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Ray Of Frost 5E 2024 [Damage Output, Range, And Casting Time]

Ray Of Frost 5E
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 10/16/2023
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So, you want to know all about ‘Ray of Frost 5E’? Well, you’re in the right spot. This widely popular choice among magical cantrips is both fascinating and game-changing for any avid D&D player.

With its flair for dramatic and captivating mechanics, it has an allure that’s hard to resist. So grab your wizard hat and prepare your spellbook because we’re about to shed some light on this icy enchantment.

Picture yourself in a heated battle against a formidable adversary. Amidst the chaos and danger, you need a spell that’s definitely an asset and maybe even a game-changer.

With not only raw power but also tactical value at play, ‘Ray of Frost 5E’ is certainly worth considering as part of your arsenal. Don’t discredit its humble origins as a straightforward cantrip – when put in skillful hands, it won’t be anything but ordinary.

Ray Of Frost 5E Attribute

Casting Time1 Action
Range/Area60 ft
ComponentsV, S

What is Ray of Frost 5E?

Ray of Frost 5E is a cantrip spell in the 5th Edition of Dungeon and Dragons.

What is Ray of Frost 5E?

It’s a spell that a character can cast to attack with a frigid beam of blue-white light. The target, if hit by this beam, takes 1d8 cold damage, and its speed is reduced by 10 feet until the start of your next turn.

The spell’s damage increases as you level up, dealing more damage at higher levels. Ray of Frost has a range of 60 feet and requires verbal, somatic components to be cast.

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Who Can Cast Ray of Frost?

In the versatile realm of “Dungeons & Dragons,” several classes have the privilege of wielding the icy touch of the Ray of Frost. Let’s unbox these classes and see how they weave this chilling cantrip into their combative fabric.


Artificers are masters of creation, transforming base materials into remarkable tools or even spells. As part of their magical repertoire, Artificers can employ Ray of Frost, channeling it through a special tool or device.

This cantrip harnesses their inventive spirit and deep understanding of arcane sciences. It offers an easy-to-control option for ranged attacks while keeping enemies at bay with its speed-reduction effect.


A Sorcerer’s magic is raw and visceral, birthed from innate power rather than academic learning. Casting ‘Ray Of Frost,’ a sorcerer channels their internal mystic energy to create a beam of freezing light that not only causes damage but also hampers the movement speed of enemies.

This cantrip plays well with a Sorcerer’s spontaneous casting style and serves as an effective strategic tool in both offense and control.


Wizards are scholars with extensive knowledge drawn from ancient scrolls and dusty spellbooks. As such, casting Ray Of Frost 5E comes effortlessly to them, using memorized incantations to invoke its icy blast.

With its range, it’s ideal for Wizards who prefer engaging from a distance while rendering opponents sluggish in attempts to close in.

Eldritch Knights

Eldritch Knights represent a beautiful synergy between combative steel and arcane fire. Able to choose from any Wizard conjuration or evocation spell, such as Ray Of Frost, they lend an additional layer to their battles.

With the tethered experience between military discipline and magical prowess, this frost beam allows Eldritch Knights to maintain control over battlefield dynamics while doling out damage.

Arcane Tricksters

As differing from their rogue siblings, Arcane Tricksters apply sleight of hand to their magic. They can adopt Ray of Frost as part of their limited wizarding spell list.

This spell can subtly guide the battlefield to the Trickster’s advantage by incapacitating foes, presenting more opportunities for them to apply their cunning tactics and quick reflexes.


Bards, known for inspiring allies with musical magic, can acquire Ray Of Frost via the Magical Secrets ability. This dip into another class’s magic allows them a rare chance to add a damage-dealing and control-oriented spell to their eclectic mix.

It complements their typically supportive role by providing crowd control while still maintaining their rhythmic harmony in team dynamics.

When and Where Should I Cast Ray of Frost?

Casting a spell is all about timing and choosing the right targets.

When and Where Should I Cast Ray of Frost?

Ray of Frost, with its unique combination of damage and slowing effects, is best cast on adversaries quickly closing in for melee combat. This strategy helps create much-needed distance between you and them.

Imagine a burly orc chieftain or a stalking displacer beast charging towards you, full of mean intentions. That’s when you cast Ray of Frost to cool their menacing advance by knocking off 10 feet from their speed per round until your next turn.

This truncation in their movement gives you precious space and time to assess your tactical options, possibly tipping the encounter in your favor.

A blocked path or unfavorable weather conditions might hamper the spell’s effectiveness; it does have a range limit, after all. The battlefield is an ever-changing environment, and being aware of these variables can make a significant difference in the effective use of this chilly cantrip.

This icy little trick next time you’re under pressure from up-close enemies – they’re sure to receive an unexpected chilling surprise. They say discretion is the better part of valor; well then, casting Ray of Frost at the right moment is indeed an act of wisdom in your high-octane adventures.

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Why Should I Take Ray of Frost?

The choice of spells in Dungeons and Dragons can seem overwhelming, but don’t let the variety intimidate you. It’s all about knowing what each spell brings to the table. So why should you opt for Ray of Frost?

First and foremost, Ray of Frost offers competitive ranged damage for a cantrip. With the potential to cause 1d8 cold damage at initial levels and increase as you level up, it’s like your reliable freezer burns against adversaries. Casting it doesn’t cost a spell slot, meaning this nifty little spell packs quite a punch without sapping your magic reserves.

But the icing on the cake (pun intended)? The icing is this spell’s debuff utility. Slow down foes right in their tracks by reducing their speed by 10 feet until your next turn. Perfect for those melee opponents who are all too eager to close in!

It’s like they say – freeze them in their tracks before they can lay a hand on you! So, when considering your spell options, Ray of Frost is certainly worth icing onto your repertoire for its unique blend of damaging and slowing potential.

Is the Ray of Frost 5E a good spell in D&D?

Yes, It is particularly useful for its dual function of dealing damage and slowing down an enemy’s movement speed.

Is the Ray of Frost 5E a good spell in D&D?

The scaling damage as you level up makes it a solid choice throughout the game.

Since it’s a cantrip, it can be used unlimited times per day, providing consistent cold damage output in combat situations. The specific value of the spell can depend on your character’s build and strategy as well as the scenario you’re facing.

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FAQs about Ray of Frost 5E

What makes ‘Ray of Frost 5E’ stand out among other cantrips?

Ray of Frost stands out for its ability to inflict damage and reduce an opponent’s speed, offering a tactical advantage.

Can I increase the damage dealt by ‘Ray of Frost 5E’?

Yes, the spell’s damage output increases as you level up, reaching a maximum of 4d8.

Does ‘Ray of Frost 5E’ have any effect on non-living entities?

The spell deals cold damage, which affects living and non-living entities, but the slowing effect will not apply to non-living things.

Is there any way to counter ‘Ray of Frost 5E’ in D&D?

Yes, creatures with immunity or resistance to cold damage can negate or mitigate the effects of Ray of Frost.

How versatile is ‘Ray of Frost 5E’ for different types of characters?

This cantrip is suitable for classes that have access to the wizard spell list, like Sorcerers and Eldritch Knights, besides wizards themselves.


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