps, evasion skills, and fast attacks are just a few benefits that come with choosing the Rogue class.

Which rogue subclass is best suited for combat roles?

The Assassin subclass is well-suited to combat roles given its bonuses while making stealth strikes and its ability to deal extra damage with the sneak attack feature.


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