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Sickles 5E Weapon [Harvest The Battlefield With Precision]

Sickles 5E Weapon
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 12/31/2023
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Navigating the vast landscapes of fantasy role-playing games like Dungeons and Dragons can be both enthralling and, at times, overwhelming.

One aspect often overlooked is the various types of weaponry you can equip your characters with. The Sickles 5E is one such example that strikes a delicate balance between potency, ease of use, and game lore.

Yet, as simple as it may appear at first glance, the Sickle not only serves combat purposes in-game but also tells a story about your character.

The Sickle symbolizes resourcefulness and adaptability – traits that define survival in these realms. Matching a weapon to your character’s personality not only enhances gameplay but deepens the immersion into these fantastic worlds.

Sickles Attributes

The sickle 5e is a classic yet powerful weapon in Dungeons and Dragons. It belongs to the category of simple melee weapons, allowing most player types to wield it easily.

Sickles Attributes

This one-handed implement weighs just two pounds, making it light and maneuverable in combat situations. Here are some additional key attributes that make the Sickle 5e a viable choice for your character.

TypeSimple Melee Weapon
Cost1 gp
Weight2 pounds
Damage1d4 slashing

What is Sickle 5E?

The sickle 5E, in Dungeons and Dragons, acts as an off-hand weapon for many who find themselves traversing through the spell-binding landscapes of the DnD universe.

What Is Sickle 5E

Historically derived from farming tools and heavily employed by peasants, this curved blade, attached at a right angle to the handle, bursts onto DnD with a certain unassuming charm.

Transcending from its agricultural roots to the heat of combat, it has become a part and parcel of numerous adventurous quests. This one-handed melee weapon allows for swift, close-combat engagements.

Apart from its primary function of slashing opponents at close contact, it often acts as a secondary or backup weapon in many scenarios.

Primarily lightweight and easy to maneuver, the sickle 5E can indeed turn out to be your best confidant when dealing with surprise or ambush attacks.

It’s ideal for classes that favor skill and accuracy over raw power, such as Rogues or Monks, allowing them greater mobility on the battlefield.

Be it your starting character’s first punch or strategizing for complex campaigns, understanding how this understated weapon fits into your game plan can greatly elevate your overall gaming proficiency.

Size isn’t everything in DnD. Sometimes, it’s just quick thinking with an often misunderstood but powerful tool that makes all the difference.

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Why use a sickle 5E?

There are plenty of bigger, flashier weapons in the D&D 5E world. From long swords to maces and war hammers, the list is endless. But when you break it down to the basics, you’ll realize that using a sickle grants some great advantages.

Why Use A Sickle 5E

With the sickle, you can add your proficiency bonus to any attack roll you make with it. What this means is that using a sickle can increase your chances of successfully landing a hit on your opponent. It’s all about aiming better and hitting harder.

It’s also lightweight. This makes for more agile combat movements, allowing for the opportunity to strike opponents swiftly without much effort.

What’s more, for Druids who prefer bladed weapons with an organic shape – this is where the Sickle reigns supreme. Given its design was inspired by nature and curved like the moon – it’s an ideal choice for classes connected with natural elements.

Its simple construction makes it easier to add magical enhancements later on, diversifying its uses even further. Seems pretty straightforward now. Don’t overlook what initially might seem unassuming- sometimes less truly is more.

What are Sickles Good For?

In the realistic world, a sickle is often associated with agricultural practices. You would typically see them being employed for the purpose of harvesting or reaping grain crops.

What are Sickles Good For?

They are also used for cutting succulent forage, which is used chiefly for feeding livestock. They have a crescent-shaped blade attached to a short handle, making it perfect for precise cutting. In the dynamic realm of Dungeons and Dragons 5E, sickles take on a life of their own.

Their usage transcends the limitations of farming fields and enters the battlefield as an effective weapon that any character class can wield, but specifically works wonders when crafted into spellcasting tools, particularly for Druids and Warlocks.

Despite its seemingly rustic essence, you shouldn’t underestimate its potential. Just like in a true battlefield where strategy often trumps sheer force, your character could use a 5E sickle to quietly thread through enemy lines and strike with deadly precision.

Improving the Standard Sickle

In the wide world of DnD 5e, the sickle may seem like your run-of-the-mill bludgeoning implement. However, with some minor tweaks, it’s possible to transform this rustic tool into a formidable weapon.

Improving the Standard Sickle
  • Consider Sickles for Spellcasters: Sickles can blend seamlessly with spellcasters like Druids, Warlocks, and Clerics. While they’d typically be seen wielding staffs and wands, a sickle can cater to close-quarters combat while leaving the other hand free for spellcasting.
  • Specialty Sickle – the Kusarigama or Chain Sickle: This versatile weapon combines the swift-cutting force of a curved blade with the flexible reach of a weighted chain. Ideal for both offensive and defensive playstyles.
  • Tasha’s Magical Sickles: These are special sickles that appear in Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything. These can be imbued with magical properties by experienced casters to increase their effectiveness in battle scenarios.

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Moon Sickle Perfect For Your Natural Souls

The Moon Sickle is ideally suited for Druids and Rangers due to its ability to act as a conduit for nature-based spells.

  • Bonuses: The Moon Sickles grant bonuses when used during spell casting.
  • Spellcasting Focus: The Moon Sickle can also serve as an integral part of nature-based rituals or spells as a focus object.

Stepping into Darkness – The Undead Harvester

This variation of the sickle is enveloped in an eerie aura due to its connection with the darker planes. Though sinister, it’s highly effective against undead foes.


  • Minor Undead Harvester: A good starting point that offers bonus damage against undead foes and even has healing properties.
  • Major Undead Harvester: An upgrade from the minor version, offering higher bonus damage and healing attributes.
  • Greater Undead Harvester: The ultimate variant with the most potent effect against undead entities and a massive boost to healing.

The effects and bonuses of each vary, allowing for endless strategic possibilities. You can decide whether to focus on raw damage output or take advantage of the unique healing factor.

To sum it up, don’t miss opportunities because of a weapon’s humble beginnings. By adding your tinge of creativity, planning your character’s build, and knowing what you want to achieve, the sickle 5e could become an indispensable part of your arsenal in DnD 5e.

FAQs About Sickles 5E

What is the purpose of the Sickle in DnD 5E?

The sickle in DnD 5E is a simple one-handed melee weapon, used for slashing attacks at close range. It often serves as an off-hand or secondary weapon.

How much does a Sickle weigh in DnD 5E?

The Sickles in DnD 5E are lightweight and easy to handle, weighing only two pounds. This makes them ideal for agile combat movements.

Can Sickles be enhanced or modified in DnD 5E?

Yes, despite their simple construction, Sickles can be modified for various purposes. Depending on your campaign and character class, they can be magically enhanced to bring more versatility to gameplay.

Which classes benefit most from using a Sickle?

Druids, Monks, and Rogues often benefit from using a Sickle due to its lightweight nature and versatility. Especially Druids find it more compatible because of its natural inspiration.

What’s special about the Moon Sickle variation?

The Moon Sickle is ideally suited for spellcasting characters like Druids and Rangers. It comes with bonuses for spell casting and can serve as an integral part of nature-based rituals or spells.


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